Caleb 04 – Saturday

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Caleb 4 – Saturday

When I woke, I found myself staring into a pair of beautiful, tawny eyes that I immediately identified as belonging to Amanda.

“Morning,” I said, trying not to breathe too heavily in her direction. Morning breath is not great.

She smiled brightly. “Hey you!” she said chirpily. “How did you sleep?”

I stretched, luxuriating in the feeling. “Like a baby,” I said.

I looked across at Mary, who was still asleep. “How long have you been awake?” I asked Amanda.

“Oh, we took it in turns. Mary has been asleep about an hour.”

“Turns?” I asked.

“Someone had to keep you from having the nightmares. We took two-hour shifts.”

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed quietly. “I didn’t realize you would have to be awake. That must mean that on Thursday, Mary stayed awake all night.”

“She was fine with it. I picked her up Friday morning. She slept most of the way home in the car.”

“Can I sneak past you, please? I need to move, and I don’t want to disturb her.”

“She is awake anyway,” came a sleepy voice from behind me.

I turned my head to face her. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s fine,” she said. “I needed to be up anyway.”

“What for?” I asked.

“To take care of this,” she said, wrapping her hand around my morning wood and giving it a gentle squeeze.

My breath caught in my throat. She leaned in, and heedless of my morning breath, kissed me.

There was a knock on the bedroom door.

Instantly, Mary moved back and closed her eyes once more. Her hand, however, stayed exactly where it was.

My mother entered.

“Morning, Mom,” I said quietly, doing my best to look like someone wasn’t rhythmically squeezing my erection under the covers while my mother looked on.

She looked at the girls. Amanda spoke.

“Mary is still sleeping. We took turns watching over him. She finished her shift an hour ago.”

My mother looked at Mary with kindness. “Poor baby. Let’s not wake her then.”

I was struggling not to laugh. Mary was still silently tormenting me, squeezing and releasing my dick, making me ache. It would take time, but she could quite easily make me cum just by doing that.

For some reason, my mother didn’t seem to want to leave.

“Would you guys like me to make you some breakfast?” she asked.

Amanda giggled. “Mary, give it up,” she said. “You’ve been busted.”

Mary opened one eye, looked at my mother, and grinned. “How could you tell?” she asked.

My mother laughed. “You think I don’t recognize that look on a boy’s face?”

Amanda and Mary both looked at me. Mary gave a couple of experimental squeezes.

“Okay, fair point,” Mary said – and then, to me, “You need a better poker face.”

I was starting to blush. This was as surreal a situation as I had ever been in.

Amanda skipped out of bed. “I need to pee,” she said unashamedly and went into the bathroom.

“I’ll leave you two to it,” my mother said. “Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes.”

Amanda came back a couple of minutes later and tagged Mary out. I decided to go grab some clothes and go into the main bathroom for a quick shower. After we’d all taken care of some business, we met in the kitchen.

My Dad was sitting at the table eating his breakfast. He smiled at me. “Morning son. Did you get ANY sleep?”

“Sleep was all I got,” I grumbled.

“Oh, you’ll be back in the land of never-ending debauchery before you know it,” he said with a grin. “It might do you some good to have a rest for the weekend.”

“I don’t know what went on where you went to university, but I go there to learn,” I said. I tried to put on a superior air, but it was difficult while also gulping down orange juice.

“And what did you learn during your threesome with your roommate and his girlfriend?” he asked.

My orange juice came out of my nose. Damn, that stings!

“I’m hoping to benefit from one of those lessons,” said Mary as she sat down at the table and passed me a napkin.

“How did you…” I asked, staring daggers at Dianna as she walked through the door.

“I heard Mary ask you about it yesterday,” Dad said, unabashed.

“Stop embarrassing the poor boy,” Dianna said, sitting down at the table. “Is it not enough that you cock-blocked him? Must you tease him as well?”

My mother and I both blushed at that remark.

“I didn’t…” she began, but Dianna looked at her with a raised eyebrow, and she stopped talking and turned back to the bacon in the pan.

Dianna then regarded my father just as sharply. “And you should know better than to have let her,” she said. “Can you imagine waking up between those two and not getting a release? Ever had blue balls? How am I supposed to train him if all he can think about is the ache in his nethers?”

My father looked down at his plate.

She looked at me. “Did you at least take care of it in the shower?” she asked.

“What?” I asked, dumbfounded. “Did I…”

“Did you masturbate in the shower?” she repeated. “You can’t be expected to go through what we are going to do today if you are distracted!”

I seriously thought my face was going to catch fire I was blushing so hard. I shook my head.

She sighed. “Mary, take your boy back to bed and bring him back properly drained,” she said. Then she grinned. “Amanda – go lend a hand.”

My mother opened her mouth, but a look from Dianna made her close it again.

Mary stood and offered me her hand. I looked to her, then Dianna, then my father – who seemed to be doing his best not to smirk – and finally to my mother. She sighed and closed her eyes.

“Sorry. I should have thought about… I just… Oh god, Caleb, just go!!!”

Sheepishly, I stood up and took Mary’s hand. Amanda came around the table and grasped my other one.

I was in a daze as we entered my bedroom. Mary pinched my arm.

“Ow!” I said, “What was that for?”

“Just so you know you aren’t dreaming. Your mother did just tell you to take two hot twins into your bedroom and empty your balls into them.”

“Into?” I asked. “I thought you…erm.. had visitors?”

“They left,” Amanda said. “We’ve been good to go since yesterday.” She cupped my balls through my trousers. “So, what do you think, sis, three loads? One each and one to share?”

Mary slid her hand down the front of my trousers, taking a more direct feel. “Sounds about right,” she said, squeezing gently.

“Quick shot to start?”

“Sounds good. Rock paper scissors for who goes first?”

“Now hang on a minute,” I said, getting a little annoyed. “Don’t I get any…”

Amanda kissed me.

Bringing her hands up, she took hold of both sides of my head and held it still, her lips on mine, her tongue gently exploring.

I didn’t even feel Mary remove my pants; I did, however, feel it when she took my cock into her mouth. She held the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue around and under before pulling back with a pop and licking it from base to tip.

While that was going on, they both touched my mind. It wasn’t like before; it was a more open connection. I could almost feel what they felt. I could feel Amanda’s tongue exploring my mouth and battling with mine, but I could also feel it from her perspective. The two sensations overlapped with each other. It got even more confusing, because not only could I feel Mary’s mouth doing sensational things to my cock, but I could feel what she felt. I could feel the spongy hardness of my cock on her tongue. I could even feel their own arousal ramping up, and that was something for which I had absolutely no context whatsoever. I could feel three sets of nipples becoming erect and two pussies becoming slick and tingling in anticipation. It was sensual, sensory overload, and it triggered the obvious and inevitable.

Mary held the head of my cock in her mouth as I pumped spurt after spurt of cum into it. How I stayed on my feet is a mystery. Throughout my orgasm, Amanda continued her assault on my mouth, kissing me, but also controlling my breath, heightening my pleasure. It was never enough to make me uncomfortable, but just enough to tease.

Eventually, the flow stopped, and Mary let my softening cock slip from her mouth.

She stood.

Amanda released me and then turned to her sister to receive her kiss. I guessed this was the load shared. They kissed for a good five minutes, their tongues working into each other’s mouths. I could still feel the sensations they were eliciting in each other, almost but not quite tasting the sweet saltiness of my cum as they swallowed it. I could still feel their arousal building. They were both soaked now and rubbing their thighs together to get some stimulation.

Finally, my cum was all gone and they turned back to me. Between them they had me naked in no time flat, all the time kissing and caressing me. Mary and I then turned our attention to Amanda, stripping her whilst stroking and kissing her. Finally, we turned on Mary. Following the same routine, she was also naked in record time.

Mary took my hand and led me to the bed.

“Caleb,” she said, “I know you wanted your first time to be with someone special and to be memorable. We would both be honored to be part of that. But if you would rather save it for another time, another place,” she paused, a little catch in her voice, “or another person, then we will understand. There are other things we can do without stealing something special from you.”

I looked at her – at them both – and I knew that this was not a decision driven purely by lust, although I was as horny as I had ever been. I could feel through my connection to them their feelings for me, the strength of which took my breath away. I realized that I had those exact same feelings. I had known them both for less than forty-eight hours; I’d had so little contact with Mary in my English class that I didn’t consider that knowing her, but I knew with a certainty that I couldn’t explain that these two girls were my future. I knew also that my future would involve others, but that there would be more than enough love for all of us.

“My only regret is that I only have one first time to give.” I said, “but I would be honored to share it with you.”

Mary and Amanda both climbed onto the bed. Mary lay on her back and beckoned to me. I noted absently that someone had placed a towel on the bed. I wondered who.

I moved forward and kissed Mary. I tried to move down her body, intending to return the favor from before, but she held me in place.

“Not this time,” she said. “Please, make me yours.”

I felt Amanda take hold of my rigid tool and begin to rub the head up and down Mary’s lips. Mary was already soaked, so my cock head was soon covered with her lubrication. Amanda gently placed the head of my cock against Mary’s pussy, and, with her other hand pressed, against my butt, encouraging me to push forward.

I took the hint.

Slowly, relishing the sensation, I pushed my cock into her. Her pussy was drenched. While there was little resistance, she was vice tight, and the heat was indescribable. She took my face in her hands and kissed me again as I continued to press forward until I hit a barrier. I stopped, stunned.

“Mary are you?.. is this…?”

“Yes Caleb, this is my first time too. Please, take my gift as I take yours. Make me a woman.”

I pressed forward again, but faltered, not wanting to cause her any pain.

I caught a brief look between Amanda and Mary, and then Amanda slapped my ass, hard.

