Callie’s Big Decisions

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Anal Fucking

Callie Brown sat apprehensively in the Consultant’s waiting room but she knew she was doing the right thing. She’d put this day off for 3 years but she had finally got the courage to make the appointment. A young, pretty and very busty nurse walked past her, smiling as she did, seemingly staring at her but in a nice way. In fact, it was more an admiring look. She was doing the right thing. The nurse reappeared and asked her to come with her and she led Callie to the office of Doctor Mark Longshaft & Doctor Dick Bigfellow, Breast Consultants & Surgeons. The nurse tapped on the door and opened it and showed Callie in. A tall, stocky man stood up and offered his hand.

“Mrs Brown, good morning. I’m Doctor Longshaft, please take a seat.” She took his large hand and shook it gently and then sat down. She noticed the young nurse had sat to the side of her. She was sat crossed-legged, her tunic too short and tight, revealing the dark banding of her tan nylons and black bra through the gaps between the buttons. The Consultant had sat back down. He was probably in his late forties, good looking with salt and pepper hair and beard. He put his large hands together as though he was going to pray and spoke deeply and calmly.

“So Mrs Brown, may I call you Callie? What can I do for you?” He stared hard at Callie, almost knowing the answer, no one could possibly miss it. Callie placed her hands around her massive breasts, cupping then and pushing them in Doctor Longshaft’s direction. A hint of stiff nipple protruded through her thin blouse and it was not missed by the Doctor or the on looking nurse who was smiling at Callie.

“It’s these! I want them reducing. They get in the way and they do nothing for me. Even my husband has got bored with them. They’ve lost their appeal!” He looked at her, and them, and smiled.

“Ok. I can see your breasts are large, but they are not abnormally large. There are many things to consider when wanting a reduction. I believe we should consider the physical side first and then, if required, the mental and emotional side afterward. How does that sound?” Callie smiled back, nervously wondering what he had meant by mental and emotional side.

“Oh ok. I thought it would be just a simple like ‘what size do you want?’ and then you’d get the knife out and……I didn’t realise there were other factors to consider.” The consultant stood up again and walked around from behind his desk. He wore a suit, shirt and tie, but had removed the jacket. Callie notice his trousers were very tight, too tight really, and it showed to his right side, a long thick bulge going halfway down his inner thigh. Callie felt herself flush but couldn’t look away. Longshaft stood in front of Callie for a second and then perched on his desk’

“So Callie let’s establish some facts. How old are you, what do you do for a living, do you have, or plan to have, children and, the most important thing, what size are your breasts currently and what were you thinking of reducing to?” She smiled at him and the nurse, who was still flashing a lot of firm thigh to both of them now.

“Well I’m 44, I am a ward sister in the local hospital. I don’t have children and don’t plan too. I think I’m a size 38FF I think but not 100% sure. I was going to ask you what you thought I could reduce to, maybe a D or C?” Longshaft rubbed his chin, while the bulge in his trousers got a lot more prominent.

“Ok so I need to establish your correct measurements. Even going from a DD to C is a very precise procedure and can be very painful and expensive. Would you mind going with Nurse Dees and get ready for my examination and measuring?” The nurse stood up, flashing everything at them both, and Callie noticed the consultant’s bulge getting even bigger as he watched the nurse bounce her way to Callie. The nurse took Callie’s arm and led her into another room.

“Could you please remove your blouse and bra so I can measure you?” Callie removed her clothes, as instructed, and stood in a bright red mesh, see-through bra. The nurse gazed at her bud nipples and very large, pink areolas. Callie removed her bra and now her enormous breasts were naked and vulnerable and her ½” nipples pointed directly towards the nurse.

“WOW! They a magnificent! I love big boobs! Doctor Longshaft did mine. 40DD! Love them.” The nurse’s comments made Callie blush and she thanked her in a very sheepish voice. It felt a little strange being complimented about her breasts by another woman.

“If you can just lift your arms up,” the nurse said as she drew the tape around Callie’s chest accidentally brushing her nipples, causing them both to stiffen immediately, to Callie’s embarrassment.

“Sorry about that, sensitive are they? Mine used to be but now my nips are permanently hard. My boyfriend loves them. Oh my Mrs Brown you’ve grown. 40G! A bit bigger than you thought and they are so firm too! No kids, that’s why!” Callie couldn’t believe the nurse, but she was beginning to feel a sense antalya escort of pride in her boobs.

