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This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author”s imagination or are used fictitiously and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

This story contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between consenting underage boys, consenting adult males and boys with adult males (eventually). If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18, do not read it.


If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the topic distasteful, then please stop reading now. You have been warned.


This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for permission.


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Author”s Note:


I started writing this story, never intending it to grow into what it has become. It seems to have taken on a life of its own. I hope you enjoy.


Chapter 8 � Tent Setup  

The rest of the week passed quietly, just me alone with my thoughts. I was still trying to convince myself I was doing the right thing. Not just for me, but for the boys also. I really wanted a family of some kind to make my life mean something, but was it right to bring boys into my home with me being gay? How would they deal with it and how would other kids deal with it? I finally decided we would just have to work through any situations that popped up as time went by. Hopefully, the boys would learn that it”s important for a person to be themselves, whoever they may be.


The next Tuesday morning, I called Wesley at the party rental company. “Party Creations, this is Wesley, how can I brighten your day?”


“Wes, this is Max Sanders and I was calling to make sure the tent I requested is still going to be set up today.”


“Max, good to hear from you. The crew is just about loaded up and ready to head your direction.”


“Perfect, Wes. I have another favor to ask if it”s not too late.”


“Shoot, Max. If we can do it, we sure will.”


“I wanted to see if you had any heaters available to rent with the tent. My pool guys are going to be coming out sometime in the next couple of days to install anchors in my pool deck for a new shelter. I”d hate to see them freeze to death while they”re doing it.”


“No problems, Max. We have electric and propane heaters available. Which do you think you”d prefer?”


burdur escort “Well, I”m not sure. Which do you think would work best considering the size of the tent?”


“If it were me, I”d use the propane heaters. They”ll put out more heat. Granted, with the outside temps, it won”t be like Florida inside, but they”ll still be better than the electric heaters.”


“That sounds, fine, Wes. Can you have your crew bring them along and just add them to the rental contract. Oh, will you provide propane tanks to go with the heaters?”


“You bet. We have 50 pound tanks ready to go. We”ll refill them when they”re returned and add the fuel charges to your final total.”


“That sounds like a plan, Wes. I”ll let you get off the phone so you let your guys know to bring the heaters. Thanks. I”ll be here when you crew arrives. Just have them pull up to the garage doors and they can move materials through there to the pool deck.”


“No problems, Max, we”re happy to help. It”s pretty quiet with rentals this time of year and this will help stave off some boredom for a day.”


We hung up and I headed out to the garage to make sure the crew would be able to move their materials through it without problems. I decided to move the Shelby to the other side of the garage so I wouldn”t be worrying about it getting hit by stray items. Once that task was completed and a few other items moved out of the way, I headed back inside to wait for the crew to arrive. Just as I sat down with a fresh cup of coffee, I heard the driveway sensor ding and I carried my cup out to garage to meet the crew. I directed them on where to park and then met the leader of the crew.


“Good morning. My name”s Max and I”m glad you could get here today,” I said as I greeted them. “Did you have any problems finding the place?”


“Morning, Max. I”m Al, this is Frank, and the straggler there is Ken. Your directions were perfect. I hope you”re ready for a tent.”


“Sure am. I had the pool deck cleared last week and fortunately we haven”t had any more snow to clean off so you should be good to go, Al. Let me show you where the tent goes.” I led Al and his two pals through the garage and out the back door to the pool area. “This is it. Think you”ll have any problems.”


“We shouldn”t. The area”s nice and clean, just like you said. You won”t mind if we set up the heaters first just to take the chill off, do you?”


“Nope, go right ahead. I don”t need anyone freezing today. If you want, I also have a fresh pot of coffee in the house for any takers.”


“Thanks, Mr. Sanders. I don”t think we need any right now, but will probably want some when we”re done.” Al turned to Frank and Ken and said, “Okay, guys, let”s start hauling stuff and get it back here. Get the heaters first.”


“I”ll leave you guys to it. If you need anything, I”ll be inside, just come on in if you need coffee, a bathroom, or just to warm up for a few. Oh, and no falling in the pool guys. I don”t want any popsicles hanging around after the tent”s up.”

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“Will do, sir. Thanks.”


I headed back inside, picked up the book I”d been reading and took a seat where I could keep an eye on the progress of the tent. Al and the guys wasted no time getting things going. I”d never seen a tent like this set up and it was interesting to watch. I ended up paying more attention to that than I did reading. The poles to support the corners of the tent were placed in large rubber blocks to protect the concrete and then weights were placed outside the poles to keep them standing straight. Next to go up were the tent”s roof supports and they just slid over the tops of the poles to a stop about eight inches down from top of the pole.


