Britnee’s Trailer Park Adventures Ch. 04


Thanks again to everyone for reading, favoriting and following my stories! The response has been more than I could hope for! Thank You!

As always, all characters in this work of fiction are over the age of 18.

And now… the (almost) all out, gonzo, hardcore sex chapter!


Britnee noticed the notifications on her phone as she stepped out of Lara’s car, “Hang on, my mom called. Let me see what she wants.”

Lara chuckled, “I thought you hated your mom.”

“Yeah,” Britnee sighed, pulling up her voicemail. “But, she’s my mom…”

The insatiable 19 teen-year-old nympho listened to the message and then texted back that she’d stop by in the morning/ a few moments later, she received a text that made her jaw drop!

“Holy shit! Will you look at this? My mom just sent me this!”

On the screen was the image of a ginormous penis standing at attention through the fly of a pair of khakis! The text below the image read: Just landed this! XXOO MOM!

“Holy Shit,” Lara exclaimed! “That thing is Fucking Huge!”

“I know! My mom is such a slut! And she knows how to drive me crazy! C’mon! We got some catchin’ up to do!”

Britnee turned towards the kitchen and waved at the sofa a few feet away, “Make yourself at home, I’ll get the party supplies!

When she turned back around arms filled with booze, weed, glasses, and cocaine, she found her friend naked and looking at the pictures on her phone. Britnee had always felt a little envious of Lara’s body. The brunette was tall and lean with long, shapely legs that Britnee adored. Lara’s breast were only B-cups, but Britnee liked their tear drop shape and rosy pink nipples that always seemed erect.

Lara also had a few tattoos. The most prominent was a spider web tattoo that covered her left shoulder and extended down to her elbow. She also had a tongue piercing as well as piercings in her right eyebrow. On her lower back was a tattoo known commonly as a “Tramp Stamp”. The phrase “Bad Ass Bitch” was rather artfully spelled out in a flowing Gothic style script.

“So, Whatcha want first,” Britnee asked, setting everything down on her coffee table. “Party and then fuckin’? Or fuckin’ and party? Or…”

She deftly cut a few lines of coke as Lara rolled a blunt that would make Snoop Dog cringe. Drinks were drunk, drugs were smoked, snorted and licked and, soon the two were giggling and whooping it up like girls do. Britnee used her massive, round tits for a coke mirror which Lara was more than eager to try, licking up what coke she couldn’t snort and kissing her tiny friend before shaking with peels of laughter at the silly things they were doing.

“This is so much fun, Brit,” she giggled. “But, I’m going to get in so much trouble with my P.O.!”

“Aww…Fuck that asshole,” Britnee replied, feeling a little bit tipsy! “I’ll jack his jaw to next week if he says anything!” She made a fist and swung at the air.

“Oh, Boo,” Lara cooed, “You always were there to take care of me.” She drew a finger around Britnee’s taut nipple.

When they were cellmates in Juvenile Detention, Britnee had been Lara’s cellmate and protector. The taller girl was not a fighter and some of the bigger girls had tried to mess with her. Britnee fought many battles, beating the shit out of anyone who looked at Lara crosseyed! The two had formed a strong bond. Lara’s education and innocence had struck a nerve with Britnee and the petite tramp cared deeply for her friend. In fact, Lara was probably the only girl Britnee truly liked!

“I was looking at those pics on your phone and from the looks of that spreadsheet, I’d say your friend Leo is buying up all the real estate in this God forsaken hole,” Lara said through a cloud of reefer smoke. “I can’t say for sure, I need to see more files!”

Britnee downed her Jack and Coke and grinned, “I think I know how we can do that… That’s if you wanna come with me tomorrow when I pick up the money he owes…” She let out a long belch that the two naked beauties cackle with laughter hysterically until their sides hurt.