Reflexively, I jerked forward, burying myself up to the hilt in Mary. We both yelped, her from the pain of penetration and me from the spanking. Before I could remonstrate with Amanda, Mary once more claimed my mouth with hers and drove that thought out of my mind.

I withdrew until only the head of my cock was still inside her, then I gently pushed back in until our bodies met. Once again, I pulled back and then pushed back in, a little faster than before. I continued to move in and out of her, building speed. The whole time we were devouring each other’s mouths. The physical sex was less than half of what was going on. We were sharing our minds and the sensations we were experiencing so we could both feel both sides of the lovemaking. She could feel me moving inside her, but also feel how her pussy was clamping on my cock and how each bump and ridge of her walls rubbed delightfully on my glans.

I could feel her belly start to tighten and the beginnings of her orgasm at the same time as she could feel my balls tightening and the tingling that leads up to my ejaculation.

Amanda wasn’t left out either. She was sharing in the sensation from both of us, and the fact that she was also furiously rubbing her clit whilst watching us threw a whole new level of sensation into the mix.

Mary arched her back as she came, screaming into my mouth. Feeling her orgasm, I had no defense and I erupted inside her, the sudden feeling of my scalding cum jetting into her immediately forcing her into a second, stronger orgasm. Amanda, on feeling both our orgasms, came too, her fingers working furiously, which pushed Mary into yet another orgasm that ripped through all three of us.

Mary and I clung together, still gently kissing one another as we came down from the incredible high. I tried to move off her, not wanting to crush her with my weight, but she held me in place.

“Stay, Caleb. I like to feel your weight on me, in me. Please, just a little longer.”

Eventually, my softening cock slipped out of her, and my arms began to tremble a little from holding myself up. She smiled.

“I think you can move now,” she said.

I rolled onto my back, and immediately Amanda snuggled into my other side.

I looked at her and saw tears on her face.

“Amanda?” I said, “are you okay?”

She nodded. “That was the single most beautiful thing I have ever experienced,” she said. “I had hoped that my first time would be like that.”

“I’m sure it will be,” I said, “When you find…”

“No, Caleb,” she said. “You don’t understand. You took us both then. Yes, it was Mary’s body, and I fully intend for you to take my body for its first time too. But I was there, sharing, inside her mind. You took my first as you took hers, as we both took yours, and it was beautiful.”

It was only then that I fully appreciated what Dianna had meant when she’d said that Empaths share. It had seemed such a superficial statement, akin to all Empaths being swingers, but it was much more meaningful than that.

I looked at Mary and found she also had tears.

“Mary?” I asked.

She smiled. “I would never have believed it if I hadn’t felt it,” she said.

I nodded. “It was truly amazing. Your body was perfect on its own, but your powers elevated it to a level I would never have believed.”

“Caleb,” she said, “that was YOUR power, not ours. You led that, supported us, and enveloped us in such loving, caring, warmth that it made me want to cry with happiness. Then, when you began to share our sensations, each with the other, it was mind-blowing.”

“But I thought…” I started.

“Empaths can share,” Amanda said, “but not like that. You made us as one.”

While she was talking, she had been gently stroking my chest, and her hand was slowly moving south. She leaned forward and kissed my chest. I felt another set of lips on and turned to see Mary mirroring Amanda’s movement on the other side. They moved down slightly until they were grazing my nipples, licking and taking gentle bites. The sensation was electric and connected directly to my manhood. By the time Amanda’s hand had traversed my lower belly, my cock had raised its head to meet her.

Amanda released my nipple from her mouth and looked up at me, her beautiful tawny eyes fixed on mine. “Caleb, would you please do me the honor of being this body’s first?”

I struggled to think of something equally formal to say to her but could come up with nothing.

“Just say yes,” Mary said. “She knows that you want to make it as special as possible for her, but you already did that. Like she said before: this is just her body. In her mind, you already gave her, gave us, the most perfect first time that any woman could dream of.”

“Yes!” I hurriedly exclaimed.

Amanda climbed on top of me and leaned down to kiss me.

Her breasts pressed against my chest, and I could feel her nipples, hard as diamonds, pushing into me.

Her tongue played with mine as once again I felt the hand of a sister get involved in the proceedings.

This time, Mary’s hand took hold of my cock and was holding it against Amanda as she rubbed her slit up and down on it, covering it with her juices. When she judged it was wet enough, Mary directed it to Amanda’s entrance and held it still, as Amanda started to lower herself onto me.

Like Mary’s, Amanda’s pussy was both incredibly hot and incredibly tight. She reached the barrier and stopped. I could tell she was nervous, and I tried my best to sit still, but the temptation to thrust up into her was almost unbearable.

Then Mary got a little revenge. The slap on the ass was for Amanda this time, and she yelped and jerked forward, impaling herself on me and tearing through her membrane. I felt a little sorry for her, but she soon got over it, continuing to kiss me deeply whilst grinding her pussy onto my rigid tool.

She started to move her hips, pulling up so I slid almost all the way out and then pushing down, impaling herself on me once more. When she bottomed out, she ground her clit into my pubic bone, sending thrills of sensation through her body.

Once again, as the sensations started to build, I felt the connection between the three of us and our universe expand once more. The envelope of love surrounded us, and I could see how it had formed and how it was stretching out around us. Then we started to share the sensations. I could feel her tongue battling mine, and mine on hers. I could feel my hands on her breasts and could feel her breasts being stroked and squeezed and, most wonderfully of all, I could feel her amazing, tight, slick, hot, pussy gliding up and down on my cock. I could feel each time she ground her clit into me, the sensations racing up and down my spine, threatening at any moment to push me over the edge. At the same time, we could all feel a hard, hot, ridged muscle moving inside a fiery-hot tunnel; the joy of stretching and being stretched; of fucking and being fucked; of having the G-spot massaged over and over again. Over to the side, Mary was also being bombarded with the same sensations and she, like Amanda, was contributing. Her fingers were strumming her clit while globs of my cum still leaked out of her. Occasionally she would scoop up some and use it to lubricate herself while her other hand rolled and pinched her nipple.

Nobody could have withstood that level of stimulation for long, but I managed to hold off just long enough for Amanda to hit her first orgasm. I felt her stiffen in my arms and would have known it was coming even if I hadn’t been able to feel it building. Once again, her release was the trigger for me to erupt inside her. The feeling she got from my orgasm, combined with the sensation of my cum surging up inside her, triggered a larger, second one. That hit all three of us, and Mary, who was already right on the edge of the bed, fell off.

She never noticed though, because she was just reaching the peak of her self-induced pleasure, which then fed back into all three of us.

Amanda collapsed onto my chest, panting hard, our sweat mingling, allowing her breasts to slide across my chest. She still twitched with aftershocks, and those prompted my own twitches, which made her giggle.

As identical as the girls were, Mary was the more serious and responsible of the two. Amanda, at heart, was still a little girl.

I heard Mary ask, “Um, Caleb?”

I looked across at her and realized that she was floating by the bed.

“What the hell?” I exclaimed, “How are you…”

“Do you think you can put me down?” she asked. “Gently would be nice.”

“Me?” I was astonished. “Am I doing that?”

She nodded. “Visualise your own mind. You should be able to see any powers you are using. Remember you said you saw a link between Harold and Angela? Look for something like that.”

I thought for a moment and tried to imagine the powers I was currently using. I saw several threads leading from me. There were two thick, rich, purple threads linking me with the twins, which I took to be the remnants of our sharing. I also saw a thin white thread linking me with Mary. I gently pulled it toward me and she floated back until she was over the bed, and then I cut the thread. She fell onto the bed.

She smiled.

I, however, wasn’t smiling.

I had also noticed that there were two other deep purple threads that both disappeared through the wall in the direction of the kitchen. I had a horrible feeling about where they led.

“Oh no!” I said.

“What?” Mary asked looking worried.

“I think we shared with more than just the three of us.”

“What?” Amanda asked.

“I have a horrible feeling that our sharing included some people we didn’t intend,” I reiterated.

“Who?” asked Mary.

“If I’m right, and I hope to hell I’m not, then one of them is your grandmother, and the other is my mom.”

Mary and Amanda looked at me, then at each other, and then erupted in gales of laughter.

“It’s not funny!” I said, “It’s tantamount to rape. How could I?”

“No Caleb, no it’s not,” Mary said quickly.

“It’s the most loving thing you could have done for either of them,” Amanda said. “You offered them a gift. You offered for them to share your first time, our first time. They could have refused it. If they are still connected now, then that is a choice that they both made.”

“But what about your grandmother? And even if that’s the case, how will my dad feel, knowing what happened?”

“Oh, he will be well compensated,” Mary assured me. “Your mother will feed off that energy for weeks, and he will benefit greatly, believe me. And Grandmother? I’m surprised she isn’t in here asking you for a one-on-one.”

“Ooh, he doesn’t hate that idea,” said Amanda, watching me.

“Oh god, kill me now!!” I said, putting my head in my hands.

Mary took my hands and pulled them away from my face.

“Caleb, please,” she said, “you must realize that things are different now. Your powers – our powers – change things. You need to look at things differently now. Sex is just one of those things. You never laid a finger on your mother, nor my grandmother, but I’ll bet we gave them some of the best orgasms they have enjoyed in quite a while. Empaths share; it’s what we do. It’s all done with love, and nobody suffers harm. I know you were brought up to believe certain things, but those things no longer apply.”

“But isn’t this exactly what we are trying to avoid?” I asked uncertainly. “This descent into hedonistic debauchery and corruption?”

“Well, the second one, of course,” Mary said seriously. “But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this ‘hedonistic debauchery’ you’re so afraid of if everyone freely chooses to participate. And I’m surprised you’d think like that anyway. You felt the love, Caleb. You felt all of us – including you! – giving as much as they were taking. Everyone cared about everyone else’s feelings and pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with casual sex, but this was not that.”

