Breeding His Cum into Her

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When I got home, she was there, curled up in a ball, with her panty-covered crotch prominently displayed to be seen just as I entered our bedroom.

I leaned forward and knelt on the bed. She warmly cooed and pulled her legs tighter up to her chest. The shift in position was enough to press her panties right against her puffy pussy lips. As I took in the sight and the scent, I noticed moisture oozing through the gusset.

Wetness was oozing out of her pussy and pressing into the cloth. I pulled the fabric away a bit and saw her pussy, red and inflamed, clearly freshly fucked. I spread her thighs further apart to see the opening of her sex. Peeking out, just barely, was the open end of a condom. The rest was inserted completely inside her. She seemed tightly clenched down on it.

I gently shifted the waistband down a bit, and she scooted as if to help me get them off her. She was still ‘asleep,’ but was clearly enjoying this. She had arranged me to see this upon coming home.

I gently touched the part of the rubber I could see. I grasped it and tugged a bit. This condom was deeply imbedded inside her. I tugged harder and she moaned. I put my face up to her crotch and inhaled. She smelled istanbul escorts like sex.

I closed my teeth onto the edge of the condom and pulled backwards. She relaxed her pussy a bit and it slowly pulled forwards. I kept oozing out of her as she drooled fluid. Finally, I had it all the way out and held it up to the light. It was a big size and there had to be a tablespoon of fresh warm cum inside the tip.

At that moment she turned her head towards me. She touched her mound and whimpered. She spoke first.

‘Do you like your surprise?’ I nodded in reply. She smiled at me and spread her thighs apart, showing me her freshly fucked pussy. It was red, angry looking. I saw her sticky lips part and reveal a dark hole where her last fuck had recently pulled out, leaving only his fertile seed and a thin layer of latex inside her.

She rolled over onto her knees and shook her beautifully firm ass at me. Her pussy peeked at me as her cheeks jiggled. I laid the condom down across her lower back, careful to put the open end at the top.

I lined my bare cock up to her cunt and teased her fleshy lips. She pushed back and swallowed my cock.

I let her saw herself istanbul eskort back and forth on my dick. I felt the mixture of her wetness and my precum sloshing inside her. It looked so hot seeing her fuck herself on my cock. I noticed that the empty rubber inches away from her clit was longer than my cock.

Whoever had fucked her was hung.

As she rocked herself on my cock, the rubber started to slip towards the spot where my cock entered her.

The tip of the reservoir touched my cock. I paused and told her the rubber was at her pussy. She groaned and whispered, ‘fuck it back into me.’

I did as asked and pushed the cum-filled condom into her opening. Up until now, she’d been fucking herself on my dick. Now it was my turn. I eased my hips forward until I was balls deep. This dragged the condom nearly all the way inside her. Now the open end was lined up with the base of my cock.

The open condom was arranged just as it had been when I’d found it. As I pounded her, her tightness forced her lower’s fresh load further up inside her.

His warm cum oozed out of the open condom and onto my shaft.

‘Babe,’ I asked. ‘If I keep going, I’ll be putting eskort istanbul his cum inside you. Is it a safe time or should I stop?’

She froze on my dick, holding perfectly still as a glob of creamy white jizz poured onto my cock.

‘What do you want, babe?’

She nodded her head, facing into the mussed pillows. ‘Put his cum in me.’ Stroked her lower back as I pulled out. The condom was nearly empty, and my cock was covered in seed.

I put the condom right above her ass crack, with the open end dangerously close to her heaving cunt.

I stroked my cock, covering my head and shaft in her lover’s seed. I aimed my cock at her pussy. She backed up just as I thrust forward, forcing someone else’s cum into her.

We wildly fucked each other, on a high knowing what we were doing was so nasty, so wrong.

I railed her cunt, picking up speed as I approached orgasm. She could tell.

‘Where do you want me to cum, babe?’ She clenched down, bringing me even closer to the brink. I continued, trying to make sure she got whatever she wanted. ‘If I keep going, you’ll be filled with two loads. If I pull out, it’ll just be his inside you.’ She shook her head.

She breathlessly moaned, ‘I want you to cum… I want you to cum… on my ass!’ I pulled out and shot my seed all over her butt. She shook with a deep orgasm. Her pussy winked open and closed at me as a torrent of her lover’s cum poured out of her. She moaned a deep ‘thank you,’ and fell back asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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