Busting Broncos Pt. 04


*This story contains gay incest and gay incest themes.*


When all was said and done, my brief engagement with the Reverend and his kin netted me $65,000. More than enough, I thought, to justify my efforts.

I sold all of his furniture as a group, as well as some other choice items I found stored in the house. There was even a complete set of pink Russel Wright dinnerware, still in its original box. My dealer purchaser practically creamed in his jeans when he saw what I had for sale. I had made up an inventory and my expected prices and it didn’t take much haggling before I got my money. At that point, he probably would have slit his wrists had the cache escaped him. I hadn’t even started unpacking the many crates that had been stacked in his cellar but I knew more treasures waited.

The Reverend’s house took very little in the way of cleaning and no painting was needed so as an extra I used daddy’s pressure washer to clean the siding and re-landscaped the front yard. When it was all finished, I contacted the two ladies who were his last relatives. They came to see the place but refused to go inside, so traumatized were they by their previous visit. We had discussed how they would dispose of the property and I had printed off several comparable houses in the vicinity, showing the most recent selling prices and property values, and I had made an appointment with the local real estate agent for them. Unbeknownst to them, I had also placed an offer for the property.

At that time, in that area, you would be hard pressed to give away a house. The locals were all moving away, if anywhere. A house like the Reverend’s on its tiny plot of land wasn’t even worth $10,000. I had instructed the real estate agent to let the ladies know the actual value of the place and then inform them that he’d already had an offer from a company to buy the land for $15,000. Of course, they snapped the offer up and left his office with a check. Daddy’s company now owned a rental property.

I also paid off all of the outstanding debts against daddy and Uncle Cody. As I expected, their creditors were more than happy to give me a reduction in exchange for hard cash. For the first time in decades, the ranch and the two of them were totally debt free.

The afternoon that I picked up the keys to the new house I waited until everyone was seated for dinner before bringing the matter up. I drew the keys from my pocket and tossed them at Steve, who caught them and then said, “What the fuck are these for?”

“Your future.” I replied. Daddy and Uncle Cody now own the Reverend’s place and you are their property manager. You’re going to be in charge of renting and maintaining the place.”

He gaped at me.

“I’ll teach you all of the paperwork you’ll need to keep up, it isn’t really a lot. I’ll also take care of all of the books but you’re going to learn to do it, too.”

I pulled the new laptop I’d bought him from under the table and passed it to him.

“One of these days, you might decide to get married or to move away. This way, with a good grounding in property management, you’ll have a skill to fall back on. If things work out the way I want, there will be more property in the future for you to manage.”

“Are you trying to get rid of me?” he asked.

“If I wanted to do that, I’d just kill you and hide your body, asshole. You’re not living up to your potential and I’m going to make sure that you start.”

“How did you manage to buy the Reverend’s house?” daddy asked.

“I had some money saved up. I decided Steve needed to be able to make more money…yes, you will receive a salary. Not much at first but it will grow. You need more responsibilities, too.”

Steve kept his eyes down, focused on his plate, but I could tell that he was pleased.

“And you’re not going to be on my back every minute?” he asked.

“Hell, no. If you fuck up, it’s your ass on the line. I have enough to do as it is. This part of the business is all on you.”

For the first time, Steve looked up and smiled.

“I’ll go down and check the place out after supper.” he said. “Then I’ll need to research and see what rentals are going for around here. We don’t want to make it too cheap or we’ll get white trash. And I’ll need to see about the utilities and that kind of shit.”

“Let me know when you’re ready for your first lessons on the paperwork. All of the rest is up to you.” I said.

The rest of the meal went by on a very light hearted note. Daddy and Uncle Cody seemed as happy as Steve and after they’d all finished eating and Steve had left with Tony to see the rental, they both turned to me.

“Where’s the little hard ass who beat the fuck out of both of his brothers not too long ago?” daddy asked.

“He’s still around, he’s not going anywhere.” I replied.

“And you used your own money, just to give your brother a leg up.” Cody said.

“Believe me, it’s worth it. If the fucker learns some responsibility, we’ll all be better off. He’s got the bursa escort bayanlar ability, he just needed a push.”

“Every time I think I might have you figured out, you turn around and surprise me.” Cody said.

