Boy Next Door

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Lying in bed, Sasha, leans up and looks out the window. In the next yard is the neighbor’s son. He is shirtless, and trim. Wearing only his cut off shorts, pushing a mower around. He is maybe 20 now. She can’t recall. She moved in 6 years ago with her family next to them. He’s been mowing her lawn since the day she moved here. He was always eager to please her. Today she was wanting pleasure, and wondering if he would give it to her. Walking to the window, She leaned out and waved. Letting her robe fall open and reveal some of her cleavage. She was fit and trim for being 28. She had a nice C cup chest and a nice round firm ass. All those years working out to stay good looking. He smiled up to her and waved back.

She motioned for him to come inside for a break. He cut the engine on the mower and headed to the door. Sasha walked down the stairs to the kitchen and let him in. “Hi there Jason, great job your doing on my yard out there. You looked rather hot. Would you care for a drink?” She smiled as he nodded his head.

She walked over to the fridge and pulled out the lemonade, and some ice out of the freezer. Turning, her short robe opened a little revealing she was nude under the robe. She got out a tall glass and poured his drink. Walking back over to him, She handed it over. “So how have you been this summer Jason?” He took a drink and put the glass on the counter. “So far so good, I’m on break from college for a few months and I am enjoying it here” he smiled at her before dropping his gaze to her barely covered chest.

“I’m…uh. Studying hard and cant wait for football season to begin again” He gulped a little at the site she made before him. Smiling, Sasha stepped a little closer and touched his upper arms. “Oh you are getting bigger and bigger every year. I always wondered if you still played ball” Her voice purring to his ears. Sasha smiled and retreated a step. She didn’t want to scare him off.

He smiled and sat down at the island. “I’ve been playing hard hoping to get scouted. “Clearing his throat a little, and shifting in his seat, Sasha moved over to the counter again, this time reaching higher up for her glass. Lifting the robe up a little to reveal her tight round little ass.

She heard him gasp, and groan a little before catching himself and covering it up with a cough. “Don’t choke on the lemonade now Jason, I don’t know CPR” she was teasing him, but knew why he was uncomfortable. Without turning herself around to face him she took the next step.

“You know I always wondered if you were as sexy all over as you are in your upper body…” she held her breath waiting to see his reaction to this news. After several seconds of him not saying a word. She went on. “I sometimes sit at the window and watch you mow the lawn, and though I hate to admit it. It turned me on watching you. Enough so that I had to take care of myself while watching”

She turned around after that confession and looked at him. He was standing now, beside the island counter, looking her up and down. He was smiling a little bit, and his eyes told her he was very aroused by her confessions.

“I’ve watched you sun bath from my room now for years, Sasha. And umm I’ve done the same thing. Wondering the same things.” He shifted again and waited for the next move from her.

“Is it wrong, you think, to want to find out Jason?” She murmured her reply, looking him up and down. He stepped closer to her, nearly whispering now. “Oh God no it’s not wrong at all. We’re close in age. Its natural I think.” He paused only a few inches from her now. And he asked, “Is any of your family home today?”

Sasha shook her head “No they are all on vacation for the weekend. And I have a few days off from work. Mom and Dad wont be back ‘til late Sunday.”

He stepped forward then, and lowers his hands to her waist. Tugging he pulled her robe open, but kept his eyes on her. Looking for uncertainty in them, or refusal. She moaned deeply when his finger tips brushes across her right nipple then her left. Jason lifted his hands up and pushed the robe off of her shoulders. Taking the last steps to close in on her, he leaned down and ran his tongue along her collarbone. Raising his hands, he placed them over her breasts, gently kneading them. Sasha moaned louder with the feel of his touch. Her robe lay at her feet, and her hands at her sides. She wasn’t sure how to proceed; She fantasized for so long, she was breathless with wanting him.

