Brother, Sister Look Up Ch. 04


This story has plenty of sex and a bit of bodily function (pee) play. Everyone in it is 18 or over.


I had become accustomed to being addressed as a professional in my communications at work but after I had written to Uncle Lee after punishing Aunt Kay at his request transmitted by her, I was still surprised at the very business-like tone of his letter to me. Aunt Kay, my mother’s younger sister, had been careless in handling a promissory note, which had caused the two of them to incur a loss.

This had led to my uncle’s sending my aunt to me with a request that I discipline her, explained by her as caused by his unwillingness as her husband to hit her and his apparent regard for me as a mature, sensible person to whom he could entrust what was obviously a confidential assignment.

I had not had that much contact with my uncle as he rarely visited. Aunt Kay drove over to see my mom often and I grew up knowing her well, especially since she was the younger sister and only a decade older than I was. Soon after I disciplined Aunt Kay, I did received a letter from him in the mail. He had put a return address of some post office box which made anyone seeing the envelope figure it was merely some kind of bank statement or the like.

But when I opened it, I saw immediately it was from him.

I began to read it as I felt my crotch start to get wet even before I started:

“Dear Susan:

“”I am much in your debt for your kindness in carrying out what may have been a disagreeable assignment. You must appreciate that I only made this request, with which Kay was in accord, because we both have such a high regard for your maturity and trust in your ability to keep this entire matter in confidence for both Kay’s and my benefit.

“Your report of the discipline you carried out was clear and very much what I was hoping for. I believe you possess the judgment to determine what kind of punishment will most likely achieve the results sought.

“Kay realizes that she needs this discipline and accepts it as her due from you. She will be contacting you to arrange her next appointment. She is still not well enough focused on her duties here and I am sorry to have to report that I did inspect her as you suggested and found that her rear area remained dirty. As you know, I am unwilling to hit her and I’m also unwilling to supervise her in the bathroom so I will leave that to you.

“I only ask that you report to me after you have disciplined her in the manner you did the last time. You may do this—decide on an appropriate punishment after you have heard from her—and then advise me of your actions.

“I do intend to remit an appropriate amount to you for these vital services.


“Your Uncle Lee”

Kay did call me soon thereafter and we set it up for her to come by and see me later in the week when I would be at home and on my mother’s night out with her bridge group.

When Rob returned later that evening from a night out of his own, I told him that Aunt Kay would be coming back later this week for some more discipline. Rob’s eyes lit up and he seemed quite energized.

“You were out again with Kathy, weren’t you, sweetie?” I asked with a glint in my eye.

“I was, sister darling, and yes, we had a fine time, thank you,” he answered.

He did not seem especially fatigued and I was quite alert as well. He smiled at me and took me in his arms and I happily fell into his wonderful grasp and embrace as we kissed.

By now, we had evolved a routine for our little get-togethers. Rob unbuttoned his shirt and slacks and stripped to tee shirt and boxers, while I got out of whatever dress, blouse, or skirt I had on and faced him without shoes in bra and panties.

I sat on the edge of my bed as Rob stood before me and I gently lowered his underpants to take his already erect cock into my mouth. I could taste a feminine scent on it and looked up at him with a grin, “so I am fairly sure that I’m now about to taste Kathy’s vaginal secretions mixed with your cum? I’m not being at all nasty or nosy, but Rob, is she a good lay?”

“Sis, you already know that there’s no woman I’d rather be in bed with than you but Kathy is a darling and I do love being inside her,” Rob confessed quite openly.

We had by now taken off the rest of our clothing and were curled up together under the covers of my bed. I felt so good being held in Rob’s arms and felt that one thing that made our being together special was the way we could be open with each bahçeşehir escort other.

“I’m not against your being with her,” I said calmly, “and she’s really nice, too. It does feel funny, though, that when you put your cock in me—put it in, now, Rob, please—[and he did], oh yessss, well, that some of the stuff in her cunt is now in mine.”

Now he was fucking me for all he was worth and it was just heavenly. I’ve had several boyfriends and went to bed with all of them. Don’t get the idea, though, that I just spread my legs and let anyone with a cock into my pants.

Rob isn’t as outspoken as I am, or maybe he just doesn’t think about this stuff as much as I do. I’ve compared the cocks I’ve had inside me and I just figure guys do the same thing.

“Does she shave, Rob?” I asked as he kept plunging in and out and driving me totally wild.

“Yes, Sis,” he answered. “She’s very smooth down there and she has this tight little slit. Don’t ask me if I like fucking her more than you because I like fucking every woman I’ve been lucky enough to get inside.”

That did put me at ease to some degree. “I hope you like me hairy down there,” I grinned, “because I do.”

“I do, Sis,” Rob smiled back. “I love you as a real woman, as a woman I know so well and enjoy knowing even better.” Then he started nibbling at my nipples, which were already quite aroused and pointy. I also felt him holding his palms under my ass cheeks and then as he gently inserted a finger and then two into my bottom-hole.

