Business Escape Pt. 05


Business Escape

Part 5

Unfinished Business

As I arrived home from my lunch with Morgan, I was truly exhausted knowing our fling had officially evolved into more. I knew-well what this was converting into, which was something I promised myself I never would do to my family, or even myself. As I began to shift into a guilt, empathetic stance for my family, it quickly was extinguished reminding myself this was rooted by sexual neglect. I convinced myself this was one big wave that will come and go once my sexual appetite had been filled.

Once I had toggled back and forth a few times on guilt vs. selfish sexual pleasure, I comfortably internalized that I just wasn’t ready to stop my pursuit of not only Morgan, but what Vegas was soon to deliver in the form of sexual spontaneity and serendipity. Without question being morally wrong, I was admittedly choosing the devil over the angel as I was confident this would actually make me a better husband and father in the long run. I’m sure it’s a debate everyone goes through at one point in their life, but this was my time in the intersection to pick a decision, one I knew could have life-long implications. But again, nothing was stopping this animal at this point.

I packed up for two nights of Vegas and couldn’t help myself from dreaming up all sorts of sexual innuendos. At this point it was clear Morgan anchored my attention as our lunch and drive had taken my interests to an even further new dimension. My body and brain were floating with excitement knowing this trip would provide a guaranteed injection of excitement, but still not clear with specifics. The possibilities were confusingly endless in how the sexual chips could fall between the four of us.

As I woke up the morning to leave for Vegas, I had a text waiting from Camella. Opened to find a picture of her amazingly naked self in nothing but black Christian Louboutin heels standing in the mirror.

Camella: These heels work for both dresses?

Camella: btw thanks for the text back yesterday, Foxy! 🙂

Me: eh – maybe red? 🙂 My god look at you – truly a piece of art!

Me: uh – you are never allowed to give me shit for texting back in timely manners! 🙂

Guessing she was already on her flight to Vegas, so I wasn’t expecting a response anytime soon, but wow did this girl know how to dangle the carrot perfectly to catch and control of my instinctual interests. Both of my crushes baited me perfectly to my knees in our continued, tangled pursuits.

In the morning as I kissed the family goodbye, I admittedly performed my most fast-footed, rushed exit out of the house, obviously to avoid slogging through any thick muddy guilt heading to Sin City. As I’m driving to the airport, my sexual beast took control of the wheel and began planning his attack. Thankfully my work requirements were all well-versed and fluent because this version of myself wasn’t at-all thinking of the work opportunity ahead.

While architecting his desires, my inner beast began to ponder, when were Morgan and I going to unleash the pinned up passion? When would my hands be twirling Camella and that perfect body? Would I seriously be able to handle Morgan venturing into my backside? As the beast salivated wanting to ravage through more – should I finally grab hold of Janet and combine our caged powers? What would a threesome experience be like with Morgan and Camella? Would Morgan have sex with the girls if we all ended up naked in bed? Jesus – remembering how wonderful it felt to have Camella spraying warm water all over me??? I was a fucking sexual wrecking ball – if a sexual opportunity so happened to have sat next to me on this flight – I was soon going to lose my mile-high virginity.

Our big meeting wasn’t scheduled until late morning the following day, which gave plenty of time for recovery on whatever was about to happen on this heart-thumping, anticipated night. And thankfully the dinner was moved to the following night, which provided a nice compact runway for two nights of work and play. Janet planned for us to meet in the lobby at the Cosmopolitan Hotel at 8p, which is where we were all staying. I landed just after 6pm and within minutes I was at the hotel checking in.

Besides a few text exchanges with Janet ensuring that I was going to make it on time for dinner with my A-game again, nothing from my other two crushes.

Feeling the Vegas-ness of the moment, I decided to personally splurge and upgrade my room to a larger suite. I had a hunch, being in Vegas, we’d need a solid place to let our crew have fun. Mirrored ceilings, massage room, huge master bathroom – it just felt appropriate for the sequel to Chicago.

Just as I had checked into the room, I received a text from Camella.

Camella: Red heels huh!? Well hopefully the black heels don’t send you running. 🙂

Camella: btw I’m here!! Holy Vegas here we come!!

Me: Holy shit is right – I’m nervous for what’s ahead.

Camella: Want to go BIG with me – full Vegas style???

