Canadian Encounter


Hi friends, my name is Saheb Sahebji. I am a commercial artist by profession. Some years back when I had some time on my hands I decided to take a holiday to Vancouver, Canada. I was to fly to Kuala Lumpur and after a night’s stop there continue to Vancouver via Taiwan.

On the flight I was seated next to a very pretty young girl. I found out that her name was Sonia. She was 20 years old. She was traveling alone for the first time and this was also her first flight. Naturally she was quite nervous. She was also on her way to Vancouver to study something to do with computers.

I said, “Sonia in case you require any help you should not hesitate to ask me”. She acknowledged my offer with a pretty smile. We chatted aimlessly and dozed. In the morning we along with other passengers, were taken to a hotel. Sonia and my room were opposite each other. We collected our overnight bags and went to our rooms to freshen up and to meet again at 9.30 a.m. for breakfast. I took a quick shower and sat watching television.

There was a knock on my door. I found Sonia looking quite ruffled. ‘What happened?’ I asked. ‘There are some men working outside my bathroom window and they can look in. I asked them to move away but they only grinned’ she said.

We went to the reception and requested them to change her room. We were told that they were fully booked and did not have an alternate room to offer. I suggested, ‘Sonia if you want you can freshen up in my bathroom’. Sonia accepted my suggestion and came to my room with her overnight bag.

When she went into the bathroom I continued to watch TV. After sometime I heard the shower running. I sat imagining how she would look naked.

Suddenly I heard, ‘Sahebji, Sahebji the shower has stopped please do something’.

I quickly got up and went to the bathroom. On trying the door I found it unlocked. As I entered I saw her standing naked in the shower. She was a lovely sight to watch. She had her long black hair neatly tied up over her head under a shower cap. She had soap all over her body, face and in her eyes. I could see her slim waist, lovely hard firm breasts with erect nipples. Soap foam was hanging from her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Seeing her naked looking lovely I got an immediate erection.

I took in the beautiful scene for a few minutes before I asked, ‘What has happened?’ She said in an agitated voice, ‘I don’t know the water in the shower has suddenly stopped running’.

Not wanting to wet my only set of clothes I undressed and entered the shower with my cock erect and struggled with the shower tap. Suddenly it turned and a stream of cold water came out. With a small shriek she jumped in to my arms. I put my arms round her and kissed her. As soon as she managed to wash the soap out of her eyes she said, ‘Please Sahebji don’t ‘. I was too excited to listen and I carried her and lay her down on the bed.

She struggled and said, “Sahebji please mujhe chord do (Sahebji please let me go)”. I however kissed her and ran my finger between her soapy cunt lips. I then transferred my attention to her beautiful milky boobs but kept running my fingers between her cunt lips. I kissed them and sucked the nipples. She was now struggling feebly and moaning loudly. I then moved to her cunt and started to lick it and suck on her clit. Her moans were getting louder and her struggle feebler. She continued to struggle very feebly and between loud moans kept begging me to stop. Ignoring her protests I continued. Soon she raised her bottom pressing her choot (cunt) to my lips. Then with a loud sigh ‘AAAhhh’ she fell back on the bed. She had cum.

I then got on top of her and kissed her while moving my lund (cock) with my hand between her now very wet cunt lips. All this time she had kept her legs tightly pressed together. I whispered, ‘Sonia dear please open your legs and make place for my lund’.

She lay there panting with her eyes closed. I kept kissing her and rubbing my cock on her cunt and pressing her clit with it. Suddenly she grabbed my head and pulled my lips to hers and spread her legs wide. Body had conquered the mind.

I placed my cock on the entrance of her fuck hole and pressed my cock in till her virginal sentinel stopped further progress. I caught her firmly by her shoulders and whispered, ‘Darling it is going hurt a little now’. She nodded and braced her self against the pain to follow.

I pressed my cock in further. I felt her hymen stretching. ‘Oh Sahebji it is paining’ she groaned. I increased the pressure suddenly the membrane snapped and my cock was half in her virgin choot. ‘AAYYyyiee it hurts very much. Please stop. I beg of you’ she shouted.