Jason continued his path with his tongue, slowly sinking to the floor pendik escort on his knees. Kneading her breasts one at a time, and suckling her nipples. Sasha buried her hands into he flesh of his shoulders to steady herself. His mouth slid lower, where he thrust his tongue in and out of her tiny belly button, and then lower. She heard him gasp and she looked down to see why. He was staring at her smoothly shaved mound with pure lust in his eyes.

“I’ve never seen a full grown woman shaved bare before. . This looks so delicious…” Her breath caught in her throat as she waited for the first contact there. She wasn’t disappointed. Jason knew exactly what he was doing. His tongue darted in to gently lap her clit, before it went away. Then he moved it back again, this time with the tip of his tongue making circles on her clit. Once she started shaking, he turned her around and pushed her to a stool. Seating her there, he made her spread her thighs widely and one over his shoulder. He stopped for a second and just stared at her pussy. So tight, pink, and very wet. Sinking into her he took the hood over her clit and suckled the whole thing into his mouth. Sasha about slide off the stool, She moaned louder. Breathing harder. His tongue then slid down her moistened pussy lips and dug deeper into her. She arched off the chair when she felt his wonderful tongue thrust into her pussy.

Moaning Sasha gripped the stool edges tighter. “God Jason… mmmm baby don’t stop. Please don’t stop!” her hips were lifting now and grinding a little into his sweet face. He brought up his hand and slides the tip of his finger into her, slowly finger fucking her with it. “Ask me for it Sasha. And I’ll give it to you”

Moaning at his words, she breathlessly whispered “finger fuck me Jason. Please!” her hips were moving more franticly. She was so damned wet, and she could feel her juices sliding down the crack of her ass. He tongue worked magic on her, but never hovered enough at one time to give her an orgasm. His fingers slid deeply into her. My god he had big hands!

“That’s it baby. Ride my fingers.” he was whispering and watching her intently. “Cum all over my face baby. I’ve wanted to taste this sweet pussy for years. Now you’re going to give it to me” He was demanding. It turned her on more to hear him say it. Her back arched and she spread her legs further apart. Moaning, and panting was about all she could do. Occasionally she would manage to say “fuck!” between moans.

Jason watched her between eating her and fingering her. He would stop now and then and look at her beautiful face; her reactions were making his “monster” wake up and stand firm. Boy was she in for a treat when she finally gets to see what he has been packing around. He knew he was no small male. He was built and well endowed to service the female population. He was a little cocky, but most guys his age were. And he had one sexy female right now grinding her snatch into his face and pleading to be finger fucked harder. Oh yes life was good to him. His cocky grin came back to his face with those last thoughts as he shoved two fingers into her pussy and leaned down to take her clit between his teeth.

Lightly he scraped back and forth on her clit, never applying too much pressure to hurt her. Just enough to make her ride his face faster, nearly hectic in her pace. She was very turned on. She wanted to cum. He stopped his movements with his fingers and stopped suckling her clit. Pausing, Jason loved the sound of her near frustrated groan. Oh yes, she wanted it, and more.

He slowly again started moving his fingers in and out of her, he reached up this time with his other hand and tweaked her nipple. He watched her face. She had broken out in a fine sheen of sweat; her head was tossed back, her breathing making her breasts heave. Oh he was loving this. He looked down at her pussy and suckled again. This time pulling his fingers out of her And reaching under her ass. He used his hands to lift her high.

Sasha Gasped loudly yelling out “JASON!” as his whole mouth descended on her wet pussy, his hands had a firm grip on her ass. He lifted his head but a moment and told her in a very firm voice. “You are going to cum all over my face before you get anymore…now cum baby.”

He put his mouth back on her, rapidly shoving his tongue in and out of her pussy. Her muscles tightened considerably, he lifted higher and took her clit into his mouth. Sucking so hard she could barely breath. The stool was rocking as she lifted her self a maltepe escort little and ground into his face. Hissing breaths came out of her now. She managed a few words. “God damn Jason… oh god pleeeeease! Oh oh god I’m going to cum!”