He was still thrusting in and out deeply into my vadge and I was loving all of this. All I could think then was that my brother is one great fucking lover. I felt myself going over the edge and it got all gooey inside as I went through two successive cums. Rob could feel them and he grinned at me.

I managed to reach around and finger him in the rear. My finger touched that wonderful spot in a guy’s ass where it touches his prostate so when I did, I knew Rob would explode in me and so he did. He’s still not 20 so his hard-on stayed hard for a good while longer.

Then he slowly edged out and lay down next to me and we held each other. This may be the most wonderful part because having sex with Rob means that we are even more comfortable lying in each other’s arms.

After a while, when we both recovered some strength, Rob turned to me and said, “Sis, I hope you know I’m sorry about taking your panties that time. I want to give you something. Kathy knows I have a thing for panties. In addition to her giving me those boyshorts, she gave me a pair of her favorite ones. I want you to have them.”

With that intro, he reached over into his jacket pocket and pulled out a neatly rolled up pair of cute lavender undies, not small enough to be bikinis but far from full brief size.

As he handed the undies to me, I grinned and said, “So she knows we’re the same size, does she?”

He blushed a bit and I decided to push it some more. “Are these fresh off her sweaty body or did you or she wash them?”

Rob blushed even more and said simply, “Sis, I have to be truthful on something like this. She took them off and handed them to me just before we made love, so yes, they come direct from her pussy.”

“Most women would be really really turned off but you know your sister—the smell of her cunt in the crotch makes them even more fun to have here,” I laughed.

“Do you need to pee as much as I do?” I asked in quite a matter-of-fact sort of way.

“Yes,” he answered. With that, I took his hand and marched us into our shared bathroom. I lay my naked self down on my back in the tub and spread my legs so that my matted hair from our sex was visible and then I reached down and held my labia open.

“Darling,” I said, “pee on my cunt, make it all warm and it’ll mix with my and your goo that is still dribbling out of me.”

He stood between my legs in the tub and pointed his mostly soft member at my open puss. Then a stream started out his pee hole and I felt its warmth as the liquid hit my labia and bubbled around the opening of my vagina. This may be sort of weird but it is an incredible turn-on. Piss is sterile when it leaves the body and it only starts to smell bad when it has been lying around and gets stale.

Soon he was finished and I leaned up and kissed the head of his cock and licked it some. Then I went under the shower and sprayed myself especially down between my legs. I motioned to Rob to lie down and I squatted over his face so istanbul escort he was staring up at my hairy split, including my cute little bottom-hole and my now puffed-up labia and hard little clit.

After a short pause, my own urine stream started and it came out strong and went right into his open mouth and filled that so fast that it was side-spraying into his nostrils. It turned out that I had more pee to come out than he had. When I finally finished, he complemented my gesture by leaning up and licking my labia, although I can assure you he was not going to be able to get my dry just by doing that.

Now we proceeded to shower together, soaping each other. I loved his soaping me under my arms and of course down in front where he made sure I was washed inside too. I ran my palm with suds over his whole cock and his balls too. Even let a soapy finger penetrate him in the rear.

We dried off and went back to my room where we decided it made sense to get dressed. I put on my underthings and he his boxers and tee. Then I pulled on a nice tee shirt of my own—not white, I can assure you—and a short blue skirt. He put his shirt back on and pulled up his trousers.

We lay together again on the bed to chat. “I do have to thank you, I guess, for giving me Kathy’s panties,” I said coolly. “Now how will she feel if she knew you gave them to me?”

“She knows about us and is really cool about it,” Rob confessed, and I confess that I was surprised. I didn’t let any anger show, and that was a good thing—I really wasn’t happy that anyone knew about us—because Rob said, “She really likes you, looks up to you, and was wondering if you would like it if she came over and all three of us got, shall we say, into it together?”

I gave myself a quick moment to reflect and realized that although I had not had any experience getting off or getting it on with other girls, the prospect of enjoying some sex with Kathy sounded pretty attractive right now.

I grinned at my brother and smilingly told him that I certainly could enjoy being with the two of them so long as we all agreed on what we wanted to do as we got familiar with each other.

“You’ve intimated to me that she is pretty hot,” I said calmly. “What is she likely to be up for?”

“I know Kathy just loves to fuck,” Rob volunteered, “and she seemed very interested in playing intimately—licking and fingering—with another woman. Now I don’t know about the bathroom stuff or the spanking…”

I decided to set a quick deal or set of conditions. “You can bring her over and you will have to tell her that I may want to spank her. If that’s a deal-breaker, so be it,” I replied quite bluntly. “But I’ll hold off on the bathroom stuff, as you call it, unless you want to bring her in.”

I’m sure it was really good that Mom and Dad were totally away that day and that night. Not only that, but Rob and I both had the day off the next day. He had homework from his courses, but no classes scheduled.

He stepped into his bedroom, must’ve made a quick call on his cell, and came back full of smiles. “I’m driving over to pick her up at 6 and you’ll be with me while we all go out for a dinner—nothing fancy—and then come back here…perhaps for the night.”