“Yeah, well, I surprise myself pretty often, too.” I replied.

Steve came back about an hour later, excited about his new role.

“I want to talk to you about maybe a little updating on the wiring.” he said to me. “I think I need to repaint the trim, too. I saw a couple of other things, but we can wait until we’ve got some money coming in before we take care of those.”

“Come and talk to me later, after we all go to bed.” I said.

Steve had pretty much moved into my bed permanently by then. Everyone knew what was going on but Steve seemed to want to keep it an open secret. Tony had no such scruples. It was a very rare night when the sound of him being pounded up the ass by Daddy and Uncle Cody’s giant cocks didn’t disturb my rest at least once.

That night, when Steve slipped into my bed, he snaked his hand between my legs and fingered my waiting ass hole.

“So, you’re wanting to marry me off, huh?” he asked.

“You might want to sometime.” I said. I grasped his hard cock and stroked it. “As long as I can still have a steady diet of this thing, I don’t mind sharing you with some bitch.”

He kissed me, so hard and so deep that I was seeing stars. He rolled over on top of me and I could feel the broad head of his cock pressing its way between my ass cheeks as I lifted my legs around his waist.

“I’m not giving up having your hole every night to fuck some bitch.” he said. “You need a reminder of how much I love fucking your brains out.”

Which, I’m happy to say, he proceeded to do.

The next day was a Friday. Everyone seemed to have an extra contented outlook and the work on the ranch sped by. I fixed an extra nice dinner for the family.

After we’d all eaten and the clean up was done, Steve said, “Let’s go out and have a beer. Hell, it’s Friday night.”

“There’s beer in the refrigerator if you need one.” daddy said.

“I know that, I just think it would be nice for me and Tony and Andy all to go out to a bar for a change. We haven’t been out in forever and Andy has never been to the bar.”

“I didn’t even know that there was one.” I said.

“There is.” daddy said. “It’s out by the highway. Their specialties are cheap beer, country music and rotating fights. If the local motorcycle boys are there, the top of the menu will be fights.”

“Sounds like fun.” I said.

“I’m staying home.” Tony said. “I want to get to bed early and get some rest.” He looked at daddy and Uncle Cody under his eyelashes and smiled.

“Don’t you boys wake us up when you come dragging home.” daddy said, smiling at Tony.

“Because I’m sure the three of you will be sleeping like innocent babes.” Steve said.

Steve and I showered and changed into clean clothes before heading out. I could already hear sounds of activity from behind the closed door to daddy’s room.

Steve drove and on the way he said, “This place can get rough sometimes. Just stay out of the way if shit starts flying.”

“I’ve been in bar fights.” I said. “You don’t need to worry about me.”

When we arrived, the place looked pretty unprepossessing. A flat roofed cinder block building, it was called “The Four Leafed Clover” according to the sign. The parking lot out front was right on the highway and I could see several motorcycles parked at one end.

The sheriff had already filled me in on the local motorcycle “gang” scene. There were basically two camps. There was a group who called themselves “The Nomads” who were pretty much the real deal. They controlled a lot of the local drug traffic and dealt some stolen goods. They were supposed to be pretty low key, flying under the radar as much as possible.

The other group was something else. The called themselves “Satan’s Six”, even though they only had five members. That should tell you something. They were the bad boy wannabe’s who just never quite made it. They seemed to constantly land themselves in the shit and the sheriff would have paid a fair price to see them all pack up and leave town. None of them were too bright. The other group tolerated them, mostly for laughs and to draw attention away from themselves.

Steve and I swung the door open and walked inside. A wave of air conditioning, stale beer, staler cigarettes and dried piss greeted us. It could have been any dive bar in the country.

The place seemed fairly crowded for such a small town. On our left as we entered there were several tables occupied by a group of guys and a few women, mainly dressed in leathers. I noticed that the guys all seemed to be in good shape, well groomed and that their leathers were polished. They seemed oblivious of us.

On our right, there was a pool table and a couple more tables. There were 3 leather guys playing around the pool table and 2 more bayan sarisin escort bursa sitting at a table. They were the complete opposite of the other group. The 3 at the pool table all had bulging beer bellies and they were dressed in ratty jeans and dingy wife beaters under their leather jackets. Their body odor was apparent even from a distance.

