But I Thought You Didn’t Suck…

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~First just a quick thank you to all of my support. Those who have commented or voted or favorited you are greatly appreciated. A special thank you to My friend who emailed me feedback, I hope you enjoy. And thank you to my editor who fixes my occasional glaring spelling errors.~

I have the world’s most incredible girlfriend. Aubrey is an absolute knock-out with naturally wavy brown hair that falls to the middle of her back and bounces when she walks, a round heart shaped ass and an adorable face that could go from mischievous to angelic in a second. She has these huge expressive eyes that defy the ordinary connotation associated with the word brown and when she smiles her signature Aubrey smile, it lights up a room like it’s Christmas. She was just shy of medium height and often I teased her saying she was a “shmedium” but secretly I loved how when we hugged her luxurious hair was always pressed against my nose. Unfortunately Aubrey does have one very minor flaw: She doesn’t suck dick.

Ok, maybe not so minor, but I tolerate it. I mean she’s loving, supportive, self-sufficient, entirely the perfect woman in every other way: Just no blowjobs. When we first started dating a few years back, I assumed it was something she’d grow out of, like how some high school girls think it’s “gross” or “demeaning”. I had attempted a few times to nonchalantly slide the subject into conversation, but every time I did, she responded with nothing but revulsion. Eventually, scared of irritating her and jeopardizing what was otherwise a great relationship, I let it go. I even began to forget about it. Sure, when I was out with the guys and someone brought up the topic, I’d cringe inwardly and attempt to change the subject, but for the most part, I was over it… Kind of.

But all that is beside the point. What is important is that today is Aubrey’s and my 3 year anniversary. Every year we have a “unique way of celebrating our love on our anniversary. Instead of simply buying each other gifts like most couples we get a little more creative. Every year I come up with some ridiculous and outlandish way to show my baby how much she means to me and in return, she breaks down another sexual barrier. The first year I spelled out “I LOVE AUBREY WATKINS” in a variety of neon colored sticky notes on the ceiling of every room in our apartment. She responded by chaining me to the head board and proceeding to tease, lick, suck, nibble or other wise do anything to turn me on until I was so horny, I came all over myself just from her whispering that she wanted me to in my ear. The second year I composed a song about her and sang it while playing the piano at our anniversary party in front of both of our families and friends. She countered with anal sex.

This year I was prepared to top all of that. As I rushed home, the five thousand dollar rock weighing heavy against my thigh, I thought about how much I loved her and how happy she would be at the surprise. I pulled into the parking area of our complex grinning like the Cheshire Cat, and bounded up the stairs to our floor with barely suppressed excitement. When I stepped in front of our room, I antalya escort took a deep breath to attempt to calm myself and slid the key home.

When I stepped in to the apartment, I was blinded by something feather soft, brown and sweet smelling while simultaneously squeezed so hard around the ribs I thought one would crack. “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY RICKY!”

“Happy anniversary to you too love.” I laughed, hugging her back just as fiercely.

We held each other in that sweet embrace for a few moments before she stepped back and I drank in the beauty of the love of my life. She was standing in front of me smiling from ear to ear clad in nothing but a white tank top and the green booty shorts she knew I loved her to wear around the apartment because of how they showed off her ass and legs. Wait a second, a tank top and shorts? She almost always wears something more like jeans and a top in case I want to go out on our anniversary.

The confusion must have showed on my face because she smiled even broader and chirped “It’s all part of your gift baby.”

I raised my left eyebrow, an expression of incredulity I’d picked up from her. “Booty shorts part of my gift? Oh, this oughta be good.”

“Nuh uh uuuuh. You know, you go first.”

I laughed and kissed her forehead sweetly, “You sure baby? I really outdid myself this time.”

She laughed and said, “Tradition is tradition, lover.”

I chuckled at her and slowly got down on one knee. She grasped the implications the moment I started moving. She always was annoyingly perceptive. As I reached into my pocket I heard her whisper, “O my God.” and from the muffled sound, I could tell she’d covered her mouth with her hands. I pulled out the ring box and opened it, the black velvet covering’s smoothness reminded me of the hair I’d be stroking for the rest of my life as I opened the box. I always knew she had expressive eyes; but damn, they got even bigger when they locked on the diamond I could see reflected in those beautiful orbs. Then came the tears.

“Aubrey Watkins, I love you. With every fiber of my being I love you. You mean the world to me and I need you in my life. I don’t know what I’d do without you by my side and I want you there forever. I am, in every thought of my heart, yours. Will you marry me?”

I hadn’t even planned the speech it just sort of felt; right. I knew I’d said the right thing when the tears started flowing freely down both of her cheeks. Before they were simply trickling but now they were sliding down like a skiier on a slope. She was still frozen in that position of shock with both hands over her mouth and her eyes widened in shock.

“Yes, O God yes.” She choked through tears of joy, “Yes Ricky, of course I’ll marry you!”

She dove at me slamming her lips to mine with such force it rocked me back onto my ass. I managed to hold onto the ring and I wrapped my arms around her and kissed my fiancé. Her arms wrapping around my neck, her hair framing mine and her supple lips dancing with my own were more than enough to cause a stirring in my cock which, of course, she felt.

“Mmmm that reminds me, serik escort I almost forgot about your gift.”

“You saying yes is the only gift I need baby.” I said kissing her again.

