Busy Fingers Ch. 03

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It was Thursday, three days after Hayley and I had enjoyed our second masturbation session, and we were sitting opposite each other at my little kitchen table with a coffee. Since it had happened neither of us had mentioned our fun together, it had never come up and neither of us had brought it up. I knew we’d have to talk about it sometime, and I figured it was up to me to start the ball rolling.

“You know, don’t you, that you and I need to talk?” I began.

“Why do we?”

“Because of what we did on Monday, and last Saturday.”

“I say again, why do we?”

“Because it’s bothering me.”

“Well, it’s not bothering me, Sue. We had some fun and that’s all there is to it. We didn’t cheat on anyone, we didn’t do anything illegal, and we didn’t hurt anyone, so why do we need to talk?”

“Because I had hoped we were going to do it again.”

There was sadness in my voice as I said that, because it was more than a hope, it was almost a need. I couldn’t get our joint wanking sessions out of my head, and every time I thought about them I felt my pussy melt, desperate for another. Now it sounded as if Hayley was trying to call it a day.

“Thank God for that, I hope we are.” Her expression softened and she smiled. “I thought for a minute you were going to say you regretted it.”

The relief that I felt must surely have shown on my face. Now I knew that we had both been defensive just in case the other didn’t want to play.

“Not for one second. I can’t get it out of my mind it was so fantastic.” I searched for the words. “It felt so right and yet it was so naughty. I mean, if we told anyone I’m sure they’d look at us like we were a pair of perverts, but I don’t care because it’s right for us.”

I asked the question.

“I’d like to make it a regular thing, would you? I mean, I want us to keep doing it, often. Do you?”


The answer was so simple and so important, relief washed over me again. And then Hayley put the cherry on the top with her own question.

“How about every Monday?”

She looked serious, but I couldn’t be sure.

“Seriously. You want it arranged in advance rather than whenever we feel like it?”

“Yes. Because then we won’t have to worry about getting up the nerve to say ‘how about today’, and we’ve always got something to look forward to. All we got to do is keep Monday clear.”

I felt so good it was all I could do to stop myself laughing with delight.

“You’re on. Mondays it is.”

“Roll on next Monday.” She smiled happily, but then a cloud crossed her face. “Sue, you know what I said about getting a double-ended dildo, I didn’t mean it you know?”

It was my turn to smile. “Yes, you did. And you can if you like. But don’t push me, I’d have to be in the right mood.”

Sharing a double-ended dildo was sailing a bit close to the lesbian wind for my liking, that’s why I left myself that ‘get-out’ clause. But I’m pretty sure that had there been one there last Monday I wouldn’t have stopped Hayley from using it with me, and that’s quite an admission for me.

“What about an ordinary vibe?”

“What about one?”

“Could you use one of those?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never tried, I don’t think I’d know what to do.”

Yes, I know it sounds unlikely for a woman in her thirties, but I’d just never got around to buying one, and in any case my fingers worked just fine. But I suppose the real reason was that I’d always been too embarrassed to actually buy one.

“I would.” She didn’t smile, she grinned hugely. “I’ll show you.”

“All right.” I must have sounded as hesitant as I felt. “But do you mean first hand or by watching?”

She gave me a funny frustrated sort of look and instead of answering my question she posed one of her own. “I’ve got a question for you.”

“Go on.”

“Are you really as unadventurous as you make out?”

Regrettably, the answer was yes. Paul was a good lover, and we had one or two little pleasures, but they were always things we’d found out by accident rather than by experimentation. I mean I love him spanking my bottom, but we’d found that out when a pretend swat actually landed. About the only thing we’d worked out for ourselves was oral sex, and so that was a major thing for us.

“Probably.” I told her. “Depends what you call unadventurous.”

“Not trying things out, that’s unadventurous. Do you ever let Paul do new things to you?”

“Like what?”

“Well, like anything – masturbating you, for instance?”

“He’s made me cum with his fingers before now, but only when we’re building for a fuck.”

“You’ve never just lain there and let him bring you off, then?”

“Don’t you fancy it?”

“Yes, I do actually, but it’s just never happened.”

“So it’s a case of Paul lacks the imagination and you lack the guts?”

