Caitlin’s Night Out


Caitlin sat in the airport in tears. Her purse was stolen. How could she have been so stupid! She lost all her money and all her credit cards, her cell phone, everything, GONE!

“What am I going to do? ” she thought

All alone in a strange city, no money to pay for her hotel. She looks around and notices a woman looking at her, the woman turns to a man near her and says something. Then she begins to walk toward Caitlin. She was around 35 or so, tall, blonde, classy. Caitlin wondered what she wanted.

“Darling, why are you crying?” She said. That only made Caitlin cry harder. The woman sat down next to her and held out a handkerchief. “Nothing can be that bad.” She said

Caitlin blew her nose and looked up. ” My purse was stolen and I have no money and no way to pay for my hotel, my credit cards, my money, everything gone. I cannot believe I was so stupid. ” Caitlin said.

“Where are you staying dear?” the woman asked.

“I was supposed to stay at The Regency, but now, I do not know what I am going to do.” Said Caitlin

“Well Caitlin, my husband Jonathan and I, we are also staying at the Regency, so why don’t we give you a lift and see what the hotel has to say. My name is Cassandra, but you can call me Cassie.”

“Oh no, I couldn’t impose, you and your husband must be here for a vacation together.” Caitlin said

Cassie laughed. “Jonathan? On a vacation, oh no my dear, this is a working vacation. I just came along to keep him company and spend his money while he works.” Now come along, I’ll introduce you to Jonathan, and then we will go to the hotel and see what they have to say.”

Caitlin got up and followed Cassie over to Jonathan who was talking on a cell phone. As soon as he saw Cassie, he ended the conversation, and kissed her cheek. “You’re back and I see you made a new friend, who’s this here?” he asked.

“Jonathan, let me introduce…mmmmmmm dear, what’s your name? She laughed.

“Hello, Jonathan, my name is Caitlin Roberts. Its nice to meet you.”

“Jonathan, Caitlin had her purse stolen and I’ve offered her a lift to the hotel, she’s booked a the regency as well.”

” Well fine then, lets get going, ” he said. The hotel said the car was outside waiting.”

They walked towards the door and Jonathan held the door open for both ladies. Cassie led the way to the limo waiting at the curb. The uniformed driver opened the door and Cassie climbed in, and beckoned Caitlin to follow. Caitlin was feeling a little overwhelmed, the kindness of these strangers and then a limo. Jonathan got into the car and sat across from the ladies. The drive to the hotel was short, not even five minutes. They entered the lobby and Caitlin turned to them and said “Thank you so much for the lift, I should be ok, from here.” She said

“Oh wait. ” Cassie said. Jonathan put a hand on her arm and whispered to her. “Be patient, my love.”

Cassie walked over to the registration desk and spoke in low tones with the clerk. Caitlin was waiting in line at the other end of the desk, Cassie slipped a hundred dollar bill to the clerk and knew that Caitlin would not get her room tonight. She went back to Jonathan and told him to check them in and she would wait in the lobby. Cassie sat there and watched Caitlin. She looked as though bursa suriyeli escort escort she was getting more upset by the moment, she walked away from the desk with tears streaming down her face. She went and sat in a chair and just stared at the floor. Cassie got up and walked over to her.

“Caitlin, what’s wrong?” She asked.

“I cannot get my room, not without proof of who I am.” Caitlin replied.

“Well let’s go have a drink in the bar until Jonathan is done checking in, ok?”

“Why not? I have nothing else to do,” said Caitlin

They walked away from the lobby and into one of the bars in the hotel. They sat there with a drink and just talked for a while. After a half an hour Cassie leaned in and said to her. “Caitlin, why don’t you stay here with us? We have a suite with two rooms and one will go empty. Jonathan will not mind, and I would love the company.” Cassie asked

Caitlin was feeling a little drunk after the plane ride and all the problems since then. She was feeling a little reckless, otherwise she would never have agreed.

