Brothers in Arms Ch. 02

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Not a word was shared between the boys at breakfast and each was set at different chores for the day. Supper passed, the chat being mostly about the farm and chores completed. Preston went first to the outhouse and then to the pump to wash up while Sean and Mrs. Reagan cleaned up the table and kitchen. After Sean had washed thoroughly he went to his bed roll in the barn loft. Surprise stopped him short. Prest was not there, but his bed roll had been moved close beside Sean’s. A note rested on Sean’s pillow. “Gone for a short walk to clear my head. I wont be long. Don’t go too crazy becuz I ain’t sure jest what Ah’m sayin’ yes to yet.”

Sean debated with himself for a short time, then made his decision. Though the night was autumn chilly, he pulled off his rough cotton sleep shirt and lay naked beneath Mrs. Reagan’s home made quilt, breathlessly waiting for Prest’s return. Shortly he heard sounds of the barn opening and Prest climbing to the loft. A huge smile involuntarily stole across his face. He waited in silence while the other boy slipped under the adjoining quilt.


“Yes Prest?”

“Ahm, er, Ah guess Ah’m kinda sorry for the way Ah acted. Ah still ain’t sure ’bout none a this, but when Ah thought about it fer a bit, Ah decided, well, I don’t know what sactly, but yer right ’bout one thing. Ah cain’t see me goin’ nowheres without you. Ah kinda become , well, er, attached to ya.”

Sean waited in silence not sure if Prest was going to go on, say more.


“Well what?”

“Well ain’t ya gonna say sumthin?”



“How would you feel about scooting over here against me and letting me put my arms around you the way I did the night of the big storm?”

Wordlessly, the rebel lad slid his bed roll over and curled his backside up against the bigger boys middle, dragging his own quilt along. After a few minutes Prest began to giggle.

“So what’s so funny,” Sean asked?

“Well, yer arms ain’t the only thing Ah remember ’bout that night. Ah seem ta remember this, too!” And as he said this, the small southern lad reached behind him and grasped the Yankee’s stiffening penis, surprised to find it unencumbered by clothing.

In the near total darkness of the barn, neither boy could see the other, not his hands, nor his body, nor his eyes, nor the expression on his face. Each had only the sighs and gasps, the moans and whispers of the other to guide him as their first mutual exploration began.

Sean was, at first, very very cautious. He knew the smaller, younger boy had no sexual experience of any kind and adjusted his behavior so as not to do too much too fast. He made no move to disrobe Preston. But since his arms were already around the other boy, he firmly but gently cupped Prest’s cock and balls from outside the long Johns the other boy still wore. The young lad sighed deeply and involuntarily pushed his hips forward to Press his genitals more firmly into the cup of Sean’s hands. Sean whispered softly into the youngster’s ear. “It feels wonderful to hold you like this!”

Sean’s warm breath on his neck and shoulders excited Prest deeply. His mind, his conscience, his religious upbringing, even his feelings about his own ‘manhood’ started his mind roiling with doubt and guilt. What was he doing? He was about to reject every thing he had ever been taught, every principle that had been drilled into him. But on the long walk from which he had just returned, he had become resolute. He had decided what he felt for Sean was love, the real thing. He didn’t care what anyone thought back home, what anyone said. The thought of not having Sean, of never seeing him again, of not having him in his life, brought a cold illness deep into his innards.

He responded, moving Sean’s hands away, then putting them back again, under the waistband of his pants, so his bare balls and rapidly growing cock lay tightly cupped in Sean’s hands. Immediately he felt Sean’s huge cock hardening against the tight cleft of his ass cheeks. Amazed by the feeling of rightness, of belonging, this caused in him, dazed by his feverish reaction, Prest again reached back and squeezed Sean’s cock tightly.

Sean moaned into Prest’s right ear, whispering, “Yes. Oh yes! That feels so good, so right.”

Suddenly, Prest released his hold on Sean and moved away into the darkness. Sean was, at first taken aback by the sudden bareness of his arms, but after a bit of rustling, Prest returned to lie facing Sean, his clothes discarded, his cool, lean , silky body full up against Sean’s dark muscular frame, his fine thin penis sticking straight up between their bodies.

“There, is that better?” Prest inquired playfully.

“Much better.” Sean replied. running both his large hands up and down Prest’s back and shoulders, legs and buttocks.

