Brad and Cindy and Others…


So here I am, about to suck another man’s cock for the first time at 56 years old. And to top it off, my beautiful wife is right there with me swirling her tongue around the guys balls. I am hesitant and my mind is racing, how the hell did I get here?

OK, so I guess you should have the back story on this. My name is Brad Brady and my wife is Cindy. Yes, like on the Brady Bunch. She gets a kick out of that as it was her favourite show as a kid. Cindy is four years younger than me. We met at Christmas time when I was 22 and she was 18. I had just finished University and Cindy was a freshman. My dad and her dad had become associates at the same law firm and their family had invited us over for a dinner between Christmas and New Years.

Now Cindy was and is a knockout. She is 5’8″ has beautiful auburn hair, green eyes and a Marilyn Monroe type body. I am 6’1″ and have an athletic body. To say we hit it off that first meeting is an understatement. After dinner, while our parents were enjoying cognac and talking politics, I was in the basement with Cindy and she was giving me the most fantastic blowjob I had ever experienced.

You see, Cindy and I have a lot in common and one of the main things is that we both love sex. I had been one of those guys who would screw anything that moved while in high school and college. And Cindy, I found out, although more discreet than I had found sex early too and found that she loved it. So when we got together, there was an instant sexual electricity and she ended up blowing me after only having met me a few hours before.

After that first encounter we began dating and not only fell in love, but also became best friends. Of course there was lots of sex. And four months later, Cindy was pregnant. Our respective parents weren’t overly pleased, but could see we loved each other and consented to our getting married. We had an early fall wedding before Cindy was showing too much.

I had taken a job at an investment firm and had done really well in my first year and had already been promoted. Between my job and the fact that my family gave us a house for our wedding, we didn’t have to worry too much about making ends meet. Cindy had the twins, Jack and Janet, in late January and told me in no uncertain terms that she didn’t want to go through pregnancy again and marched me off to the doctor to get snipped.

Our life was pretty busy those early years. I was putting in lots of hours but moving up in the company, while Cindy was coping with the kids. Our sex life, although not as frequent as it had been while we were dating was great. We made sure to schedule date nights and time that we could enjoy sex without the kids interrupting us. One of the times when the kids turned 4 was our Sunday mornings. My mom was really into church and wanted our kids to go to Sunday School, so would come by at 8:30 and pick them up. We knew they wouldn’t be dropped off until after lunch, so we could just enjoy one another all morning long. Cindy used to like to blow me and after I shot my load down her throat she would wink and say, “My kind of communion!”

Anyway, the years passed and our sex life remained pretty constant and both of us were faithful throughout.

Things changed when we were in our 40’s and both kids were away at University. We were becoming empty nesters, with no sports events, recitals or parent chauffeuring to worry about. I had done well in my job and some high tech investments I had made early in my career had made me a ton of cash and I was able to cut back on the long hours I had been putting in for over 20 years.

This gave Cindy and I a lot more time together and we still both had really strong sex drives. We began trying different things and acting out some of our fantasies. We were both very open and not afraid to tell one another what we craved. Our relationship had been monogamous for all these years and I had thought it would stay that way until Jill happened.

Jill and her husband Rick were close friends and we had holidayed with them for a number of years. Our sons were close buddies and teammates on the football team. Then, sadly, Rick was killed in a car crash and Cindy, being her best friend had taken it upon herself to get Jill through the grieving. They became inseparable and two years after the crash, they still kept up their Wednesday outings.

Like I said, Cindy and I were always open with one another. She would always tell Bayan Eskort me everything, so that Thursday morning, over breakfast, she dropped a little bombshell on me.

“Jill hit on me last night Brad,” she said looking me in the eye, “and I am sort of turned on by the idea.”

I didn’t know what to say right away, but quickly composed myself and said, “Really, are you sure it wasn’t just the Merlot talking?”

“No Brad,” Cindy had said, “she was dead serious. She told me she had a relationship with another girl in college and that lately she had all these fantasies of being with me. I told her I was flattered, but didn’t let on that I was really turned on by the idea.”

We talked a bit more and Cindy told me that she loved me and that our sex life was wonderful, but that she had also had a long time fantasy of being with another woman.

My mind drifted a bit while we were talking, imagining my sexy wife in bed with her tall slim dark haired friend. I told her that if she didn’t think it would come between us that she should go for it, if she really wanted to.

And so Cindy and Jill’s Wednesdays together became more than just dinner and wine. I must say that Cindy was great, always telling me about what they did in bed and hearing it would get me horny and we would have great sex afterwards.

One Wednesday night, Cindy came home and had a serious look on her face. “Brad,” she said, “after Cindy and I got it on tonight, we were having a drink and I told her that Brad would probably love to watch us together. And do you know what she said?”