I moved my cock slowly in and out. With each stoke going deeper and deeper till my cock was fully engulfed in her tube of pleasure. ‘It won’t hurt any more. I am fully inside’ I told her and kissed her. Reassured she lay back groaning with pain.

I started to move my cock in and out in long slow strokes. I kept gaziantep bayan escort varying the length and speed of my strokes. Sonia lay below me with her eyes closed and groaning with pain. After five minutes or so her groans changed into moans of pleasure. I continued my movement. Suddenly Sonia raised her hips and with a loud ‘AAhhhh’ and fell back. Sonia had her second orgasm.

I kept up my in and out movement without missing a stroke. Soon she was moving her hips in rhythm of my movement. And each time she came she fell back and after a few more strokes started to move again. I felt my sperm rising. My speed became faster and strokes shorter. Sonia however continued to keep time with me. I went faster and faster, so did she. I said, ‘I am about to cum’. ‘Me too. Just a little more’. She replied. ‘Y..hes y..hes little more. Don’t stop’ she whispered and her lips sought mine. We were kissing passionately when we both exploded. ‘OOHHHhhh it is lovely. This one was the best’ she said.

I told her that it was heavenly. I continued to lie on top of her. My cock was fast losing its hardness. I moved slowly in and out to keep it half-erect. After five minutes or so my cock was again in full erection. I started to fuck her again. This time it was even better. She came at least five times before I shot my come into her. Then we lay in a close embrace and fell asleep. When we woke up it was getting late. We took a shower together and soaped every nook and cranny of each other’s body. We then went to eat breakfast.

At breakfast Sonia was looking very pensive and thoughtful. ‘What are you thinking?’ I asked.

‘Nothing much. Only the events of today morning’ she replied. Before I could say anything she continued, ‘Isn’t it funny that the virginity I had so jealously guarded for twenty years living at home I lost it within twelve hours of leaving it. What had to happen has happened. Don’t blame yourself. I think it was so fated. It was fate that I met you. It was fate that there were workers outside my room. I could have gone to another ladies room but I came to yours this was also fate, I agreed to take a shower in your bathroom, to hide my ignorance I did not ask you how to lock the bathroom door. It was fate that the shower stopped and I called you for help. Then nature took its course. I think somewhere in my sub-conscious I wanted this to happen. I could have screamed loudly and struggled harder. You know Sahebji in way I am glad that it happened and I am no longer a virgin. No, no don’t ask me why. Okay enough of this subject. Let us talk about something else’.

That is exactly what we then did. After breakfast we walked around for hours like two honeymooners in the beautiful gardens of the hotel and did window shopping in the shopping arcade. After lunch we came back to our room. I lit a cigarette and sat down to watch TV with my back towards the bathroom. Sonia went into the bathroom to freshen up.

After a few minutes Sonia came and said, ‘Sahebji I am feeling a strange irritation in my choot. I understand that you have something that can help cure it’. Hearing this I turned around and saw Sonia standing absolutely naked with a naughty smile on her lips. I quickly undressed and took her to bed. All afternoon we fucked, fucked and then fucked some more. We rested briefly in between only to charge our batteries.

In the evening we went down town and visited some famous bazaars. After dinner we were back in the room and got ready to go to bed. As soon as we were in bed Sonia wanted me to fuck her. She just could not get enough cock. Naturally I fucked her and said, “Sonia my dear it is getting late we should sleep now. Remember we have to catch a very early flight in the morning”. Sonia made a face and said ‘Please Sahebji please just once more then I will be happy and go to sleep as you suggest’.

I said, ‘Okay but this time you will have to help me to get hard’. ‘Me? Help you? How?’ she asked innocently. ‘Take my cock in your mouth and suck it’ I told her. ‘No I won’t do that. It gives me a dirty feeling’ she protested. ‘Darling in love nothing is ‘dirty’ or ‘clean’. Remember I licked and sucked your choot several times today. Come on do it otherwise there will be no more fucking tonight’.