“Ok I’ll go get Doctor Longshaft now. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands, trust me!” The nurse waddled off, leaving Callie exposed especially with her nipples sticking out like the proverbial hat pegs. A few minutes went by before the nurse and Longshaft reappeared.

“Ah Callie, Nurse Dees has been filling me in on your details. May I say I have to agree with her on her assessment that you have wonderful breasts and it seems a shame the take the knife to them.” Callie now self-conscious of her exposure, and the admiration, didn’t know what to say or where to look, but in her endeavour not to look either of them in the eye she looked down to witness a bulge so obvious in his trousers that he must have been given more than information from Nurse Double Dees.

“I’m also not sure I can reduce them by that much without being extremely evasive and, bear in mind, you would lose your natural sensitivity. Therefore, I would conclude and advise not to have any form of reduction. While you think about it, may I do some medical checks, precautionary of course?” Callie nodded, not understanding what he meant. He moved behind her and placed his hands around the front of her cupped her breasts and started to massage them gently.

“Just making sure everything is ok and, I would say, everything feels magnificent.” As he continued to massage them Callie felt him brush against her and she felt his massive bulge pressing into her ass. She didn’t know what to do. Was he examining her or molesting her? Either way she could tell he was enjoying it hugely and, for the first time in years, so was she. Callie momentarily regained her senses from the heady feeling of having her breasts caressed and fondled and spoke with a quivering voice.

“Doctor Longshaft if you’re saying you won’t perform a reduction I would like a second opinion. Would that be possible?” Longshaft let go of her breasts and moved in front of her again.

“If that’s what you wish I can ask my colleague to come and examine you right now. I’m sure he will come to the same conclusion.” She agreed and the nurse fetched Doctor Bigfellow. She thanked Longshaft and looked down at his crotch, without hiding the fact, and saw his bulge was so prominent that it was almost bursting through his trousers. For the first time in years they were turning on a man, as she believed they should, and in turn she was also aroused. The nurse walked back into the room with Bigfellow, a taller and slightly slimmer man, but he was about the same age and as good looking.

“Good morning Callie, I’m Doctor Dick Bigfellow. Nurse Dees has explained to me the situation and my initial thoughts are very similar to my colleague’s. It would be a very complicated procedure and potentially end up with you being very unhappy with the outcome. Are you sure you won’t consider changing your mind? Your breasts are fabulous, I don’t understand why you would want to change anything.” She considered her reply and found herself giving a very leading question, due to her heightened state of arousal.

“Do you find my breasts as pleasurable as your colleague Doctor Bigfellow?” He looked a little shocked at her question at first, but then smiled at her.

“But of course. If I may examine them myself, I can show you?” Callie smiled back and nodded. Bigfellow moved behind Callie and began to fondle her as vigorously as his colleague and she soon felt him rubbing against her, just as large and powerful as Longshaft. Callie sighed loudly as he manipulated her breasts and nipples and she felt herself getting wet. Callie was about to cum when Doctor Bigfellow released her breasts and left the office with the nurse.

“I’m afraid if you are insistent on having surgery Callie then you should find another surgeon, as neither I nor my colleague are happy in doing the operation. The nurse can give you the names of other local surgeons. You may dress now and see the nurse in the reception.” Doctor Longshaft smiled at Callie, shook her hand, making her breasts wobble, and left her to dress. Callie felt disappointed, not just at the fact they wouldn’t do the surgery she wanted, but that she had turned on both the Doctors, felt their massive erections, but got nothing.

She could feel her pussy wet and throbbing in her pantyhose. She dressed then, almost in tears went, to look for the nurse. In the reception area there was no sign of the nurse or Doctor Bigfellow, and she was just about to leave when she heard noises coming from a room behind the reception desk, which was slightly open. With no one in sight Callie decided to take a peek. It was a small, but broad, cupboard hiding a very big secret. The young nurse was squatting in front of her colleague and, having taken out his cock, was eagerly sucking and wanking him hard.

The nurse was giving Dick a long, deep blow job and he was moaning loudly at her actions. lara escort She had removed her tunic and bra and was crouching in just her heels and stockings. Doctor Bigfellow’s cock was fully down the nurse’s throat and as he withdrew it Callie gasped at its’ length and thickness, and how the nurse managed to take it all.