I shook my head but my mind was racing when she blurted out, “She said well invite him along!”

Cindy asked me what I thought and I replied honestly that the thought of being with two beautiful women was a real turn on. She got a wicked little smile on her face and said, “Alright then, three’s company!” and we both laughed as she fell into my arms.

The following Wednesday, Cindy and I drove over to Jill’s for dinner. I am not sure what we expected, but we had talked a lot about it and decided that we needed to expand our sexual boundaries. Well, it was all we expected and more. Dinner and wine and then the three of us retired to Jill’s big bedroom. There was some initial nervousness but Cindy, who had been with both of us, took the lead and moved to Jill, taking her in her arms and giving her a long deep kiss. “Brad wants to watch us Jill,” she said, “are you Ok with that?”

Well Jill was more than Ok and I sat in a big chair by the window and just watched the two of them as they kissed, caressed and were soon naked on the bed with Jill down between Cindy’s legs licking and kissing that hot pussy that I knew oh so well. My cock was threatening to burst through my trousers as I watched them make love to one another. I didn’t move, not wanting to interrupt their enjoyment. Finally after they had both had several orgasms, they lay back on the bed to catch their breath. Cindy looked over at me and winked. Jill looked my way and said, “Poor boy, you must be in quite a state, we should do something about that.”

And with that they both walked naked to me and quickly relieved me of my clothes and then knelt and took turns sucking my cock. My willpower failed me and as much as I tried to hold back, it didn’t take long until I was shooting spurt after spurt of cum that splattered on their faces and breasts. Both of them giggled like school girls and Jill said, “See Cindy, I knew he was locked and loaded from our little show and was really needy!”

That was the start and for the next two years, Wednesday’s were always threesome nights. Cindy and I always talked about it afterwards and made sure we were both Ok with what we were doing with Jill. And we did lots, all sorts of positions, and sex in every way we could think of. It was a great chapter in our sex lives.

But all good things must come to an end and Jill met a man who lived across the country and one Wednesday after a hot session in her bedroom, she broke the news to us that she was moving to be with him. We were happy for her and although we would miss our weekly trysts, we knew that for her it was the best. A year later we attended their wedding and Jill told us that she was so happy and in love and that Greg was a great guy. She also told us that he did not know about our threesomes and asked that we keep it that way.

After Jill moved away, Cindy and I talked about ways to spice up our sex lives now that she was gone. We knew we both wanted more but that it had to be with the right person or persons and it had to be discreet. A couple of months later while online, I came across a personal ad on a local swingers website. A couple that lived not far away are wanting to meet a professional couple for friendship and possibly more.

I showed it to Cindy and she said that we needed to be careful but to respond and see what would happen.

And so our relationship with Keith and Barbara started. First with emails and then after a month or so, a decision to meet for coffee and to see if we were compatible. They lived about an hour away and we decided to meet at a spot close to their house. Barbara was an outgoing redhead. while Keith was a bit more reserved. Both were attractive and both around our same ages. We learned that they had just moved to the area so that Keith could take a position in a large accounting firm. They told us that they had been married for about the same length of time we had and for the past few years had an open relationship. They said that they had gotten quite involved with another couple in the city they used to live and after moving were missing that little extra spark in their lives.

I must say that the four of us hit it off immediately and when they invited us back to their place for a drink, we quickly accepted. I think it was Barbara that made the first move, snuggling up to me on the couch and running her hand over the front of my trousers as she said, “Your husband is one handsome man, Cindy, do you mind if I get to know him better?”

Cindy, hesitated, but only for a brief instant before saying, “By all means, isn’t that why we are here?”

Barbara giggled and then I felt her lips on mine as her hands roamed my body. She was a hell of a kisser and I was immediately into her. My hands explored as our kisses deepened. I glanced over at Cindy to make sure she was alright with this and saw Keith take her in his arms and give her a kiss. Although we had the threesomes with Jill, there had never been another man involved and I was feeling a bit self conscious. That feeling didn’t last long because before I knew it, Barbara had taken off her shirt and bra and my face was buried between her huge breasts. From there it was a whirlwind of activity, clothes being cast aside, lips and tongues teasing and exploring and in no time I was laying back on the couch with Barbara down between my legs with my stiff cock in her mouth. Her nails teased my balls while her head bobbed and her tongue swirled. I glanced over at Cindy and saw her naked in a big chair, her legs spread wide and Keith happily lapping at her delicious pussy. To say the least, our introduction to swinging was going exceedingly well.

Barbara was a bundle of energy and adventurous. Her tongue flicking at my ass while she stroked my cock almost put me over the edge, but I held back and soon I was balls deep inside her, pounding her pussy with my hard cock. Looking over I saw Cindy riding Keith cowgirl style and seeing her fucking another man made me even hotter. It was a wonderful get to know you night with lots of good sex.