“You made an offer, Caleb,” Amanda said. “Grandmother and your mom accepted, and your father declined. Everyone made their choice. Everything is okay.”

“MY FATHER?” I asked, shocked.

“Of Kayaşehir Escort course,” Amanda said. “Do you love him any less than your mother? Would you make such an offer to your mother and not your father?”

I opened and closed my mouth several times, trying to sort all this out in my head. Had I just descended into an incestuous relationship with my mother? And tried to do the same with my father? What would they think of me now? My newly-revealed sexuality must have seemed like the ultimate perversion to them in that context.

“You didn’t want to, offer to, or actually have sex with either of your parents,” Mary said. “Remember, they have been around powers for all their lives. They know how they work, whereas this is all new to you. I am quite certain you didn’t blindside them. The only person you blindsided was yourself, and we’re both trying to tell you that it’s all okay.”

“I’m still not sure I’m going to be able to face them,” I said.

“Oh, you are going to have some much tougher questions to answer,” Mary said, with a worried smile.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Like how you managed to develop telekinesis.”

We each grabbed a quick shower and got dressed again, then returned to the kitchen.

Dianna and my mother were both sitting at the table, looking like they had run a marathon. My father was sitting at the head of the table, giggling like a schoolboy.

I looked at him in surprise as he came over to me and hugged me.

“What?…” I began.

“Thank you, Caleb,” he said “I’ll admit I was a little surprised at the offer, but I have always been more of a physical rather than a metaphysical person. I hope you don’t feel I passed on it for any other reason.”

Dumbly, I shook my head. I hadn’t even been aware I had made the offer. In some sense, I was actually relieved he had not been a part of it.

“Besides,” he added, “It’s always so much fun watching those two twitching like landed fish, and I know that your Mom will want…”

I held up my hand, not really wanting to hear the end of that sentence. He turned to the twins.

“Thank you to you girls as well,” he said, putting an arm around each of them.

They both grinned back at him.

My mother stood and walked over to me. I cringed, waiting for I-don’t-know-what to happen.

“Caleb, thank you,” she said, embracing me gently. “I have not shared like that for such a long time. I know that was your,” she looked between the three of us, “all of yours, first times, and I was honored to be included. That hasn’t happened since… well, for a long time. Thank you so much.” There were tears in her eyes as she went on to embrace both the girls.

She left the kitchen and went outside for some reason.

“I didn’t tell her that it wasn’t deliberate,” Dianna said. “She thinks you did it out of love, and I suspect that, if you had realized it was possible and had had some more time to adjust to your new life, you probably would have offered it voluntarily – maybe to even more people than just the three of us.

“Let’s go into the parlor while I can still think,” she said, regarding her two granddaughters. “I have not felt anything like that since your grandfather was alive. Any time you feel like sharing, please feel free, and if you want to share more directly, I would be happy to.”

She leered at me, and I acutely recalled the twins’ lecture about how ‘hedonistic debauchery’ was not frowned upon, in and of itself.

“Oh, by the way, which one of you did the spanking?” she asked.

“Amanda did the first one to motivate me,” I answered, “and Mary did the second, to motivate Amanda, although I think there was a hint of revenge in there too.”

“It was good, but you need more. Once is only enough to shock. To really get into it you need to….”

“We’ll take that under advisement,” I interrupted, not really wanting to discuss this with the twins’ grandmother.

“Grandmother,” Mary said.

Dianna stopped talking and looked at Mary, the note of formality in her voice shifting the room’s whole vibe.

“Share with me,” Dianna said, and I felt their powers swell and connect. I was starting to recognize things now, and I was certain that if I had wanted to, I could have joined their connection.

Dianna’s eyes went wide. “Compulsion, Empathy, Telekinesis. That’s three. In multiples, there are never odd numbers. So, there is a fourth. Could be pyro or cryo, or even true telepathy. I don’t think I can train him. I can give him the basics, but he needs something more.”

While she was talking, I was watching her and the girls. Now that I had identified them, I could see their powers wrapped around each of them. There was a constant link between the twins, and I could still see the thick lines linking the twins with me. The other, lesser lines between me, my mother, and Dianna had faded now, and I assumed that the thicker lines would just take longer to dissipate. They didn’t seem to have weakened yet, though. I made a mental note to check again later.

I was also starting to appreciate something else. There was something about each of them. It was like seeing something, but without using my eyes. The images just arrived in my brain. Each of them had what could only be described as an aura. Once I spotted it, I couldn’t not see it.

“What are you looking at?” asked Mary curiously, seeing that I was looking from her, to Amanda, to Dianna.

“Your auras, I think,” I replied, still looking between them.

That caused a red spike in all three of the auras.

“Judging by that red spike, I take it that is not a good thing?” I asked.

“Auras are personal,” Dianna said, “and I mean personal to the observer. Simply put, because you take red to not be a good thing, that’s probably in the ballpark. You just need to remember that another aura reader’s colors might be very different. Never assume anything if you’re only told what color they saw.”

“Red means danger to me,” I said, “so tell me, why would you think it dangerous for me to be able to see Auras?”

“It isn’t in and of itself,” Dianna said, “but the fact that you have figured them out, without us having had to help you see them, shows that your powers are expanding at quite a rate. The worry is that they will expand so fast that you will be swept along, not be able to maintain your sense of self, and become corrupted by them.”

“I’m counting on a certain set of twins and their grandmother to help me make sure that doesn’t happen,” I replied.

“And we will do our utmost to help,” she said, “but I think we might need a little more help than what we currently have on hand.”

“I still have University,” I reminded them.

“Yes, we understand that,” Dianna said, “but I think we can make some arrangements. Also, you will find that with your powers unlocked your memory will be much better and you will understand things more easily.

“For today, there are a couple of things I want to do. Firstly, we need to deal with Harold’s memories. I would like to deactivate them if you will let me. It won’t remove them, but it will sever their links to your emotional centers. That way, they cannot affect you. I won’t lie to you, Caleb. Now that I have a better sense of how powerful you are, and how quickly you’re growing into that power, I strongly recommend that you allow me to do so.”

“But if they don’t affect my emotions, doesn’t that mean I’ll be able to view them without the feelings of disgust and horror that I do now?”

“That’s the point.”

“But surely, then, if I can do that, then what would prevent me from doing some of the things he did? If I can detach it in such a way from emotion, am I not in danger of repeating it?”

She considered me for a moment. “It would require malice aforethought, as they say in the law, for you to deliberately detach your emotions from bad acts you were about to do. These memories are not your memories. You can feel a much healthier amount of disgust just ‘knowing,’ as normal people do, what Harold did to his victims. Believe me, law enforcement is full of normal people who have to retire because that normal amount of disgust overwhelms them. You would not be losing much – only enough, I think, so that you’d be able to sleep on your own again.

“The only other way is removal,” she continued, “and that will make you as sick as a dog for hours. It will feel like someone took a blender, threw your brain in, blended it without the lid on, and then poured what’s left of it back into your skull.”

“And if you do nothing?” I asked.

“Then there is a chance they will haunt you in your dreams,” she said. “That would be terrible for a normal person, but in your case, it could be much more dangerous. Imagine if a sleepwalker had superpowers.”

“If the girls have suppressed my dreams,” I asked, “how do we even know if that happens?”

“Do you want to take the chance that you will spend your nights re-enacting the horrors that Harold perpetrated on all his victims, including your friend Angela?” she asked.

“Maybe that won’t happen,” I said. “Have you come across this before?”

She shook her head. “Nobody was dumb enough to take a brain dump from a degenerate psychopath,” she said acidly. “Honestly, what possessed you to do that?”

“I’m sorry,” I said, starting to get annoyed, “I missed ALL the lessons that you gave me growing up regarding the safe use of my powers. Oh, wait! There were none. I guess I should apologize for wanting to check if Harold had anybody chained up in his basement that I needed to go rescue, too.”

We glared at each other for a long moment, and then she sighed heavily.

“You can be a dick when you want to be,” she said finally.

“Try not being such a bitch and perhaps I might not want to be so often.”

The twins sat to one side, wide-eyed. Dianna and I continued to glare at each other.

I noted her aura had disappeared. I wondered if she was suppressing it deliberately to stop me from reading her mood. I took a gamble.

“Are you going to stop pouting now and teach me, or do you need me to spank you first?”

Suddenly her aura flared back into visibility. It was a deep, rich purple, like velvet, and it immediately made me think of arousal.

I raised an eyebrow at her, and she chuckled.

“Dick!” she said without rancor. “That would never have happened if I hadn’t just gotten caught up in your playtime.

“If you want to keep his memories intact and try and deal with them yourself then we can try it for a night,” she agreed. “If you have a bad night tonight, we can talk again in the morning before you head back. For now, there are a couple of things I want to show you. The first is how to defend yourself against a mental attack.”

To be honest, it was a bit disappointing: build a wall and make it impenetrable.

Being a bit of a Trekkie, rather than a wall, I imagined shields. I saw in my mind the icon of the starship Enterprise as the shields were raised, the forcefield surrounding the ship, protecting it from external threats.

I felt Dianna pressing at my shield, and she nodded. “Nice,” she said.

Then I had another idea. If a shield worked, then what would happen if I imagined not only a shield, but also a cloaking device, such as the Klingons or Romulans used?

“Okay, again,” Dianna said. “Put up your defense, and let’s see if I can breach it. I will be putting pressure on, but I’ll back off as soon as I get through.”

“If you get through, you mean,” I countered, grinning at her.

“Ready?” Dianna asked.

I heard the command in my head: “So’wI’ yIchu’!” That’s Klingon for “Raise the cloak!” I was, in fact, more than just a bit of a Trekkie. I imagined my mind shimmering into invisibility.