Once the basic framework was in place, they were ready to pull the top over the roof supports. They laid the roof section on the ground on one side of the frame and then tossed ropes over the roof supports so they could pull it into position from the other side. They walked to the other side of the pool, grabbed the ropes and began pulling. The roof section must have been heavier than it looked as I could tell they were straining to get it in place. Once the section was properly positioned, they attached it to the tops of the posts, then started attaching the sides to the frame. From start to finish, the project took just over two hours. While Frank and Ken loaded up their tools and equipment, Al came inside to let me know they were done.


“Okay, Mr. Sanders, we”re all set. The tent”s in place and so are the heaters. We shut the heaters off as we didn”t want to waste the gas if you weren”t going to be outside.”


“It looks great, Al. My pool guys will be nicely surprised to see they”ll have a tent to work in. Do you or Frank and Ken need a coffee to warm up?”


“I”d sure appreciate a nice warm cup and I”m sure they will, too. They”re loading up our tools but I”ll have them come in when they”re done.”


“Why don”t you go tell them and I”ll get it ready for you.”


“Be right back.”


I set the guys up at the bar counter and had everything ready when they came back in. “Here you go fellas, cream and sugar are here also if you need either or both.”


All three took a stool, sat down and fixed their cups as desired. While they drank, and warmed up, I asked Al, “Wes asked for a payment of 50% of the rental once you were done. Let me know how much you need and I”ll get you a check.” Al gave me the amount and I headed to my study to get the check they needed. After handing the check to Al, Ken asked, “That”s a damn nice Shelby in the garage. How do you like the it?”


“I love it, Ken. It”s such a blast to drive. Not much fun in the winter, of course, but as long as you”re careful, you can get where you need to go.”


“Yeah, I”m sure it”s a handful in the snow and I bet you can forget ice with that thing.”


“Oh, yeah, when there”s ice, I”m stuck at home for a few days. Of course, there are worse places to get stuck.”


“It might be okay for you çanakkale escort out here on your own, but when I”m stuck at home, I have a wife and five kids to deal with. All in all, I”d rather be at work,” Ken laughed.


Al interrupted, “Well, Mr. Sanders, I think we”ll get out of your way. Wes has us scheduled to remove the tent in two weeks, is that right?”


“That should work out. The pool shelter I”m having installed is due to be delivered next week and they think they”ll have it completed by the next Friday.”


“Well, if that doesn”t work out, we”ll come back whenever you”re ready for us. If you need anything else, don”t hesitate to call us.”


“Will do, Al. Thanks to you, Ken and Frank for your work today. Hope you all have a great rest of the day.”


I followed the guys out of the garage and after they left, I moved the Shelby back to its spot. I closed the door and headed back inside to finish my own cup of coffee and read my book a bit longer. After a quick lunch, I gave Mike, the pool guy, a call. “Afternoon, Mike. How ya” doing?”


“Dandy, Max. How `bout yourself?”


“I”m not complaining. I just called to see if the shelter anchors had arrived and if your guys were still coming out tomorrow to start installing them.”


“As a matter of fact, Max, they just showed up. I”ll have the guys out there about 9:00 in the morning to start work. Is that all right with you?”


“That”d be just fine, Mike. I have a little surprise for them when they get here.”


“I hope it”s a good one, Max, `cause they”re not looking forward to working in the cold.”


“I think they”ll like it. I had a tent set up over the pool deck with propane heaters. I was told it won”t be quite like Florida, but it should make the job a bit more comfortable for them. I”m hoping maybe 45 to 50 degrees inside with heaters running full blast.”


“That”s a mighty nice thing to do, Max. We were going to bring out some small portable enclosures, kind of like the ones the phone company uses, just to block the wind, but they, of course, aren”t heated. A full tent will probably blow their minds.”


“Look, Mike, I know how miserable it is to work in these weather conditions and I don”t want to have worry about anybody getting frostbite just so I can get a pool enclosure installed. I have the tent for 2 weeks, so it”ll still be up when the shelter”s panels are delivered, also. That should make that a lot easier to deal with also.”


“It certainly will, Max. Thanks again. I may actually come out with the guys tomorrow to see what it looks like and get them started in the right direction on installing the anchors.”


“That”d be just fine, Mike. I”ll have the coffee on and warm for you and your guys. You and I can sit inside and `supervise” the work.”


“Ha! I like that idea. The guys won”t like it much, but I sign their paychecks, so what”re they gonna do? We”ll see you in the morning, then, Max. Have a good afternoon.”


“Thanks, Mike, see you then.”


I spent the rest of the afternoon, relaxing and reading. I felt I had done everything I could so far. All my lists were waiting and ready to be acted on once I knew for sure what was going to happen, if it happened. I just had to try and not get stressed out about it.

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