Broadway Bump n’ Grind

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Samantha had recently moved to New York. As a child, her parents had vacationed her every summer and she’d always loved the city. So, after college, the logical choice had been to move here. Her father’s law firm had given her an administrative position that paid very well. Just last week she had purchased and uptown penthouse. Her new life was starting out perfectly. The only thing missing was her perfect New York man. And, honestly, after months of focusing on moving, she was horny.

To keep her mind off of her lack of a relationship, she was meeting with some girlfriends to relax. Samantha dressed in a bright blue summer dress that contrasted well with her dark brown hair. She strapped on her black stilettos and was almost ready to go. See, what most people didn’t know about Samantha is that she had a very kinky side and a wild imagination. She debated for a few moments about putting on underwear but decided against it.

Samantha grabbed her purse and locked the door on her way out. As she walked down the street, she was very aware of the wind blowing her dress around antalya escort her legs and the soft fabric caressing her bare buttocks. She smiled to herself and reveled in the small touches.

By the time she turned onto Broadway, her pussy was soaking wet and she was trembling with sexual energy. Samantha needed a cock in her now! She lost all common sense and began evaluating the guys on the street with her. Her mind toyed with just taking one of the men that passed her and using him. But there was a small voice in her head that kept saying she shouldn’t. By the time she was halfway down Broadway that voice was on mute. Samantha had never needed a hard dick as much as she did now.

Suddenly, she couldn’t take it anymore. She grabbed the nearest male and dragged him into the closest alley. She dropped her purse beside her and immediately began unbuttoning the man’s pants. But when his hands stopped her movements she looked up. She was started to meet bright green eyes set in a face with a chiseled jaw and full lips. He was absolutely handsome. He smiled at her gently.

“Ma’am, fethiye escort can I help you,” he asked. Samantha thought seriously about walking away. But she felt her juices running down her thigh and her nipples getting hard.

“I need to fuck and I need it now! Now you can help me get off or I can grab some other man off the street.” He watched her for a moment and then let go of her hands, leaning back against the wall. Samantha continued unbuttoning his pants. She knelt in front of him as she pulled his semi-hard cock out. She flicked her tongue over the head of his dick and watched as he tensed. Samantha slowly took him into her mouth as deep as possible. He grabbed the back of her head and thrust into her throat, moaning loudly.

Samantha pulled away coughing as he dropped his pants. He pulled her up off her knees, sliding his hand around to squeeze her ass. She arched, pressing her hips against his hardness. He leaned into her, kissing her breasts. He fondled her cleavage and pinched her already hard nipples, making kaş escort Samantha arch and whimper. He pulled her skirt up and slid his hand between her legs. He moaned when he felt how wet she was.

Samantha spread her legs wider, allowing him more access. He slid his fingers into her pussy eliciting a moan from her. Suddenly he removed his fingers from her wetness. He grabbed her hips, keeping the skirt of her dress out of his way and lifted her onto his hips. Samantha braced herself on his shoulders as he slowly lowered her onto his cock. She moaned as his hardness filled and stretched her.

He groaned in her ear as he pumped her up and down on his shaft. She dug her fingers into his shoulders as she felt her release building. Suddenly he spun her around, slamming her back against the wall. He gripped her waist, letting her back take all her weight, and started pounding away in her. Samantha bit her lip, trying not to scream and alert people to what they were up to.

“I’m gonna cum in you, you fucking slut,” he moaned in her ear. She moaned and came with him as he pressed into her one last time.

They rested against each other for a moment before he let her slide to the ground. Samantha straightened her dress as he buttoned up his pants. They smiled at each other and went their separate ways. Perhaps they would meet again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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