Brother’s Ex-Girlfriend

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Big Tits

When I graduated from high school, I had a very open and unbooked summer prior heading to college a few hour away from where I was born and raised. My brother’s ex-girlfriend was a friend of mine on Snapchat (along with other social media outlets) and we would message each other and talk every once and a while, she was three years older than me but we had known each other since I was pretty young. She honestly had always been an older supportive figure in my life. Because of knowing her from such a young age, I was close with her as a friend even though her and my brother had split around two years prior. I am pretty sure they still talked at this point, they maintained a friendship even when their romantic relationship ended.

She had moved on from my brother pretty quickly and was with a new guy and they actually lived together. Towards the beginning of the summer we were talking on Snapchat and somehow we got on to the topic of her and her boyfriend choosing to be in an open relationship. Again I do not completely remember how we got on that topic, we talked about how she had been hooking up with multiple guys, mostly coworkers of hers, but her boyfriend, who had requested the open relationship, was struggling to find girls to hook up with him and she had let one of her friends start sleeping with her boyfriend.

This conversation was going on at like 11PM and we lived relatively close to each other. Once again I don’t completely remember how the conversation progressed but we got flirty and started using emoji’s and without explicitly saying we were going to do anything but we agreed to meet up at the park by our house. We both drove to the park and met there, I showed up first and antalya escort she parked her car behind me on the street a few minutes after. I got out of my vehicle and walked up to her driver window and we talked for a few minutes before deciding that I would jump into her passenger seat and we would drive around for a bit.

We ended up driving around talking for fifteen or twenty minutes, it was extremely casual and normal. She ended up pulling into the parking lot of the high school that we went to and parking in a private area that faced a big open field with nothing within sight distance. Once we parked there was a level of tension and awkwardness as normal conversation continued even though we knew that we were there for something else. I think we were both still wrapping our heads around what our relationship historically had been and what we were there to do.

We both agreed to hop into the back seat to continue to “hangout”. Even after getting into the backseat we both kept up with normal conversation, there was honestly a lot of weird tension knowing what we were there for, especially since we had known each other for so long, she had been with my brother for so long, and she had a boyfriend that I actually knew and had spent a good amount of time around. It got to the point where we ran out of random things to talk about and were just sitting in the back seat next to each other in awkward silence.

I figured she was waiting for me to make a move so I did after a few minutes, I turned towards her, pulled her in, kissed her, and put my hand on her thigh just below her panties. She wore a skirt I am assuming because of what we were there for. From this pointed we started fethiye escort passionately making out and rubbing on each other, I was rubbing her pussy through her underwear and she was grabbing and rubbing my cock through my jeans. We made out for a decent amount of time with heavy touchy, probably ten minutes, I think we were both nervous to take that next step each time it arose so it was slowly progressing.

Again I think she was waiting for me to make the move, I got off the seat and between her legs, I slipped her panties off, unzipped her skirt and also slid that off and got a perfect view of her beautiful shaved pussy. I was going to be a generous partner and eat her out but she pushed me back on to the seat before I could, she undid my belt, and took my jeans down to my ankles. I honestly thought she was going to suck my dick which I was very excited for because my brother always talked about how she was a goddess at giving head. It honestly had been a rumor at our school that she was good at giving head.

Instead she grabbed my throbbing hard cock and put it at the entrance of her pussy with her feet on the seat and plunged herself all the way down on my cock, I was a little disappointed with the lack of head but her pussy was dripping wet and really tight, she felt so amazing. I had always wanted to see her tits too because she had massive DD, I pulled her shirt over her head and let her take control riding me. She was not quiet at all, up to this point she was probably the loudest girl I had had sex with. She had her hand on my shoulders and I had my hands on her ass helping her ride up and down on my throbbing cock.

I rolled her over kaş escort on to her back on the seat and got between her legs, I slid my cock into her and began rubbing her clit with my thumb. She was going absolutely crazy over the clitoral stimulation, something I had actually saw online and this was the first time I’d actually put into practice during sex. I was only 18 and wasn’t all that experienced at this point. I was surprised when she grabbed on to my thighs and started convulsing on my cock, I had actually made her cum, which at the time I saw as a huge accomplishment and a huge turn on.

I couldn’t last much longer, I was pretty sexually inexperienced and I had this gorgeous girl with a cleanly shaved pussy and massive DD tits letting me have my way with her. I stopped stimulating her clit, grabbed her thighs and spread them to maximize depth, and started bucking my hips and fucking her hard. She started grabbing on to my back and scratching it (honestly a bit too hard for my liking) and I remember asking her, “you’re on birth control right?” in between grunts and she laughed at me and just responded “Yeah” and continued moaning and grabbing on to me.

I felt the pressure building up in my balls, I knew I was extremely close, before I knew it I was exploding inside of her, bucking my hips and doing my own fare share of moaning. When my orgasm had subsided I sat straight back on the seat and just stared at her naked body as we both recovered.

She looked at me and asked “you came in me?” and I responded with “uhu” and she said “you’re lucky, I make my boyfriend clean me up when he cums in me”. She then grabbed wipes from her center console and cleaned my cum out of her pussy as we both sat there. We got redressed and she dropped me back at my car, I drove home and went to sleep. We never talked about it and never ended up hooking up again. It is definitely an experience I still think about, especially when I see her active on social media.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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