Camping Trip

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Self Shot

The wind was blowing on this crisp September morning. The flapping of my temporary home had rudely awakened me from an exquisite dream. A very vivid dream, nature but a touch of loneliness preceded the passion. Just turning 25 years old

I, Mark, had decided to go and “find myself”. So I had packed up my stuff and started driving, I ended up here. It was a good place for a temporary home.

Anticipating and dreading the bite from the cold air I decided to emerge from my tent. Jack frost had visited during the night and everything had been smothered by frost. Stepping out of my tent I reached for the sky with my arms. I pulled back into a big stretch. Reality quickly slapped me when I realized I had a neighbour.

That night a car had pulled into the camping spot next to mine. Even though I was awake and I wasn’t dreaming anymore, some parts of me were still enjoying the escapades of my dream and were valiantly displayed to the world during my stretch. Feeling like a teenage boy being called to the blackboard during a spontaneous erotic daydream I quickly pulled out my shirt and did the best to cover up. Embarrassed, I looked over to see if I had been seen, I tried to see who was camped next to me. I hope they don’t have kids I thought. I would have to leave for sure. There was only one tent so I was a bit relieved.

Through the trees I could see a person, it was a woman, she had brown hair, shoulder length. She looked to be between 25-30 years old. It was hard to tell, she was busy cooking breakfast and trying to start a fire. She looked gorgeous though, I wish I could get a better look but I already feel like a peeping tom so I stopped while I was ahead. I noticed she kept glancing over in my direction. I wondered if she had seen me or was she tying to get a better look at my package. I thought it was impressive, I hoped someone else might as well.

The next couple of days were very tantalizing. I never left my site. My neighbour has a predictable routine; she gets up in the morning, washes, eats and then leaves. She is usually gone all day and doesn’t return till the evening. I keep getting glimpses of her; I might be crazy but I think she is trying to tease me. She will get up in the morning. Look over at my site to see if I am within eyeshot. Pull off her shirt, (she still has a bra on, but hey I am a man, It doesn’t take much) and give her self a wash down. She will lightly fondle her breasts making her nipples erect through her bra. She will innocently make it look like it wasn’t on purpose but every time she does it her mouth opens a bit and her face contorts to a grin of pleasure.

She will pull down her pants to her ankles. Every day she wears different coloured underwear. Yesterday it was black, today it is yellow. She pulls her moist cloth up the inner side of her tanned leg to where her underwear spoils the view of kocaeli escort what lies underneath. She then rubs her smooth firm ass bending over as she sensually covers the rest of her legs down to her ankles. Then she leaves.

If I wasn’t such a coward I would go and try to talk to her, but by the time I get enough courage, she takes off for the day. My days consist of me trying to get my courage up and relieving tension in my tent. She is driving me insane, she doesn’t even have to be bathing anymore to make me horny, she could be cutting wood or eating a sandwich, it doesn’t matter I am infected.

It was a warm night that night. I lay there in my tent trying to keep my mind off of my sexy neighbour, I read books, meditated, tried everything to keep from thinking of her, nothing worked except singing my favourite song. I was almost asleep when I heard her car pull up. She was arriving home late tonight, probably out with some local guys or something. I hated her, she was tearing me up so I put her out of my mind and fell asleep.

It was 2:54 am when I was awakened by a sound; at first I thought it was some kind of wildlife. A coyote perhaps, but as the sleep fell away I realized it was human. There were shrieks followed by moments of silence, distressed words mumbled into the night. They were coming from next door. I stuck my head out the door to she if there was an animal of the night invading the tent or an attacker in human form. By the moonlight I didn’t see anything of such. I laid back on my bed trying to sleep but the noises continued. Mental dilemmas were now racing through my head: what if she is sick, what if she is choking, etc. All these “what ifs” finally drove me to put on my clothes and exit my tent.

What am I going to say if she wakes up, what could I possibly say that wouldn’t make me sound like a freak? The “what ifs” fled back into my head and I started to walk through the night to my neighbours tent. With every step my heart beat faster. Hoping the sound off my heart pounding would somehow wake up this temptress, but who was I kidding. I was going to have to go through with is. I approached the door of her tent, nightmarish noises still emerging from the tent. “Miss” I whispered loudly, “Miss I repeated even louder. Nothing but mumbled words, I distinctly made out the words “help”, “NO” and “they’ll catch you” was all I could decipher from the garbled dialect. Realizing that it was just a bad dream I could have turned around there but I had come so far and I wanted to see this sleeping beauty.

I reached for the zipper; I grasped the cold pulley and started to pull down the zipper. I half opened the tent and by the light of the moonlight I saw beauty captured in a mass of linen. She was partially under her covers, she was lying face down with the right side of her body sticking yahya kaptan escort out of her sleeping bag. I gazed slowly from her ankle tattoo of a frog up the back of her leg to her firm silky ass, which was peeking at me from under her sleeping bag. From there I was drawn up her defined back to where her neck met her shoulders. Her breast was teasingly calling me from under her arm.

