Breakfast in Bed

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A Mike and Melanie story

I was awakened by the sound of a door opening. Where was I? I had my sleeping mask on as I hate being wakened by the early morning daylight. At home we have blackout blinds. I heard nothing but the gentle swish of the ceiling fan and then I heard a whispered exchange.

Of course, we were celebrating our third wedding anniversary with a trip to St Lucia. We had had an amazing week snorkeling and hiking up the Pitons. We’d rented a car one day and driven round the island. If you haven’t been there the roads are really wild. It felt like there was barely a flat or straight stretch on the whole island. I was all steep ups and downs with constant curves punctuated by some vicious hairpin bends. Mike is a good driver and he loved it. Luckily, I don’t ever seem to get motion sickness. The only draw back is nude beaches. No St Lucia doesn’t have them, but since a cruise stop at St Martin two years ago, we have started to visit them. So far, we’ve only had the opportunity on two occasions, but we loved them, especially me. I had spent such free time as we had, sitting on my balcony naked catching the early morning or the late afternoon rays. I tried to be as indiscrete as I dared but I didn’t want there to be a flood of offended complaints. Mike who enjoys the idea of my public nudity more than his own thought it was a waste of time. He was probably right, but it did help mitigate the tan lines I was getting from wearing the sheerest bikini I dared at Sugar Beach and Anse Chastanet.

And here we were. Today was our actual anniversary.

I was lying on my right side and I lay quietly although I realized the bedclothes barely covered my breasts. My husband and I almost always sleep naked, unless the room is really cold.

I heard a tray being laid down. My husband must have ordered breakfast in bed for us on this our last morning. I heard the door being gently closed and thought the waitperson must have gone. But then I thought I heard more whispering and I wasn’t sure. I pretended to turn over in my sleep. Now I was lying on my back and the sheets had slipped to my waist. I was listening acutely and I felt whoever was there was holding their breath.

I’m nearly twenty-three and my husband Mike just turned twenty-five. We were raised in a very conservative environment, but after that cruise two years ago we have started to be more open to new things. Mike had started to share his fantasies about me having sex with another man. Actually, I did while we were on that cruise but I have never shared that with Mike. I don’t know if he has ever suspected, but I think not. I suppose it was cheating, but it was a moment of discovery for me. I don’t feel guilty or regret it and I have become more inventive in finding ways to enjoy sex with Mike and he is not complaining.

I was concerned at the time that I might get pregnant, but I didn’t. I actually asked my doctor recently if making love in the ocean was likely the reason I didn’t. She’s about my age and I feel I can be open with her, although I didn’t tell her it wasn’t with my husband. She said she didn’t know but she would not advise it as a means of contraception. Now I’m getting more concerned whether I can get pregnant.

These thoughts were flitting briefly through my head as I lay there with my mask on listening. I thought I heard a sigh and the sincan escort sound of breathing now. You can’t hold your breath forever. I stirred again and caught my foot in the sheet so that as I straightened my leg the sheet was pushed down to my knees. I knew the sunshine around the meagre blinds must be filling the room as I could feel its heat on my body. Whoever was in the room was now seeing me full frontal and I was getting excited at the thought it might be more than just my husband. Then I heard the sound of a belt being undone and clothes removed; some shoes being laid down gently and socks removed.

Just then I felt the sheets being gently lifted from me and Mike was gently kissing me and I felt his hand go between my opening thighs to stroke my arising labia. He stroked my clit and slipped first one finger and then a second into my already moist opening. As he found my G-spot I was aware of the weight of someone climbing on the bed. Mike stopped kissing me and withdrew his fingers but continued to stroke my clit. Then, as he took his hand away, I felt the weight of thighs on me and a hard penis against my vulva. The shaft lay across my mons and clit and testicles against my vagina. The head must be somewhere in the air above my neatly shaved landing strip. This was not Mike.

I might not have mentioned, but Mike has a fairly small penis; not a micro-penis, but it is barely more than four inches at full erection. I have learned a bit about penises, now that we have been to a couple of nude beaches since that first cruise. Of course, erections are rare, but they do happen enough to get an idea. Plenty of penises on the beach are mildly tumescent rather than flaccid, even if people insist there is nothing sexual about a nude beach. When you do see a penis that is over five inches when truly flaccid, you know it is not going to shrink when aroused. Half my fun at these beaches is guessing how big they really get. The other half is seeing if they react, when I inadvertently draw up one leg on my lounger to lay open my vagina and its blossoming labia. Sometimes the effect on a nearby male can be quite enjoyable. Oh, the games we ladies play!

This penis was large. That much I could tell. It felt thick across my mons. Two hands were pressed into the mattress on either side of my head, clearly supporting his upper body. He moved his frame back a bit and the penis slipped down between my thighs. I reached down to hold it and draw it into me. No pretence of sleep now. I almost hesitated as it felt so large. Although I have played these beach games, this was only the third penis ever to enter me, and it felt in a different league. I stroked it while I summoned my courage.

I thought I heard the slight buzz from our movie camera being switched on. I laughed to myself; that was so like Mike to record the event.

So, I guessed this was it: showtime for Mike’s fantasy and a new experience for me. This would be an anniversary to remember. The owner of the penis was quietly pushing a finger in and out of me. I thought he was going to enter me but instead he slipped down the bed and to my delight I felt his tongue running up and down my clit. As he continued to lick me, I felt those wonderful sensations in the pit of my stomach and through my loins that signal the onset of an orgasm. As I brought my knees up and tandoğan escort raised myself his tongue pushed into my eager quim and I promptly climaxed; not once, but several times as my thighs gripped his head and I put my hands down to hold him there.