Their laughter subsided and as they caught their breath, they gazed at each other and began kissing. Lightly at first then, long deep kisses. Lara moved on top of Britnee, pressing her chest against the shorter girl’s huge tits as she sucked on her tongue and moaned. Soon they were both moaning and caressing each other, hands and fingers exploring each other’s soft flesh. Lara kissed her way down to Britnee’s tits and slowly licked and kissed the hot skin, searching for the tiny erect nipples that she had longed for! She was an expert tit sucker and soon had Britnee groaning with horny lust!

Britnee was rubbing her knee against Lara’s hot cunt! Lara’s fingers found Britnee’s pussy and slipped two inside, her thumb rubbing the engorged clit. The two were soon on the verge of orgasm when Britnee pulled her friend’s head back and said, “Bedroom! Now!”

As they stood, Lara wrapped her arms around Britnee’s ass and picked her up! The little slut squealed with delight and scissored her legs around the taller taksim escort girl who carried her to the small room. She practically threw Britnee onto the bed and fell on top of her!

“I’ve waited so long for this, Boo,” Lara groaned, kissing Britnee deeply before licking and kissing her way down to Britnee’s thighs!

Britnee spread her legs and grinned, “Eat my pussy, baby! You always did it the best!”

Lara responded by kissing Britnee’s thighs, inching closer to her puffy mound with each kiss. The moist heat rising from her cunt made Lara’s head swim! She licked lightly up the tiny slit, lingering on the hooded clit and back down, savoring the fragrant juices that leaked out. Back and forth she licked the smaller girl’s pussy, teasing the clit with each stroke of her talented tongue. Britnee sighed and rubbed her round, perfect tits as waves of pleasure washed over her.

Britnee’s cunt, like most of her, was a small, peach shaped mound with butterfly shaped lips that barely poked through her outer labia and a tiny clit that peeked out of its hood. As she licked around the little clit, Lara grew bolder and spread the labia with her thumbs and whipped at it with tongue. This caused Britnee to cry out as her first orgasm of the night ripped through her and she soaked her girl lover’s face! Lara attempted to stem the leak by stuffing her talented tongue as deep up Britnee cunt as she could! She opened wide and sucked the entire mound in her mouth as her tongue flicked up and down and swirled around, making the petite fuck slut pump her hips in sexual agony!

“Ohhh, Fuckkk!! You Eat Me So Fucking Gooooood,” Britnee screamed, bucking hard against Lara’s face! “Yessss Yesss YeahMyPoozyiscummmingggs…,” Her words became garbled gibberish as another massive orgasm erupted deep inside her.

Lara continued her oral assault, looking up between Britnee’s thighs at the huge, grapefruit shaped tits bouncing and smacking together. She grabbed them with both hands and squeezed them hard as she pulled Britnee;s clit between her teeth and blew on it! Britnee screamed even louder and grabbed fistfuls of Lara’s hair, slamming her pelvis into the raven haired lesbian’s face like she was fucking it!

What had started as lovemaking quickly degenerated into all out hardcore fucking! Lara, on her knees between Britnee’s thighs, was pumping her ass like she was getting the fucking of a lifetime! Her face was soaked in pussy juice, her mascara in ruins! The room was filled with the sounds of two women fucking! Lara’s slurped and snorted loudly as she ate and Britnee’s moans, groans and screams of orgasmic pleasure would have made a blind man see! When she finally came up for air, Lara glared at her petite friend with a fierceness that betrayed the desperate lust boiling inside her!

“Jesus Fucking Shit, ” she cried, leaning forward and kissing Britnee hard! “I can’t get enough of you!”

“You dirty fuckin’ Bitch,” Britnee replied, yanking her friend down by the hair and stuffing her mouth full of tongue! “Making me a nasty lesbo slut with your tongue! You made me a cunt hungry bitch!”

“You love it, slut! You love getting fucked by a girl,” Lara giggled, trying to sound mean and nasty.

“I’ll show you what I love, you fuckin’ Ho! Get that pussy on my face! Now, Bitch,” Britnee howled with laughter!