She wanted a fuck. She took my limp cock in hand and moved the foreskin up and down several times. ‘It is too tired to be revived that way. Take it in your mouth’. I told her. Then with a distasteful expression on her face she planted a kiss on it. ‘Take it in your mouth and suck it’. I urged. She then gave the phallus couple of tentative licks with her tongue. I caught her head and pressed it on my cock. Her mouth opened and I pushed my cock in. Slowly she started to lick and suck. ‘That is the way. Keep it up. You will have me erect soon’ I encouraged.

After a few minutes she was sucking my cock with gusto. My cock started to swell and soon it was hard as a rock. She released my cock and said, “Dekho sakht hogaya hai ab mujhe chodo (Look it is hard, now fuck me). ‘Few minutes more’ I told her. ‘Don’t you dare cum in my mouth’ she warned. ‘Don’t worry I will save the goodies for your choot’ I replied. When I was ready to fuck I asked ‘Na sweetheart how did you like it?’ ‘Not bad. Actually it was quite nice. Now less talking sir and more chudayi (fucking)’ she said giggling. Then we fucked and went to sleep in each other’s arms.

During the flight the next day she told me more about her and her family. She said, “My sister Mona is 24 years old and a doctor. She migrated to Vancouver, Canada four years back with her husband who was also a doctor. Unfortunately her husband died in a tragic car crash some six months back. I am going to Vancouver to keep her company and also to study on the side”. She told me about her parents, her house, her pets and friends.

Suddenly she asked, ‘Where are you staying in Vancouver’. ‘I have no definite plans or reservations. In some hotel I suppose’ I said. ‘Why don’t you come and stay with my sister? We can then be together’ she suggested. ‘I would love to but what will you tell your sister?’ I inquired. ‘Don’t worry about that. Only don’t contradict me. Just agree with whatever I tell her’ she said.

This settled she told me more details about the friends of her parents. About her father’s office etc. to prepare me in case her sister were to question me.

On landing we were greeted by Mona. Mona looked exactly like Sonia. She was as tall as Sonia. Her figure, her boobs etc. were also similar in size. They resembled each other so much that if I had not known better I would have taken them for twins.

Sonia introduced me to Mona and said, “This is Saheb Sahebji. He looked after me during the flight. Without his help I would have been lost’. Mona hesitated a little and then said, ‘Any friend of my little sister is welcome’. ‘He is not a friend in that sense’ Sonia countered ‘he is a relative of papa’s office colleague. When papa’s friend heard that I was traveling alone and for the first time he introduced me to Sahebji and told him to look after me which he did admirably. He has no place to go except a hotel. The least we can do is offer him our hospitality. Don’t you think?’

Mona said, ‘Don’t get excited little sister. Sure he can stay with us. We will be a little cramped but we will manage’. In the car the sisters talked about the tragic accident in which Mona had lost her husband. Mona said ‘It was His wish. We can do nothing about it but accept it. You know I miss him. I was quite lonely but now that you are here little sister I will be fine. The good news is that I have taken three weeks leave from the hospital. I will show you around so that you get acclimatized and feel at home. Your school also starts in three weeks time’.

Mona had a nice two-bedroom apartment. I was given the spare room, which was actually meant for Sonia. For the duration of my stay the sisters decided to share the master bedroom. ‘This is going to be good as I have lots of catching up to do on home news. We can talk and talk’ Mona said with enthusiasm.

At the first opportunity Sonia whispered to me to leave my door unlocked at night, as she will come to me. I told her not to come tonight to allay any lingering suspicion in Mona’s mind. Come tomorrow. Sonia gave me a disappointed look and made a face. I laughed and said, ‘Don’t worry sweetheart you will survive’. She replied ‘But just. I know you are right. But tomorrow you will have to make it up’.

