Bursting Out

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Well, here is my story.

By the time I turned 18 it didn’t seem like my tits would ever stop growing. In fact, they seem to be bursting out of everything I wear as though they have a mind of their own. My bra size is a 38D and my pussy is covered in a mass of curly dark hair that goes all the way back to the crack of my ass. I have long straight light brown hair and a pug nose. I don’t mean to sound vain, but I think people think I am quite a sexy package.

In church I enjoy sitting in a short tight dress hiked up so that my legs are displayed all the way down to my white strap on-shoes. It seems, at times like everyone in our congregation is always checking me out, trying to peek up my short little dress to see if they can get a glimpse of my beaver. What a turn on! I’ve even noticed the priest looking down at my cleavage during sermons. The sight of my nipples hardening through my white church dress has given him a hard-on on more than one occasion if the color of his face is anything to go by.

It’s also quite a turn on flashing my legs at him. I look him right in the eye and then wave my long stockinged legs at him back and forth so that my dress hikes up almost to my panties. I can only do it for a few seconds of course before I smooth my dress down, but he gets the point, believe me. When I am sure no one is looking, I have even tweaked my nipple while looking straight into his face.

I found out not long ago, however, that he wasn’t the only person checking out my show. This past summer, right after my 18th birthday, my family had a cook-out and all of our relatives were there, including the pastor and his wife.

I remember on that particular day, I was wearing a sleeveless flowered sun dress which was quite short, and sandals. I can still recall that when me and my cousins were playing frisbee, all my relatives seemed to be staring at us. Every time I bent over to pick up the frisbee it seemed like everyone was trying look up my dress. Later on, just before we ate, the pastor’s wife –Vicky had me sit on her lap (like I “used to do when I was younger”, she said) so that I could tell her about some church play I was in and so on. I remember that she kept putting her hands on my waist, and rubbing my sides when no one was looking. Once she even brought her hands up so high that I felt them on the sides of my breasts. I thought it was odd, but didn’t really mind it so much. She kept telling me how pretty I was and every once in a while when no one was looking I could feel her squash her boobs against the back of my sundress. I couldn’t feel her nipples because she was wearing a bra, but I wish I had. Just before she left she found me alone in the kitchen and said she just wanted to say good by. She came towards me for what I thought was a little good-by kiss. I offered her my cheek but she kissed me right on the mouth. I was pretty shocked but was even more shocked when I felt her tongue slide in between my lips. When she finished kissing me she smiled and said that she had been enjoying my exhibitionism in church and that I must come and visit her some time.

That night, me and my cousins, who were staying over night, started playing spin the bottle just for fun. I don’t think anyone really believed we were actually going to make out with each other, but when my cousin Ricky and I began to kiss, it was pretty intense. He held me tightly and squashed his lips onto mine. Even though my brother, two sisters, and two other cousins were looking on, Ricky didn’t seem to be embarrassed at all. In fact he kissed and kissed me and then began to rub his hands up and down my back. I could feel his stiff cock against my leg. We ended the kiss with him lying on top of me on the floor with my dress hiked up around my legs. After that, we continued the game for about an hour. Everyone made out with everyone except for me and my younger brother Brad.

