Camilla Ch. 046


When Camilla returned home around lunchtime the next day, she saw Candice at her laptop, looking at pictures of nude Camilla on her new porn website. When Camilla came up behind Candice, Candice was looking at a picture of Camilla bent over with her legs spread wide open, her anus and vagina in clear view. Camilla (in the photo), looking upside down from between her legs, grinned back at the camera. Candice was breathing heavily, and Camilla–dropping her red dress on the floor behind Candice–just admired herself in the picture.

“Camilla, you look so hot in these pictures!” Candice said, fingering herself. “Remember what you said yesterday about me doing POV porn with you? I think I’ll do it. I’d like to see video of you eating me out.”

“Great,” Camilla said as she kicked off her high heels. “I’ll call Bob later on today. Maybe we can do the video shoot tonight, or soon, anyway.”

Turning away from her laptop and admiring Camilla’s nudity in the flesh, Candice said, “Speaking of pussy-licking, how about us doing a sort of rehearsal now, Camil?”

“Sorry, baby, I can’t. I got a lot to do today,” Camilla said as she undid her bun and let her hair drop down to her shoulders.

“But, Camil, it’s been half a week since we last made love,” Candice said with a frown.

“I’m sorry, sweetie; we will soon. I’ll call Bob and get him to do a video of us ASAP–probably tonight. But now I’ve got a lot to do. I wanna get an appointment with Dr. Singh for another HIV test, or a test for whatever could be in me that’s maybe killing off my lovers.”

You’re killing me emotionally, Candice thought.

“I’ve also gotta get my trigonometry textbook for next week’s summer school classes,” Camilla continued. “Then I wanna go to my old tae kwon do school and resume my old lessons; I hope my old teacher is still there–he’s so hot. Then I want to go back to my old primary school and see Mr. Finch, one of my old teachers there. I used to have such a crush on him.”

“You had a crush on this old teacher,” Candice said with an incredulous sneer. “You used to have the hots for that old teacher. How many of your teachers, past and present, have you had a crush on, or wanted to fuck?”

“Well, I don’t know exact numbers,” Camilla said, trying to calculate how many in her mind. “But of the male teachers, I’d say at least one in five.”

“Damn, girl!” Candice was stupefied.

“Gotta change and go,” Camilla said, then she showered, brushed her teeth, put red nail polish on her finger- and toenails, and painted her face up brightly like a whore. Then she put on yellow lace panties, white denim shorts, and a white tube top that tightly hugged her breasts. After putting on some high heels and perfume, she grabbed her purse and left the apartment.

Candice, still frowning, lit a marijuana cigarette and looked at more of Camilla’s photos and video.


After running all the errands she’d told Candice about, Camilla went back to her old elementary school to look for Mr. Finch. As she walked down the hall toward his classroom, she looked in one classroom and saw her former grade two teacher, another one of those one in five.

She walked into his classroom and locked the door behind her. He was at his desk writing. “Mr. Gray? Hi, sir!” she said with an ear-to-ear grin.

“I’m sorry,” he said, looking up at her. “Do I know you?”

“You used to be my second grade teacher,” she said, approaching him. “I’m Camilla Mennon: remember me?”

Rising from his chair and walking up to her, he tried to remember who she was. “I’m not sure; I’ve taught so many girls over the years.” He wished he could remember, for the twinkle in the sexy girl’s eye was turning him on. Indeed, he did remember a story circulating among the faculty about a nymphomaniac former student who recently had been roaming their school halls and throwing herself at Mr. Baker and Mr. Finch.

Standing in front of him, she said, “This should help remind you.” She put her arms up around the tall teacher’s neck; when he put his hands on her hips, she jumped up, squealing with ecstasy as she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist. “Remember me now? I always used to jump up on you like that.”

“Oh, yeah, little Camilla,” he said with a smile. “It wasn’t exactly this way back then, though: you were lighter, and when you did it, it was all sweet and innocent. You never jerked your thighs as you are now, as if we were making love.” His hands were on her gyrating ass, holding her up.

Giggling lewdly at his recognition of the obvious sexual meaning of what she was doing, she said, “Well, I’m 18 years old now, and I can be as naughty as I like with you, my handsome teacher.” She continued thrusting aggressively against his thighs. “You’re so strong, sir: you can still lift me.” She unwrapped one leg and pushed it against his groin, feeling his large erection. Always looking straight up in his eyes and with her mouth Ankara bayan escort open, she unwrapped her other leg and slowly slid down to the floor, both of her legs now pushing against the big bulge in his pants. “Ooh!” she yelped from the sensation of his obviously large cock. Then she pulled him down by his necktie to bring his head to her; she whispered in his ear, “It’s so big.” She giggled lewdly again.


