Bri Gets Sexy Twisted Assistance


Bri gets sexy twisted assistance

(Brittany gets soo needed fetish lesbian action in the stable)

Everyone mentioned or written sexually about in the story is 18 years old or older.


This story contains Unclean Fetish/Pee/Scat/Lesbian

DO NOT READ further if those things offend you, or you find the categories disliking!

* * * * * * * * * *

Brittany opened the door and came into the stables. Very punctual and were there nearly the same time every night over the past years. She had had many horses in her 45-year life. Both own and hired by others in her stable.

Tonight she was a little annoyed by things that happened during the day and sexually frustrated with the occurrences. Like so many other Mondays, it was…before today’s exercises had taken place. Exercises she had become completely dependent on, and been doing for months now. So far it was with the same girls, but it couldn’t last forever, she understood that…we’ll see later and just enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts.

As ordered, and always as punctual, the two girls came into the stables. They’d both been riding… just like Brittany. And they both hadn’t showered today…or yesterday…also just like her.

Eileen and Mia went to college and were two horse-crazy 20-year-old girls, on the edge as passionate as her, and therefore, none of them had hesitated to be very intimate with her a year ago. And also to one sicker fantasy after another…as long as there were discounts, horseback riding and tending to horses involved in the bribes. And with all they did together now, everything in the stable was free for the two horse-loving girls.

Everything worked so well for the three that even the two young ones had come up with their own suggestions for naughty additions, in sexy bonuses to her own wishes. Absolutely wonderful!

Their routines were so boxed in; often no words were needed at all. So, as soon as the girls got into the stables and saw Bri, they went over to her and pulled off the tight sweater. As soon as it came off, they started licking her sweaty armpits. She fully enjoyed the attention and how nice it was to be thoroughly licked there.

Today, however, she was more impatient than other days. Lowered her arms and told the girls to undress her completely and themselves equally, because she wanted to come fast, the first time for the evening.

And as usual, she didn’t have to say that twice, it was never necessary nowadays, all three liked to do just about everything together. From the beginning, there had been a couple of questions and some hesitant about the new. But now they were so interconnected, and all three liked pretty much exactly hatay seks hikayeleri the same weird sex stuff. So it all just floated on, perfectly synchronized.

She lay down on the blankets they had arranged really cozy in one of the empty booths, blankets that now had quite a lot of stains from quite a lot of depraved things. But it was just even more igniting for them. So while she was lying down on the spotted blankets, Mia eagerly continued to lick her armpits while Eileen sucked her toes, licked the soles of her feet and between her toes…anything to get as much possible from the, for many disgusting…but for them, so arousing smell and taste of stinky foot sweat.

Bri pushed Mia so she could clean her armpits, and wow the stench. It reeked of sweat long before Mia had pushed her armpit right over her nose and mouth.

What a feeling. Bri loved being pushed to the limit. And they had just started the evening. She licked and swallowed all the sweat and stench the unwashed young lady had under both pits.

“No, dear ones, I’m about to burst here…just have to come. Change position. We’ll get to your feet later.”

Immediately, Eileen lay between Bri’s legs and skillfully began to lick her dripping unclean pussy. Also lifted her butt, stuck a pillow under…spread her buttocks…and pushed her tongue deep into the dirty hole. Tongue-fucking her tasty ass so freaking nice.

From the beginning, she had thought about poor girls, with how unwashed she was and how bad it must smell and taste. But it never seemed to have bothered any of them. And they both smelled pretty bad so often themselves…and that just excited Bri more and made here come even harder as she was tongue-cleaning them all over.

Mia removed the arm from Brittany’s face, rose and straddled her chest. Pinched her own very erect nipples, lowered her hands and fingered deep inside her pussy to catch the smell and taste…shortly after pushed her fingers into Bri’s craving mouth. Sometimes Mia pushed them in just so she’d lick off all the juices and funky stickiness…and sometimes she pressed her whole hand in, both for licking and inducing gag reflexes. It often caused Bri to explode with horniness.

The stretching of boundaries and all the smells and flavors that came at once…she just needed everything from the source now. Pushed her hand away and pulled Mia up close, so she could get to work with her tongue and mouth…because now it was time to do some serious munching of unwashed young pussy, and it would be thorough.

Bri was licking very skillfully…had a lot of training. So Mia came fast. Licking and swallowing everything they gave her so lovingly when they came…usually got her across the line too, but not tonight. So she pushed Mia, who immediately turned.

