Bronx Park East Ch. 04

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Here are Chapters One, Two and Three. This is during the summer of 1974. Lenore lives in the same building as Paul. She has been inviting him to her apartment when her aunt isn’t there. She turned eighteen the previous winter (I think I placed it in December) and he turned nineteen in May.


On the Tuesday after the college party, Lenore invited me to her apartment for an afternoon. This would be my second time alone with her there.

In the morning before I was supposed to meet her, I was in my room pondering my still very new relationship with her. You took me home, you took me to your house. Your father was at work and your mama was out shopping around. In this case, there was only her Aunt Julia, who would be at work during the day.

Check me into your room . . . why did you do it baby, why did you show me your thing? That’s exactly what happened the previous Tuesday, but she had done much more than that. Following her instructions, we had enacted a session of mutual masturbation. It wasn’t quite like fully losing my virginity, but it was a good start. She had told me little of what she had done in the past, and I hadn’t confirmed the fact of my own virginity. In my case, the big, final event was obviously going to be soon.

I was struck by how Lenore, who had first seemed like a nice but unexceptional young woman, was using her sexual power over me. She was setting the tone and pace for everything that was happening, and she wasn’t timid about it. Maybe her agenda was to launch herself into full adult womanhood and do it pretty quickly too.

Maybe I had nothing to complain about because at the age of nineteen I needed to launch myself into full adult manhood. Yet I was aware that maybe I should be taking the initiative, not her. Relationship dynamics were mostly an unknown topic to me. In 1974, there was no Internet and it was difficult to get other people’s opinions about such matters. In any case, her sexual knowledge seemed to be beyond my own.


I had asked her to meet me on a bench in Bronx Park, across the street from our building. In the previous week, it had been awkward to go to her apartment straight off and find that she had dressed up for me. She had worn a skirt, not her usual jeans or shorts, to make an impression. She had succeeded.

Now on this pleasant morning, I spotted her before she saw me approaching. You were my queen and I was your fool.

I pulled myself together and stepped in front of her.

“Hey, Paul, how are you doing?”

She gave me a few moments to look her over. Her appearance may have been something close to what is now called “business casual,” although that phrase was far in the future.

Her dark hair was loose and down to her shoulders. She had a white short-sleeved blouse that buttoned up the front, and a loose-fitting dark-blue skirt than come down just above her knees. I noted her nylon stockings and her black medium-heeled shoes. I immediately understood that she had dressed up for me again and she was going to pull me into her frame, as the term is now.

She looked fresh-faced in the sunshine and almost modest. Any older person seeing her might think, what a nice young girl; I wonder where she goes to college? Actually, in a few weeks, she would be enrolled at Lehman College a few miles away. However, there was another side to her that I had seen the week before. This girl of mine is a hot number, and pretty fast too. She indeed made me feel good, made me feel all right.

We sat there and made-out for a while. Then she said, “Let’s go upstairs; I have some nice surprises for you.” Oh yeah, baby, lay in on me. I was under her spell and would have followed her anywhere.


We had glasses of wine as we sat on the bed in her room. After talking for a little while and doing some smooching, she revealed something new to me. “Aunt Julia is a big collector of porn magazines.”

“I didn’t think women looked at porn.”

“Well, you thought wrong.”

“How do you know about this?”

“She doesn’t make an effort to hide them; she leaves them around in drawers and cabinets. A lot of them are from Denmark.” This Aunt Julia, whom I hadn’t met yet, seemed like an unusual lady.

Lenore said, “I want to show you something in one of them. Give me a moment to get it.”

When she came back she had it folded in her hand. She stood there and asked me, “Have you ever seen an explicit magazine?”

“Well, I’ve seen Penthouse.”

“This is way beyond Penthouse. I have to warn you, you’re in for – a shock, maybe. I wish I didn’t have to reveal all of this in one swoop, but I think I have to.”

She sat down on the bed next to me. “Are you ready for this? Okay, look at this photo spread.”

As she had predicted, I wasn’t ready for it. The first panel showed a woman, maybe in her thirties, putting her make-up on in front of a mirror. She was wearing some kind of see-through pink top. There was antalya escort no bra, but she did have a black garter and straps holding up her stockings. Her outfit didn’t look like street clothes.