And cum she did, all over his face, he moved lower and suckled her pussy taking in some of her sweet cum into his mouth, then back to shoving his tongue in and out of her. Her haste was so great she was frantic, she pleaded for him to fuck her. She was still cumming. He was amazed but didn’t stop. He moved his one hand back and started fucking her with two fingers again, he could feel her inner walls contracting and releasing his fingers. She was wet! God he loved that. Her taste was driving him insane with want. But he wasn’t going to rush this. Oh no, Jason was patient.

Still finger fucking her with his hand, he stood up and released his cock from his jeans. Quickly moving his hand out of the way, he paused and slid one of his fingers into her mouth. Tasting her own cum sent Sasha into a heated frenzy. He hungrily suckled his finger. Jason carefully moved his cock up and down her slit. Taking his time. Slowly he pressed forward, enveloping his head into her tight pussy. Her muscles still were contracting around him.

God she felt full, she arches her hips and panted his name. Her body was coated in sweat; she glistened in the sunlight. Jason leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth. Lightly flicking his tongue back and forth over it. Causing the nub to go even harder then before. He pushed deeper into her. Sasha was shaking, and gripping him with her legs. Moaning over and over “fuck me baby please!”

Jason’s cocky grin returned to his face, but his balls tightened with pleasure. His head swelled even bigger. Lord she was a tight fuck. The pleasure of her walls gripping his cock, the heated wet juices sliding down his shaft made him want to just fuck her like there was no tomorrow. But he didn’t rush it. He wanted to take his time, watch her face.

He continued to push into her, until all 91/2 inches were in her tight pussy. He moaned and started to rock a little. “How do you like your pussy full of my cock baby?” He thrust once, pulling nearly out and slamming back in to pause again. “Tell me dammit!”

Her eyes opened and she looked at him. “Feels fucking wonderful baby… like a god send. Fill my pussy again” her panting grew harder and heavier. She wanted more. Jason stopped movement. Looking at the stool, he decided to move this somewhere else. Pulling out he grabbed her hand and pulled her along with him. Up the stairs and to her room. He told her to kneel on the floor if she wanted his cock in her again.

Kneeling on the floor Sasha watched as Jason gripped his cock in his hand and stepped towards her. “Now Sasha you are going to suck my cock, deep into your throat. Until I tell you to stop.” Sasha was hot listening to this order. Nodding her head in agreement, she came forward on her knees, within a few inches of his massive cock.

Slowly Sasha stuck out her tongue and lapped the head. Moaning as she tasted herself on him. His hands wrapped into her hair, holding it off of her neck and slightly tugging it. Her lips opened up and she slowly sank over the head. His body shivered with pleasure, and Jason moaned Thrusting forward.

Sasha’s lips gripped the head tightly as she lovingly moved her tongue back and forth over the tip. Loving his taste, she groans. She reaches down with her hand and starts massaging her swollen clit. Sucking harder, she moves to take more of him into her mouth. Jason’s eyes close in ecstasy. He murmurs to her. “Take more Sasha. Take more baby”

She tries to take all of it into her mouth, Slowly sinking down on his cock. She manages to get 5 inches into her mouth before she cant take anymore. Groaning in frustration she tries harder to take it. Jason tugs on her hair harder. Pulling her mouth away from his cock. Looking down into her eyes, he smiles and asks her to stand up and bend over the bed.

Sasha eager to comply moves to the bed and bends over. Bent over the bed, Jason takes his hard cock in his hand and walks over to her. Kneeling on the floor behind her, he runs the head of his cock up and down her pussy lips. Spreading her juices. He then gets a wild idea. He always wanted to try but never dared. Now he dared!

Taking his cock up higher he presses the head against her tight little asshole. Slowly he rocks back and forth, her moans of pleasure urging him on. kartal escort His precum oozes out to coat her tight little hole for him. Jason grins as she looks over her shoulder with a puzzled look on her face.