This past summer in Norway has been extremely warm, and in midsummer, my family went out to our summer cottage as Norwegians custumarily do during certain times of the year. My older sister Mari was home from college. At 21, she’s older than me but we’ve always we’ve always shared a large single bed out at the cottage due to lack of space. Well on this particular night, I was in bed watching her get undressed and talking. We hadn’t spent much time together, with her being away at school and all and so it was quite nice to be alone talking to her. I certainly didn’t remember ever seeing her naked before but suddenly she had taken off all of her clothes and was standing there in just some light blue tanga panties. She is very tall (5′ 8″) and thin with short blond hair. She looked so good. Her tits weren’t half as big as mine, but her nipples were a beautiful nişantaşı escort light pink and her ass was compact and smooth. When she got into bed beside me I saw light blond pussy hairs peeking out from around the bulging material on the front of her tanga and small blond hairs on her thighs. I thought she was the most beautiful person I had ever seen in my life, and I told her so. She smiled, her full lips revealing her perfect white teeth and told me that I was more beautiful than her. Then she asked if she could kiss me again. We’d kissed before during the game but that had just been for a show. Now she kissed me really tenderly and began to chew on my lips. I was panting and my heart was beating. I couldn’t believe all of this touching and kissing was happening on the same day! And with a girl, and with my sister! An any rate, my pussy was tingling and for a long time we made out like that. After a while she sort of climbed on top of me and began to grind her thigh into my crotch. It felt so good I groaned, and when I did she stuck her tongue into my mouth and we really began to kiss passionately in a french kiss.

I remember that I had my first orgasm against her hipbone as I was sucking on her tongue. I was shaking and right after that she put her hand up my pajama top and then she moaned. “Jeezus Jamie”, she said, “when did your tits get so big?” She caressed them and pinched the nipples until I was going crazy and then she pulled my top up and began to kiss my tits and chew on the nipples until they were rock hard. She seemed to be totally mesmerized by their size, kissing and licking them all over. At one point she lifted my right breast up to my mouth and we both licked my stiff nipple at the same time we kissed. It was pretty erotic stuff for a young girl committing incest for the first time, old believe me

I was so horny. I began to rub her back, lower and lower. When my hands reached her ass, she bucked up against my hands as though I had triggered some nerve ending there. Next thing I knew, my fingers were between her ass cheeks under the strap of her tanga. I was rubbing her crack and trying to find her pussy from the rear but my arms weren’t long enough. Instead I just played with her asshole which she didn’t seem to mind at all. It was then that I learned how sensitive a person could be back there.

She moaned when I stuck my finger into it and began to hump against my thigh. At the same time she stuck her tongue into my mouth for all she was worth. I can remember sucking it into my mouth and being amazed at how long and agile it was. But then I remembered that my tongue is even longer. (We once had a contest in my family and it was only me who could stick my tongue out and tickle my chin with it.) I decided to experiment and stuck my tongue as far into Mari’s mouth as I could. Immediately she opened her eyes and stared into mine, then she sucked as much of my tongue into her mouth as she could. After that I noticed she had tears in her eyes and when we were finished kissing she told me that I was the most beautiful and sexy girl in the whole world and that she loved me. Well I told her I loved her too and not too long after that we fell asleep. Ever since that night our relationship has been incredibly close. I think she is kind of in love with me now, but I don’t mind.

Another time right after school started I was laying on the floor watching TV and my dad was sitting on the sofa behind me. I was wearing a short night gown and I guess he could look pretty far up my legs. Shamelessly enough, I didn’t mind. I know that that is kind of sick, but anyway it was true. Mom was out that night and my brother and other sister were upstairs. Anyway, the old man moved down on the floor next to me and asked how school was doing. “Fine” I said. Then he started rubbing my back as we talked. It felt nice. Pretty soon I felt some cool air on the back of my thighs and realized that my nightgown was probably hunched up to my ass. I forced myself not to look and see because I didn’t want him to stop the back rub he was giving me.

By this time we had stopped talking and I was just watching t.v. After he had been giving me a back massage for about 10 minutes I felt his hands move lower and lower until they were massaging my ass. I thought it was strange, and knew it was sexual of course but I didn’t care. It just felt good.