After that, there were two guys in business clothes who did all sorts of activities with her. Her cunt got licked and there was a lot of cock-sucking going on. Her method of operation was to be fucked by one guy while sucking on the other one. She got entered from the front while she sat on a chair. There were also several rear entry penetrations, and she did a reverse cowgirl on one of them. I couldn’t quite look at the last two panels.

I knew I was blushing, and I couldn’t even glance at Lenore. When I finally did look at her face, she seemed bemused. I felt the dissonance of this girl showing me this wild stuff I had heard about but never seen.

Finally, she asked me, “So what do you think?”

I had something barely relevant, “Her clothes, she couldn’t go out in public with those.”

“I think she’s supposed to be a prostitute, I mean her character is one. These two guys came over to her place. If you look closely, which I’m sure you didn’t, you’ll notice that all of the photos are in the same location as the first one.”

I ventured to say, “Maybe they’re not customers, I mean . . .”

“Anything is possible. A lot of the photos in these things seem to depict so-called ordinary people, even if there are three or four of them cavorting around. In this one, I suspect it’s a professional transaction.” I was struck by her calmness.

“So where do they get the people for this, I mean to be the models?” Somehow, the term models didn’t seem adequate for people who were photographed as they got fucked.

“Most of them are paid to do it. Maybe a lot of them are part-timers, I suppose. Although, there is amateur material by people who want to indulge in some exhibitionism.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this.”

“I didn’t think you had. Anyway, I’m showing you this for a particular reason.”

I guessed what she meant. Is this part of some lesson plan?

My guess was correct. She said, “The important thing for today is the oral sex shown here.”

I stumbled into something, “Why is that?”

She sounded like a schoolteacher. “Because, Paul, that’s what we’re going to try out.”

I wondered what my expression was. Maybe it was ambiguous because she moved closer and put a hand on one of mine. “Is this a bit much? Do you think less of me because of it? Am I being too direct with you?”

“No, Lenore, not at all.” I had a feeling that she didn’t believe me; I’m not sure if I believed it myself.

“Then relax a bit; take it easy. Would you like another glass of wine?”

I nodded. I watched her go out, her blue skirt swinging around. Just another sweet coed going to Lehman College.

When she came back in a few moments, she asked me, “Did you get turned on by this?”

“Ah, maybe.”

“Let me have a better look at you.” She wagged a finger at me. “Oh yes, you naughty boy, I can see the bulge in your pants.” I didn’t know how to respond to that. She sat down next to me.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed with me. Look, the reason these publications exist is so that men, and some women too, can look at them and, well, get off.” She smiled at me. “They’re quite effective for that.”

I wondered if she did that herself. I tried to be subtle about it. “So, do you find this interesting yourself?”

I could see her thinking about it. “I admit, I do. I have to tell you, I’ve never seen a porn movie, however. I would never go into one of those theaters, even with you I think.” She moved closer to me and quietly said, “I think my sexuality makes you a bit uncomfortable. Also, you may not like me leading you.”

This was getting a bit heavy. I knew I had to get a bit cocky and make a joke, “Is all this going to be on the final exam?”

She laughed at that. “Oh yeah, so you’d better attend to your studies. So, tell me when you’re ready to talk further.”

“Let’s do it now.”

She reached for the magazine which was open on the bed behind me. “Now I wish this had more of the woman getting licked, but it’s a start.” She pointed to two pictures. The woman was lying on her back on a bed. One of the men spread her pussy lips. In the next panel, he was licking her down there.

Lenore said, “Well, we only have these two photos right here.”

I had a comment, “She seems to be enjoying it.”

“That, or she’s going a good acting job. But he is getting it her right on her clitoris.”

She swung over to me and straddled my lap. Her skirt was up and I saw that her stockings were thigh-high with lacy panels at the top. Her panties were different from the last time. Now she had a white bikini-style although I probably couldn’t define that back then.

I couldn’t look for long, because she put her arms around me and started kissing me and dry-humping me kemer escort at the same time. She soon said, “I’m such a naughty coed. Please, touch me wherever you want.