Preston reached between their bodies and grasped Sean’s hardness, barely able to close his fist around its thickness. Sean’s hands on Preston’s fine butt cheeks dragged gaziantep escort him closer, drawing him forward and up so the thinner cock slid up and down against his larger mass and the hand that enclosed it. Soon their bodies were moving in unison, their cocks sliding against one another, both oozing trails of thin slippery fluid. Preston began to gasp and thrust his hips harder, but Sean grabbed him and stilled him. “Not yet, Prest, please!” he murmured. Sean’s hands roamed over the youngster’s fine sleek body, touching, probing. One fingertip slid tentatively between Prest’s butt cheeks, slipping over that tenderest spot of all. Unexpectedly, Prest moaned in pleasure and pushed his ass back against the seeking finger, almost but not quite causing entry.

Sean rolled so that the younger, smaller boy was under him. He began to move his hips all around so his heavy slippery cock roved around Prest’s body, hands pressing down on his shoulders holding his lover tight against the bed of hay, guided only by the feel of the boys body parts against his tender cock head. The wet tip, about three quarters out from his foreskin now, traveled around Prest’s stomach and chest, up and down his arms, dipped into his underarms, circled his neck and touched his chin, then made its way back down across Prest’s flat belly, up and down his thighs, over and around his cock and balls. Prest’s thin shaft was stretched so taut he felt it would burst. Its full pink head now fully exposed, its cock lips flowing with pre-cum. He was panting heavily, but each time he sought to thrust, to seek relief, Sean would lay heavily atop him, subdue his eagerness, and begin anew.

After a while, Sean paused, kneeling between Prest’s legs, his heavy cock dripping wetness onto Prest’s belly. Sean released Prest’s shoulders, reached for the Rebel boy’s long thin hands and placed both of them on his hugely rampant cock. Prescott began to stroke it between his lithe hands. It throbbed and writhed in his hands, hot and dark and heavy and wet, the long foreskin sliding all the way over the huge dark head and back again. Sean moaned and slid himself forward, thrusting strongly between the stroking palms. Preston began to be enthralled by the feeling of power sweeping through him each time Sean moaned or gasped or thrust uncontrollably. He began to toy with Sean, building up the sexual tension, then backing off, slowing down. Though he was on top, Sean was momentarily under Prest’s control, nearly helpless.

The young rebel boy was overwhelmed by the power he had to control Sean’s every reaction, his total response. He was learning how to elicit just the right moan or gasp, make Sean’s cock throb or leak or grow. Suddenly he paused in his actions. He had come to the realization that he was enjoying, having fun, and being sexually excited by touching another man’s cock, a huge dark and wrinkled cock, smelling richly of foetid male sex. For a moment he could not believe his actions.

Sean took immediate advantage of the lull to reestablish his control of the situation. He slid down, popping his cock from between the pumping hands and lowered his head to take Preston’s rock hard manhood between his lips. Licking the swollen pink head inside his mouth. Preston cried out as if in pain but surrendered immediately to Sean’s ministrations, lying back to allow Sean to consume him.

Sean knew nothing of man to man sex, but imitated the actions of a whore who had once blown him. He resolved if he were to do this thing, he would do the best he could, be the best cocksucker to the boy he was growing to love so much. He kept his tongue flicking and licking as he moved his mouth around on Preston. Took the hard lean shaft deep in his throat and swallowed over and over, massaging the tight pink head with his throat. Over and over he ran his lips wetly up and down the distended purple vein on the cock’s underside, pausing at the top to tease the tiny cock lips with his flicking tongue, and at the bottom to suck one of Prest’s tight balls into his mouth.

Sean paused only briefly to swing his body around so his erect shaft poked directly in Preston’s face, then took the young lad’s cock deep in his throat once again.

Preston could hardly ignore the huge cock that pressed against his face, his nose his mouth, poking him here and there as Sean moved over him. He took Sean’s cock in both hands and fed the plum-sized head into his own mouth. Deep in a dark corner of his subconscious somewhere, he was still doubtful about this man to man sex thing, but an overpowering hunger of another sort, brought on by the strong odor and taste of hot penis filling his senses could not be denied. He bowed out his cheeks as best he could and tried to keep from choking on Sean’s huge manhood. He ran his tongue around and around the huge bulb in his mouth, trying to imitate what Sean was doing to him, but the shaft was just too large. The fragrant oozing from Sean’s cock blended with copious amounts of his own saliva, flowed out from his distended cheeks, wetting his face and neck and shoulders.