Two male teachers were watching Camilla and Gray from outside his classroom. “That’s Camilla, the slut,” the first teacher said. “She must have been the one Baker and Finch fucked. And to think, I can still remember teaching her back in grade three, when she was completely innocent.”

“How quickly they grow, eh?” the second teacher said. “So she’s been throwing herself at all the male teachers here?”

“Yeah,” the first teacher said. “Easy pussy. Now it’s Gray’s turn. I daresay, soon it will be my turn.”

“And mine, too,” the second teacher said. “Even if she’d never had me as a teacher before.”

Noticing Gray turn his head to look out the window of his classroom door, the two teachers quickly walked away.


Looking up at Gray, whose chest was level with Camilla’s eyes, she said, “You’re so tall and I’m so short.” Then she giggled like a little girl. “If school’s over, why are you all still here?”

“Administrative stuff,” he said. “Meetings and all. Today’s the last day, I hope.”

“Ooh!” she said suddenly, swaying her hips uncomfortably. “I gotta go pee-pee. Can you take me to a toilet, please, sir?”

“Sure,” he said, and he took her out of the classroom over to a teacher’s washroom, opening the door for her. As she walked in, she unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, revealing some of her yellow panties to him. He looked down, savouring every detail he saw.

“Thank you, sir,” she said as her shorts dropped to the floor. He, making sure no one in the hall saw him, followed her in and locked the door.

“Those are pretty panties, sweetie,” he panted in a low voice.

“Really?” she said with a high-pitched voice and a grin. “Thank you.” She giggled and bent over to draw his eyes to her ass. Then she pulled down her panties and kicked off her high heels. She turned around so he could see her wispy brown pubic hair, and she sat on the toilet. As she peed, she looked up at him with a feigned look of naive innocence–the wide-eyed, wide-open mouth of a little girl, as if she didn’t at all know that peeing was something done privately. He looked down between her wide-open legs and watched the golden juice sprinkling loudly into the toilet bowl water. He got his hands on her tube top and pulled it up slowly to remove it; she looked in his eyes acquiescently as her large breasts were revealed, totally allowing him to pull the tube top up her raised arms and off her body. Now completely naked, Camilla reached for the toilet paper and wiped her vulva dry. Then she got out her perfumed wet napkins and cleaned herself. She brought her legs up as she wiped herself so he could see her pink pussy. As she continued wiping, she opened her labia wide for the viewing pleasure of his greedy eyes; her purple vaginal opening was almost as agape as his mouth.

“Oh, sweetie,” he sighed in awe at what he was looking at. “You are truly beautiful.” She grinned and giggled her thanks.

Suddenly, a knock was heard on the door. “Mr. Gray?” a man’s voice said.

“Yeah?” an agitated Gray said.

“The principal wants to talk to you in her office, right away,” the man said urgently. “It can’t wait.”

“OK, give me a few minutes,” Gray said, then whispered to Camilla, “I gotta go.”

“Before you go,” she whispered, “lemme show you something.” She got up, turned around, spread her legs, and bent over so both her anus and vagina were showing. He licked his lips as he stared at the new, brown hole. Holding one of her Luvlee’s name cards, she put her hand between her legs to give the card to him. Still bent over and looking upside-down at him from between her legs, she said. “That’s where I work. Come over and see me tomorrow night, OK?”

“OK,” he said. “Sorry: gotta go.” Opening the door slowly at first to make sure no one was in the hall to see him, he left the washroom to go to the principal’s office.

Shrugging her shoulders, Camilla put her clothes on, left the washroom, and went to Finch’s classroom.

He wasn’t there when she walked inside, so she went over to the back area where his bed was. She looked around the area: the bed lay to the left as one goes in the niche; to the right was a sink with coffee and mugs on the counter. Bemused and eagerly waiting for Finch to come in, she didn’t notice the sound of very soft footsteps as someone crept up behind her. Then she heard soft breathing: Mr. Finch is here at last, she thought. She felt soft kisses on the back right side of her neck, and hands gently touching her Escort bayan Ankara arms. She moaned at the pleasurable sensation. Soon those hands went under her arms and slowly pulled down her tube top, exposing her breasts. The hands cupped and caressed her breasts, then gently pinched her nipples. Her pussy was moist with desire: what magic fingers and lips! Mr. Finch must be sorry for squeezing my tits so hard last time, she thought; he’s so gentle now!