“If you are sure Jonathan will not mind, sure why not?” Caitlin said.

Jonathan walked up to the table at that moment and looked at them and said, “all checked in, I have sent the bags to the room.”

“Well, take Caitlin’s too, I have convinced her to stay with us, to keep me company.” Cassie said.

Jonathan looked at Caitlin, “Wonderful, You can keep her occupied while I work. I will be right back.” He said. He picked up Caitlin’s bags and disappeared out the door to the bar. A band was setting up in the corner, the lights were low, and it seemed a place for lovers. The music began to play, and the waitress came over with another drink. Cassie was staring at Caitlin.

“You are a beautiful girl you know. That skin, the long dark hair and those expressive eyes, how is it you are here alone?” She asked

“I broke up with my boyfriend a month ago today, this is my time to find myself.” She laughed. “I am not doing too well today, this has gone all wrong, this was supposed to be my adventure. It is not turning out the way I had planned.”

Jonathan walked back up to the table; he slid into the booth next to Cassie. The waitress appeared at the table with a drink for him. The music started to play, a slow song. Jonathan looked at Cassie and leaned over to her and said. “My dear, would you like to dance?”

“Oh Darling, my feet are so tired not tonight, dance with Caitlin, she looks like she needs a dance, get her mind off things.”

“Oh no I couldn’t,” Caitlin said

“Nonsense” Jonathan and Cassie said together.

Jonathan got to his feet and pulled the reluctant Caitlin with him, the dance floor was in the corner, just out of site of their table. Caitlin was reluctant to dance with Jonathan, he was so handsome and she felt very susceptible to his charms. He was tall, with dark hair and dark eyes; there was something about the way he moved. He moved onto the dance floor and took her in his arms. The song was almost over and Caitlin hoped they played something fast next. She did not notice Cassie talking to the leader of the band. The song ended and another slow one started, she felt like she was melting in Jonathan’s bursa ucuz escort arms. He pulled her closer still and Caitlin felt a stirring from somewhere deep inside. Jonathan whispered in her ear. “You dance well, Caitlin.”

Caitlin felt a ripple of desire move throughout her body, her senses seemed so alert, so aware. Jonathan’s hands left her waist and reached down to stroke her bottom, Caitlin was so caught up in the moment, and she forgot to protest. The song ended and they made their way back to Cassie, who had been watching them from the bar. Back at the table, Jonathan leaned down and kissed her long and hard. Caitlin turned away, embarrassed by her behavior on the dance floor. She sat down and took a long drink. They sat there and talked for a bit then Jonathan said, “One more dance, Caitlin?”

Caitlin got to her feet without a word as he led the way back to the dance floor. She knew she shouldn’t but it felt so good to be in someone’s arms again. Jonathan pulled he close and she felt like she was melting in to him. He leaned in closer and nuzzled her neck, and placed a kiss on her lips. Caitlin was on fire, she felt so hot, pressed up against his body, the song ended and they went back to the table. Cassie was on her feet and she said, “Let’s go up to the room ad get comfortable, we’ll have a nightcap, then go to bed, mm?”

Jonathan released Caitlin’s hand and offered an arm to both ladies, they walked out of the bar and over to the lift. They got in and went up in silence. He opened the door to the room and Caitlin looked around in awe. She had never seen such a marvelous room before. It was huge; a living area with big couches and chairs, there was even a fireplace! There were four doors leading off, Cassie led the way on the tour, one led to a massive bedroom, with a king sized bed, and its own bathroom, another a study with tons of office equipment, another to a smaller bedroom and last the bathroom.

“Caitlin, your bags are in the smaller bedroom, lets all get comfortable and then have our nightcap.” Cassie suggested.