Me: ummmm – just yes!! (whatever “big” means)

Camella: what’s your room number – coming up for a quick sec

Me: oh shit – now i’m really nervous

Camella: be there in 15 muahahaha

I fatih escort sent her the room number, jumped in for a quick shower to prepare myself for what I was now expecting to be a gargantuan-sized night, which also required me to smoke a little weed to ease my excitement. Things were moving so fast I didn’t even have time to overthink what the hell “big” meant with Camella. This was dramatically different than Chicago. I had zero clue what kind of sexual landmine I was walking into in Chicago. Here in Vegas, I knew I was soon to be walking straight into one big field of landmines – now I just wanted to ensure the landmines exploded to perfection. What defined perfection was still a bit blurry, but I knew two big nights of unknown lust and excitement were ahead, the odds were in favor of something to remember.

As I was brushing my teeth, shirtless with jeans, the door knocks. I looked through the hole to see my goddess friend wearing neither of the outfits she sent in the pics. I opened the door to see Camella in a tight, strapless, one-piece black dress with almost see-through thin material, sans any underwear lines with those bad ass heels. I couldn’t think of a hotter outfit for a hotter night ahead. She smiled and froze in excitement seeing me shirtless staring at her with absolute lust.

After a few seconds of us both gazing up and down each other’s bodies, frozen in shock, I broke the ice with, “please get the hell in here”, as she jumped into my arms and latched onto each other for a rib-cracking, tight squeeze. I truly had forgotten how powerful our sexual chemistry was. As our embrace continued, my hands programmatically went up to her bare butt we both pulled our heads back and kissed. Our tongues sloppily entered into each mouth, eyes staring deep while hands sinking further into each other’s body.

Our chemistry was far too easy and fluid for two people who didn’t really seem to want this, for reasons other than what was clearly apparent with our electricity. I’m 100% convinced if we had time, or even made 3 steps inside the hotel room, we would have been inside each other in seconds. Instead, I whispered in her ear, “my god you feel good and I am so happy you came up to say hi. Now tell me what the fuck big means.”

That seemed to zap her back to earth as she slips down my body and responds with, “this is super random, but figuring we’re in Vegas, would you you be willing to get crazy and do drugs tonight with me? Nothing major – just split an adderall to get us bouncing off the walls – and maybe later split a Molly to get our dance on?”

I laughed and said, “my god yes.” She gives me another kiss and quickly puts her hand in her purse to pull out this tiny blue pill and says, “I swear Mr. Fox we’re always on the same page.” As she put the pill in her mouth, she bites it in half and sticks my half on her tongue. With her tongue now sticking out as an invite, delicately holding my half of the pill, I lean over as my mouth takes the pill and simultaneously kisses her. We both swigged some water and officially started the engine for the big night. As I looked down at her purse and asked if she had more for our crew, she smiles back at me with, “of course – I’m taking us all down tonight!”

As I asked her to give me a couple minutes to throw a shirt on. While Camella is waiting, the suite’s playground attributes quickly caught her attention with, “uh, you have a fucking massage table here?” I laughed with, “uh, you don’t travel with your masseuse?” Camella still surveying the suite continues with, “Mr. Fox, we are so partying here later tonight!” My beast widens his eyes in response with, “who’s ‘we’?”

“Uh, you and I of course”, she counters. Feeling out her sexual adventurousness with, “well being in Vegas, and now with the chemicals, maybe we’ll have to spice it up.” Knowing she couldn’t see my face, otherwise I would have for sure busted out laughing, I was quickly waiting to see how she responded to my bold suggestion. Camella takes a few seconds to respond with, “um, well I’ve never had a threesome if that’s what you’re suggesting – but with you and I in Vegas, anything is possible, Mr. Fox.” I immediately exhaled with excitement combined with a silent jump in celebration, to hear her quickly follow up her statement with a mumbled, sarcastic, “you sick fuck.”

I came around the corner with an ear-to-ear smile, now fully dressed for the night and said, “sick fuck huh, well you know this caged animal was woken up in Chicago – just get ready for the best night ever. I expect us to be drenched in sweat from dancing when we get back here!”

With a big slap on my ass from Camella followed by a “yee haw”, off we went down to the lobby. Just as the Vegas-ads promote, people were everywhere, music playing with smoke and adultery in the air. I knew with Camella and I walking up together I’d eventually hear some smart-ass remark from Morgan, but knowing it wouldn’t remotely dent our insane chemistry and his sturdy confidence.