I was starting to get very aroused, this silky goddess, who lay before me, even though sleeping, still felt like she was teasing me. I decided I would have to wake her, as the screaming was getting louder. I reached in and grabbed her toe; I tugged on it as I said, “miss”. A light moan came out of her lips and she shifted her body so she was fully uncovered and laying on her back. Her trimmed pubic hair to her tan lined breasts were laid out before me. She had a petit neck, which led up to her full lips. I wanted to kiss her so bad, but I was fairly embarrassed, I was violating this woman without her knowing. Then she let out another loud scream. That’s it; I have to wake her up.

I grabbed her ankle and shook it. To my amazement she groaned and her arm slid across her breasts making her nipples erect and down to her pubic mound where she parted her legs enough to slide a finger down her inner thigh then back up to where her clit was and gave it a firm press which was followed by another moan. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was ready to burst, I had a throbbing erection which needed to be let loose. But I couldn’t advance on a sleeping woman.

I undid the zipper on the tent a bit more so I could have some more access. I slid my hand up her smooth leg up to her knee and gave it another shake. “Miss” I said loudly. Her reply was to grab her left breast with her other hand and started massaging it slowly. Her firm nipple being pulled and massage between her thumb and finger. She then reached down and felt my hand; she then pulled it up to her wet vagina. She pressed my hand right into it. I could feel her erect clit against my skin. Her hips started gyrating against my hand. Her hand was controlling the pressure of mine.

I could not believe it, I was hovering over a sexy sleeping woman and she was pleasing herself with my hand. She was releasing moans of pleasure now instead of cries of grief. I couldn’t resist any longer so I bent down and kissed her. Her lips were soft, at first there was no response but quickly my kiss was returned. Her lips parted and her tongue explored my lips as mine did hers. She pulled her hand away from massaging her breasts and slid it up the back of my shirt. Her nails leaving a trail up and down my muscular back.

She still hadn’t said a word, but the moans and heavy breathing were conversation enough for me. She now had stopped riding my hand and was using izmit eskort her hand to pull off my shirt. It was a successful attempt and my robust chest met hers in a passionate embrace. Our lips explored each other’s necks and ears while our hands caressed each other. Every time I nibbled her ear she would gasp for air and pull her hips into mine. I wanted to at least ask her for her name but she hadn’t opened her eyes or said a word yet. Was she still sleeping? Will she wake up?

She started to undo my pants, that is when all the questions flew out of my head. I didn’t even care about them anymore anyways. She pulled of my pants, since I had been going commando I didn’t have any underwear on. She was really intent on focusing on my penis so I straddled her belly. I had a great view of this horny sleeping woman. She lightly caressed my penis with the tips of her fingers; at times she would grasp it with her whole hand and start pumping it. With every pump her breasts swayed with the movement. Her other hand was exploring my scrotum and my thighs. What ever was in arms length she touched. I reached around behind me and with my fingers I pulled her wet lips apart and found the clitoris.

I slowly started massaging her clit, taking brief breaks to tease her opening and re-moisturize her clit. I was massaging her clit in time with how she was rotating her hips. Subsequently, she started pumping my swollen penis in time with how I was rubbing her clit. Moans were very frequent now from both of us. She was getting very loud; thank Jesus there was very few people camped around. I was getting closer to climax and so was she. I could feel her getting even wetter than before. Her free hand, which had been used to caress my scrotum, was now back to her breasts. Pulling and squeezing in an aggressive manner. Her hips were rotating very fast now.

I pressed harder on her clit while rubbing it. She was pumping faster now, as were her hips. I was approaching orgasm and so was she. She had become frenzied in her approach to climaxing; she was clawing at her breasts, grabbing anything she could with a firm grasp, even me. I reached for my shirt, as I didn’t want to leave this woman with any morning surprises. We climaxed at the same time she screamed so loud that I could hear it echo in the distance. Her petit body shuddered with the after shocks of an explosive climax. She reached out and pulled me down to her. Her warm gasping breasts flowing off my neck. I thought she was going to speak but she never did.

Her breathing came back down to normal and I could feel her drift away. Her hand slid off of my back and lay on a piece of discarded clothing. It was my time to go.

I put my pants back on and took one last look this mysterious woman. Would this just be an erotic escapade that took place in a dream to her? What was her story? I wanted to know all about her. But I knew I couldn’t. I had to go. I covered her up and gave her a kiss on the cheek and said, ” If it is meant to be so, may our paths cross again” she replied with a sigh. I left the tent in the same manner as which I entered it. The sun was rising so with new light of another day I packed up camp and left.

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