I put my hand inside her panties, first feeling her ass and then putting a finger inside her cunt. “You’re so wet down there. I noticed that last time.”

“You know what that is, don’t you?”

“Yeah, sort of.”

She squinted at me. “No, I don’t think you do.” She didn’t mince her words. “When a woman gets aroused, she gets – call it lubricated. That’s so a penis can slip easily into her.”

I don’t know what my expression was, but she laughed and said, “I can see that got to you! Meanwhile, I’m going to take my tits out.” Then she unbuttoned her blouse and opened her bra. “I think you know what to do with my nipples. By the way, all of this feels wonderful.”

At some point, when we were both quite aroused, she said, “All right, let’s get into this.”

She took her shoes off and sat down against the wall like last time. And, also like in the previous session, she took her panties off and dropped them on the floor. I noticed her stockings again and she said, “Look what this prim young business girl has under her clothes.”

She was a natural-born director, “Stand up and lean over me. Brace yourself on the bed if you need to.”

I did she had requested, but I joked, “This is so spontaneous.”

She laughed, “Better this way than just fumbling around.”

“I’m not sure how to do this.”

“Okay, listen up. Like the guy in the picture, use your hands to spread me. Then do what comes naturally; use your lips and your tongue. Kiss and lick everything down there. I may put my fingers down to help out.” She smiled at me. “You’ll do fine.”

I hesitated as I bent over. She said, “Don’t worry, I took a shower and I’m as fresh as a daisy, or however that saying goes.” She looked at me more intently. “Paul, sex is a very earthy business. It’s not some ethereal thing. It’s got this very, well, physical side. You have to accept your own body, and the other person’s too.”

I figured I didn’t need to reply, so I just spread her with my hands and brushed her with my tongue as the guy in the magazine had done to the porn lady. Little gasps came out of Lenore, so I assumed I had the gist of how to do this. Her taste was interesting, mild and yet a bit tangy at the same time.

Soon I lay flat on the bed with my head between her legs. She got one of her own pillows and put it under her ass so I could get a good angle on her. I tried various movements on her, licking up and down her sides and across the top. I even inserted my tongue in her vagina.

She didn’t put her hands on herself right away, but she did caress my hair. Her body gently moved and she talked to me. “That’s it, lick my cunt, kiss my clit, you’re a natural at this.” I briefly wondered if her praise was genuine, but then I remembered how blunt she usually was. I also wondered if she had ever done this before, but I couldn’t ask her that.

Then she did put a finger down to rub her clit while I took care of everything below it. As she approached orgasm she lifted her pelvis and gyrated it against my mouth. I saw her trying to brace herself on the bed. “Oh, that’s it honey, you’re making me come!” When she did she had the same noisy and dramatic climax I had seen before.

As she relaxed against the wall and caught her breath, I got up and sat next to her; I put my arm around her shoulders. There didn’t seem to be a need for us to say anything, so we didn’t.

Several minutes went by as we just relaxed and savored the moment. Finally, she said, “It’s show and tell time again. Fetch the magazine for me.” It was already open to the same photo spread.

“Now the important thing here is – you know what it is. It’s the blowjob pictures.” There were eight of them, including three close-ups. I was fascinated. I hadn’t had a clear idea of how oral sex actually went, and now I was seeing it all.

I joked, “Why did I need to see this? You’re the one who is going to be doing it.” I tried to hide the excitement I felt about anticipating it, but I probably failed.

She said, “Notice the second to last one.” That was a close-up. One of the guy’s cocks was close to her face and her mouth was full of his cum. In fact, a strand ran back to his penis. I knew Lenore was going to explain it for me.

“You see, there are different ways to handle the ending. One option is that he can just come deep in her mouth and she can swallow it, or try to anyway There is a downside; if it’s a big load she might gag on it.”

I thought, how do you know that?

“Then there is an alternative. He can pull out and shoot into her mouth – an inch or two away, like in this picture.”

I noted again by how calm and methodical she was. I would never have guessed it from our first meeting in the elevator. She now seemed five years older than the sweet-looking konyaaltı escort girl I had run into a couple of weeks earlier.

I said, “I suppose he has to aim it right.”

“If he doesn’t, it’s no big tragedy. Just wipe it off your face.”