My ‘Cloak’ failed to engage. I sensed that there was something in the way. I examined my mind, and saw that those two broad purple lines still connecting me and the twins, effectively preventing me from using it. Irritated at my failure, I slashed at the links. My cloak engaged.

Immediately I heard the twins scream, a primal noise of pain and loss. I wanted to help them, to find out what had caused them to cry out like that, but I had also been hit by a sense of loss and abandonment so profound I could hardly breathe. My shields collapsed. There was a hole in my heart where the twins had been. I had not even known that they had occupied that space, but then they’d been violently torn out of me. It wasn’t mere absence, but an ugly, jagged, gaping wound. It brought uncontrollable tears to my eyes.

Then I felt Dianna bring her own power to bear, surrounding us, comforting us, and bringing us back together. I felt the twins once again in my mind and my panic and loss subsided. I felt their arms around me and we held each other tightly, sobbing in relief that once again we were whole.

“I’m sorry,” I sobbed, clutching at the girls “I’m so sorry.” On some level I understood that my cutting those links had caused what had just happened; I just didn’t understand why. Weren’t they just the remnants of our earlier sharing? Was it that they needed to fade naturally? Had I been too precipitous in my irritation and caused some kind of psychic backlash?

My parents had entered the room, presumably summoned by the screams. Dianna indicated that everything was under control, and they should let her deal with it. Reluctantly, they withdrew.

It took a while for us all to settle down again, and the twins held onto me, wanting the physical reassurance of my presence. I did not object. I needed to feel their presence every bit as much as they seemed to need to feel mine. I was still shaking slightly when I finally managed to turn my attention back to Dianna.

“What happened?” I asked, my voice by no means firm.

“I have a suspicion,” she replied, “Will you let me see it from your perspective? I should then be able to explain.”

I nodded and felt her in my mind.

She gasped, and I saw tears in her eyes.

“I never thought I would ever see it,” she said quietly. “I’d heard stories, but I never even dreamed that it would happen.”

“That what would happen?” I asked. “What did I do?”

“Caleb,” she said, “when you, Mary, and Amanda took each other’s first times this morning, it bound you together – more certainly and surely than any marriage. And of course, it happened with twins. My oh my.”

“I don’t understand,” I said, “what do you mean, ‘bound?’”

“Caleb,” she said, “you must understand that these powers have been around for generations. Hundreds of years. Over that period, they have evolved, and people have learned how to manipulate them using rituals.

“Most of the skills and rituals have died out,” she continued, “mostly because they were total nonsense. We are no longer living in the Middle Ages; we live in a scientific age. But, just like some ancient herbal remedies actually did work, I suppose some of those rituals did too.

“I’d heard of one, decades ago. It was originally designed as a marriage ritual. The idea was that the betrothed couple would each give their first time to the other whilst sharing. It was supposed to form an unbreakable bond between the pair – so much so that they could never bear to be parted.

“I never attributed much to the tales, thinking they were myths, but it seems that you did something quite like that – though, thankfully, not so extreme that you can’t be physically separate. In giving yourself to Mary and Amanda, and them giving themselves to you, you are now bonded.

“Those lines you saw were the bond, not just a remnant of your sharing. When you blocked them, you did something akin to cutting off your own arm. It really shouldn’t be possible to do that in the first place, but the power of your imagination seems to have few boundaries. What you saw, and felt, was the result. I am not sure of the effect on any of you should that disconnection become permanent. I would fear for your sanity, for your very lives.”

My chest tightened and I felt physically sick. I felt, more than heard, a litany of accusations in my head. They weren’t coming from some outside source. There were no red or black lines pumping venom into my head. They burned just as badly as any psychic attack possibly could.

Reckless. Stupid. Arrogant. Dangerous. Unstable. Selfish. Insane.

I couldn’t breathe. I had to get out of that room, out of the house.

Standing up, I rushed from the room, surprising my mother, who had just opened the kitchen door.

She saw my face and paled.

“Caleb, what happ…”

Spinning away, I yanked open the front door and fled.

I had no idea where I was going. I just needed to be somewhere, anywhere but where I was. I couldn’t think. I could only feel, and every feeling was terrible. Nightmares sprung up, burned or stabbed me, then fizzled just as quickly. I couldn’t even seize upon them long enough to think about them logically.

Mary and Amanda, lobotomized, drooling, purple collars and chain leashes – and I, the master who was even more negligent than I was cruel, tugging at them heedlessly, practically strangling them as I bumbled my way through some dirty street full of drug addicts and prostitutes.

Myself, an ugly, twisted scarecrow, grasping two beautiful balls of light – Mary and Amanda’s souls, of course – and greedily shoving them into my jagged maw… only to pierce my own fetid breast with a taloned hand, tearing them out again, covered in black sludge and screaming in agony. With red fire blazing in my blackened sockets, I’d crush them in my grasp, cackling with a madness that rejected all distinction between pain, loss, cruelty, gluttony, lust, and victory. Half-digested, they’d deform like a pair of gouged-out eyeballs as I squeezed them to death, snuffing out their light forever.

Myself again – but also Harold – heedless of my own unkempt stink, or perhaps so far gone I was truly unaware of it, sleazing and humping my way through a parade of half-crazed college students, leaving them stained forever with my foul seed. Bellies would swell up and birth my monstrous children as I forever moved forward, sniffing out my next victim while tugging my twisted cock back to hardness.

The ultimate nightmare would not have been hard to predict, had I any shred of perspective left to cling to: the entire world, a pit of filth; everyone bloody and diseased; endless, mindless, drug-addicted orgies; everything and everyone dedicated to my worship; nothing but chains everywhere, all leading back to me, their god. I would treat those chains like playthings. Some days, I’d squeeze or sever them without a thought for the pain and death it would cause. Other days, I’d manipulate them precisely to inflict those arbitrary punishments. Everyone, myself included, would be convinced that I was an immaculate Adonis, but from the outside, away from my ever-expanding aura of enforced, insane delusion, I would be exposed as the exact opposite. I would be filth itself. I would be disease itself. I would more than the devil, because I would be powerful enough both to make a hell of Earth and force everyone to believe it was heaven.

Slaver. Rapist. Monster. Abomination. Devourer. Ruiner.

Eventually, I ran out of steam and found myself at the river. I was mentally and emotionally exhausted – which, ironically, was the only reason I was cognizant of where my legs had carried me. It was always where I’d used to come whenever I’d had something to think through, or when I’d just needed to be alone. Nobody ever knew of it, so I thought I was safe there and could think without interruption. I suppose I should have known better, but I wasn’t exactly thinking straight at that moment.

I slumped down on a log by the water. I just felt ugly – ugly and wrong. Worse, I couldn’t stop a wave of self-pity from washing over me. After all of that feverish guilt and recrimination, suddenly I fancied myself a victim.

I wondered if there was a way of breaking the bond, of releasing the girls from the trap I had unwittingly sprung on them.

Had it been unwitting, though? I remembered thinking, just before they had given themselves to me, that I wanted them. Had that thought been the catalyst for the enslavement? If so, how did I know how to do it? Was there some kind of alter-ego in my subconscious that understood my powers already, and was steering my actions while my conscious self arrogantly thought it was in control? Or was that in itself an excuse to escape the blame for my heinous act?

“Oh, it wasn’t me, Your Honour, it was my evil twin hiding inside me!”

I laughed bitterly.

If I were to leave, to disappear, how would that affect the twins? They had seemed upset, but perhaps after a while, they would recover enough to live their lives.

I remembered the tearing feeling of loss I had experienced and knew that was not the case. If they felt anything like I had, then it would never go away.

I put my head in my hands and groaned. Things just kept going from bad to worse. I had no idea what to do next.

I jumped as the log I was sitting on shifted slightly as someone sat beside me: my father.

“I used to come here to think when I was younger,” he said, gazing out over the river. “Still do in fact, sometimes. I like the quiet. It soothes my mind.”

He put his arm around my shoulder, and I sagged against him. I was completely lost.

“Dianna told me what happened,” he said.

“I’m sorry Dad,” I began. “You must be so disappointed. I saw how you feel about Uncle John. To find out your own son has become…”

He pulled me into a hug, pressing my face into his chest and effectively stifling my words.

“Listen to me,” he said, “You haven’t disappointed anyone. If you will take a second to hear the truth of what happened, rather than what you think happened, you may see things as they are and not how you fear them to be.”

He released me from the hug. “Dianna is waiting. Will you talk to her?” he asked.

I hesitated. Could it be true? Was there really a ‘good’ explanation for what had happened? I couldn’t see how, but I was desperate to believe him. I so wanted not to be the evil degenerate that I had convinced myself that I had become.

I nodded.

He stood and walked into the trees a short way. Dianna stepped out from behind some trees and approached. She eased herself down onto the log next to me. She sighed and leaned against me.

“That was a long fucking walk,” she said.

“The plan was for some alone time,” I said. “I wasn’t expecting a party.”

She huffed.

“Caleb,” she began, “When you suppressed your bond with the girls, how did that make you feel?”

“I felt like a part of me had been torn away,” I said, remembering the pain. “The loss was indescribable.”

“And that’s that,” she said. “The three of you were – and are – in this together, as equals. Caleb, I owe you so many apologies. The girls are hurting right now, so let’s not say whether they owe you one too; it would be petty and cruel.

“You wanted this,” she said, “and the twins wanted it too. All three of you wanted to be bound together in this profound, beautiful way. The difference is that you had no idea about anything. You didn’t know it was possible; you didn’t know your powers could work like that. The twins know more about this stuff than you do, but I can’t imagine they knew the story about some old ritual and could’ve made the connections necessary to suspect that that one, out of so many other bunk and useless ones, might actually be a real thing.

“I was the one who should have been on alert. Me. I was the one who should’ve been telling all three of you to slow down, and not Escort Bayan let your powers get out of control.”