“I guess so, if you want to look at it like that, but it doesn’t stop us enjoying ourselves.”

Hayley shook her head despairingly. “One day, if you bedava bahis can ever cut loose enough, I’ll do it to you.”

I wasn’t certain how seriously she meant them, but those words ran around and around inside my head for the rest of the week. I’d love to just be played with like that. To simply lie there and let someone do things to me until I came. I knew it would never be Paul, but I didn’t know if I could ever let it be Hayley. I turned it over and over trying to make a decision.

Slowly that decision formed. I was no longer feeling shy in Hayley’s presence, and it wasn’t as if she wanted to make lesbian love to me, and I couldn’t see it ever happening with Paul, or with anyone else for that matter. I made my mind up. If the time was right and she really wanted to, then I was going to let her. God, even the decision gave me a thrill. But, and it was a big but, I wasn’t going to have any proper sex with her, because that would be going too far.

I didn’t say anything to her about what I’d decided; I thought it best just to let things happen as and if they would. So when Monday finally arrived, and I knocked excitedly on her door with my heart already pounding and my pussy already moist, she didn’t know I was probably willing to be touched.

She answered the door with a delighted smile on her face.

“I’m glad you’ve come.” She told me. “I had this awful feeling that you might change your mind and not want to come over.”

I suppose this first pre-arranged session was a test of our resolve, but I’d never thought for a moment of backing out.

“And miss out? Not likely!”

“Well, for once I’m glad to be wrong, come in.”

She held the door open and ushered me through.

“Coffee before, during or after?”

I think it was her way of checking that I was still up for it. I was.

“After, I think, don’t you? We might need to sit down and get our breath back.”

She led me through to the lounge with its lovely leather sofas. She sat down in her customary corner and motioned for me to join her. I sat at the other end as usual, a little puzzled because last time we’d both undressed first.

“I’ve been shopping.” She announced, reaching around behind the sofa and grinning.

I had an idea what she was going to show me, and I must admit to being both intrigued and impatient to see. The first thing she pulled out was a little bottle with a kind of pump dispenser on the top, rather like that of hand cream.

“I don’t think either of us will ever need this, but I thought I’d better get it anyway.”

She held it up and I suddenly realised that it was sex lube.

“I doubt it.” I told her. “Not with the way I feel when we get together.”

She put it down between us and reached back into the bag, carefully withdrawing something wrapped inside a towel.

“I took them out of their packets so I could make sure they were clean and sterile before you got here, just in case.”

‘They’? I thought to myself, momentarily thrown by the plural. She placed the cloth on the sofa between us and partially opened the little parcel. Inside were two ordinary seven inch vibrators, though the word ordinary didn’t apply to the adrenalin surge that I felt when I understood they were intended as one each. My mouth went completely dry as I realised that one of them was highly likely to go inside me.

“I didn’t get anything fancy, with you not being used to them.” Hayley explained as she handed one to me.

I held the seven inches of white plastic in my hand as if it was a sacred relic, gazing down in awe and hardly daring to touch it. It was silly, and I knew it was silly, but I felt like Hayley had just casually handed me the most expensive jewel in the world.

“Twist the base.” She told me, seeing my ignorance all over my face.

The base was knurled like a nut and using my other hand I turned it a little. The vibe purred into life, surprising me so much I almost dropped it. Hayley giggled at my dazed face.

I experimented, turning the base a little more, feeling the vibrations intensify, and then get even stronger as I turned it full up. This was a whole new sensation to me and I wondered what it would feel like deep inside my pussy, so I gripped its shaft in my hand, trying to comprehend the feelings it could generate. I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but then I hadn’t been sure that I’d enjoy showing myself off to a neighbour, but I did. I turned the toy off and passed it back, trying to keep my face neutral. She took it and placed it with the other back on the towel.

“Wait until you see this.”

This time she unrolled the towel completely, unfolding it until she revealed the thing she had promised, the thing that I both dreaded and secretly hoped for. Made of soft, flexible, semitransparent, red jelly, she had in her hands a long double ended dildo. At each end of the thick bendy shaft was a mushroomed cock head, one for me and one for her. I stared at it and quivered with suppressed bedava bonus excitement, wanting to touch it and yet fearing the impression I would be giving.