Lara wasted no time spinning around and sinking her dripping cunt onto Britnee’s face! As the smaller girl attacked her cunt, she lowered her head and resumed her assault on the vibrating clit in her lips! Lara’s cunt, like the rest of her, was quite the opposite of Britnee’s. Her labia was not as puffy and the lips were long and slender, flower shaped and rosy pink. Britnee loved the strong, pungent scent that filled her nostrils as she wasted no time licking and sucking on the engorged clit above her!

Lara slipped two fingers inside Britnee’s tight cunt, twisting and pistoning them deep in the tiny hole! Britnee screamed onto the cunt in her mouth at the new attack!

“Stick your fingers in me, will you,” Britnee grunted, trying to speak and eat pussy at the same time! “I’ll show you, Bitch!”

She rubbed her middle finger on Lara’s sopping cunt then slipped it into the taller girl’s asshole!

“Fuckkkkkk,” Lara cried, humping the finger like a cock and cumming on Britnee’s face, drenching it!

Lara calmed after a few minutes and resumed her oral and digital assault on Britnee’s hot cunt. She curled her fingers and rubbed them back and forth over Britnee’s G-spot causing the horny slut to jerk spasmodically and spray the bed and Lara’s thirsty mouth with hot cunt juice! Lara greedily lapped it up as she felt her lover stuff more fingers up her pussy and asshole! The room was filled with the smells of cunt and ass and sex as the two lust crazed girls continued to lick, suck, eat, chew and finger fuck each other like wild animals all the while screaming and crying like banshees! They were so loud, the local police station received several calls from residents complaining about topkapı escort the inordinate amount of stray cats rutting in the dark night!t least an hour and over a dozen mutual orgasms later, Britnee and Lara lay side by side on the bed, each girl drained of energy after their Lesbian fuck-fest!

“Shit, Boo,” Britnee gasped. “That was amazin’! Yer a fuckin’ sex maniac!”

She reached over and caressed Lara’s tits and belly.

“Takes one to know one, Boo,” Lara replied, grinning shyly at her tiny friend.

“Bitch!” “Slut!” “Whore!” “Tramp!”

The two burst into peals of laughter as they caressed and kissed each other. Then, with a start, Britnee leaped from the bed and made for the bathroom!

“What’s wrong, baby,” Lara looked puzzled.

“Nothin’! I, uh, just gotta pee!”

“Hey, Boo,” she called from the bathroom, “Get the bottle and the other blunt you rolled!”

Lara giggled and did so, lighting up as she returned to the bed. A few minutes later her eyes went wide and her jaw hit the floor when Britnee walked back in the room. The big titted strumpet was wearing an 8-inch strap-on dildo complete with leather harness.

“Now I’s gots the best a both worlds,” Britnee giggled, reaching for the whiskey bottle Lara almost dropped. “Like watchin’ me jack it, bitch,” She began fisting her long, black, rubber cock while trying not to laugh.

“Lara took a long drag off the joint and handed it to Britnee as she knelt on the edge of the bed and stared at the big toy prick. “Aww, baby,” She moaned, “Got that just for me?”

“Yeah, now shut up n suck, beeyatch,” Britnee coughed as she laughed out this last line, slapping her friend with her fake dick.

Lara moaned again as the heavy rubber cock punished her face. She began licking the head and shaft as Britnee stood with hands on hips, thrusting her pelvis forward.

“Do it, Bitch! Suck my big, fat cock!”

Both girls laughed as Lara began sucking the head. Soon she was drooling spit down the shaft as she took more and more of the veiny, penis shaped dildo into her mouth. She only stopped long enough to toke on the joint and swallow some whiskey! Britnee giggled and grabbed the taller girl by the hair!

“I said suck it, Bitch,” she commanded, stuffing Lara’s mouth full of rubber dick! “Get it good n wet fer yer slutty cunt!”