I shrugged. It all made sense, but I didn’t care. “What’s done is done,” I said sullenly. “People die from accidents. It doesn’t just make it okay – that it was an accident.”

“Do you love them?” she asked.

“I do,” I replied immediately.

“Do you believe that they love you?”

“I do.” It was just as instinctive the second time, and just as true.

“Then you need to accept that this was an accident born of love,” she said, “even if you can’t accept that it wasn’t your fault that it happened. Accidents born of love can have steep costs, Caleb, but they can also turn out to be the best mistakes you ever make.”

She smiled sympathetically. “I’m only a little surprised you’re not taking me up on that offer to blame me, Caleb,” she said. “I think you should. I think it’s the best way to move forward, and I also think it’s deserved.

“If you have any doubts about how beautiful this accident can be,” she continued, “all you need to do is open yourself up. You certainly don’t need me to be a go-between anymore. This bond alone allows the three of you to share your deepest truths with each other. Frankly, if you were less powerful, I’m not sure you could block it as effectively as you’re doing right now.”

I grimaced. “Am I still hurting them?” I asked.

“No, dear,” she said. “I am holding enough of a connection to maintain you for now. You will have to restore the bond, though, when you are ready.”

“How can I ever trust what they feel now after it’s already been done? They’re dependent on me. They need me.”

“And you need them just as much,” she said. “Maybe believing comes later. Maybe accepting has to come first this time. There are still people on the outside, Caleb – people you love and trust. I don’t deserve your trust right now, but what about your mom? She’d never let you off the hook if you’d really done something ugly to my girls. She wouldn’t have let it get that far in the first place. She’d have stormed into that room and squeezed your balls until they fell off.”

I had to laugh at that. I didn’t want to literally picture my mom doing that to me, but I could believe it. I could half-imagine it, without the visual.

It felt good to laugh, but it was a fleeting thing. I looked at Dianna again, and I let out the deepest, darkest truth. It had been percolating and festering inside me ever since I’d run off.

“I’m too powerful,” I said. “I can’t trust myself, and I’m too powerful to trust anyone else. For the rest of my life, I’ll always be wondering whether I’ve just unconsciously or unknowingly used my powers on them – brainwashed them into being another cheerleader who tells me I’m a great guy who never does anything wrong.”

“Oh, dear,” Dianna sighed. “Oh, dear.”

I waited, expecting more. She’d been on something of a roll. She’d been doing well. I could recognize that, even as fucked up as I was emotionally. Mentally, I’d never felt clearer. That was the problem. That deep, dark truth felt so indisputable. It felt so… true.

“Each time I get presented with a situation,” I said, “I react. And it’s nearly always in exactly the wrong way.”

She stayed quiet. I could feel that she wanted to reach out and touch me, physically – nothing sexual, just a comforting hand on my shoulder or leg. She refrained. She gave me the look, the shrug, and the nod, though. She gave me permission to take over and just let it all out.

“I find I have powers and I screw up two people’s lives, sexually assault another and effectively poison someone else,” I said. “I get pissed about being asked questions and I physically assault someone. I find out that I have the love of two amazing, incredible, beautiful women, and I run off and hide. When can I trust myself to do things right? I am just so scared right now that I am going to hurt someone. You, the twins, my family or a perfect stranger. When does it stop?”

“It doesn’t,” she said. ”What you are feeling is exactly the same as every single person, when they suddenly realize that they have responsibilities outside themselves. It is worse for you because this sudden sense of responsibility was forced on you before your time, and because you’re just so powerful – and because I lulled you into a false sense of security right after you discovered all this. You learn to live with it, to stop reacting, and consider your actions. Training in a martial art can help you too; the discipline is good for your mind, and means you are less likely to succumb to knee-jerk impulses.”

“And how long does that take?” I asked. “To learn to live with it?”

“I don’t know, seventy years?” she suggested. “It doesn’t happen all at once, obviously. It’s a process.

“You also need to stop being so hard on yourself,” she continued. “Yes, you made some mistakes. Who hasn’t? Learn from them, forgive yourself, move on and try not to make the same mistakes again. If you can do that, then you are ahead of the game. It’s the same game for everyone. Different leagues, maybe. You’re in the super league, Caleb. It’s tougher.”

She stood then.

“We should get back. I’ll admit to being selfish when I ask you one more time to reopen your bond. My girls want it. I can feel it. Besides, it’s almost dinner time. Even you still need to eat.”

“How can I…” I began.

“You can always just talk to them instead,” she said. “They’ll understand that you want to try to work through some things without using your powers at all. They’re not quite adults, Caleb, but they’re already good, solid people – just like you are. Trust that.”

I nodded and stood. Even if I didn’t how to start that conversation, I knew I couldn’t keep being a coward. That would be on me.

As we walked back to the house, Dianna asked me about my shield.

“Just before everything went pear-shaped,” she said, “you completely disappeared from my awareness. How did you do that?”

“Imagination,” I answered. “It seems to be the way my abilities work – well, one of the ways they work. I don’t know if you watch Star Trek?”

“I’ve seen a couple of episodes,” she said.

I explained how I had imagined my defense not as a brick wall, as she had suggested, but as a shield on a starship. I then told her about the Klingon cloaking device, and how I’d figured that that would be a clever trick to play.

She nodded as we walked. “Visualisation is a powerful tool for controlling power,” she said. “You have a powerful imagination, and also a lot of source material to feed it.”

“Yesterday,” I said, hoping to take advantage of her loquaciousness, “you said you would tell me about these other factors that may allow the coexistence of Compulsion and Empathy.”

“Other powers,” she said simply. “Multiple powers always manifest in pairs. You can have a single power, but if you have more than one, then you always have an even number. Don’t bother asking me why; I haven’t got the faintest idea, but that is always how it has always worked. The strange thing is that Compulsion and Empathy are never a pair. To have both, you must have another power. Since just one other power would leave you with an odd number, you must actually have two more powers… at least.”

“I know I have Compulsion, Empathy, and Telekinesis,” I said. “How will I find out about my other power?”

“Wait for it to manifest,” she said. “It will show itself eventually.”

I thought about that.

“Isn’t that dangerous?” I asked. Given my track record, I wasn’t looking forward to the fallout when my unknown power suddenly made itself known.

“Less so now,” she said. “You know about power, so you will know to control your emotions and direct your energies away from people. Also, you have the twins to help you.”

We walked in silence for a while. I stole occasional glances at her.

“Go on,” she said. “Ask.”

“What?” I asked.

“You know what you wanted to ask,” she said irritably, “So just do it already.”

“How old are you?” I ventured.

“Didn’t you know it’s rude to ask a lady her age?” She cackled at me, pleased to have caught me.

“I didn’t,” I returned. “I asked you.”

That stopped her cackling. “Well,” she said, “even if you learn how to be a responsible adult someday, Caleb, I think you’re always going to be a bit of a dick.”

“Well, that’s probably best, since you like dicks.”

She guffawed at that.

“You will cut yourself one day,” she chuckled. “If you must know, I’m sixty-seven.”

I stopped walking to let it sink in. “Huh,” I said. “I mean, I’m still flabbergasted, but, once you told me that you were their grandmother, I just figured all bets were off. Sixty-seven, sure, but why not two hundred? It would be just as impossible.”

I didn’t actually mean ‘impossible.’ We were so far beyond that. She understood.

“Power users age more slowly than regular people,” she replied. “We live longer too, as long as we don’t die of something else first. So, it’s the most boring answer possible, in context. It just is.” She waved at me to catch up. I took a few hurried steps, and we kept moving.

“’ Something else,’ like illness or disease?” I pressed.

“Possible, but unlikely,” she replied. “We are pretty resilient. Accidents or ill intent are pretty much the only things that can kill us before our time, and our time is, on average, about quadruple the normal non-power user’s lifespan.”

She turned to look at me where I once again had stopped. “If you keep stopping, we will never get back,” she complained.

I started walking again. “You keep dropping these bombshells,” I said. “What do you expect? At this rate, you’ll be telling me I have adamantium bones and super speed before lights out.”

We came around the last bend in the trail and the house came into view. The girls sat on the bench outside, watching for us. They jumped up as we emerged from the trees and ran towards us.

I grinned at them sheepishly. “Hi, Honeys, I’m home,” I said in a sing-song voice.

Amanda giggled and Mary smiled.

Both of them pulled me into an embrace. I had one arm around each girl, and they pressed themselves against me. I don’t know why, but the physical contact broke me out of my funk. I opened myself to the bond. I understood immediately what Dianna had meant; it felt like we’d created a shortcut past all the other ways our powers could link us – and that shortcut also happened to be a wide, rushing river, with no limit to how much it could pour through and between all three of us. I was filled with love and joy at our reunification, and my feelings of guilt, shame, and remorse were obliterated in the face of that love. More tears ran down my face and I hugged the pair to me tighter, never wanting to release them.

I felt a hand on my back, and not wanting to let go of my girls, turned us all around to face my mother.

“Come on inside,” she said. “Dinner is ready, you must be starving after being out all day.”

The food was already on the table when we entered the kitchen. My father was seated in his usual spot at the head of the table. Mary and Amanda sat either side of me, and my mother and Dianna sat opposite.

“After dinner you will need to get all your stuff ready for tomorrow,” my mom said. “All your washing is done and in the bag downstairs. The red bag next to it is Mary’s.”

I suddenly had an awful realisation: Mary and I would be heading back to PSU tomorrow, but Amanda wasn’t at our university. She would be heading back to a totally different place, miles away.

That bad feeling was swept away instantly. Amanda told me, through the grand river of our bond, that she was going back with us.

“Words, please, you three,” Dianna gently chided. “Be polite.”

“Sorry, Grams,” Amanda said with a smile. “Grandma has quite a bit of pull through her job, Caleb. I’m already officially a new transfer student.”