Gray walked into the principal’s office. “You wanted to talk to me about something?”

“No,” she said, sneering at his question. “Who told you I wanted to talk to you about something?”


Those hands massaged her breasts so pleasurably, as did those lips on her neck, that at first Camilla didn’t notice her shorts being unbuttoned and unzipped. When she felt a light tugging down on them, she woke up from her ecstasy to realize two men were enjoying her! She looked down and gasped at the surprising sight of Mr. Keyes, her old grade three teacher, squatting and pulling her shorts down. Looking back, she expected to see Finch behind her; her breasts wiggled freely when those magic hands had let go of them, and her nipples were pointy and fully erect. She was shocked to see that the man who had been feeling her tits was someone she’d never seen before!

“Mr. Keyes?” she said in a state of aroused disorientation.

“Oh, Camilla, sweetie,” kneeling Keyes sighed in awe at the pretty pair he saw jiggling from above. “Your tits are so beautiful!”

“Thank you,” she said, still shocked, yet horny all the same. Looking back at her groper, she asked, “And you are…?”

“Mr. Dawson is a new teacher here,” Keyes said as he removed her high heels. “He’s been with us for the past two years now. Mr. Dawson, Camilla; Camilla, Mr. Dawson.”

“Nice to meet you,” she said, reaching behind and shaking Dawson’s hand.

“Enchanted,” Dawson said as he looked up and down at her naked body. “More than you can imagine.”

Keyes then pulled her feet through the leg holes of her panties. She was now completely naked: Keyes looked up and down in adoration of her flawless frontal nudity. “Oh, sweetie, your whole body is so beautiful. How did you grow from a sweet, skinny little girl to such a sex goddess?”

“I don’t know,” she said, her eyes and mouth still agape from the surprise she’d got. “Good genes, I guess.”

“You can say that again,” Dawson said as he ogled her callipygian behind. Both men were lecherously licking their lips and studying every inch of her bare skin.

“What’s it like in here?” Keyes asked, reaching between her legs. He fingered her wet pussy aggressively, making her bend forward. She moaned as his index and long fingers went up her cunt. “Oh, this is nice.”

“Thank you,” she said, not at all indignant at the men’s lust, and still reeling from their surprise accosting of her. “What do you guys want me to do?”

Dawson opened her buttocks and eyed her anus. “Your asshole is really pretty, Camilla,” he said, stretching the orifice wide open.

“Thank you, sir,” she said. “There’s anal lube in my purse.” She bent over to get her purse; Keyes, still squatting, watched her breasts come down closer to his face.

Dawson grabbed her by the legs and lifted them up towards him; this made her fall forward, her breasts falling on Keyes’s happy face. Keyes grabbed her by the arms to break her fall, but shook her so her breasts, on either side of his head, would slap against his cheeks. He took the left one in his mouth and sucked it briefly; then he put her on the floor and got up. She was now on the floor on all fours; Dawson had her legs spread wide open so her pussy and asshole were on display. She gave Dawson the anal lube, and he lubed his cock as he licked her asshole, getting a generous amount of his saliva on it. His tongue enjoyed feeling the wrinkly texture of her brown asshole, and he admired the total absence of any faecal odour. Then he lubed her rectum and pushed his hard cock against the orifice. Meanwhile, Keyes pulled his cock out of his pants; it got fully erect as she wiped it clean with her wet napkins. When Dawson had pushed his cock two inches inside her asshole, she opened her mouth wide and groaned with pleasure; she turned her head so he could see her acquiescent reaction. Then Keyes turned her head back towards him and put his cock in her mouth. Dawson pushed his cock in another two inches, and her mouth widened even more in reaction; Keyes took advantage of this and put his cock all the way in. She was deep-throating him, but not gagging–he was impressed. Dawson pushed in all the way now, and began sliding in and out of her tight rectum. Both men were moaning with delight at the amazing lover they were sharing. Camilla played with Keyes’s balls, and stimulated his cock in as accelerated a manner as she could; similarly, she squeezed her ass around Dawson’s Bayan escort Ankara dick to hurry up his orgasm. Indeed, she didn’t want these men to be fucking her ass and mouth for too long a time: she was waiting for Finch, and imagined that him seeing her with Dawson and Keyes would ruin the mood for Finch.