“Yes, Mistress,” Lara snorted with glee as she returned to sucking! Britnee held her head and pumped her hips, feeding her fake dick to Lara’s hungry mouth! I no time, the raven haired Goth girl had six inches of fake dick in her throat! Slobber drooled from her lips and puddled on the floor. Both girls could feel their pussy’s dripping and moaned with lesbian lust!

Lara fingered her cunt as she sucked and the room was filled with gagging, gurgling, sucking sounds and the sound of Britnee’s fat tits slapping together as she fucked her horny friend’s face!

“Fuck, yeah,” Lara groaned, coming up for air. “I love it when you treat me like trash!”

“Don’ I know it,” Britnee replied, holding her rubber dick up. “Now turn around an’ stick that ass up in the air! Do it, you nasty lesbo bitch!”

Lara presented her tight ass and pussy for her friend, all the while rubbing her clit furiously, feeling another orgasm build! “Fuck me, baby,” she cried! “Fuck me like a nasty, fucking lesbian slut! Fuck my ass! Fuck my pussy! I don’t care! I need you inside me!”

” Britnee grunted and squeezed Lara’s buttcheek as she rubbed the spit covered dildo on her friend’s tight, puckered asshole.

“Open up! Ima fuck you good, Boo,” She cried, pressing the head of the fat dildo against the tiny hole!

Lara groaned as the rubber cock stretched her tight sphincter and invaded her colon. The pain was sharp but, Britnee went slow, working the head in and out. As she relaxed to take more in, Lara began to gyrate her hips and press back on the fat dildo. Soon, what had been pain became pleasure and the two horny sluts worked up a rhythm.

“Fuck me in my ass, you dirty whore,” Lara moaned loudly! “Make me your bitch! Your Backdoor Lezzie Dyke Bitch!”

Britnee slapped her ass, “Ima fuck you! Ima fuck you real good, you nasty slut!” She began ramming the cock in and out, banging her hips into Lara’s ass hard! Lara’s fingers were a flurry of motion on her pussy as she wailed in delight! Soon both girls were groaning and crying with deviant lust! Lara came so hard she almost knocked Britnee of the bed!

“Fuck! I’m Cumming!! I’m cumming all over your fuckin’ Rubber Cock,” Lara screamed!

“You gonna keep cummin’ too, you dirty Freak,” Britnee yelled as she resumed the hard anal pounding!

The two friends were lost in their shared anal lust! They both came over and over as they rutted like wild animals! The only thing that mattered was ass and pussy and cum!

Jayden and Jed parked their truck in front of their trailer and stumbled over to Britnee’s place. The twin cousin/brothers were high on meth and drunk on moonshine. It had been a good night tuyap escort for thieving and the two had just dropped off an impressive haul of laptop computers and tablets. Now they were celebrating and needed some pussy! The two were so horny and ripped, they didn’t hear the screaming and moaning coming from Britnee’s trailer or notice Merle standing on a step ladder with a camera peering into Britnee’s bedroom! They just banged on the door and tried to stand upright as best they could.

“Did you hear sumpthin,” Brinee asked, stopping in mid-stroke. The banging repeated itself. “Shit! There’s somebody at the door!”

She jumped off the bed leaving Lara face down in the sheets and ran to the door. Opening it, she saw her idiot studs drooling and flung the door open!

“Get in here, you twin morons,” she cried! Then she saw the frightened, stunned looks on their faces and realized she was still wearing the strap-on dick! “Just get in here, idiots! Lara, get that sweet, sexy ass out here! I want you to meet someones!”

Jayden and Jed stood by the door as Britnee and Lara sat on the sofa mixing drinks and giggling like schoolgirls at the two hillbillies.

“So, whatcha up to, boys,” Britnee asked, lighting a fresh joint. “This here’s Lara by the way!”

The two men nodded at Lara but continued to stare at the dildo between Britnee’s legs, “You ahh… umm.. ahh..”Jayden stammered.

“Oh, Jesus,” Britnee sighed, handing the two some shots. She undid the strap-on and let it fall to the floor. “Is that better?”