As the Doctor again slid his monster cock down the nurse’s more than accommodating throat, Callie lifted the hem of her short, pleated skirt and rubbed her pussy through her soaking wet pantyhose, determined to cum this time.

She pushed two fingers deep inside herself, rubbing the slightly coarse material against the wall of her vagina and came almost instantaneously. She tried to muffle her pleasure, but it was too great. Luckily the sounds of the nurse slurping and sucking the Doctor’s cock, plus his own moans, masked Callie’s orgasm. Callie managed to steady herself and get her breath back to see the Doctor’s massive climax. He had completed removed his huge cock from the nurse’s throat and she was vigorously rubbing his long, slimy shaft as the Doctor moaned loudly. The nurse pulled him hard in her vice-like grip and then suddenly he grunted out loud as he came.

“Yes Nurse Dees!” A huge wad of thick, white spunk flew in her direction. The nurse continued to pump his cock, forcing spunk from his balls and splatter over her huge tits and nipples. As he finished the nurse took him in her mouth once more as thick blobs of cum dripped from her stiff nipples. Callie felt unsteady on her legs as she turned and left the porn film-like situation she had just watched and inexplicably went back to Doctor Longshaft’s office, rather than the exit. She opened the door without knocking and walked straight in finding the Doctor sitting at his desk.

“Callie, can I help you? Did you not find Nurse Dees?” As he spoke, he noticed her skirt was out of place, not lying flat with the pleats, and her nipples still hard and protruding through her blouse.

“I think Doctor Bigfellow and the nurse were busy. She seemed to have her hands full. She looks a very talented young lady. I’m sure you both appreciate what she can do for you. It’s quite astonishing!” The Doctor looked at Callie in a slightly peculiar way, as though he understood Callie’s hidden metaphors and knew what they had been up to.

“Yes she is very talented, but somewhat overworked. She sometimes struggles when both I and Doctor Bigfellow have a full load to give her, but she tries valiantly to satisfy both our needs. We are actually looking for a receptionist to help take some of our load from her so she can do more for us individually. Now what can I do for you Callie?” His words made her tingle and she knew exactly what he could do for her.

“Doctor Longshaft would you care to show me why I should not have surgery, turning me against it.” Callie had totally lost any inhibitions. She had begun to undo the buttons of her blouse and let it drop to the floor. Then she unclipped her bra and, once again, exposed her magnificent breasts and stiff pink nipples to the Doctor. She watched Longshaft smile and stand, her eyes immediately focussing on the massive bulge in his trousers. He stepped forward from the desk, unzipping his trousers.

“Of course Callie, it would be my pleasure.” He tugged inside his trousers and pulled out his enormous, erect cock and stroked it hard in front of her. Her eyes grew as she gazed upon the biggest, hardest cock she had ever seen in her life. She could feel her own juices leaking from her pussy and she licked her lips almost involuntary. He stood in front of her, cock in hand pulling back his skin and exposing his throbbing purple tip.

“Please Callie kneel down here and I will show you! Oh Callie, you see this is why you shouldn’t do anything with your magnificent breasts. They can offer so much pleasure as they are.” Callie knelt down in front of Doctor Longshaft, took his huge cock between her massive breasts and engulfed it with her soft flesh. She squeezed her breasts together and let him fuck them. With each thrust upward she licked the tip of his dick, tasting his salty pre-cum she hoped had been produced while he’d been groping her breasts and fondling her long, hard nipples.

“This is your doing Callie. I owe this to your beautiful breasts, now please do it justice!” She opened her mouth wide, letting him push his cock into it and began to suck it. It was something she had not done for a long time, but she was soon into the rhythm of giving head again and, inch by inch, she took more of his long shaft. Callie couldn’t replicate what the nurse had done to the other doctor, he was much thicker and longer, but neither of them seemed to mind and she sucked him long and hard, just how both of them liked it done.

The Doctor’s moans got louder and Callie sensed he might be cumming, a big tick in her book, but she didn’t want his load yet. She slowly withdrew his cock from her mouth side escort and stood up to him, taking his large hands placed them on her breasts. He gently squeezed them, tugging at her hard nipples, making her gasp. She unzipped her skirt and let that drop to the floor and, taking one of the Doctor’s hand, placed it on her soaking wet gusset.

