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I could never admit to being bi not til my thirties growing up in a small town it just wouldn’t have been accepted after I finally decided to give in and admit that part of myself I began to explore that part of my life the first couple encounters were just mutual bj’s and stroking it took me some time to fnally go for it all.
When I finally decided to try it all I put an add up on craigslist im sure the town I live in has a gay scene but having to be discrete I didn’t know anything about it. After sorting through a ton of emails I almost gave up not really finding what I was looking for. I’m a very straight acting blue collar type and was hoping to find the same most of the men who answered my ad where not as masculine as I would like until I got Lees email I almost rejected him he was in his mid forties and I had been hoping for a man closer to my age but as it turns out I’m glad I didn’t.
After a few emails I figured he was about what I wanted all he would say about his endowment was that he was long and thick but he assured me that he would me he would make my first time memorable.
We agreed that he would come over to my house and when he arrived I was pleasantly surprised he looked young for his age and frankly was in better shape then I was. After a few minutes of small talk I took him to the couch I was nervous and my hands were shaking a bit as I helped him off with his shirt and began undoing his pants.
I was on my knees between his legs wile he leaned back on the couch while kissing his stomach I began to pull off his pants. I had noticed a nice bulge when he had walked in but was in no way prepared for what I saw when I got his pants off when I had seen the bulge I had assumed he had been hard but what I found instead was eight inches of simi erect horse cock.
I could only stare for a second as I tried to imagine how big it would be fully erect
“ holy shit I don’t know that I can handle all that “ was all I could think to say reaching down he began rubbing the top of my head “sure you can you’ll be great “ was his reply as his other hand began rubbing his cock.
I still had my doubts but I had come this far and truth be told looking at that monster prick I really wanted to try it. Before that night I had occasionally played with toys and had one other experience when I had been younger [ that will be in poker oyna another story] and the few men I had exchanged oral with had all been average sized so I thought I could handle it. But now looking at that giant prick I wasn’t so sure slow I began to like the head of his dick and rubbing his shaft with my hand after a few minutes I was licking him from top to bottom and rubbing his balls. This only last for a few minutes then putting a hand on each side of my head and pulling me up a bit he moaned “time to stop teasing” and positioned me so that my mouth was right over his now fully erect nine inch pole.
I don”t think I can get that in my mouth I protested looking at it but all he did was move my mouth closer to his monster cock. Slowly opening my mouth as wide as it would go I began trying to take it in. the precum on his dick tasted great and slowly I worked more of his dick into my mouth after a minute or two I had about four inches in my mouth but Lee growing a pit impatient and grabbing the sides of my head again began to fuck my face each thrust forcing more of his cock into my mouth.
“ see I told you you could take it” he said as his dick began hitting the back of my throat “ I knew you”d be a cock hungry little slut when I saw your post” my jaw was getting sore and his thrusts were causing me to gag but I was loving every second of it “ you like me fucking your face like this don’t you? You like playing my bitch” mouth still wrapped around him all I could do is nod.
He fucked my throat for another couple of minutes then pulling my mouth off him Lee told me to strip he leaned back on the couch ans watched as I got undressed.
Once I was naked I came back over thinking to take up where I left off but instead Lee pulled me down on the couch and to my surprise began to slowly suck my dick taking his mouth off my cock he told me” can’t make it all about me not on your first time” he had no problem taking all my six inch cock in his mouth after a few minutes I felt his fingers start to massage my ass and using a bit of spit he got one finger up my virgin hole.
That only lasted fr a few minutes then after warning him I was about to cum he stopped and laughing told me “ not yet your not you still have things to do tonight bitch’ and he roughly rolled me
I felt his fingers on my ass again and this time I could feel the canlı poker oyna cool lube as he began to get me ready “ this town sucks “ he told me as first one then two of his fingers pried open my hole “ I’ve been looking for a good cock hungry slut to be my bitch looks like I finally found him “
At this point a hundred different thoughts were running through my mind I was scared not sure if I could take his enormous pole and at the same time craving it. I had never been this turned on in my life here I was not only about to fulfill a years long dream but fulfill it with the biggest cock I had sen in real life. I could feel hm putting more and more lube on his fingers as he prepared my ass. After two or three minutes he stopped fingering me and I heard him squirts out more lube all I could do was hold my breath as I waited. I knew I should have asked him to put on a rubber but at that moment it didn’t seem right I wanted the full experience of his cock.
“ are you ready for this “ he asked as I felt the tip of his dick being slowly rubbed between my ass cheeks. All I could do is nod and wait for him to go for it.
As his head entered my ass all I felt at first was pain it felt like I was going to split open after he got the first few inches he stopped and I knelt there on my hands and knees barely able to breath .
Relax he whispered to me and after a few seconds the pain started to ease and feeling my ass start to relax around his cock he began to go deeper. As he slide id peeper into me the pain began to leave entirely but I was left with the feeling of being filled.
It seemed to take forever but he finally managed to get all nine and a half inches into me and he paused there again it felt like his dick should be touching my ribs and I could feel his sack touching mine.
We stayed like that for almost a minute and finally he told me “ I told you it wasn’t to much” and he began to slowly work his cock in and out of my ass.
It’s hard to explain the feeling of that giant dick as he began to fuck me it was all I had fantasized about and more it was great. As he began to pump faster I could feel my own rock hard cock slapping against my stomach. He just kept going faster with long strokes taking it almost all the way out and shove it balls deep again I was grabbing hard onto the couch as he began to pound me as hard internet casino as he could slamming it in over and over I was moaning now each thrust driving another moan from my lips “ that’s it bitch you know you love it. A little bitch like you loves to be fucked hard”
“yes” I managed to say between moans “ fuck me baby oh fuck me “ that last came out as a shout as I lowered my head to the couch trying to brace myself against him. As I felt him continue to punish my asshole it was all I could do to keep from begging him to fuck me harder.
Lee stopped suddenly and for a few seconds all I could do is try to catch my breath after I regained some control I looked back over my shoulder wondering why he had stopped as I looked at him he pulled out and grabbing my waist he rolled me onto my back.
“ If your going to be a cock hungry bitch I’m going to fuck you like a bitch” was all he said as he moved my legs apart and up to my chest then once again I felt his cock enter my this time with little residents. I couldn’t believe it there I was getting fucked like a slut I never imagined anything could feel so good as I laid there getting pounded all I could do is watch him slam into me time and again now I couldn’t help it I was yelling for him to fuck me fuck me harder fuck me faster and he answered back wanting to know if his bitch liked it if his bitch wanted more.
Then as he fucked my now well used ass he began to stroke my cock timing his stroking to the thrusts he was giving. I was in heaven I could barely think all I knew is I loved it and wanted more.
It only took a couple minutes and I felt my nut starting to build I could barely catch my breath but was able to rasp out I’m going to cum” he only increased his strokes and thrust harder and faster.
As the orgasm hit my whole body went as ridged as a bored in all my life I had never had an orgasm like this as I felt loads of cum shoot across my chest I could also feel my ass constricting around his in time with the loads. That sensation had barely begun to fade as I felt a new one I felt Lee stiffen and then felt his cock convulse as he shot his load as deep in my ass as he could go.
Both of us just set slumped for a few minutes trying to catch our breaths finally he set up a bit straighter “ looks like we both won tonight you got your cherry busted I got a new bitch.” he was right about that I still let him abuse my ass whenever we can ditch our girlfriends and he only improves every time maybe one day we will get one or both of the women to join us

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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