My mind immediately pictured Josh’s face when he met both my girls, and I grinned. When I did, so did Mary and Amanda.

“What’s funny?” asked my mother.

“I don’t know,” I replied. “How do you girls feel about secret-twin pranks?”

“They can be amusing, within reason,” Mary said, her grin turning coy.

“Or maybe just a little bit past it,” Amanda added impishly.

It felt strange to not feel strange, but that’s how it was: the three of us were talking out loud solely for the benefit of the others at the table, and we all knew it. It was simply how it was going to be from then on. We couldn’t transmit every single piece of information to each other just through that rushing river of shared emotions, but it occurred to me that the twins could augment that river with their powers, to the point where we’d effectively have a telepathic connection whenever we wanted it. There’d be a tiny lag because we’d be trading memories instead of actual thoughts, but that didn’t seem like much of a barrier at all.

“Well then, I think Josh will be our first victim,” I said. “Nothing crazy. Just a little fun.”

“And no powers,” Dianna said.

All three of us nodded at her sombrely. We weren’t just putting her on. I didn’t know where my seriousness ended and the girls began, but it felt good to know that we were all on the same page. They were going to support me. They were going to help make sure I didn’t accidentally do anything else too crazy. Obviously, they’d stop me from doing anything crazy on purpose, too, but slowly, I was starting to believe that I wouldn’t. They both had just the right amount of faith in me – not too little, but, even more importantly, not too much.

I could see that my mother had something on her mind all through dinner, and I asked her what it was as we cleared the dishes together. My father and Dianna had gone out onto the deck, and the girls were packing up the remainder of our stuff.

“Caleb,” she said, “I know what happened between you and the girls, and I know what it means. I also know that when you get back to college you will likely be spending all your nights together.”

I braced myself. I knew what was coming. This weekend was all about ‘accidents,’ after all, in one form or another. Part of that was how to prevent them.

“You still have two years of schooling, and you need to get through that if you want to get into law enforcement, even if you don’t want to work with Dianna. You need to be careful. A baby, or two, could seriously jeopardize all your plans – yours and the girls’. I also suspect that you are going to be experimenting with others. Remember that it’s not just babies you need to worry about. Even if you three are particularly resistant to disease, most of your other partners won’t be. Make sure you take precautions.”

I blushed a little and nodded.

She hugged me. “I love you and I’m proud of you,” she said. “This weekend has been a huge challenge for all of us, but most of all for you. You handled it better than we could have hoped, given the way you found your powers.”

With the chores finished, we joined my father and Dianna on the deck and were joined shortly thereafter by the girls.

The evening was spent in pleasant but idle conversation. It felt like a family gathering, and I realized that that was exactly what it was. We were all family now. I was irrevocably joined to the two girls, and so now our two families had become one.

Mary and Amanda both yawned simultaneously… and so did I. I wasn’t sure if that made it less disturbing, or more. There were definitely two streams in that rushing river. One was smaller. The bigger one was a little silly and a little mocking, but mostly just reassuring. I could feel the twins telling me that it just wasn’t a big deal, and that I’d get used to it.

I could immediately tell that they weren’t faking it. I remembered that both of them had only slept half a night.

“I’ll sleep downstairs tonight,” I said. “You girls need your sleep.”

The rushing river almost immediately smacked my butt – figuratively – and told me to stop being such a martyr.

“No,” Dianna said, and she stopped short when I immediately held up my hands in surrender. She grinned. “I see the girls have already set you straight. Good.

“All three of you can just try sleeping tonight,” she said. “If something happens, I’m sure the girls will feel it right away, and all three of you can deal with it together. Like I told you, Caleb: it’s a profound and beautiful thing – and there are many benefits.”

“But Grandma,” Amanda said, “what if the nightmares end up affecting all three of us? Surely, we need to prepare for that.”

Her tone let me know something was up. The river swirled. I felt playfulness; it even felt a little dangerous.

“Yes,” Mary said seriously – but again, I could hear something in her tone. “I think it best if we pair up tonight, physically. Amanda and I will take one bed.”

“Uh…” I said.

“And Caleb and I will take another,” Dianna said definitively. “That’s an excellent idea, girls. Very astute, very responsible.” There went my jaw again.

“You’re not… I’m not… I can’t…” I couldn’t seem to form a coherent sentence.

“You’re bunking in with me,” she said, “so you better not snore.”

“He did last night,” Amanda said, “but only when he was on his back.”

I looked to my mother, hoping she would intercede on my behalf. If anything, she seemed amused.

“After what you gave us both this morning, are you surprised?” she asked.

My jaw dropped even further.

“Your father will…” she began.

I put my fingers in my ears. I had no interest in finding out how THAT sentence was going to end.

“I’m going for a shower,” I said and escaped into the house.

I had just gotten under the stream of warm water when a cold draught on my back announced that someone had opened the shower door. I turned as a naked Mary stepped through the door. She was followed by an equally-naked Amanda.

I wished I could have stood back and admired their beauty. Even naked, their most striking features were their eyes, those beautiful, tawny, leonine eyes. A very close second was a pair of identically-perfect behinds, one of which I had cupped in both my hands as Mary’s firm-yet-deliciously-yielding breasts pressed into my chest. A second pair of identical breasts pressed into my back as we rotated under the warm water, reveling in the closeness.

Mary reached for the body wash and began to wash me, using her hands to massage the liquid soap into my shoulders, running her hands down each of my arms in turn, and then interlocking her fingers with mine. Then onto my chest, washing and massaging, caressing, spending just slightly too long on each of my nipples to ensure that they were not only perfectly clean but also stood rigidly to attention.

My stomach came next, and she traced the outline of my abs as she washed, before dipping her finger into my navel.

Then it was Amanda’s turn. She started with the back of my shoulders, then washed and massaged her way down my back, taking her time to make sure I was both clean and relaxed, working out kinks and knots in my back I hadn’t even realized existed.

She washed my hair, reaching up to massage my scalp, before rinsing the soap away under the water.

Mary put her arms around my neck and kissed me. The feeling of her closeness, her breasts against my chest and my erection trapped against her belly, was augmented by the feeling of Amanda pressed up behind me, her breasts sliding over my wet back, her belly and groin pressing into my ass.

Mary stepped back and they spun me around. Amanda kissed me, her arms around my neck as Mary had, but then they both dropped to their knees and started to wash my legs.

Amanda put my hand on her shoulder, then indicated I should lift my foot. Between them, they soaped and cleaned my foot, massaging the sole without once tickling, which I found amazing, as I had previously hated anyone touching my feet, I was just so ticklish there.

They moved to the other foot and repeated the process, once again soaping, cleaning and massaging my foot, before allowing me to place both feet on the floor.

Amanda pushed outwards on my legs, indicating I needed to adopt a wider stance, and I complied.

They started on my lower legs, Amanda taking the front, and Mary the back. Between them, they washed and massaged up from my ankle to my upper thigh on my left leg, and then repeated the process on my right. Then the real onslaught started.

Amanda began to wash my cock and balls, and at the same time, Mary started on my ass.

Their touch was firm, almost business-like at first – as you would imagine a nurse would wash a patient. One might try to argue that it wasn’t sexual if one could ignore the fact that these ‘nurses’ were both absolutely stunning young women who were also naked.

Mary washed and massaged the cheeks of my ass, while Amanda cleaned around my cock, soaping and rinsing my pubic region and right up between my legs. Then she took my cock in her hand and began to ‘wash’ that. Her touch was still firm, but not brusque, her movements slow and teasing. She stroked up and down, rubbing the soap over and around the head, before stroking down the shaft, all the while massaging my balls with her other hand.

As if that wasn’t enough, Mary had progressed from washing my cheeks, and was running her soapy fingers up and down the crack of my ass. They drifted all the way from behind my balls – which Amanda was busily ‘washing’ – to the small of my back, and then reversed the trip. Each way, they lingered on my asshole for a second on or two, rubbing it gently.

I realised after a couple of minutes of this treatment that all the soap had gone, and along with it all pretence of washing. Amanda was properly wanking me, squeezing my cock with one hand while gently rolling my balls around with the other. As I realised this, she leaned forward and ran her tongue over my ball sack before opening her mouth and taking one of my balls inside and sucking it gently. She tongued it and rolled it around in her mouth before releasing it and moving onto its partner, giving it the same treatment. While she was doing that, she was slowly but firmly stroking my cock.

Around the back, Mary was still massaging my ass, planting delicate kisses on my cheeks.

Amanda moved up slightly, and, with slow deliberation, took the head of my cock in her mouth.

Since she had moved closer, I could feel her tits rubbing against my thighs, slippery with the water.

She pressed forward, slowly but inexorably, until she had taken my full length down her throat. I leaned forward slightly to protect her face from the shower as she looked up, gazing directly into my eyes as she held me in her throat and swallowed.

I was starting to struggle. The sensations were becoming overwhelming as Amanda slowly pulled back off my cock until she held only the head in her mouth. I felt Mary place her hands on my cheeks and separate them, before slowly and delicately running her tongue up the full length of my ass crack. Her tongue skated over my asshole, and I twitched, causing a small spurt of precum to squirt into Amanda’s mouth. She swirled her tongue around my head, smiling around my cock.

Then she started to move her head, pumping her mouth onto my cock slowly at first, but faster and faster, massaging my balls with her hand. I felt her seeking her own pleasure; it became mine, just as surely as mine was hers and Mary’s. The feeling of licking my own ass was definitely strange; I couldn’t actually feel it in a physical way, but I could feel how Mary felt about it. It was incredibly sexual. It made her feel istanbul Escort submissive and servile, and so I felt that way too – but also felt the dominant satisfaction of being sexually serviced. I found myself enjoying Mary’s emotional experience almost as much as my own. I was seducing myself. I was giving myself another amazing three-way experience. We were all giving it to each other. Even I, who would seem to any naive observer the selfish beneficiary, was transmitting all of my good feelings back to my two bound lovers.