Sean, overcoming the intense desire to fuck down sharply into Preston’s throat, began to suck sharply on Prest’s cock as he bobbed his head rapidly up and down, pushing the boy’s foreskin back with his lips at the beginning of the stroke and swallowing the swollen head at the other end. His own saliva and Preston’s cock juices flowed freely from his cheeks down over the lad’s cock and balls and puddled between Prest’s ass cheeks. Sean’s index finger followed the stream and began to flick back and forth across the tender opening. Prescot responded by moaning and thrusting his hips up and down. Sean took advantage of the down stroke to force his middle finger deeply inside. The third time his finger struck deep, Preston began cumming into his mouth and throat. It seemed the thick jism would not cease to spurt and spurt as Prest cried out over and over. Sean took it all in, sucking hard and closing his throat around the plunging cock and finally forcing his face hard against Prest to cease his motions, grasping the slim satiny cock hard with his throat and swallowing over and over till the young lad was totally spent, begging him to stop.

Sean reversed positions and drew the rebel boy up into his arms, lay quietly stroking the sleek body and kissing Prest’s face and neck. “You are so wonderful, so beautiful, Preston Dalton, I wish it was light in here so I could see you. Your body is so so fine. I love the slim length of your cock, your sweet unwrinkled balls, your firm lovely ass, all of you, just all of you!”

However, a large hot living presence still throbbed between them would not, could not, be denied.

“Yeh but Sean?”

“Yes Prest, what is it?”

“Aint there sumthin’ Ah shud do bout yer body,” he said, reaching between them and grasping Sean’s hard throbbing cock, “specially this part?” Preston could feel the broad smile on Sean’s face, even though he could see nothing in the absolute darkness of the hay loft.

“I can think of a couple of things at least,” Sean replied.

“Well this time, you jest leave everthin’ ta me. Ah think Ah can figure out sumthin’.” Prest slid from Sean’s arms and rolled over to kneel between the older boy’s hairy legs, guiding himself by feeling with his hands. He began massaging Sean’s cock with both hands, up with one and down with the other, supplying lubrication by licking the swollen head like an ice cream cone. He was thankful for the darkness this first time, the picture his mind made of his actions was wild enough without his actually seeing the giant penis before him. He was amazed to feel his own penis rising once more, flabergasted by his reaction to the taste and smell of cock. He began to lick and suck at Sean in earnest, popping the fat head in and out of his mouth, his hands working furiously. Suddenly a new idea came to him and he slowed his actions way down. He began to explore with his hands, lips and tongue. He had never before held a cock in his hands before, certainly never in his mouth. He touched Sean’s pouting cock lips with the tip of his tongue, flicking and probing, enjoying the taste of the clear fluid which oozed from them. He held back the foreskin and pushed it forward and back, curling and uncurling it’s long wrinkles. He began to giggle as he tried new things. He put his tongue on Sean’s fat head, then moved the long foreskin with his hand covering his tongue and swirling it around under there. He pushed the foreskin down as tight as he could, pleased that it made sean’s cck seem even harder. He ran his fingertips up and down the fat throbbing vein on the underside, then followed with his tongue. Then he pursed his lips as if kissing, and ran them up and down the fat pulsing vein all the way deep in Sean’s balls up to the very tip again. He sniffed at Sean’s scrotum, under his balls where the smell was strong and sharp, the taste a blend of pre-cum, sweat, and some other essence Preston had smelt tonight for the first time. He wondered if this was The Sean Smell, unique to this person, his person, or if it was the same with every man.

Sean was thrashing around beneath him, thrusting his hips up and moaning. Clear slippery fluid was pouring out of Sean’s huge dick. Preston repositioned himself between Sean’s legs, leaned heavily upon him and began to suck the huge cock in earnest, working his hands with a fury and taking as much of Sean into his mouth and throat as he could, which was only about half. He had a goal now. He wanted to taste Sean’s essence, his man stuff, to take it into himself.

Sean began fucking up, driving his cock deeper. Sean gagged and choked and pulled his mouth away, but began again immediately. Slowly, in the course of about one half hour, he learned how to relax his throat and breathe through his nose so he could take more and more. His face, his eyes, even his ears were wet with their combined juices.

