Calliope’s Daddy Ch. 02


Authors note: Thank you all for the comments and feedback, I hope you enjoy this chapter equally. Thank you again to my copy editor LaRascasse for fixing my Australian grammar, to a more palatable international flavour.

The sun was barely up when Padraic unlocked her door and slipped into her room. He gazed down on his little girl. She was nineteen but had the delicate features of a baby doll. ‘Was it only yesterday he had bailed her out of jail for prostitution?’ he smiled widely. Not the drug addict or beaten down whore he had expected, she was a sassy street smart little princess and now she was all his.

He was naked, sporting a hard morning glory erection which got harder with desire as he gazed down on her. Pulling the covers back she stirred but didn’t wake. He slid onto the bed beside her running his hands over her tight little body rolling her to her back, “Come on, baby. Wake up for Daddy.”

“Uncle Paddy?” she murmured sleepily.

“No,” he growled, “No more uncle. You call me Daddy now,” his fingers tweaked at her nipples insistently as she slowly rose to consciousness. Padraic’s other hand trailed down over her body to her pussy. His fingers delved into her teasing her until she was panting and rocking her hips up to meet his fingers. Rolling on top of her, he entered her roughly making her gasp and her eyes flare widely. He fucked into her hard, pushing until he was firmly embedded before starting to pump in and out ferociously.

Leaning down he growled, “Say it, baby. Tell me you love being fucked like this, hard and deep like only Daddy can.”

She was gasping and mewling in her need. She had learned last night while watching the movie and again before he finally let her sleep that he liked to hear her beg. She lifted her knees up stretching her legs up along his body to his shoulders almost bending double as she panted hoarsely, “Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me hard. Make me cum please, Daddy.”

Padraic roared in his need for her, pulling from her he rolled her quickly to her belly and pulled her hips up ploughing into her again at a different angle. Reaching around her slim hip he pinched her swollen clit, her corresponding cry music to his ears as he possessed her. His other hand reached for her hair pulling her head back as she cried out again. “Cum for Daddy, cum all over his fat cock you little whore.”

She arched her back, tendrils of pain and pleasure flowing into her as he fucked her with increasing power and tempo. She came howling out as her pussy clenched in spasms around his cock milking it making him roar his own orgasm out to the room. He collapsed on top of her smothering her small body with his much larger one. Rolling from her he murmured, “Clean me.”

Crawling down his body she panted, “Yes Daddy.” Her tongue licked out at his still swollen hard cock. She lapped and fluttered her tongue around the shaft and over his heavy ball sac cleaning their mixed cum from him. Finally she stretched her lips around his fat cock and suckled at him feeling his hands twine into her hair.

“Oh yeah, baby. Suck Daddy good,” his hands guiding her up and down his shaft as she gagged for him trying to swallow the thick flesh as it jabbed at her throat. He was always horny in the mornings as he felt himself fill again with need, this little girl was so hot he felt he could cum in her and on her all day every day.

Callie had been sucking so long her jaw began to ache when he finally arched up driving into her throat, choking her and roaring as the cock began to pulse between her lips. Pulling back slightly he flooded her mouth and she gulped at the cum that overflowed and dribbled from the corners of her mouth. He pulled her up beside him and cuddled her close nuzzling her neck. “You’re such a good girl for your Daddy.”

They lay quietly for a little while before Padraic smacked her bottom lightly, “Come on, baby. We have a big day ahead.”

Getting up he picked her up and carried her to the bathroom placing her on the toilet and turning to run the bath. Callie knew better than to ask for privacy and she tried to pee quietly sighing in relief. “Can’t I just have a shower?” she mumbled sullenly as she flushed and washed her hands.

“Baths are good for helping your muscles relax and healing your body after Daddy has used it, baby. Daddy hasn’t spanked you very hard yet, but trust me when he does you will happy he likes you to have baths.” He looked at her adorable pout and relented slightly, “You can shower with Daddy sometimes, like last night. Daddy likes his little girl showering with him occasionally,” Padraic smiled and kissed her, “Now be a good girl and take a bath. Daddy needs a long hot shower.”