Caitlin was too awed to protest she went to the bedroom and collected her things then disappeared into the bathroom. She emerged a half hour later to find Jonathan and Cassie sitting on one of the many sofas each holding a drink. Caitlin was wearing her robe and nightgown and was relieved to see Cassie and Jonathan similarly dressed. She went to the bedroom to drop off her things and went back to where they were sitting. “I think I will just turn in, I am worn out from this day, thank you so much for your kindness to me.” She said without another word she went into her room and closed the door. She lay in the dark room tossing and turning not being able to sleep. The desire that had builded earlier for Jonathan would not go away. She began to hear sounds coming from the next room, giggles and laughs and the occasional moan. “Their making love.” She thought. She felt her pussy getting wet, as she thought about them together in the next room. She got out of bed and went to stand by the door. She could hear them; they must still be in the living room she thought. The sounds of their passion aroused her, and she began to slowly stroke herself. She sank to the floor and thought to herself, bursa üniversiteli escort “What harm could there be in opening the door a crack, they’ll never notice.” Slowly, quietly, she opened the door and she could make out their shapes on the sofa, Jonathan was licking her!!!! Caitlin’s hand began to stoke faster still and she let out a moan, the door had opened all the way and Jonathan looked up and saw Caitlin sitting there stoking herself. He smiled. “Caitlin, aren’t you lonely over there, do not sit there alone, join us.” Cassie said.

Caitlin did not even think, she was so hot, full of desire. She had never made love with a woman before, but there is a first time for everything. She slowly got to her feet as if in a trace and walked over to the couch where they lay. “Don’t be shy dear. You are lovely and we both want you very much, I have been thinking of this since I saw you in the airport.” Cassie said Jonathan reached out a hand and pulled Caitlin down to him, he leaned in and kissed her long and hard. His hands seemed to be all over her body, as he rained kisses over her neck and breasts. Taking one into his mouth he began to suck gently. Caitlin felt a hand moving over her stomach, moving lower and lower. She felt a hand begin to stroke her and she opened her eyes and realized it was Cassie. She felt a little shocked that a woman could make her feel so hot. Cassie moved and in an instant she was licking Caitlin’s pussy, slowly and gently in all the right places. Jonathan was still paying a lot of attention to her breasts but now he stopped and lay back to watch them. Cassie inserted a manicured finger into Caitlin and Caitlin let out a moan. Caitlin was so hot she wanted more, wanted to experience everything at once. She moved closer to Jonathan and leaned down to take his hard cock into her mouth. He let out a moan as her hot wet mouth slid up and down his length. Cassie was licking furiously, and Caitlin was about to cum already. She took Jonathan all the way into her mouth and sucked harder now. He let out a groan and pulled away. He pushed Cassie away and pulled Caitlin up on her knees, moving behind her he entered her slowly. Cassie repositioned herself underneath them and began again to lick Caitlin as Jonathan slid himself in and out of her slowly. Caitlin could not believe the feelings they were causing. Feeling Jonathan sliding slowly in and out of her as Cassie licked her pussy felt so good.

“OH! Jonathan, Fuck me hard” she said Jonathan increased his pace with a smile. He felt Cassie tongue darting out to lick him at intervals. Caitlin was starting to feel very bold. “Cassie? Could I taste you?” she asked Cassie moved away from them and positioned herself right in front of Caitlin’s face. Caitlin looked and saw Cassie’s hot wet pussy just inches from he face. She tentatively reached out with her tongue and flicked at the hot little button. Cassie groaned and moved closer. Jonathan had a good view of himself sliding in and out of Caitlin as she licked Cassie. Caitlin was licking Cassie and she reached up her hand and slid a finger into Cassie’s pussy, it felt so unbelievable, her desire was building so high she thought she would pass out from the pleasure. She licked harder and faster and suddenly she felt Cassie squeeze her fingers and the hot cum rushed into her mouth, it tasted so sweet. This pushed Caitlin over the edge and Jonathan pushed into her with a powerful stroke, and felt her contract all around him as she came. Jonathan increased his movement and his orgasm burst inside of her. They lay there all together for a moment, sated. Caitlin cannot believe what she just experienced. Wonder what tomorrow will bring…

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