Janet let out a generous scream as she sees us walking up. Morgan and Janet both stood up, and without one pause to pick who gets the first hug and kiss, I wrapped my arms around all three and did my best to get etiler escort them all off the ground. While tightly holding all, I made my rounds with kisses on the cheek. “I can’t believe we’re all back together – and my god, what kind of night do we have ahead???”, I asked as if we were huddling before a big game.

Janet’s leadership quickly resurfaced with a, “we have a table at Marquee and they demanded we drink two bottles, so buckle up my little troublemakers! Just promise me you’ll all be as amazing as you were in Chicago for tomorrow’s meeting.” Here we were and here we go – we let go and began the race to fun. We were soon at dinner where we enjoyed amazing cocktails, food and company. Unfortunately Morgan and I never timed a bathroom rendezvous, even with few subtle eye hints from myself, but the night was young.

Janet and I kept falling into these intense conversations about her disappointing marriage and how she needed a, “what stays in Vegas…”, kind of night. If it wasn’t for my focused crushes on the other two, I would have easily wanted to swap caged aggression with Janet. Her sadness motivated me to ensure we found her some fun, which also motivated me to pull both Morgan and Camella to the side to give them a pep talk on what we needed to do for Janet.

Dinner reminded me of this amazing bond the four of us had. I not only had crushes on half the group, but I just now felt these three had a sense of meaning in my unique intersection of life. I had never experienced such dense amounts of authentic, chemistry- driven sexuality in such a short period of time. These three were at the epicenter of this wild, seminal moment.

After hard-selling Morgan and Janet to join the chemical club, we soon were all talking as fast as auctioneers ready to shake our ass on the dance floor. As we arrived at the club and situated at the table, I quietly ordered us a bottle of champagne to celebrate the uniqueness of our bond. Not being a speech kind of guy, I uncomfortably decided to give a quick one, more like pep talk, as I pulled them in close. Well on my way to my drunken destination, we lifted our glasses to me emotionally saying, “I seriously love you guys. The friendship gods prescribed you three at the perfect time and I will forever be thankful to you for this. Cheers to my three amazingly gorgeous friends inside and out.” After our teary eyed cheers, all four of us slammed our full glass of champagne, which was indicative and forecasting of the night ahead.

Further downing of cocktails, amazing people watching, screaming conversations directly into each others’ ears – even at one point us doing a body shot out of Janet’s cleavage – this all eventually led to the four of us on the dance floor. With all four of us visibly drunk, we couldn’t have all traded sexier dance exchanges. From Camella and Morgan sliding all over each other to Janet and I dipping and lifting like we had rehearsed for years. At one point we even lined up in a train formation and just swayed and humped in synch to the music.

It appeared we were well on our way to all heading upstairs to further the hump-train formation until Janet found her prey. She pulled this guy into our group while dancing, but quickly veered off into the broader dance area to get some needed one-on-one time with her new friend. As this happened, the the three of us went back to our table to continue drinking and laughing at what had just gone on dancing.

As we’re sitting, Camella yells into my ear, “Molly?”. Before responding, I grabbed Morgan, pulled him close to loudly ask, “brace yourself for this, but would you be down to all split a Molly right now?” His hilarious facial expression described someone willing to do whatever the fuck I would have asked, shrugged his shoulders and calmly gave a thumbs-up. Such a typical Morgan-move to just roll with whatever was thrown at him.

Camella enthusiastically lifted both arms in celebration of Morgan joining our shenanigans and then sneakily poured the drug into one drink, stirred it in, took a big sip and passed it on. After we all equally shared the drink, the mystery clock began to tick when this would hit the brain.

Even during my drunken state, I consciously felt the night coming together as dreamed. And even though I was bubbling with sexual excitement at what the possibilities of us three could achieve, I patiently waited for the right time to go upstairs. In addition, I needed to feel Janet would be in safe hands. As Janet and her new toy came back to the table, I nosily demanded all the details of what her plan was with him. My fatherly advice was not to go back to his room, but to invite him up with all of us to my room. If she was dying for some private love, then only to have him back to her place if she felt safe with him. She firmly scolded me back with, “he should be the one worrying about his safety!” After seeing her determined eyes, I concluded she actually might have been hungrier than my caged behavior after all.

Janet’s adjusted direction was a big deal in the night ahead. If Janet was coming back to my room, there would be no opportunity for me to play with either crush.