Callie lay back and relaxed into the bubble filled bath. She watched as Padraic left the room to go to his own bathroom she assumed. He was tall and very solidly built, a small paunch belying how fit he really was and the strength he had. Her pussy ached from the savage pounding he had given it last night and this morning. She spread bursa escort her legs and gently fingered the tender bruised flesh. Feeling the warm water caress her she smiled acknowledging that the bath may have been the best thing for her.

Twenty minutes later Padraic lifted her from the bath and towelled her dry caressing every inch of her small body as he went. “Now put your hair up for me and I will find you something suitable to wear.

Having dressed her in a light summer dress they sat down to have breakfast, she wrinkled her nose at the muesli, “Can I just have some toast, please?”

Padraic frowned, “You need to eat properly, Callie, to stay fit and healthy for Daddy.” He poured a small bowl of muesli and put it in front of her, “You can add some cereal you like to the shopping list but eat this for today.”

Callie pouted and took a tentative spoonful pulling a face and putting the spoon back down. “Does Daddy need to feed you baby? It’s not very much. Finish it all.” He smirked as she continued to pull faces while she ate. “Good girl,” he said taking the bowl away, “Now would you like some toast?”

Callie shook her head, and Padraic raised an eyebrow at her. “No thank you, Daddy,” Callie said overly sweetly.

“Clean the kitchen and meet me in the study,” Padraic smiled.

Callie washed and put the bowls away before finally making it the study. Padraic looked up and smiled motioning her closer and handing her a pad and pen, “Make a list of the things you need while we are out shopping. Your mother doesn’t seemed to have packed much for you. When you finish that you can start reading these,” he handed her a sheaf of printed pages and turned back to his work. “I need to get some work of my own finished before we go out.”

Callie curled up in one of the oversized chairs that dwarfed her small frame and began her list. Padraic smiled, she was simply too cute like that and it took some will power to return to his work.


Calliope sat staring at the mirror as the hairdresser finished off her hair. The dark golden colour close to her natural colour had been highlighted by light blonde streaks and she had been given wispy bangs as her hair was cut to frame her face. The sculpted edges angled back into her long hair. In the mirror, she could see Padraic sitting behind her waiting patiently.

She wriggled slightly in the chair, her pussy ached. Padraic seemed to have the libido of teenager and she wondered idly if he took Viagra a small smile crossing her face. This wasn’t the way she had ever thought about a Daddy before. She had read some of the information he had given her this morning as they prepared to go out. Being his little girl was more than just some incest fantasy. It was a lifestyle many people chose, highly sexual but more so about dominance and submission. Daddies required a high level of control over their little girls

It frightened her, a little, that he would have so much control over her life but she still believed that if she played his game until the hearing she could be the one holding the power. Men were easy to manipulate. Once you satisfied their cock you could lead them around by it. He hadn’t let her get away with anything yet but she had only been with him one day. In time she could get her own way she was sure of it. She went over his rules for this shopping trip in her head again as she stared at him in the mirror.

Padraic sat and watched as the multicoloured mop was turned back into the golden hair of a sweet angel, his angel. It had taken some time to make the transformation but he had his android notebook and fielded emails and calls from his firm to hand over the cases he had been working on before he asked for his leave of absence. Family complications he had cited as his reasons and he smiled, ‘If only they knew.’

He glanced up at the mirror and saw her looking back at him. His smile got wider showing his pleasure at the transformation of her hair. He was enjoying himself planning their day out in his head. Having a little girl to care for and spoil was something he had missed greatly and today she would see just how generous her Daddy could be if she was a good girl.

They left the hairdresser and he held her hand as they walked through the shopping mall. Padraic smiled as he noticed the looks they got from passers by. In the light sundress and high heels he had chosen for her to wear, Callie looked young and nubile. He on the other hand looked like a distinguished old man with his salt and pepper hair and a small paunch. He grinned knowing what they thought as they saw he was holding her hand proudly.

They entered a high end lingerie shop, “I would like to have her measured and fitted properly,” Padraic said to the sales woman. “Let me know the size and I will pick out a few things for her to try on. Starting with this,” he held up a sweet white matching set of panties and demi bra. The lady considered Callie a moment before returning it the rack and picking bursa escort bayan up another size then ushering Callie to the fitting room.

Padraic followed, “I will just jot down the measurements as you take them so we know in future.” Peeking into the fitting room as Callie let the dress drop to pool about her feet, “Perhaps she just needs a training bra,” Padraic grinned as he saw the flush of embarrassment fill Callie’s face.