“Look. It’s Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane.” one of the slobs said and the other two laughed.

“I like to think I’m more the Belle Starr type.” I replied. The reference was lost on them.

The bar was straight ahead and Steve and I climbed on a stool each. I could feel Steve’s tenseness. We both ordered a draft and I was glad to see that they were served in big old fashioned glass beer mugs that had been frosted before hand. It went down pretty easily.

We were on our second mugs when I became aware of Steve focusing his attention on the 3 lard asses playing pool. They were talking quietly to each other and laughing while making a real show of looking over at us.

“They’re going to start trouble.” Steve said to me.

“There are 5 of them and 2 of us.” I said to him. “That seems like pretty even odds to me.”

Steve laughed and the pool table group took note.

“You’re some of the horse farmers outside of town, aren’t you?” one of the guys asked.

“That’s us.” I said.

One of the other guys said, “I don’t like horses.”

“I’m pretty sure they don’t like you, either.” I replied.

The guy glowered, trying to look intimidating and we went back to our beers. By the time we had finished half of our third mugs, Steve said, “I need to take a piss. I’ll be right back.”

The restrooms were on the same side as the pool table and Steve had to walk past them to get to the john. I saw one of the guys say something to him and then Steve said something back. When he turned back toward the johns, the guy who’d spoken swung his pool cue around so that the fat end slammed into the back of Steve’s head. He feel face forward onto the floor and didn’t move.

“You know, it really pisses me off when anybody besides me beats up on my brothers.” I said, twirling on the stool so that I faced the group.

“OOOH, that makes me really afraid.” the fat guy said. “Threatened by a midget.” His buddies snickered and then he said, “Maybe you’ll be even shorter when I get done pounding on you.”

“And maybe you’ll be even dumber after I get through kicking your head.” I replied. “But, I doubt if that’s even possible.”

I was sitting leaning back against the bar, my arms spread along the edge on each side of me. The big mouth walked over to where I sat and grabbed the front of my shirt.

Gripping the heavy beer mug by the handle, I turned it sideways and slammed it into his fat mouth. I could hear teeth break as it made contact. At the same time, I swung my leg up between his legs and kicked him in the balls. I’ve been wearing steel toed boots since high school, so I know that must have hurt pretty good. Fat boy feel on his side, clutching his nuts.

It took a moment for the other assholes at the table to comprehend what had happened but when they finally did, another of the guys rushed with his arms extended toward me. When he was close enough, I grabbed his right arm with both of my hands at his wrist while sliding off of the stool. I made sure that his arm was turned elbow in and then slid behind him. When I levered his arm across his back, I heard the sound of his shoulder pop out of its socket. He grabbed his shoulder with his other hand and fell to his knees.

Not being too smart, the third idiot now made a rush at me. I waited until he was almost in front of me and then I slipped to the side. His momentum carried him forward and I jumped behind him, placed my hands on his back and pushed him as I ran behind him. In a moment, we arrived at the cinder block wall at one end of the room. He slammed into it face first and his head made the sound a watermelon makes when you drop it on concrete. I stepped from behind him and he teetered a moment, then fell over backwards, slamming the back of his head against the concrete floor.

I walked over to Steve and helped him up while the two remaining members of the group stared at me from the table.

“You’d better get these assholes out of here before I get pissed off and start beating on them just for fun.” I said as I led Steve back to the bar.

The original asshole that’d attacked me was just coming around and I walked over to him, swung my leg over his fat belly and stepped on each of his hands. Standing over him, I opened my zipper, pulled out my cock and pissed in his face while he sputtered at the piss in his mouth, nose and eyes. When my bladder was empty, I flopped my dick back in my pants and went back to my bar stool.

“If you show me where the mops and buckets are I’ll clean my mess up after the assholes leave.” I told the bartender.

“Don’t worry about it, there’s worse than that on that bayan esmer escort bursa floor. Besides, it’s worth the clean up just to watch that. You sure aren’t small where it counts, are you?”