“Suck them hard Doctor! Use your fingers inside me. I need you so much right now!” He took a stiff pink nipple in his mouth and sucked it as hard as Callie had sucked his cock making her moan and curse with pleasure. It got louder and more fragrant as the doctor located her hard clit through her soaking pantyhose and then forced two fingers inside her pussy along with her pantyhose and rubbed hard until Callie was edging towards another orgasm.

As the Doctor rips through her pantyhose she is hit by a massive orgasm. It was like being hit by a train and her pussy gushed like a tap. If it wasn’t for the strength of the Doctor she would have collapsed on to the floor but he held her up, turning her around and laying her on to his desk. Callie instinctively slipped off her heels, pulled her knees up and spread her legs wide apart.

“Oh Doctor Longshaft fuck me hard and deep! Make me cum again and again! Show me how much you like my big tits and tight wet pussy!” The Doctor smiled at Callie as he took hold of his long, thick, iron hard cock rubbing the tip up and down the length of Callie’s plump, wet lips.

She gasped as his head parted her lips and opened her up, then slowly he eased his massive tool inside her, his girth stretching her like never before. Callie couldn’t speak, cry or hardly breathe as the Doctor filled her cunt like never before and gasped for air as she felt his big hairy balls against her arse. He left it there for a minute and Callie could feel it throbbing inside her as he increased the blood flow to its veins, making them swell and pulsate. She’d never experienced anything like it before and loved the sensation.

“Oh yes Doctor that is incredible but I really want you to fuck me hard like a slut, make me cum again and again then make me swallow your huge load! Bang my tight cunt hard! Please!” He pulled his cock back, almost removing it from her then plunged his full weight forward, slamming his cock in to the hilt, filling Callie and slapping her arse with his big, loaded bollocks. He lurched forward and grabbed Callie’s fantastic breasts and, instead of being gently and caressing them as before, he squeezed and squashed her breasts, tugged and twisted her long, hard nipples, making her cry out in both pleasure and a perversely, enjoyable pain.

The Doctor pounded Callie for twenty minutes, unrelenting in his pace, lust or desire and giving Callie countless wet orgasms that made her cunt squelch louder than her moans, but even the good Doctor couldn’t fuck her forever he announced his oncoming orgasm. He pulled his deep red almost purple cock from Callie, leaving her cunt gaping like a large hole and pulled her down the desk towards him and once again Callie engulfed them with her now sweaty breast flesh and began to fuck him again with them, but this time with her mouth clamped over his glistening cock head. She could taste her own juices on his cock and sucked hard, not that she had to in order to make the Doctor cum.

He’d already done all the work and he could feel the cum bubbling up in his balls, ready to fill Callie’s eager mouth. The pressure of her breasts did the rest and with an almighty roar and shouting “Now Callie!” the Doctor felt his hot cum shooting up his long shaft. He grabbed her head and started grunting as he shot his thick, creamy, salty spunk into Callie’s accommodating mouth. It had been a long time since Callie had made a man cum so hard, so much and she felt happy as she gulped down every drop of his semen, cleaning him to make sure not a drop was missed. As Callie stood gingerly there was a spontaneous round of applause and Callie looked up to see Doctor Bigfellow and Nurse Dees at the door, smiling after obviously watching their performance.

The nurse walked over to Callie, picked up her shoe and led her in to the other office to help her dress again. She passed Callie some new pantyhose and took care of her ruined pair and both returned to the reception area once she is respectable again. The two Doctors were in the reception waiting for her, smiling at her both satisfied with the day’s outcome. Both held out their hands and politely kissed her on the cheek.

“Doctor Longshaft I’m very grateful to you and your colleagues for showing me that my breasts should remain as they are, and why. I definitely require no surgery whatsoever.” With that she turned and left the consulting room to consider her future.

“Oh Callie! Don’t forget we have that vacancy. We all think you’d be perfect for the role and would fit in well with us and all the other patients we have to deal with. A woman with your experiences can go a long way to reassuring and helping our clients and giving them the treatment they require.” Callie walked out of the Surgery smiling, happy knowing that she had a new job to go to and as much cock as her aching pussy could take, and it was all down to her glorious treasure chest.

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