Later the four of us sat in their hot tub, naked and just relaxing and letting the events of the evening sink in. I held Cindy tight and Keith and Barbara were curled up together across from us. We talked about how great an evening it was and made plans to get together the following weekend at our place. Once again we had found an outlet for our over the top sex drives.

Keith and Barbara and Cindy and I became good friends on top of the sex and continued to get together on a regular basis. It was always different when we got down to sex. Sometimes us two guys would be with one of the ladies while the other watched and played with herself; other times it was the two women pleasuring one of us. It has been a great relationship, based on trust and friendship and it continues to today.

Which brings me back to how I got into the position I was in when I started this story. I have always done everything to please Cindy that she has ever asked. And I always want her to be happy and safe. So when she brought up her desire to see me with another man, it took me a bit aback, but I tried not to show it. She told me how she had been surfing some porn and had come across a number of videos with two men and a woman, but where the men not only had sex with the lady, but also did things with each other. She said she got really turned on when she watched a couple go down together with another guy and it made her want to try something like that with me.

Although I had some reservations, I told her I would be willing to try anything if it gave her pleasure, so she began looking for a way to make it happen. We ruled out it being Keith, as we felt that would maybe spoil the good thing we had going with them. Now when Cindy makes up her mind to make something happen, she becomes obsessed with it. She put a couple of ads in online sites looking for a 30 something bi male to join a mature couple for fun. It took a few months to weed out the trolls, but finally she found Jason. He was 35, divorced and bi sexual and lived only two hours from our place. With a lot of back and forth to make sure he was safe, a meeting was finally arranged.

Jason drove to a restaurant near our house and we met for dinner. He was a tall dark haired man with a slim build and was very charming. Throughout dinner we talked about ourselves and got to know more about him. He was a dentist with a fairly busy practice. He had been married to a nice lady, but they had divorced after she came home early and found him on the couch with his cock in another mans mouth. He had never been open with his wife about his also liking men and the shock of her discovery was too much for them to reconcile.

We told him we were an open couple and while not getting into details of who, told him about our passion for threesomes and foursomes. He let us know that he would be interested in getting together with us and Cindy, in her enthusiasm said, “How about we go to our place right now!”

I hadn’t expected this to happen tonight, but Jason and Cindy seemed so eager, I didn’t want to disappoint.

So here we were out by our pool after having gone skinny dipping to relax any tensions. Jason was sitting on one of the lounges and Cindy had gone over to him and began slowly stroking his cock. No I must say, he had a great cock. It was probably 8 inches long and he was completely shaved. Cindy’s fingertips had made him nice and hard and I watched as she began to kiss and lick the head of his cock. She looked up at me and motioned me to come over. I sat beside her and watched as she slid her lips down his shaft. I could feel my body tensing as my nerves were kicking in. Could I do this? I wanted to please my wife, but I was having some second thoughts.

Cindy pulled her lips from him and looked at me and said, “Doesn’t Jason have a beautiful cock? Come and enjoy it with me Brad.”

I moved closer, my lips just inches from his cock, I could see a little drop of pre cum oozing from the tip, I watched Cindy lick down his shaft and start teasing his balls with her tongue. It was now or never for me. My tongue flicked out and I tasted the pre cum. I felt Cindy’s hand lightly stroking my back as if to reassure me. And then, my lips encircled the head of Jason’s cock and I just went for it. The sensations was amazing, something new, something different and suddenly I was very aroused. My lips slid part way down his shaft and my tongue swirled around his flesh. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensations, the taste, the feel, the scent. I kept sucking him, using my own experience of receiving and knowing what I enjoyed to pleasure Jason. I could feel Cindy’s closeness. At one point both of us were running our lips up and down Jason’s shaft. I could tell from his soft moans and the way his body tensed that he was close to cumming. I had decided that if I was doing this I was going to go all the way and as his hips begin to raise from the lounge my lips closed over his cock and I was rewarded with hot spurts of cum hitting the back of my throat. I kept sucking and swallowed his whole load. Finally, when I could tell he was done, I lifted my lips from him and quickly Cindy was kissing me and enjoying the taste of him on my tongue. She was grinning and quickly moved so that I could fuck her with my throbbing hard cock while Jason looked on.

It was quite the night, and after we had all revived from the first round, we ended up with Jason fucking Cindy from behind while she sucked my cock.

Later after Jason left, the two of us snuggled together in bed and just held one another. “Thank you Brad,” Cindy said, “You always make sure my fantasies are fulfilled.”

I kissed her and closed my eyes and as I drifted off the sleep in her arms I wondered what our next adventure would be.

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