“What do you think?” She asked.

“Jesus, Hayley. I’m not sure I’m ready for that sort of thing.”

“Wouldn’t you like to try it?”

I thought about it, staring at its length and picturing its use in my mind.

“Yes.” I paused, seeking the words. “It’s just that I don’t know if I dare. I haven’t even tried a single one yet.”

“Well, you know it’s there if you want to.” She looked up brightly, replacing her purchases into the bag. “Right, I’m ready, what about you?”

Of course I was ready; I was feeling as randy as hell. “Whenever you are.”

My heart flipped as we stood up together to undress, but again Hayley had a new twist to put on it. I kicked my shoes off, but she put her hand up in the universal stop sign to prevent me going further.

“How about we undress each other?” She asked, reaching forward to my blouse buttons before I had the chance to argue.

It was strange just standing there with Hayley’s cute little pixie face looking slightly up at me with an enquiring ‘do you like it’ look, and her fingers lightly and quite incidentally touching me as they deftly undid my buttons. I smiled in answer to her unasked question and let her slide the blouse from my shoulders and down my arms, this time with her palms running softly over my skin as she lifted it away.

With my blouse now on a sofa opposite, she put her hands on my arms and silently turned me around to unhook my bra and, again sliding it gently from my shoulders, let it join my blouse. I was now naked to the waist and feeling rather vulnerable if very excited and turned on. Standing passively to be undressed in this way was something I’d never experienced before from anyone, let alone a woman. I know she had made no attempt to touch me at all, but the very fact that she hadn’t just seem to add to the eroticism of my disrobing.

Once again she turned me around, guiding me with gentle hands until I was turned once more to directly face her, my breasts jutting out before me with the nipples prominently erect, making me feel slightly self-conscious that my arousal was so obviously displayed.

She gazed at me, looking openly at my breasts but saying nothing, maintaining the gaze so long that I wondered what she was going to do. It was as if she was summoning the nerve to maybe touch or even kiss them, but I will never know, because eventually she dragged her eyes away and looked down to where her fingers were fiddling with my belt, trying to undo the buckle. Now I didn’t know if I felt disappointed or relieved that she hadn’t touched me.

My belt finally surrendered and she dropped to her knees to wriggle the tight, figure enhancing jeans that I had deliberately worn, over my fairly full hips. This time she couldn’t be as gentle, but still it felt nice to have her fingertips pressed harder against me as she worked the denim over my bottom. I hadn’t worn them with the idea of Hayley removing them, but I was beginning to feel glad I had. I placed my hand on her shoulder to steady myself as she eased first one, and then the other, leg over my feet to free them and toss them on top of the rest of my clothes.

All I was wearing now were my very brief and flimsy panties, panties that I had subconsciously chosen to be as sexy as possible, again without knowing how close Hayley would come to them. And once again my emotions were mixed, a part of me glad to show my sensual side to Hayley and part of me worried about what she would think. Ridiculous really, considering what we had already done in each others company and the stated purpose for what we were doing then, but then I was more used to having sex than being sexy.

Hayley didn’t hesitate. Looking briefly at my body she hooked her fingers into the top of my panties and, with a single smooth sweep of her hands down my legs, pushed them to my ankles, waiting there for me to lift each foot in turn to release them.

My panties joined everything else and I stood there before her, totally naked and suddenly feeling very shy, as if she had never seen me in the nude before. Hayley herself didn’t help matters, she remained on her knees before me, holding me at arms length with her hands gripping my hips, and blatantly studied my body, her gaze wandering from my feet to my hair, but lingering embarrassingly on my breasts and pussy. I just stood and gazed down at her, unable to make myself move and unsure if I should enjoy her appraisal or be uncomfortable with it.

“You know.” She said finally. “I wish I had a figure like yours. You’re so feminine and I’ve got the figure of a boy.”

I smiled with pleasure at her compliment.

“I’ll swap you anytime you like.” I told her. “I’ve got a super-size figure and you’ve got a supermodel figure.

Yes, I know I’m not fat, but compared to her trim little figure I’m far more rounded. The fact is deneme bonusu that I’m about where most women are, but she’s where most women want to be.