“Sounds pretty good,” I responded. I thought about how any of the guys whom I dated might respond to an offer to spend the night with Rob and me. Not too well, I guessed, but maybe if we threw Kathy into the deal…

I cleaned myself up and put on a nice blouse, not too fancy because I figured we would be at a tacqueria or pizza joint. Rob had a decent shirt and clean pants on and even bothered to comb his hair—my brother has fantastic hair, nice and sandy, that he never really needs to comb so long as he washes it now and then.

I figured as we rode to her house that Kathy had decided that I wasn’t a problematic rival—that if she wanted a real relationship or a more serious one with Rob, I would likely be a source of support rather than a hindrance. And as I thought about it, I concluded that she would probably be correct in her estimation.

I already liked her and figured she liked me enough to want to get to know me, to get to know me rather up close and personal. Who knows if this would be Rob’s one and only but there could be worse things so far as I was concerned.

Rob has an old Sebring convertible and we arrived at Kathy’s with plenty of wind. She came out to meet us and was wearing a delightful blue top and dark yellow skirt that accented escort bahçeşehir her blonde hair. I realized that with my flaming red locks, we were both not your subdued types.

Kathy came over to my side and kissed me sweetly and I smiled and welcomed her. She slipped into the back seat and fortunately Rob decided to go quickly to a decent Italian place quite nearby, sort of a campus hangout. We were dressed perfectly, not at all too formal.

He went in and I think the sight of the two of us impressed the maitre’d, if you could call the host by that title, and we soon had a choice table near the front, so Rob and Kathy especially could wave and acknowledge all their friends. Some of them might even realize that I was Rob’s older sister, the one whom they knew had a good job they’d give their eyeteeth for.

We ate sparingly, no pizza, and Kathy and I both had very nice salads with olives and cheese and pepperoncini and good greens. More Greek than Italian actually—I guess Greeks owned the place the way they own so many pleasant and unpretentious restaurants.

The conversation was unexciting although it turned out that Kathy was likely to have an IT job for the summer that had some relevance to my work so we chatted a little about that and I think we both felt we had learned something.

Soon we decided to head back to the convertible and I decided it was a decent gesture for me to get into the back seat this time. Kathy gave me a happy smile when I did that and she climbed up front. Soon we were back at the place and she commented as Rob parked, “you guys are so lucky that your parents live so far away in the house and Rob says they are away for the evening to boot.”

I admitted that the situation was good and that if it wasn’t like this, I probably wouldn’t still be living at home. Just to make sure she got the point that Rob and I were not “an item” she had to fear, I added that it made it better for me when I had dates.

We adjourned to the wing Rob and I shared and Rob actually had brought some glasses and some beer and soda up to the bathroom where it was being iced. He poured us all drinks and we had a nice little table to sit at.

When I invited them into my commodious bedroom, I tried to put Kathy at ease yet again. I said, “Why don’t you undress Kathy, Rob, and then she can undress me? We’ll let you take your own clothes off.” I grinned

Rob enjoyed carefully unbuttoning Kathy’s blouse and then unzipping her cute skirt. She stood in her lacy white bra and matching panties and came over, gave me a hug, and pulled my tee over my head. She took off my shorts and unhooked my bra and I reciprocated by unhooking hers.

“It’s a good thing we didn’t ask Rob to unhook our bras, isn’t it?” I grinned.

Kathy then slipped down my panties and I reached over to slide her white shiny ones down and off. We were a contrasting pair now, nude, one blonde and shaved, the other redhaired and fully bushed. Rob rather easily slipped his own clothes off and we laughed when his large erection popped out.

I let Kathy go ahead and bend down to take it in her mouth. She seemed to love doing it in front of someone, too. Someone after my own heart.

It didn’t take long before they were on my bed and his love prong already was deep inside her as she curled her legs around his waist and they fucked honestly and heartily.

I can’t say it didn’t get me going watching, not that I’d thought of myself as much of a voyeur. I’d had enough decent sex to satisfy my curiosity but it is always a trip to see someone you know and better, you like, in flagrante.

He brought her off and was decent enough to save himself for me. He moved over to me after giving Kathy a wonderful long kiss. Soon we were holding each other tight and he was teasing my nipples. I was now really warmed up. Soon I spread my legs and invited him inside. It was just as nice for me having it off with Rob for the second time today as it likely was for Kathy. And he then spurted deep inside me which gave me a chance to orgasm bigtime.

Rob was now showing his growing fatigue. Kathy came over to me and bent her head to lick my dripping slit. I loved feeling her tongue there and then she inserted it into my vagina and I was in heaven all over again. She brought me off yet again and I got her to get up on all fours with her bottom facing me on my back and I just leaned up enough to lick her lovely little anal opening.

I got my tongue curled and past her ring and I could feel her excitement. She had licked my cunt and now I licked her asshole. After she came again, she turned round, we were both on our sides and we pressed together, boobs on boobs, and pussy touching pussy.

It was a heavenly way to end the day and we all nodded off after such a good day’s effort.

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