Her accelerations of their excitement were working, and they would orgasm in a matter of seconds. She pulled Keyes’s cock out of her mouth to lick his shaft and kiss his knob; he blew his load all over her face. She moaned softly and submissively as each splash of come soaked her face: the first shot hit her nose; the second, her right eye; the third, her lips; the fourth, her left cheek. All the while receiving his ejaculations, she continued squeezing Dawson’s cock every time it went deep inside her. “I’m gonna come!” he moaned, and when he pulled back and out she tipped his cock up, not letting it go back in her ass: he splashed his come all over her round buttocks. The first shot splattered against her anal cleft; the second, on her left buttock; the third, on her right buttock, and the last, on her left buttock again, only further down, along her gluteal sulcus.

They wiped the remaining come that dripped from their cocks on those parts of her face and ass not yet soaked with come; then they put their spent members back in their pants and zipped themselves up. Camilla took two of her Luvlee’s name cards out of her purse and gave each man one. “I’m a lap-dancer there; please come over and see me sometime. I’ll be there tomorrow night.”

“Surely,” Dawson said.

“See you Thursday night,” Keyes said, and both men left.

Though Camilla didn’t come during her sex with them, she was very excited, and she eagerly anticipated Finch’s coming into the classroom. It was 3:30 in the afternoon, and the school hadn’t been closed yet. Would he show up? She hoped so. She took a cloth and some paper towels from the counter by the sink opposite the bed; she used them to wipe the come off her ass and face. Then she washed her face with soap, and put on more make-up: bright red lipstick, dark purple eye shadow, thick mascara, and pink blush. Admiring herself in the mirror above the sink, she, still nude, said, “Whore goddess.”

Suddenly, she heard the door open and footsteps walking inside. They sounded like a man’s shoes, not like high heels. Please be Mr. Finch, she thought. The footsteps came closer to the back niche area where she was. Breathing heavily, she turned towards where the man would walk in and see her frontal nudity. He came in: indeed, it was Finch!

“Camilla,” he said with a smile of lecherous delight. “How good to see them–uh, you, again.”

Giggling, she looked down at the tits he was obviously admiring and said, “Thanks. Good to see you, too. Wanna fuck me?”

“Of course, though I don’t have much time,” he said. “My wife will be here within the hour. Maybe we can squeeze in a quickie.”

“And squeeze in a dickie?” she said, lying on the bed and spreading her legs for him.

“And squeezing some tittie,” he sighed as he unzipped and pulled down his pants. He got on top of her in the missionary position, and pushed the tip of his cock against her vaginal orifice. She sighed with delight as he slowly pushed his cock further in. He grabbed her breasts and kissed her on the lips as he continued sliding his cock inside her pussy. Her sighs and squeals rose in pitch and volume; he turned on the radio to drown out the sound of their moans. He pushed it all the way in, and she squealed as though it had been painful, though it was extremely pleasurable. After four thrusts of his cock, the knob poking against her A-spot, she came. He kept sliding in and out of her dripping wet cunt, and continued squeezing her breasts; his excitement was so great that he was oblivious to how sometimes his squeezes hurt her. Still, she tolerated the pain, since his cock was driving her wild. The knob kept poking against her A-spot, and the thickness of his shaft was always rubbing against her G-spot; she came a second time. He pulled up her right breast so he could put the nipple in his mouth; he sucked on it for several seconds as he continued shoving his cock in and out. Finally, he came inside her.

He pulled his spent penis out, put it back in his pants, and they rested awhile, slowly catching their breath. A half and hour had gone by during their fuck.

After another ten minutes of resting and talking, Finch felt ready to have more fun. Camilla, always naked, had her back to him as she put her make-up and tube of anal lube back in her purse. He came up behind her and fondled her breasts as Dawson had before, though not nearly as sensitively as Dawson had. He kissed her on the neck and shoulder, and she moaned softly, squealing slightly at the roughness of his grabbing hands.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed Finch by the shoulder and pulled him back, turning him around and making him let go of her tits. A once-again startled and disoriented Camilla also turned around to see what was going on; her breasts shook like two hills of jelly, and she revealed her frontal nudity to yet another person to whom she hadn’t been formally introduced–Finch’s wife.

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