Thankfully, as Janet quietly exited with her soon-to-be beşiktaş escort mauled friend, the three of us continued to look at each other waiting for some magical Molly transition. The time was 2am and the club was firing on all cylinders. After noticing the time, the old man in me decided it was time to turn the page and see where the night could go. I asked both if we should have drinks and continue the dancing up at my place. With both’s response clearly knowing I had more advanced plans then drinks and dancing, they laughed looking at each other but both quickly agreed as if they were waiting for this moment.

As we were walking through the hotel, I finally began to feel the Molly. My hair started to tingle with added electric signals firing through my body. As the three us got into the elevator, we all clearly had the same nervously happy look that we were all officially on the same tingly planet. There was a quietness that I wouldn’t have expected, almost as if we all knew the potential storm that was corner.

As we entered the room to laughs of ridiculousness, I quickly played the host by turning on music, pouring drinks, adjusting the lighting to dim and jokingly saying, “please, make yourself comfortable.” After minutes of us all nervously sitting on the couch with our hair on fire, a good song finally started which quickly launched Camella up from the couch. Camella pulled Morgan up with her and sexily started grinding her ass into his crotch. She clearly began to feel the moment as she slightly lifted her dress, almost exposing her perfect ass while beginning to torment Morgan’s cock. After a few minutes of me enjoying the two of them dancing, she sexily signaled for me to join by seductively curling her first finger towards herself.

Amazingly, Camella had art-directed the newly sandwiched position between Morgan and I. Hands started wandering back, forth, up and down. And just as I was pushing my butt into Camella’s crotch, Morgan’s hands grabbed my shoulders and turned me around to closely face Camella. As Morgan’s move instigated my face to quickly arrive directly in front of Camella, we began to deeply kiss as I felt Morgan inches away enjoying the moment. Morgan started to kiss Camella’s neck, while I was trading tongues with Camella, I then instinctively reached further around and latched onto Morgan’s perfect butt to pull him in closer, which tightened the sandwich.

As if coming up for a breath of water, Camella briefly pauses our kiss, but mouths still embraced with moanful, “my god Morgan”, which eluded to his large cock pushing up against her ass. As Camella’s tongue re-enters into my mouth, I felt her hands curiously slide around to grab a hold of Morgan’s cock, which also released a moan from Morgan.

The hair-tingly intensity was wildly erotic as the three of us cemented together each exploring one another. The Mt. Everest of my dreams were officially in motion with exceedingly over-achieving early results to start our sexual exploration. As Camella shockingly discovered Morgan’s world class cock, she quickly fought for his release, which of course would officially launch the more advanced level of our menage a trois.

As I heard the sounds of the ever-familiar buckle being undone, I decided we were better off venturing to the bed and determinedly pulled both with me. Even in her ecstasy-laced state of mind, Camella’s confidence and curiosity to see what Morgan was packing returned immediately as she hopped on the bed, got on her knees and turned to help Morgan remove his pants.

Already knowing the secret Camella was soon-to-be discovering, I got behind Camella and began to pull up her dress with her fluid arms-up agreement. With her eyes never losing focus on what Morgan was soon to be releasing, Morgan also was given a view of Camella’s perfect naked body. And pleasingly, I saw Morgan’s eyes thoroughly enjoying what he was seeing. As Morgan’s underwear pulled down, out sprang his throbbingly large cock into Camella’s view. As if hearing important news, she lets out an enthusiastic sigh of disbelief in what she had discovered. Like a curious child with a new toy, she reached out with both hands to explore and please Morgan.

As Camella began her seductive dance with Morgan’s cock, I couldn’t help to appreciate a few major areas that took my pleasure to further dimensions. First, Camella and Morgan had quickly establishing chemistry between themselves, which was so wildly hot and organic. These two were both physical perfections of art – in addition, both just brought such unique, deep confidence to their physical assets. Second, Camella’s ambitious determination, which was borderline OCD during this quickly advancing sexual moment. Maybe she start planning her excitement after I had earlier suggested the possibility of more than one of us should head back to my hotel room after the club. Either way, she quickly inherited Janet’s alpha-mode and was in full control of what she wanted to experience. And lastly, arguably of most significance, Morgan never once broke any hint in our pursuit for each other, which clearly told me he was protective from letting others know of our deeper desires and fondness for one another. Now the night was still early, but just the fact he hadn’t yet thrown me a direct look or grabbed my face for a kiss, which could have easily already happened, was yet another one of the hundreds of proof points of Morgan being such an amazing life-long friend and lover.

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