“Oh I am sure we can find something a bit nicer than that,” the sales woman smiled kindly at the blushing girl, “May I make some suggestions?”

“Of course,” Padraic said magnanimously, “But I will need to approve any purchases,” he winked grinning at the woman. “The measurements first though please.”

For almost an hour Callie was fondled and squeezed into sexy lingerie, push up bras that gave her small cleavage a boost, shelf bra’s and corsets all with matching panties in various fabrics. As she stood to be laced up into the final corset she felt his larger fingers on her back rather than the woman’s. “There is something very satisfying about tying you tightly in this, little girl,” Padraic murmured in her ear closing the distance between them letting her feel his growing cock. He pulled the laces tighter making her breath become shallow as the garment constricted her. “Such a sexy little doll, teasing your Daddy all morning,” his breath was hot on her neck as he whispered in her ear.

“You’re the one who brought me here to try these things on. It’s not like I teased you on purpose, or had a choice, Paddy,” she said it with a belligerent tone using the name they had agreed she would call him in public.

Padraic stiffened, ripping the tags from the garments he growled, “That’s one, Calliope.” Callie jumped at the sudden change in his tone, “Leave those on and get dressed.” Stalking back out to the sales woman he handed her the tags and asked her to ring up the final purchases. Callie emerged and stood behind him as he paid and gathered the bags before taking her hand and leading her from the store.

Striding through the shopping mall Padraic’s face maintained the stern expression he had in the lingerie shop and Callie was grateful they were in public or she would be being spanked for sure. She struggled to keep up and by the time they entered another store she was panting in the restrictiveness of the too tight corset.

Padraic was greeted like an old friend by a middle aged woman who hugged him and kissed his cheek before turning to inspect Callie. “What have you done to the girl Paddy? She is panting like a bitch in heat,” the woman smirked.

“Nothing she hasn’t deserved,” he laughed easily, his smile broadening as he took in her blush, “Say hello to my old friend Miss Delilah, Calliope.”

“Hello Delilah,” Callie breathed uncomfortably.

“Oh she had a lot to learn Paddy,” the woman cupped Callie’s cheek, “You, little one, will call me Miss or Mistress, never Delilah, understand?”

“Yes Miss,” Callie’s face flamed more and she lowered her eyes.

“Good girl, now I suspect I know just what Paddy wants for you,” Delilah led them deeper into the shop. “You have her measurements Paddy?”

“Some,” he tapped a few buttons on his android and showed Delilah.

“She’s quite lovely, Paddy. Where ever did you find her?” Delilah ran her hand over Callie’s thigh and ass as she spoke making the girl squirm away from the touch.

Padraic frowned momentarily at Callie stilling her movements before replying, “Oh a distant relative,” Padraic hedged, “The long lost daughter of a half brother’s wife, etc, got herself in some trouble and I am helping her out,” he paused to catch Callie’s eye, “conditionally,” Padraic chuckled.

Delilah grinned, “You always had a soft spot for the lost little doves, my friend. How fortunate for her that you were able to offer your expertise,” The woman looked at Callie intently, “Drugs? Booze? Traffic violations?”

Callie had begun to turn red from embarrassment and anger that they were discussing her like she wasn’t even there. She scowled and fidgeted from leg to leg gasping audibly as she heard Padraic laugh, “No, none of that she worked as a stripper in an affluent men’s club and did a little selective prostitution on the side.”

“Oh my,” Delilah almost licked her lips, “Not the innocent she appears with all that blushing, is she?” Delilah turned to Callie, “Dress off, sweetie. Show me what I have to work with.”

The woman had an aura of authority and Callie looked up at Padraic with a startled expression, “Do as she says, baby,” he smirked enjoying the girls discomfort.

“Right here? No way, where is the fitting room?” Callie was struggling to hold back her temper she wasn’t some dumb bimbo that they could humiliate on demand.

Padraic moved closer towering over her and growled, “That’s two. Don’t push me, Callie. Now do what you were asked.”

Callie reluctantly let the straps fall from her shoulders and the dress pool about her feet again. She looked escort bursa around the empty shop as she stood clad in her new lingerie. “Happy?” Callie almost snarled.