“No, you’re beautiful and I’m skinny.” She contradicted me.

I wasn’t about to get into a debate about it, so I reached down and eased her to her feet by the arms.

“My turn, I think, before I get tired of being the only one naked around here.”

Hayley grinned, nodded agreement, and then raised her arms as a signal for me to pull her sweatshirt style top over her head. It was simple to remove, sliding up and over her head easily and then, as she bent forward a little to assist, down her arms to join my clothes on the second sofa.

I don’t know why, maybe an inhibition kicking in, but rather than remove her bra at that point and uncover her breasts, I knelt down and pulled at the cord holding her jogging bottoms. Once that was done they required no removing as such, they simply slipped down as soon as they were loosened and gathered around her ankles, with only the actual removal left for me to do. It’s odd, but I was extremely conscious of my boobs swinging as I tossed them to the side.

I looked to get up, but Hayley put her hand on my shoulder and pressed down in an obvious sign to stay where I was. I looked up at her for an explanation.

“You might as well take my knickers off while you’re there.” She said simply.

Hayley wasn’t really wearing knickers; the little thong she was wearing hardly qualifies as clothing at all, allowing her shaven labia to show around the tiny triangle of material that tried to cover her pussy. It, and she, looked gorgeous and I had to consciously stop myself from simply pulling the flimsy piece of cloth from her body rather than rolling it gently down her legs and over her feet.

She had kept her hand on my shoulder to balance herself when she raised each foot, and she seemed quite happy for it to remain there, keeping my face level with her crotch. For my part, I was in no rush to stand up again. I was looking straight at a the top of her shaven slit and thinking that very soon I would be seeing it wide open and wet under the caress of her busy fingers. Even now I could see that she was already turned on, the visible part of her labia pink and swollen and I thought I could smell her special scent, the wonderful musky smell of womanly arousal. I felt my own pussy respond to her, knowing the pleasure we were both looking forward to.

I dragged my attention from her slit and then climbed to my feet as she allowed her hand to slip from my shoulder, only then remembering that I had yet to take off her bra. I put my hands on her shoulders to turn her around, but she resisted my purpose and, short of using brute strength to spin her around, I could only reach around her back from the front to unhook her bra clip. To do this I had to step forward and I was very conscious that we were almost embracing, our bodies carefully an inch apart as I eased her bra from her shoulders and gave her breasts their freedom. Hayley looked into my eyes, and I could read the amusement hers held at my unwillingness to make contact.

I leaned to one side to flip her bra onto our now complete pile of clothes, and then straightened to stand in front of her, feeling weirdly defiant, as if she was expecting me to move away out of range and I wasn’t going to.

We stood gazing at each other for a few seconds, until she took that small step forward and we were in each others arms. If there could be such a description as platonically sexual, then that would describe our embrace perfectly. We didn’t kiss, or even attempt to, nor did we touch each other in any way intimately. It was just a friend’s embrace, but without the barrier of clothes, so that I was aware of my pubic hair brushing against her stomach and her hard little nipples were digging into the softness of my breasts.

I for one had not expected that embrace, and I don’t really think that Hayley had, but although it lasted for only a matter of seconds it did more for our friendship than anything else could. Inhibitions from now on could remain with our clothes, on another sofa.

It was Hayley who broke the embrace, stepping back and the taking my hand to lead me the short distance back to our customary sofa.

“Come on.” She told me. “Let’s have a little fun.”

We placed ourselves in the same position as on the last occasion, sitting in opposite corners of the sofa but diagonally along it with our legs wide, one foot on the floor and one interlaced with each other along the sofa back. It was good to see her pussy at last, and to know that I was indeed right in assuming that she was turned on. Her outer lips were engorged and pink, peeled back to reveal the inside of her slit, her clit already peeping out of its cover and her tunnel wide and slick with juices.

She saw me looking and intentionally kept her hand away for me to give it a good, long, and very stimulating inspection. I did the same, letting her stare directly between my legs; knowing that I was just as hot as she was and taking pleasure in letting her see it.

“God, you’re wet.” She stated finally.

“You too.” I told her, reaching down between my legs and spreading my lips further open to her view.

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