I looked at the very last panel. “This other guy is coming on her shoulder.”

“In porn, they call that the money shot. Apparently, the male customers usually want to see the ejaculation, although in real life it might not be visible.”

There was one big word I knew. “There’s something homoerotic about that.”

“Very good; somebody’s been paying attention in psychology class.” She continued. “By the way, I would never take on two guys at once. I want one person’s complete attention.”

I tried to seem blasé about this magazine demonstration. “So I guess this lady knows what she is doing.”

“I’d say she does. Look at these three photos.” In those, the porn chick liked holding these guys at the base and moving her lips on their outer ends. I was feeling something beyond arousal, although I couldn’t name it. Man, I would really like this dark-haired porn girl to work her magic on my cock. Then I thought, I’m not thinking straight. My dark-haired Lenore is going to do it on me in a few minutes at most.

I pulled myself together and said, “Anyway, how do you want it at the end?”

“You are getting pretty blunt yourself. I don’t know yet. Don’t worry, you’ll know it when the time comes.” She looked at the magazine again. “Do you think this lady is pretty?”

She had dark, slightly wavy hair down to her shoulders. “Yeah; in fact, she reminds me a bit of you.” I wondered if she would take that as a compliment. Her answer was ambiguous, “So I look like a porn star?”

Before I could answer, she was ordering me around again. “Come on, stand over here, in front of me.” She was on the edge of the bed. “Are you hard? What would you need to get there?” She spread her legs. “My panties are on the floor; the sight of bare pussy should help, right?”

It certainly did, although it didn’t hurt that she was also rubbing my crotch. She soon said, “It seems good and hard now. Let me take it out.”

She didn’t lower my pants; she merely had my cock sticking out through the zipper. I saw her glance over at the magazine again. Is she looking for pointers on how to do this?

I joked, “That lady really knows how to suck cock.”

Lenore replied, “I bet I can do it just as well.” Then she set out to prove it.

One of her hands gripped me at the base, just like the woman in the magazine. And then she did the most wonderful things to me. She kissed and licked the tip, then she ran her tongue and lips along the full length of it.

It seemed like the most intensely pleasurable sexual feeling I had ever experienced. I ran my fingers through her hair and murmured various words to her, including her own name.

After some of this, she said, “Let’s get these pants all the way down.” She did the unbuckling for me and pulled them down to my knees. Now the more serious second act began. Her right hand held me as she sucked on me, and her left one rubbed my behind and the back of my thighs. Without thinking about it, I dropped my right hand down to help her out.

It’s kind of difficult to describe a first blowjob, especially the great one she was performing on me. I wondered again if she had to have done this before with someone before. She couldn’t have known it just from examples in a magazine.

Soon I was beyond such musings. I was rapidly thrusting forward to meet her mouth. Whatever I was saying didn’t make much sense. Then I was up on my toes, moaning and coming. As I held her shoulders, she took all of my load into her mouth.

Well, she tried, anyway. When I looked down, I saw some of it falling out of her mouth. I was so startled that I quickly moved backwards and collided with her desk. From her gestures, I got that she wanted my handkerchief so that she could clean up. I noticed an irrelevant detail as she did that.

“I’m sorry; some got on your skirt.”

She was very calm about it, “You worry too much; it can be dry-cleaned. Meanwhile, come over here and kiss me; taste your own cum.”

I wasn’t sure why I would want that, but I complied and it was actually okay. After that she grabbed me and we fell sideways on the bed. I started rubbing her, especially on the parts under her skirt and above her stockings. She said, “You’re making me horny again.”

So what am I supposed to do about it?

She noticed my confusion. “Finger-fuck me like you did last week. I’m sure you haven’t forgotten how to do it.”

Indeed, I remembered, and I did just that.


Later on, we sat on the sofa in the living room. Instead of polishing off the bottle of wine, we had made vodka and tonics for ourselves. When I had finished mine, she went into the kitchen and came back with fresh drinks for both of us.

Lenore was disheveled when she sat down. Her blouse was open and her bra was undone so that I could see her tits. She also had pulled her skirt up around her waist and I could see her bare crotch. Her right stocking-covered leg was over my lap and she had an arm around my shoulders.

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