“Not even close,” Padraic’s voice had grown darker with his expression, “That’s three. Put the dress back on and come with me.” He stormed to the front of the store dragging her behind him. Muttering over his shoulder that they would return she almost had to run to keep up with him.

Minutes later she found herself in a sporting goods store standing before a wall of ping pong paddles. “Choose,” he said darkly, “because if you don’t I will pick up one of those lumps of wood over there,” he pointed towards a display of cricket bats, “and trust me, you will not like that at all.”

His meaning began to dawn on her and she picked up a paddle encased in thick spongy rubber handing it to him. “I am sorry,” Callie whispered, “I won’t do it again. You don’t need the paddle. I promise.” She was pouting and trying her best little girl voice on him to get him to relent.

Taking the paddle he said nothing turning and striding to the check out, paying for it and dragging her from the store back to Miss Delilah’s. Delilah seeing what was happening hung the ‘Back in 15 minute’ sign on the door and locked it behind them following the pair as Padraic dragged the reluctant girl into the back stock room. Delilah produced three silk scarves handing two to Padraic she spoke with a low voice, “Not too much noise please, Paddy.”

“You could always show her how the prison bitches would gag her if she doesn’t start behaving herself,” Padraic suggested, “Perhaps it would be a fitting punishment for being so rude in your store.” He hefted the paddle in his hand watching the small girl tremble and look between him and Delilah.

Delilah’s mouth curled into a cruel smile and she turned to advance on Callie, “Such a pretty little girl. In prison, the bitches would be lining up to take turns with you. Unless some big bitch decided to protect you and of course, make you her baby bitch.” Padraic leaned back against the wall as he watched the woman advance on Callie, his cock throbbing to life.

“Yes, little girl. You will be very popular in prison. No freedoms, no phones, no men but lot s and lots of very friendly women. Have you been with a woman before?” Delilah smirked as the wide eyed girl shook her head and took another step backwards into the wall behind her. Delilah pressed up against her murmuring seductively, “Women are softer in some ways,” she smiled and bent her head to kiss the girl melding her lips against Callie’s softly.

Callie wilted slightly under the soft kiss, parting her lips to the older woman’s insistent tongue. She held still as the woman rubbed her soft rounder curves against Callie’s smaller body. Callie’s eyes flickered from the woman to Padraic who lounged against the far wall watching them. Delilah reached up and grabbed a handful of Callie’s hair tightly in her fist whispering menacingly, “In other ways they are much harder.”

Callie’s squeals were covered by Delilah’s lips once more. Callie was frightened. She knew bravado and bluster would only increase her punishment so she held still her eyes wide and body trembling. She was dragged down by her hair falling to her knees, her head tilted back with the weight of the hand pulling at her hair. Delilah widened her stance and straddled the small girl’s face as she pulled aside her thong, exposing her pussy, expecting Callie to lick it. Her face was pushed into the moist pussy folds and Callie tried to think what she should do.

“Just think what those big prison bitches will do to you, sweetie. Now lick it. Run your tongue up and down my pussy and you better make it good,” Delilah warned.

Callie felt suffocated by the other woman’s scent and struggled to comply. She tried to do some kind of French kiss and was encouraged at Delilah’s reaction. She just kept going, exploring the unfamiliar sensations and textures, a little nauseated but strangely fascinated. The scent slowly became sweeter and more intoxicating and eventually, a gush of sticky sweet wetness covered her mouth and cheeks as the woman ground down into her face moaning deeply.

Callie was released to fall back onto the floor. She watched as Delilah walked unsteadily over to Padraic and kissed him deeply, “Thanks Paddy. She has a lot to learn but that was delightful.”

Padraic grinned and gripped the older woman’s ass with one hand, pushing her forward against his erection. “I quite enjoyed the show myself,” he mused with a half smile. “It was a good lesson for her. My little girl has a lot to learn about manners and following rules.” He looked past the woman to Callie who was still sitting sullenly on the floor watching them, “You need to thank Miss Delilah Callie, or should I get the paddle out again?”

Callie immediately answered, “Thank you Miss.”

Delilah walked over and stroked the girls still damp cheek, “You’re welcome sweetie, but mind your manners here, little girl. I am not usually that generous.” She patted the girls head, speaking over her shoulder, “I will leave you alone for a moment while I put together some outfits for her. I know what you like.”

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