“Nuh uh.” she said smiling mischieviously, “Get on the couch.” I obliged highly confused but horny as fuck just the same. As I sat down expecting her to join me on the couch I was again shocked when Aubrey crawled towards me on all fours like some sort of sex crazed jungle cat about to pounce.

“Uhhh baby what are you doing?”

“Shhhh.” She whispered. When she reached me she slowly slid her hands up my thighs never breaking eye contact. Her small fingertips just lightly gliding across my skin made my already stiff cock jump in my pants. She continued her ascent maddeningly slowly until her hands paused just near my crotch and pulled herself up to whisper in my ear, “Tonight I’m gonna do something for you that I never have before. Don’t talk. Just enjoy.” She licked my neck once to punctuate her statement and slid down to rest on her knees on a pillow I didn’t even notice her placing. Maybe it was the thrill of our recent engagement, the incredible sexiness of my fiancé, the fact that all of my blood was rushing away from my brain, or a combination of all three; but as she kneeled before me licking her lips in anticipation, the gravity of the situation crashed around me.

“B-but I thought you didn’t—” I was cut off by her pressing one slender finger to my lips.

“Baby,” She said as she returned to undoing my zipper. “I have a confession.” I immediately stiffened in confusion. Confession? We told each other everything. A confession meant she’d been hiding something from me. “Do you remember when we first started dating, and I told you about how my old boyfriend and I had some issues I would tell you about later?” Of course I did. Often times Aubrey would promise to tell me something later but she always got around to it, except this one, but I played coy.

“Uh kinda.” She squeezed my throbbing cock hard through my jeans.

“Don’t play coy with me. I know you do.”

“Mmmmm,” I moaned in agreement.”

“Well anyway I have this fetish; well really borderline obsession with…” She averted her gaze in that adorable way I love when she’s thinking about something. Soon she’d start chewing on her bottom lip.

“When Dave and I were together I sucked him off almost every day and God Rick, I fucking loved it.” This all came out in a worried rush as though she’d been holding this back our entire relationship. “I didn’t love it cause it was him, I don’t even think I loved him it was just, O God the texture. Feeling it throbbing in my mouth. The hot, thick cum sliding across my tongue.” By now she had my dick out and was stroking it enthusiastically. “Baby, I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you and I never did it for you. It’s just I thought I loved him because of that and I had to know what we had was real and I just… I don’t know. I just wasn’t ready.”

I leaned forward and cupped her cheek. My prediction proved true and she was chewing her lip and staring at me with those side escort big, brown eyes; my hard cock still twitching in her hand. “Baby, I understand and I forgive you.”

She smiled and for the first time in our three year relationship placed her soft, warm, moist lips against the head of my dick and held them there in a wet kiss. I almost came right there.

“Mmmm baby, I can’t tell you how hard it’s been not doing this.” She started giving me long heavy licks the full length of my shaft. “Mmmmm and you taste even better than I’d dreamed about.” She continued licking and kissing the underside of my cock, moaning at the taste and speaking between licks. I hadn’t gotten a blowjob in 3 years and suddenly my gorgeous, loving fiancé was on her knees telling me how bad she’d been wanting to and how good I tasted. I was in heaven.

Then she took just the head of my cock into her mouth, wrapping her soft lips around it just beneath the crown and swirling her tongue around the sensitive tip. She started stroking me again, but this time only using her thumb and index finger, milking the precum out of me. I moaned in appreciation as her hot tongue moved around the spongy head of my dick and when she started moving her hot tongue faster, I grabbed her hair and threw my head back with eyes squeezed shut.

“Mmmmm baby, your precum tastes so fucking good.” She cupped my balls with her free hand and rolled them around. “I can’t wait for you to shoot the real thing and fill my mouth.”

As she returned to her rather enthusiastic ministrations I could feel the beginning of the end. She was amazingly skilled for someone who hadn’t practiced in three years. It was even worse that My Aubrey had the perfect cock suckers build: Huge gorgeous eyes, thick full lips, an agile tongue she’d often use to tie cherry stems into knots with or even unwrap Starbursts without even tearing the wrapper. They were all combining to push me over the edge. As always Aubrey read me like a book.

“Mmmmm, are you gonna cum baby?” She said between strokes.

A hoarse “Unh huh” was all I could manage between labored breaths.

“Do it honey. Shoot your love down your fiancé’s tight throat. Cum for me. Cum nice and hard for me.” And then she swallowed me. All of me. My entire 7 inch shaft just disappeared down her throat all at once. There was a split second of surprise as her hot and unbelievably tight throat fluttered around me and then I simply lost it. My cock exploded into one of the longest and most intense orgasms I’d ever had in my life and she swallowed every drop moaning like a woman possessed

She let the first spurt coat her throat and she swallowed immediately. Then she pulled back up until only the head was in her mouth. I could feel her tongue just in front of it rolling my cum around as it flowed into her. She was actually loving the taste so much that long after I’d finished and when I’d finally caught my breath, I looked down and she was still nursing at my softening dick as though making sure there wasn’t a drop left in me. When she finally got up, only then did I see her swallow the rest of it. Not a drop was spilled.

She climbed languorously into my lap and laid her head against my chest. “Fuck you taste amazing. As soon as you can walk again you’re taking me to our room and fucking me until we both can’t walk.”

I just smiled and enjoyed the scent of her hair.

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