Sean cried out loudly, “now!” twining his fingers in Prest’s long red waves and thrusting up hard. Preston did his best to take it all, gagging and chiking and feeling as if he were about to throw up, as Sean began to cum into his throat. Long thick tendrils of cum ran down his throat and squirted out from his cheeks and ran from his nose, but he held on, swallowing over and over, fighting the gag reflex.

The gagging and swallowing actions of Prest’s throat only increased Sean’s pleasure and caused him to cum more and more. Finally Sean realized how roughly was treating the young first timer and released his head. To show his new lover the depth of his commitment, Preston remained as he was for a short time, then withdrew a bit and licked Sean’s hugeness all around, causing him to thrust and moan several more times before he crawled up and lay in his arms once again.


“Yes Sean?”

Sean rolled partailly over, took Preston’s face in his hands and kissed him strongly on the lips. “I swear to you Prest, that was the first time in my life I ever kissed a man. Boy did that seem strange!”

“Yeh but Ah do love the taste of my penis on yer lips,” Prest replied, giggling.

“You really are something, you know that?”

“Yeh, yer sumthin’ else too man!”

The exertion of the sex after a hard day’s chores, the completeness of their union, finally took its toll as the two youngsters drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

The next day the boys took the old brown mule , some axes and adzes out to Mrs. Reagan’s south field, busying themselves with the removal a large old stump. As they worked, neither spoke of the events of the previous night. So far it was as if the boys were to have two separate lives; their day life of endless work on the beaten old farm, and their night life of secret sweetness, tenderness and passion for one another.

However, as the day wore on and Sean, dripping with sweat from his labors in the warm sun, shed his coarse cotton shirt, Preston paused for a moment to gaze fondly at his lover’s well-muscled body. Seans arms were strong and stout as young saplings, his firm chest bristled with coarse curly black hair which ran down in a vee to disappear beneath his waistband. Preston began to blush when his gaze dropped to the obvious tube in Sean’s trousers, swaying to and fro as Sean labored, remembering the night before. His bright red face glowed in the warm sunlight and the fiery flumes of his long red hair tossed and tussled in the soft afternoon breeze. Often as the day wore on, the young southern lad would shake his head in dismay; he could not yet quite believe he had done such things and would avidly do them again.

Mrs. Reagan, finished with her kitchen chores, was out a the hen house gathering eggs when the idea atruck her to see if the boys quilts needed washing. Securing the egg basket from the old egg sucking hound, she made her way into the barn and climbed the ladder to the loft. Even in the dim light of the barn it was easy to see that the boys had pulled their bedding into a single bed. She smiled thinking they must be so much succor to one another in their lonely struggle against the awful rages of the war. A strange smell seemed to linger in the air of the loft. As she moved to gather the boys’ laundry the smell became rich and full. Memories flooded back of the sharp male sex smell her husband used to leave on her body when she had completed her wifely duties, and for a moment she longed for his tender caresses. But finally the truth struck home to her senses. She had heard of such things, indeed, even the bible spoke of men lying with men, but she was taken aback by the thought of her two young anti war crusaders engaging in such practices. Shades of Sodom and Gomorrah. She reminded herself that it was not her place to judge. Her “Friends” beliefs had taught her that each person must find his or her own way to the Lord, through quiet and peace. So what the boys did was between them and their God. But, by God, she didn’t think she could countenance such goings on in her own home, her own farm. She returned to her kitchen and sat beside the fire, rocking and thinking of how she must proceed, what she must do.


Eventually the heat of the afternoon touched Preston and he also stripped off his shirt. Sean, in his turn, paused to savor the form of his lover. His loins stirred as his eyes swallowed Preston. Though strong and muscular, the rebel lad had no definable lumps or bulges. His skin was white and smooth as alabaster. He resembled nothing so much as an ancient Greek Olympic athlete immortalized in marble or etched on an urn. Sean shook his head to clear it, pressed down firmly on the front of his trousers to relieve the pressure, and went back to urging the old mule to pull harder at the ropes that bound it to the huge stump.

By day’s end the boys had prized the stubborn stump from its many-fingered grasp on the earth and dragged it back to the farm site for burning. The lines of their bodies and faces were etched with black dirt and their hair full of debris. They were bone tired, hungry beyond belief, and ached in every muscle.

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