Looking down only confirmed that Amanda was busy with her own clit. Our bond was new and incredible, but I was still a very visual creature. Watching her pleasure herself instantly added to the experience. I could feel I was getting very close. I was amazed I’d lasted this long.

Mary took my hands and placed them on Amanda’s head, encouraging me to ‘assist.’ I immediately knew that Amanda wanted me to be more active and dominant – that I wouldn’t be surprising or hurting her in any way. I was still gentle; I resisted the urge to buck my hips, and instead languidly fucked into Amanda’s heavenly mouth. She moaned, and I felt her submissive satisfaction – plus one tiny note that I instantly understood: next time I could go a little farther and be a little more aggressive with her near the end. She’d let me know. She’d like it.

Then Mary blew my mind by spreading my ass cheeks wide and sliding her tongue into my asshole.

My world exploded in a whirlwind of sensations as I came: Amanda’s tongue, teasing and bathing the head of my cock as she accepted my spunk; her hand holding and tugging gently at my balls; and Mary’s tongue creating previously unknown sensations around my asshole, which twitched and writhed in time with the spasms as I pumped what seemed to be an unending supply of cum into Amanda’s mouth.

After the oral sex I’d given both Josh and Louise, I don’t know why it still surprised me that Mary and Amanda seemed to have loved sexually servicing me – not just because of the feelings I transmitted to them through the bond, but as a part of their own sexualities. It did, though, just a little. I was so grateful. They appreciated that, but the river between us playfully lapped at me, gently telling me that I was still learning what it meant to be a part of this world.

When I finally finished, I realized that I was leaning against the wall, almost incapable of standing unaided.

As they had that morning, the girls stood and kissed, sharing the spoils of Amanda’s amazing oral skills. I reminded myself that I would have to learn NOT to use my powers If we were to get together with Josh and Louise again, or any other outsider, for that matter. The word ‘outsider’ gave me a small pang of regret. It seemed so unfair to relegate my friends to that status – especially Josh and Louise – but I knew it was necessary to protect everyone concerned.

Amanda turned to me and kissed me. I could still taste the remnants of my cum in that kiss, but I had eaten my own cum on many occasions – it’s a much easier clean-up – so it didn’t bother me at all.

Mary turned me around and took her kiss. I could taste my cum in her mouth too. I reveled in the sensations of the kiss and of a very wet, very naked young woman pressed against me.

I was surprised when both girls got out of the shower and put on identical robes. This would be the second time they didn’t let me properly return the oral favor. They felt my confusion, and in return, I received that same mixture of emotions from them: playfulness, reassurance, and a hint of danger. I needed to remember that they were much better at this stuff than I was. They’d been bonded to each other, in a way, ever since their powers had first awakened.

Mary held her hand out and I got out of the shower after turning the water off. Between them, they dried me efficiently enough, but paid more than passing interest to my midriff, which meant that by the time I was completely dry I was once again rigid and ready for more.

Naked, they led me from the bathroom, and it took me a second to realise that they weren’t leading me to my room, but to the guest room at the top of the stairs. I opened my mouth, but Mary placed her finger to my lips.

Amanda put her lips to my ear.

“If you really don’t want to,” she began, “we will not insist, and she will not be upset, but after this morning she needs some physical love. Your father is helping your mother with her needs, but she has nobody. Will you help her?”

“And what about your needs?” I asked. “After what you did for me, you must have some.”

Mary giggled; I think it might have been the first time I heard her do so.

“We will manage,” she said. “Tonight, she needs you. Will you help her? Please?”

I nodded and Amanda pushed open the door, leading me inside.

“You can suppress us if you want,” she said, “while you’re with her. It’s up to you. We completely understand. We’ll be just fine tonight.”

I nodded my understanding, but I wasn’t sure whether I was going to. It was a lot to think about.

Dianna stood at the foot of the bed, facing me. She was naked and beautiful. I stopped thinking about anything else.

Her hair was darker than the twins, being almost mahogany, but she still had those captivating tawny eyes. She was slightly shorter too, probably about 5’3” or so, but despite her supposed years she was amazing to look at.

She had small, pert breasts with large, dark nipples surrounded by surprisingly-large aureole. Her tummy was tight and flat and her waist trim, flaring to moderate hips. As I gazed at her, she smiled and turned.

Her ass was beautiful too. It didn’t have the pert youth of the girls’, but it was firm and round, and it properly entranced me.

“Do I pass muster?” she asked, surprisingly shyly.

“You are amazing!” I exhaled.

“For a…” she began, but I interrupted her.

“For nothing. You are simply amazing.”

She smiled at me. “Thank you,” she said. “It’s a long time since someone has looked at me the way you are looking at me now. I have missed it.”

She held her hands out and I moved closer to her.

“Should we talk?” I asked. “It’s been a day.”

“I’ll do anything you want,” she said, “but we Empaths find that this is a very effective way of repairing strained relationships. It’s not an apology. It’s… reassurance. It’s a renewal of our commitment to each other, as family.

“It also fulfils a need,” she said. It was a confession, but a hungry one.

I decided we could try it her way. We’d already talked a lot.

Reaching up, she put her arms around my neck and pulled me down towards her, capturing my mouth with hers. Her kiss started warm and gentle, but soon heated up as her tongue invaded my mouth and strove to take possession.

Stooping slightly, I picked her up and walked to the bed. Once there, I laid her on the mattress, and she scooted up. I followed and resumed our interrupted kiss as she ran her hands over my body. Eventually, her hand closed around my cock, and she growled in her throat – a needy sound.

We broke the kiss, and I lowered my head, capturing one of her dark nipples in my mouth. She gasped as I nipped and nibbled at it, duplicating the sensations on the other with my fingers.

“That’s good, Caleb,” she said. “I want you to be aggressive with me tonight. It’s not hate. It’s not violent. It’s primal. It’s symbolic. Set me straight, with love. With sex. Fuck me back into your good graces. I want it. I need it.”

Any hesitation I might have felt was obliterated by the hunger in her voice. There was simply no way she was lying to me. She did want it, need it.

I moved across to the other nipple and repeated my assault, once again mimicking the sensations with my fingers. I alternated back and forth between her breasts, occasionally stopping to move back up and re-engage with the kiss. I could smell her arousal now, a sweet, spicy smell that was intoxicating. I decided I wanted a taste.

I moved down her body, kissing and licking all the way until I was lay between her spread legs, her pussy flushed, her labia engorged with her arousal. I leaned in and blew a hot breath over her lips, and she moaned.

“Please,” she said, “Don’t tease. Devour.”

For a moment, I felt my power. I knew I could deny her, and she’d still submit – at least for a while. It was one of those moments, I realized – a tiny one, but an important one, nevertheless. I could be a good guy, or I could be a dick.

I decided to play my part. I had a feeling it would be just as good for me as it would be for her.

Spreading her lips with my fingers, I ran my tongue up the length of her slit, starting at her asshole and slowly progressing across her opening all the way to the top, finishing with her clit.

She moaned. Her taste was exquisite – spicy and musky. I wanted more.

Using the flat of my tongue this time, I once again went from asshole to apex, this time pausing briefly to push the tip of my tongue into her opening. More of her delicious juices flowed out, and I began to lap at her eagerly.

I moved slightly up the bed and pushed my tongue inside of her. She squeaked slightly and I felt her pussy clamp on my tongue. She was surprisingly tight. I wriggled my tongue around, pushing it in as far as I could manage, before once again resuming my licking.

She was starting to move her hips, clearly wanting more, so I gave it. Once more I ran my tongue the length of her slit, but this time when I reached the apex, I used the tip to tease out her clit, then circled it over and over. I suckled on the nub for a few seconds before returning to push my tongue inside her again.

Dianna was breathing heavily, trying to grind herself into my face. I put my hands under her knees and lifted her legs, spreading her slightly. Pushing myself down into the bed, I ran my tongue around her asshole, and she jumped. The twitching of her pussy indicated that she liked that, so I did it again, and again, before moving back to taste her once more.

I thought she was starting to build up, so I returned to her clit, and started to write my name on it with the tip of my tongue. Remembering Josh’s tutelage, I slipped a finger into her pussy as I started writing the twins’ names with my tongue; for some reason that felt delightfully sinful.

I allowed that thought to leak across the bond, and I felt the twin’s arousal in response. I also got a quick hint of why, exactly, they were ‘just fine’ over in their bed. Impish as ever, though, they didn’t give me much more than that.

Dianna’s pussy was slick and dripping with her juices, so adding a second finger wasn’t difficult. I started to pump them in and out as I continued punishing her clit.

The image of Josh extending his hand and curving his fingers popped into my head and so I once again followed his advice, curling my fingers up and searching for that special spot.

I found it.

Dianna started to shake as I massaged her G-spot whilst ravaging her clit with my tongue lips and teeth. I pumped at her pussy, feeling her juices running over my hand. I added a third finger and her pussy started to squeeze on them. I pumped faster all the time massaging at her front wall and savaging her clit. She was grinding hard into my face, her hands gripping the covers on the bed on either side of her.

With my free hand, I reached up and cupped her breast. I pinched and rolled the nipple while I continued to work on her pussy.

She moved her hands from the bed to the back of my head, holding me in place as she ground her pussy into my face, panting and moaning. She seemed to be hovering right on the precipice, needing just a little nudge to push her over the edge, but that nudge wasn’t forthcoming.

Over and over, she ground her pussy into me, while I massaged her g-spot and licked and sucked at her clit.

Finally, remembering her words to me, and her reaction from earlier, I pulled my three fingers out of her pussy, and, with no warning at all, shoved them up her ass.