Jed and Jayden blew sighs of relief and greedily hammered down the shots. “We was just comin’ over to tell you ’bout the haul tonight,” Jed grinned.

“An’ to git some pussy,” Jayden quipped.

Britnee shook her head and looked at her friend, “I told ya they were stupid. And ugly as sin!”

“Hey,” Jed replied, swaying as he stood.

“That’s just mean,” Lara giggled, “They are kinda cute. In an inbred, tweaker, meth freak kinda way!”

Britnee laughed until her belly hurt before snorting a line and passing the coke around. “Now I’ll show ya why I keep ’em around,” she rubbed Lara’s thigh, “Boys! Show her!”

Jayden and Jed dropped their shorts, exposing their big, semi-hard cocks. Lara’s jaw hit the floor! “Jesus, Boo! Those things are huge!”

Britnee grinned, “An’ they ain’t even hard yet! Hey… Why ain’t you morons hard? You been tweakin’ again? Don’t lie to me!”

“No, Ma’am… Maybe a little…”

“But we only done it what fer to make sure the products we sells meets our cushtomer’s satisfaction and what not!”

Britnee felt the anger building inside and balled her fists, “If I gotta get up an’ slap the piss outta you two, you both gonna be sorry! Now get them dicks hard! Yer bein’ rude to our guest!”

Almost instantly the twin fools had raging hard-ons! Lara picked her jaw up off the floor and exclaimed, “Jesus, they really are huge! MotherFucker!!”

“Guys, turn sideways so she can get a better look,” Britnee ordered, tweaking a nipple as she gazed at her favorite cocks.

The twins turned towards each other, holding their dicks out and making runway model poses. Lara swore again as she saw just how long and fat the two dicks were and started rubbing her cunt. Britnee shifted her ass closer to Lara and put her legs in the air.

“Git over here an’ eat our pussies, you stupid mopes! Don’ just stand there,” she called out! Whispering in Lara’s ear, “I found out the more you insult them, the harder they fuck!”

Lara giggled and pulled her legs up as Jayden and Jed fell between their thighs and began licking and sucking the hot cunts before them. Britnee groaned in delight and leaned over to kiss her friend as Jed slowly lapped up and down her wet snatch. Lara squeezed one of Britnee’s fat, ripe tits as Jayden sucked on her clit. The two girls began kissing as the men continued their oral moves. The kissing soon turned into a heated game of tonsil hockey as Britnee and Lara grew more and hornier, caressing and massaging each other tits and bellies. Jayden began using his tongue like a penis, flicking it in and out of Lara’s cunt, which rewarded his efforts with a faceful of hot juice!

When Jed slipped a finger up her ass, Britnee cried out and grabbed his head in both hands, mashing his face into her pussy! Both girls were moaning and wantonly humping the faces of the twin idiots who grunted and slurped and sucked on the horny cunts! Jed began chewing on Britnee’s engorged clit which set off a chain reaction in the petite fuck doll!

“OOOOHHHHShit! FUCK! I’m Cumminggg!! AAAIIIEEE,” She wailed, flooding Jed’s face with girl cum! Her body jerked spasmodically as the orgasm ripped through her!

Lara felt her own orgasm building and shoved Jayden back, “Shit! Shit! Shit!,” she cried, going completely still then, thrusting her pelvis like a mad woman, screaming as she erupted!

“Jeeezzzzuuuuzzzz fuckfuckFUCKKK!! I’m CUUMMIINGGG TOO!!”

By the time the Goth girl recovered, the men had switched places and Jed was in the process of rolling her over on her side and splitting her legs wide apart so he could lick her ass! Lara groaned as she felt his tongue teasing her tight hole and his fingers molesting her cunt! She opened her eyes to a huge tit and she began licking Britnee’s hot flesh, searching for the rock hard nipple! Finding it she bit down hard, making her friend scream in pleasure.

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