For the first time it dawned on me that I’d just pulled my dick out and pissed in front of a strange crowd in a bar. I swiveled to look at the group on the other side of the room. They were all smiling and the one who seemed to be in charge, a slim guy in his thirties with shoulder length hair, gave me a thumbs-up.

Steve had a bump across the back of his skull and I got a bar towel full of ice from the bartender and held it against his head. The pool table group were getting up from the floor, all except the one who’d run into the wall. The piss covered fat guy limped out, one hand on his balls and the other covering his broken, bloody teeth. The one whose shoulder was dislocated stumbled out clutching his shoulder and moaning. I could have popped it back in place for him but I preferred he suffer till he got to a hospital. The two who had remained seated dragged their unconscious comrade out the door by his feet.

I ordered another couple of beers and I was examining Steve’s head when I looked up and saw in the bar mirror that one of the group had returned and was standing behind me. I turned toward him and he said, “We know where you live. It would be a real shame if your daddy’s horses got ahold of something nasty out in their pasture that made them sick or even killed them.”

I looked at him for a moment and then I couldn’t resist laughing. He looked at me, confused, and I said, “You just made the most serious mistake of the evening and you’re too fucking stupid to realize it. Now, fuck off.”

I went back to tending Steve’s lump and he slowly walked away. I checked Steve’s eyes to make sure there was no indication of concussion and then sat down beside him. As we drank our beers, my eyes kept shifting over to the leader of the other group. Often when I looked, he was looking at me.

* * * * * *

Steve’s head ached but no worse than a really stiff hangover. He watched in the mirror as Andy tenderly held the ice against his lump and periodically checked to see if he was bleeding. When he was satisfied that Steve was okay, he sat down on the stool beside him.

After a few minutes Andy said to him, “We’ll go home in a minute. Are you okay to sit here while I attend to something?”

Steve told him he was and Andy slid off of the stool. Steve watched as he walked over to one of the biker guys seated at a table and heard him ask, “May I sit down for a moment?”

Over the sound of the jukebox, he then heard Andy say, “And can we talk for a moment? Privately?”

The guy said something to the others who were seated around him and they all got up and moved away.

Andy leant forward and began speaking to the guy in a low voice. Steve couldn’t hear the conversation but after a few minutes, the guy asked a question and when Andy answered he laughed out loud. Andy stared at him and Steve heard the guy ask, “Seriously?”

Andy didn’t answer but the other guy stuck out his hand to shake and as Andy did so, the guy said, “You’ve got a deal.”

* * * * * *

When we got home, I took Steve into the bathroom and sat him on the toilet while I washed his lump and applied alcohol to it. He sat docilely while I tended to him although before too long I felt his hand slide up my leg and nestle between my ass cheeks.

“I’m not going to be able to concentrate on your bump too well if you keep that up.” I said

“Then you’ll just have to concentrate on something else.”

I pulled him upright and groped his stiff cock through his jeans.

“Looks like your head isn’t the only thing that’s swollen.” I said. I grasped his arm and pulled him across the hall to my room.

“You’re sleeping in here where I can keep an eye on you.” I told him. “I’m not taking any chances.”

We both stripped and crawled into bed and he began to play with my dick. I turned him over so that his back was to me and snuggled against him, my cock resting in the groove of his ass and my arm over his body to hold him close.

“We can play in the morning.” I said. “You need to get some sleep.”

After a few minutes Steve said, “You’re being awfully nice to me.”

“Do you like it?” I asked.

Barely audible, Steve said, “Yeah.”

“Then don’t start acting like an asshole again and I’ll keep it up.”

The next morning when I woke, Steve was lying beside me in the weak light. He’d kicked the covers off during the night and his hard cock was upright against his belly. He seemed to have gotten even more handsome in the past few months.

I stroked his stiff dick a little bit and he spread his legs wider so I could play with his heavy balls.

Climbing over his thigh, I crouched between his legs and buried my face in his warm, meaty ball sack. He moaned with pleasure.

Putting my hands under his knees I lifted his legs so that his knees were on his shoulders. His ass spread open and his tiny pink puckered ass hole lay before me. I had become addicted to rimming Steve’s ass and he was equally addicted to having me tongue it. I lowered my head and lapped at the little rose bud with the tip of my tongue.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” he said.

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