She shrieked like a banshee, and I was drowned in a deluge of her juices as she came. I could feel her asshole clenching over and over around my fingers while she jerked and spasmed on the bed like a landed fish.

After what seemed an age, she completely locked up, clamping her thighs around my head, before collapsing with a sigh. I gently lapped at her pussy a few times, but she jumped; the sensation was too much for her. I eased my fingers out of her and kissed her pussy one last time, eliciting another aftershock.

“Dick,” she laughed.

“If you insist,” I replied, and she laughed again.

“Give me a minute,” she said, “I need to recover. But good instincts, Caleb. Nice and aggressive. You really showed me.”

I really had, and it felt good.

Moving out from between her legs, I crawled up the bed and then settled beside her.

The room was warm so there was no need for covers. I lay on my side, gently caressing her body, running my hands over her belly and chest. I avoided her pussy and nipples, as they were still too sensitive.

She turned her head to me and smiled.

“Thank you,” she said. “It has been so long, but that was definitely worth the wait.”

I smiled at her. “You taste delicious,” I said, and, surprisingly, she blushed.

I laughed.

She shoved my shoulder and I fell onto my back. She, in turn, rolled onto her side and began stroking me.

There wasn’t really a need. My cock was already at full mast and raring to go, but I enjoyed what she was doing to me.

She leaned in to kiss me as her hand wandered up and down from my belly to my chest, occasionally scraping over one nipple or the other. As she continued the kiss, her hand moved lower, and then she wrapped it around my erection and squeezed.

I was already as hard as I could get, and she collected some of my precum – which had been leaking from me in generous quantities – and spread it over my cock, using it to make her hand slick as she started to pump up and down.

After a minute or so of this she moved, and still holding the kiss she threw her leg over me and settled astride before lining herself up and sinking down onto me in a long slow single thrust.

We both moaned into the kiss. Her pussy was snug, but not as tight as the twins’. That was no real surprise, but it was equally as hot. She seemed to produce a lot more lubrication than I expected, and, as she started to move up and down on me, I could feel it squirting out around me and soaking my balls.

She continued to ride me, alternating between kissing me and throwing her head back, at which time I would stroke and massage her tits, tweaking and rolling her nipples between my fingers.

Her speed increased and she once more came in for the kiss. Our tongues battled as she pounded her hips into me, smashing her clit into my pubic bone over and over again.

Suddenly, she stopped and rolled off me.

“From behind,” she panted and rolled onto her belly before kneeling up on all fours.

I wasted no time in getting behind her and in a single movement I thrust back inside her. I think she’d wanted to add more dirty talk – to encourage me once more to be aggressive and dominant – but I beat her to that punch with my rock-hard cock. She moaned once again.

“Yes,” was all she said. It was permission, but the game was that I shouldn’t care about that.

I grabbed her hips and started to pound her.

Each time I thrust forward, she pushed back, her pussy squelching, and more and more of her fluids getting forced out around my cock.

“Harder,” she demanded, “Ram that cock into my pussy.” Apparently, my sudden, forceful entry hadn’t tamed her for very long.

I kept pounding into her, and she continued to demand I persist.

Remembering the unwanted discussion from this morning, I released her hip and brought my hand down on her ass. I didn’t want to really hurt her, but, given how hard she was demanding I fuck her, I guessed it would need some sting to it. I guessed right.

“You fucking BASTARD!” she growled. “AGAIN!”

I raised my hand for a second slap, this time landing on the other cheek. It was harder than the last – slightly harder than I intended, even, but she lapped it up.

“More,” she demanded. “Harder.”

Over and over, I slapped her ass, until both cheeks were red and she was squealing and bucking under me.

“God, yes,” she growled. “You’re going to make me cum like a bitch. Pound my hole. Pump me full of your spunk.”

She continued her litany as I pounded her and alternated slaps between her cheeks.

She was so close; I knew it would take only a small nudge to tip her over the edge. Her monologue had devolved into grunts and her pussy was drenching me.

Once more, I decided the way to this woman’s orgasm was through her asshole.

I sucked at my thumb, getting it wet and slippery. Then, as I plunged my cock into her yet again, I rammed my thumb up her swollen pucker.

Her shriek was muffled, as she had her face pressed into the bed, but even so, I doubted that there was anyone in the house who hadn’t heard. Her pussy was clenching around my cock, bringing me to the very brink of orgasm.

She had gotten so wet by then that there was little friction in her pussy. After her orgasm was spent, she slid forward onto her, belly, panting.

I followed her down, staying in contact with her body but keeping my weight off her. My cock had slipped out, but I held her from behind as she rode out the aftershocks.

“Thank you,” she said. “That was amazing.”

“I didn’t hurt you?” I asked.

“You did,” she said, “but it was all good hurt. It was perfect.”

I smiled as I rolled off her onto my side. I continued to stroke her where she lay on her belly. I ran my hand gently up and down her back, up into her hair, and massaged her neck before returning down and over that amazing ass, gently cupping and squeezing her still glowing cheeks.

She chuckled.

“You really are an ass man, aren’t you?”

“I am with you,” I said, “Your ass is amazing.” She knew I was just an ass man, period, but pillow talk is pillow talk. People appreciate it.

She rolled onto her side so that we were spooning.

“I am all cummed out for tonight,” she said.

“That’s okay,” I said, “The twins took care of me earlier. I think they wanted to make sure I would last for you. If they hadn’t, you would have finished me off in no time.”

She chuckled again. “You know how to make an old woman feel special,” she said.

She reached behind her and grabbed hold of my still-rampant erection.

“The twins may have taken some of you tonight,” she said, “but I’m sure you have more to give, and I want it.”

“I thought you said you were done,” I said.

“I said I was cummed out,” she said, “but when you get to my age, you’ll realize that, as nice as orgasms are, they are not always necessary. The destination is nice, but sometimes the journey can be equally nice. And sometimes you just want to go out for a drive and go nowhere.”

She was starting to confuse me with that analogy.

“I wasn’t talking just to talk, just then,” she said. “I really do want you to pump your spunk deep inside of me. I need to feel it there.”

She pushed her butt back against me. “Like this,” she said.

I put my hand on her hip and stroked her as she started to thrust her ass back into me.

Still holding my cock, she began to pump it, until once again it was leaking pre-cum, which she then liberally spread over the head and down the shaft until it was slick and slippery.

Then she lined me up.

“Push it in, slowly,” she said, and I started to press forward with my hips. For some reason, her pussy seemed much tighter in this position – so much so that I was having a hard time getting my cock inside her.

The head did finally breach her opening, and she breathed a heavy sigh.

“Push it all the way in,” she said.

I obliged, pressing forward until my belly was flat against her and I was buried to the root inside.

I wondered at how tight she had become. I figured it must be the way she was curled up that was making things so much tighter.

She began talking again.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, slide that cock into me, give it to me, come on give me your spunk, empty your balls into me, dump that big load inside of me.”

Her dirty-talk wasn’t particularly inspired, but there was something about its uninterrupted endlessness. It was like a mantra. It was like she was in a trance, and it was my cock that had put her there. That really got me going. I started to move my hips, sliding my cock in and out of her remarkably-tight pussy.

Faster and faster, I pounded her as she pushed back against me and continued to demand that I fuck her and empty my sack into her.

I could feel my balls rising, and I knew that I was almost at the point of no return.

“I’m getting close,” I said. “I’m going to cum soon.”

“Oh yes!” she moaned. “Do it. Fill me up, Dump your load in me. Come on, dump that big load of spunk up my asshole.”

Suddenly the newfound tightness made sense. I wasn’t in her pussy at all. I was ramming my cock into her asshole, and it felt absolutely divine.

That thought, along with the sensations her ass was creating on my cock and her constant begging, pushed me over the edge. I went rigid as I emptied myself inside of her.

“Oh yes!” she exclaimed. “I can feel you pumping it all inside of me. Keep going. Your cock feels so good pulsating in my asshole.”

I lost count of how many spurts of cum I shot up inside of her. The whole time she was clenching and releasing her asshole, milking every drop she could from me, until eventually I shuddered to a stop, exhausted.

I laid there while I caught my breath, my semi-hard cock still inside her ass. Eventually I slipped out of her, and she snuggled back against me, pulling my arm around her and throwing the covers over us both.

“Thank you,” I whispered into her ear.

“Believe me, it was definitely my pleasure,” she said, sighing in contentment.

I felt the gentle warmth of her mental touch and considered why I had decided not to involve my powers, nor the twins, in my lovemaking with their grandmother – well, give or take one little check-in that I hadn’t been able to resist.

On one level, I supposed I still had some hang-ups regarding what I might consider incest. I hadn’t known I was involving family in our first encounter, and I probably had some ground to cover before I could be as blasé as them about it. There was something else, though. It somehow felt right for this to have been just between me and Dianna. I think the twins had known that all along, and Dianna had all but confirmed it. She and I had gotten off to a very rocky start, but she was going to be a very big part of my life going forward. There were probably several other ways we could have come to terms with each other, but, whatever my residual hang-ups, this had felt effective. It had done exactly what Dianna had said it would.

I reached out to Mary and Amanda with my mind, and their warmth and love instantly enveloped me. I also knew for certain that they had entertained each other while I had been otherwise occupied. They were comfortably dozing at the moment, waiting for me to say goodnight.

I was filled with powerful emotions: love, happiness, contentment, belonging. They were so powerful that they almost overwhelmed me, and I felt myself welling up.

Dianna embraced me, adding her own power to the mix, sharing in our bond.

“Let yourself be loved,” she said simply. She kissed me tenderly on my forehead, and for a moment, that bright, clear line between ‘lover’ and ‘family’ in my mind wavered. She rocked me gently, and I slipped off into sleep.

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