Now she got an incredibly sexy ass shoved in her face…with really spread ass cheeks and just looking straight at the inviting stretched hole. Bri felt warm inside, by how perfect all this was. Invitations in general she used to turn down, but invitations of this kind, she threw herself into every time, with full force and pleasure. So now she lay there with her tongue deeply pressed into Mia’s unwiped and sweaty anal, and now she came at express speed. She held Mia’s waist tightly and pushed herself into her ass…while she tightened her thighs around the eagerly licking Eileen, in a sexy leg scissors. And came…and came…

Usually Bri used to be up and running quickly again, but this day had been especially difficult, and the need for ejaculation extra great. So now it took a little while for the tongue to leave the place deep inside Mia’s butt, and release the leg scissors…but after a while, she relaxed. And with renewed energy, she said, “Oh, that was so nice! Come on, my darlings, get your feet up, so I’ll take care of them and get my juices flowing again.”

Both Eileen and Mia lie down next to her side, and put their nice little feet on her breasts.

Bri could smell leather, sweat and all sorts of things from being trapped in their riding boots for a long time. And she immediately felt the horniness coming back. At the same time, she picked up a warm soft foot from each girl and started sucking and licking the toes, around and between all the toes and along the soles of their feet, around everywhere…so all four feet got theirs…and was carefully cleaned.

Now everyone’s feet and armpits were very carefully licked, and even Eileen had been allowed to come, twice. Neither Bri nor Mia wanted to stop double-licking her ass and pussy. They were both glued to and inside her delicious holes…so Eileen finally pushed them away, and said enough… it’s enough now…

Bri sat up and said, “You’re right, absolutely right…it’s time for tonight’s finish. Will one of you get him and the other one prepare the evening snack…thanks my darlings.”

* * * * * * * * * *


Pee and scat comes now!

Bri had moved to the booth next booth, where a bench was placed…perfect in both height and width, purchased exactly for this purpose.

The booth was big and very clean and smelled freshly cleaned…but that would soon change.

“Oh, there he is…oooh, always so ready and always so perfect.”

The ‘he’ they were referring to was a huge strap-on dildo the young ones took turns on pounding their boss with.

Bri put her feet on the bench and opened up herself.

“I am exploding here, so absolutely no need to moist him, just start fucking me deep! And please give me my evening drink and dessert.”

Mia had him strapped to her…placed herself between Brittany’s spread legs and grabbed hold on both her knees, centered the big tip against Bri’s eagerly awaiting pussy, and started playing with it outside.

Eileen stood by Bri, with one foot up on the bench and her fingers spreading her beautiful and so wet pussy. She aimed a bit and soon after came the first stream of pee…then much more. Bri swallowed the hot drink and pushed her down much closer to her face, so she could drink and lick at the same time. During one of the long deep licks, Mia stopped the teasing, positioned herself and forced him all the way in, in one hard push.

Bri froze and tensed in Eileen’s piss-wet pussy.

“Oooohhh, it’s sooo big! And you’re fucking me so deep and hard with it, you damn naughty girl!”

Mia just half-smiled and slowed down a bit….took it all the way out, and very slowly in, and while she did that, she took both of Bri’s feet up to her face and started sucking hard on her big toes.

Bri knew why Mia slowed down and made her feet, and her, feel so extra good…and helping building up to the next earthshaking orgasm.

It was time for the dessert, the one that always made her come so she sometimes feared for her health.

She pushed Eileen to get up, and that she did…and in a second she had spun around with almost too wide spread ass cheeks. Bri took her hand between Eileen’s legs and held the front…so she could draw her extremely tight. She wanted her face to be inside her butt, and it was now. The lips were tight to the hole, and the tongue now well into the paradise.

She had time to fuck a couple of times with her tongue before it started being pushed out by her poop.

Eileen’s anal opened up rather much by the poop, which was not visible at all…because Bri’s mouth did not move in the slightest from her dream-hole and dream food. So while Bri was chewing and swallowing everything Eileen squeezed out…Mia again fucked her to the fullest.

Brittany came when Mia entered her full length, and when Eileen, who was eagerly fingering herself while emptying her bowels in her bosses mouth…when she gave all her inside to Bri, while Mia was fucking her like there was no tomorrow…

…then she completely exploded.

She orgasmed so hard, everything just blackened…

Later, when Bri started coming back from her wonderful amazing orgasm, she saw that she was lying on the floor with a couple of blankets over her.

Both Eileen and Mia were looking at her…very mischievous and giggling…

…looked like they both had set themselves of at least once more when Bri was out…

Seemed like everyone had had their lustful dreams fulfilled today,

not a bad ending to the day, is it?

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