Jason thrusts forward, slipping the head inside. God she is tight! Sasha’s ass clenches tightly together as he invades. Her moans turn into a lusty cry. Shaking she presses backward towards him. Moaning her lip breaks out with sweat. Shaking she looks back at him and whispering she pleads “fuck my ass baby!”

His balls tighten as his head is in the tightest spot it’s ever been in. Groaning he moves, slowly moving in and out, lubricating her tight ass. Another inch of his cock slips inside her ass. Sasha is shaking now and gripping the bed spread in her hands. God he is killing her. The pleasure of it, mixed with a bit of pain. Her nipples puckered up, Sasha starts to rock her ass back and forth.

She’s never felt so full before in her whole life. And this was in her asshole, not her aching pussy. She reached between her thighs and started to rub slowly over her clit. This would help, she was sure of it. Jason’s face is tense and serious, He is trying to move slowly, give her time to adjust, but she is pleading with her to ram it into her. Had she done this before? He was curious and wanted to ask, but refrained. Another inch of his hard cock sank into her puckered hole.

“Oh yes! Harder baby. Harder! Fuck my ass!” She whimpered and demanded. It felt so fucking hot to her. She shook and clenched her ass tighter around his thrusting invader. The more she clenched her ass, the better it felt. She panted and huffed, trying to catch her breath.

Jason felt his balls swell, along with the head of his cock. This was so erotic and forbidden; He wanted nothing more than to ram into her like there was no tomorrow. He bit into his lower lip and rocked his hips back and forth. “Fuck Sasha! Your ass feels good baby. Oh God woman!” He lost control then and there. There was no going back. He gripped her hips into his large hands and rammed into her hard. Just once, then stopped to let her adjust once more.

Sasha didn’t want adjustment, she wanted fucked. She rubbed harder on her clit and thrust back into him. “Fuck me now!” He gave into her loud demands, and pulled back. Thrusting hard back in, He wasn’t going to hold out much longer. It was too fucking tight! He gave into the animal instinct to mate and slammed into her over and over again. Sasha groaned and moaned non-stop now; the sound of his skin slapping into her was a turn on. Her fingers danced over her clit, rubbing harder and faster as her ass shook. She was close, so very close to cumming now.

Jason grabbed her hips and shoved harder and deep, his cock expanding and growing more sensitive by the moment. He felt his balls tingle, and knew it would be soon. He pulled from her ass; he wanted inside her cunt for the final shot. He picked her up and tossed her on the bed. Grabbing her ankles he spread her legs a little. His cock slammed into her dripping cunt, her legs were set against his shoulders. “Now I am going to fuck you good Sasha.” His voice growled.

She purred and smiled seductively up at him, falling back as he rammed into her. She was close, and as he slid into her depths with such force, she lost it. “Oh Yes! Fuck! I’m cumming!” Hot juices shot from her pussy splashing on his cock and flowing down his balls. “Oh that’s fuckin’ hot baby!” He pounded into her a few more times. Harder and faster he went as her cunt milked his cock. He shouted out as he felt the first spurt of jism from his cock. Harder he pounded, his face contorting into a mask of pleasure and ecstasy. Watching his face as he exploded into her sent Sasha into another orgasm.

Hot sticky cum oozed from her abused pussy, rolling slowly down to her asshole and pooling on the bed. She was hot, but satisfied completely. He pumped a few more times, sweat rolling down his nose and temple. He felt as if someone had reached down his cock and yanked the sperm from his depths. He had never shot such a massive load before.

He collapsed on the bed beside her, and moaned. “God Sash, You’re trying to kill me aren’t you?” He chuckled and pulled her to his side. She smiled half-heartedly; she was too tired to speak. She agreed silently, he was trying to kill her. As she lay there, she smiled; her clit was beating at the same rate her heart was. Her ass tingled nicely, and her walls were still tightly clamped down. This was one hell of a visit with the boy next door. She wondered to herself if it wouldn’t be the last? She turned to look at Jason, and found him sound asleep next to her. She smiled, pushing his hair back from his forehead, and snuggled closely. Round two would have to wait until later.

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