As I loosened my thighs and relaxed back on to the bed, I once again felt him move up to position his penis against me. He pressed forward and I felt my labia part to welcome him. My God, he was big. But he knew it and he entered slowly. It was his thickness that stretched and excited every part of me and before he had half his length in, I was raising my body again to meet him and coming in wave after wave of orgasm. He withdrew slightly then pressed forward again. As he did so I felt something against my cheek. It was Mike’s little penis, erect and eager. I turned my head and sucked it in. I could take it all with no problem and ran my tongue around and around the head. He couldn’t hold back. I guess what he had watched had got him so excited that he unloaded his sperm into my mouth. I swallowed and licked him dry as he shrank away.

The strange penis was now fully in me pressing forward under my cervix as I came again. Slowly and gently he began to fuck me. I mean really fuck me. Knowing how long he was, he rarely went all the way in and it sometimes hurt when he did, but the sensation was indescribable. He raised my knees up until my legs were on his shoulders. He extended his arms raising his body and mine off the bed and began to fuck me harder. At this angle I could feel my cunt squeezing his cock and I was mouthing obscenities of encouragement that I had never believed would come from my mouth. I was coming in one orgasmic spasm after another. My abs were getting a workout unlike any they had had before.

And then he came. It was a torrent that I could feel filling me. It seemed to go on and on and still I was spasming as I felt the flow gush from around his penis and on to the bed. His penis still felt rock hard inside me and he started to move again. Surely, he couldn’t continue, but it seemed he could. He withdrew his penis and raised me higher and I felt it push against my bum. No, I didn’t want that, but strangely for a moment I said nothing. His cock was still covered in his sperm and he teased my rosebud with it. As he started to push into me and I practically screamed “No!”.

He withdrew and slipped back into my soppy cunt. He released my legs from his shoulders and began to slide gently in and out of me in an almost tender way. I relaxed. His movement was almost soothing after what had gone before. I was surprised by how lubricated I felt despite being unusually stretched.

He continued in silence and I found I was responding in meeting his thrusts and suddenly I was horny again and those irresistible sensations were returning. He sensed it and were we off at the gallop again. I feared that having come once he might go on forever, pleasurable as that might seem. Instead it didn’t take long for him to come again. Once more releasing a load of his sperm in me. As he pulled out, he slid off the bed and I heard him, still without saying a word, go to our ensuite. The taps ran as I lay there sated, my mask still on and my legs spread wide. I heard him come out, slip on his pants. Pick up his clothes, open the door and presumably check tunalı escort the hallway and leave. All without a word. Then I heard a click as Mike switched the camera off.

Now I felt awkward, now I felt embarrassed, what would Mike think? Was this really the fantasy he imagined? Had it gone too far?

Apparently not, he lay down beside me and thanked me and stroked me and asked if he could get me anything. I said no. He asked if I was all right and I said yes. Had I enjoyed it? Well yes, I had, it was truly mind-blowing. Would I like it, if he made love to me? I said OK. I felt I owed him and he was obviously still very aroused. But the truth is I couldn’t even feel him in me.

He came quickly and asked if it was good and I said yes. My mind was still processing that cosmic fuck. That’s all it was, pure rampant lust. As I say, I felt a little embarrassed but no guilt at my behaviour. It seems that on holiday I give myself a pass and Mike was encouraging it.

I was pretty sure that, although I might feel a little sore, by this time tomorrow my lady parts would have returned to their normal size and that although Mike was never going to give me great vaginal satisfaction, I would at least feel him.

Time to peel off my mask. I was lying, not on a damp spot, but in a positive pool of cum that was slowly soaking into the sheets. Although the blinds were technically still drawn bright sunlight leaked around them and the lights were on. No doubt for Mike’s camera. He had filmed our sexual fun many times before, but of course then there was only us. I grabbed a handful of tissues and worked as hard as I could on drying things up.

Mike had already moved to the computer on the counter across the room. This was where the camera sat. He had removed the card and fitted it into the computer’s slot.

The computer’s HDMI cable was plugged into the widescreen TV where we had been watching downloaded movies last night. As he turned the TV on a new movie sprang to life. Well-muscled dark black buttocks lay atop my spread thighs. Then he slid back down the bed and his anonymous head was eagerly bobbing as he pleasured my clit. I could feel myself becoming horny again as the recollection became vivid.

On the TV I could see myself starting to orgasm. In the bed I had moved off the wetness and was playing gently with my clit. Mike had come back to the bed and was stroking himself beside me.

As we watched the stranger moved up the bed again and entered me. I saw my hands come down and firmly lock on to his buttocks. My mind didn’t remember that but instantly I had a tactile memory of his muscled glutes. Both Mike and I climaxed again as we watched. After Mike came, he joined in playing with me as I came several more times, before the movie ended.

When the stranger got off the bed to head to the bathroom, I got my first clear look at him. It was the handsome waiter who had served us our final anniversary dinner at the poolside restaurant last night. I’d told Mike I thought he was hot.

What would I do if, no when, I saw him again?

Would he have told his colleagues? Would they all be leering jealously or disgustedly at this tourist slut?

Only time will tell. But I wouldn’t have foregone the experience. It was a one-off. We will be checking out at noon to head for our late-afternoon flight. Whatever follows, it is a memory and a movie we will both treasure.

What a memorable anniversary! I wonder if we will have more like this. Oh, and although we had to reheat the coffee and croissants in the microwave, I still consider this to be my best ever breakfast in bed.


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