So there I was, lying on the floor with my nightgown bunched up and my dad massaging my ass. Every once in a while he asked a question about school or something as though nothing out of the ordinary was going on. After awhile I felt his hands move down to the backs of my thighs. He rubbed them for a while and asked if everything was o.k. “It feels nice,” I said. şişli escort Then he put a hand between my thighs and began to rub my pussy through my underwear. I remember now that I was embarrassed because I was so wet. He kept rubbing my vagina from the rear and I could feel his finger rub against my slit through my wet panties. This went on for some time and it was driving me crazy that he wouldn’t just stick his finger in my pussy and get me off. I didn’t know how to tell him that this was what I wanted so I reached back and pulled the crotch of my panties to one side. Well, he got the picture straight away and put his long finger right up my tight little cunt. I ground against his hand there on the floor and had an orgasm. Looking back on it, I think he was playing with himself and had an orgasm too. I didn’t think about it at the time, but in retrospect I’m pretty sure he did. Anway, about a week later he told me he was sorry about what had happened and that he would never do it again.

After that night I began to think about sex all the time. Remembering Vicky’s suggestion from years earlier, (the pastor’s wife), I decided to finally go for a visit. I found myself thinking up an excuse to visit her, and coincidentally enough my mom found the perfect excuse – a forgotten potato salad bowl from a church function. My mom called her and it was agreed that I would bring it over on the following Saturday. It was across the bridge from where I lived, and I would have to take a bus. I put on some tight fitting jeans, a white singlet that revealed my midriff and I was off. I remember sitting on the bus with people staring at my chest. The singlet, which was cotton, hardly concealed my tits, not to mention my nipples which are quite wide. A lot of my bras are see through, so they weren’t exactly concealed. So there I was, a young girl showing an abundance of cleavage when an old man came on the bus and sat down beside me. I thought his eyes were gonna pop out of his head. He just couldn’t tear himself away from the sight of my boobs . I didn’t mind though, and even smiled at him when I left. As a matter of fact, when he stood up to let me scoot by him, I let my hand graze his penis. Then I ground my ass against his crotch on the way out of our seat. I’ll bet that got his old trouser snake stirred up.

When I got to Vicky’s she seemed really glad to see me. She said that she was home alone and asked if I wanted to go out by the pool and have some lemonade. We sat outside for a while talking. She kept glancing at my chest and I knew that what she really wanted was to see me naked It therefore wasn’t too surprising when she asked me if I wanted to go for a swim. I borrowed a swimsuit bottom of hers’ and a t-shirt and we swam for a while.

Vicky was really attractive in her white bikini. She had wide sexy hips and decent enough tits, sort of plump and pushed up by her bathing suit top. I got the feeling that if she had taken the top off they would sag quit a bit, but that’s o.k., they were still sexy as hell. After she got wet I could see most of her nipples too. They were dark and wide – about the size of an eye patch, if you know what I mean. She was pretty attentive to my wet t-shirt as well, but when we came out of the water I turned my back to her, peeled it off and lay over on my stomach. After lying there for a while talking it got pretty hot and Vicky asked me if I wanted her to rub some suntan lotion on my back. (This is how I got the inspiration to write “I cream of Jeannie” for the celebrity section).

She straddled my ass and began on my shoulders. I remember her really massaging the lotion into my back, taking her time. She did my arms all the way down to my hands before scooting down my legs so that she could do the backs of my thighs, legs, and feet. When she was finished my feet I thought that that would be it, but instead she began to massage the backs of my thighs again. After a while I could feel her trying to part them in order to work the lotion between my legs and up towards my crotch. I was getting pretty horny and could feel my pussy starting to get wet. I was kind of shy about this sort of thing back then and tried to shut my legs a little bit but she held them open and told me that it was o.k. and not to worry.

She began rubbing up near my crotch again getting closer and closer until she finally made contact with my pussy lips. It was such a turn- on that I couldn’t help myself. I lifted myself up, arched my back, and straightened my arms so that I was gripping the sun bed from the sides for support. Vicky stopped what she was doing, reached around me and began to feel up both my tits. She moaned and then began kissing me on my neck and down behind my ears. Eventually she made mecidiyeköy escort her way to my mouth and we started making out. When I slipped my tongue into her mouth and stuck it in as far as I could, she moaned again and began to sort of dry hump me against my ass. It was at that moment, when I remembered how my sister had reacted when I stuck my tongue into her mouth for the first time that I began to make the connection. My tongue was some kind of secret weapon. Both times I had stuck it out to its full length the person I was kissing with went crazy. (Mari had teared up and then told me that she loved me, and now Vicky was humping my ass).

Eventually she turned me over so that she was lying on top of me. She squashed her tits into mine and we made out for a long time. Then after a little while she asked me if I wanted to go inside. We went into her bedroom, took off all our clothes and made love for about two hours. That was the first time anyone ever went down on me. It felt wonderful. I had about three orgasms. I also kissed her pussy and then I remembered to stick my tongue up her cunt as far as I could. It ended up with her squeezing my head between her thighs and pulling the bed sheet off when she came. After that, she just sort of nuzzled and caressed my tits for a long time, seemingly mesmerized by their weight and volume. At one point she told me that my nipples were “puffies” and sucked them into her mouth for all she was worth. We were in a sitting position and I managed to rub my cunt into the heel of her foot for a final orgasm. She wanted me to stay over night, I called home but didn’t get permission.

I said good-by to Vicky which entailed a long good tongue-lashing at the door. She had her hand up my shirt and was getting a last grope in when her husband pulled into the driveway. He obviously saw what had been going on and just before I left, while the three of us were standing just inside the doorway he began to kiss me. As we began to make out longer, I felt his hands lifting up the sides of my dress higher and higher. He eventually moved my panties out of the way and began to finger my already wet pussy. At the same time, Vicky was rubbing up against me from the rear. While her husband fingered me from the front, her fingers were exploring the crack of my ass. I was so turned on, I didn’t know whether to push forwards or backwards. I was shaking and nearing an orgasm when I felt Vicky’s fingers begin to toy with my anal opening. She reached between my legs and removed her husband’s fingers for a second and put her own up my cunt. When she was satisfied that she had enough lubrication, she moved his hand back into my pussy and once again began to probe my anus, annointing it with my own cunt juice.

Eventually, I felt her shove a finger all the way up inside of me. She twisted and turned it to begin with and then she moved it in and out, ramming me hard at times with her long finger all the way up to the knuckle. I grunted at first with the novelty of the thing, but when I got used to it, and began to open up a bit it was incredibly sexy. When she began to increase the pace I started groaning into the priest’s mouth and then orgasmed hard between the two of them, my pussy contracting around the embedded finger like a hungry mouth and my anus seeming to grow hotter and more humid by the second, as though it were some kind of greenhouse in the rain forest during a heat wave.

When I finished shaking, Vicky moved down and began to tongue out my anus. It was as though she had been reading my mind and now initiated an action to quelch the fire back there. The wetness of her tongue was soothing and I can only guess at the humidity and flavour she must have experienced back there, as hairy and virile as I am between my legs. In the meantime, while this was going on, she reached around and pulled out her husband’s cock and began to masturbate him. At one point, when I felt her use two hands to further pry apart my ass cheeks, I took over her job and began to pull on her husband’s prick and rub it against my pussy mound. I felt Vicky’s tongue pushed further into my rectum now, aided by her ability to used both hands to separate my asscheeks. It was a wonderful feeling, being so spread open like that, and the further she stuck her tongue into me, the hotter I got. Finally, I orgasmed again against the priest’s dick. Right after that he squirted all over my pussy. What a load!

Well, Vicky licked it all up and then she kissed me, sharing the cum from her husband in a hot tongue swap.

So, that was that.

The result is that I go to church quite regularly which pleases my parents, the pastor, and the rest of the community as well. I guess the lord does work in mysterious ways.

If you liked my narrative I could tell you about some further experiences, but since I’m not a very good writer, I’m a bit reluctant.

I hope you vote high marks anyway!

Thank you for all your comments

Let me know what you think. jamie

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