As planned, the next night Sonia came to my room and we fucked as if there was no tomorrow till the small hours of the morning. Her sexual appetite was much like mine, insatiable. She even of her own sucked my cock to erection couple of times. In the morning when she was leaving she said, ‘Rest your lund well I will be back tonight’.

Next morning we went sightseeing and in the afternoon I caught up on much needed sleep while Mona took Sonia to show her the school she was to attend.

That night when Sonia came I was asleep. She crept into my room and took my cock in her hand and kissed it. Her touch resulted in an immediate erection of my cock. Before I was fully awake she was already on top of me with my cock in her cunt and was moving up and down. She was moving fast and every few strokes she would sigh and release her cuntal juices. Within minutes my crotch was soaking wet. I was pushing from below in rhythm of her movement. I squeezed her tits and pinched the nipples. She moaned loudly and increased her speed. I told her slow down that way she would enjoy more but she went even faster. Then with a loud ‘AAHHHhhhh’ she fell on my chest.

At that very moment the door opened and the light was switched on.

I was shocked to see Sonia standing naked in the doorway with a hurt expression on her face.

She said, ‘Sahebji how could you betray me and that also with my own sister?’ I realised that it was not Sonia on top of me but Mona. I recovered quickly and said, ‘Dear Sonia I did not know. I thought it was you’.

Mona quickly got up and went to Sonia. Sonia now turned on Mona and said angrily, ‘As for you didi I will never speak to you again’ Mona went to her. I saw both the sisters standing naked. Both looked like twins and extremely pretty. Only difference was that Mona’s cunt had no hair on it while Sonia’s pubic hair were neatly trimmed.

Mona said, ‘Sonia please listen to me before you judge me. You know I lost my husband six months back. Despite the fact that I love fucking I vowed that I would not fuck a man for at least a year. My cunt was always horny and missed a cock. At first I masturbated but without much relief. Then I bought myself a vibrator even that was good enough to pacify my choot. I was getting along as best I could. Last night when I got up in the small hours I saw you were not in bed. I went looking for you. I saw a faint light in Sahebji’s room and heard voices. The door was shut and to see what was happening inside I got on a stool and peered in through the ventilator. I was shocked to see my little sister sitting absolutely naked and sucking Sahebji’s limp cock. The cock grew larger as I watched. It grew and grew and grew. I had never seen such a big lund before. My resolve not to fuck for one year was history. I wanted this magnificent cock inside me by hook or crook. I then watched you both fuck. My choot was flowing like a river in spate. I rushed back to my room but could not sleep. With the picture of Sahebji’s massive cock in my mind I used the vibrator, I don’t remember how many times I came, before I drifted off to sleep’. Here Mona paused and took a deep breath.

‘Since morning I have been wracking my brains as to how I could get to fuck Sahebji’ she continued, ‘I even thought of asking you but was afraid you might not understand. I then stooped so low as to put a sleeping pill in your after dinner coffee and added more sugar to disguise its bitter taste. When you left it after drinking half of it saying it isntoo sweet I did not know what to do. The lure of Sahebji’s big cock was too great for me, I decided to risk it anyway. When you fell asleep I came here and quietly crept inside and got into Sahebji’s bed. Poor Sahebji he was all the time thinking it was you. Well this is my story. Now you decide’.

Sonia had tears in her eyes. She embraced Mona and said, ‘Sorry didi I am very, very sorry. I get restless if I don’t fuck for a day and you poor dear have been without a cock for six whole months. Didi I love you. Please go ahead and fuck Sahebji as much as you like. Then turning to me she said, ‘Sahebji please do me a favour oblige didi also’. I had no objection. As far as I was concerned more the merrier.

Mona ran out of the room but was back in a jiffy with her vibrator and handing it to Sonia said, ‘Little sister take this it can’t replace the real thing but it comes mighty close to it. You might need it in case you should want some relief’ and jumped into my bed. I was already hard and Mona got on top and with one deft stroke inserted my erection in her pussy and started moving up and down slowly. I was matching her movement from below stroke for stroke. Each time she came she fell on my chest and after a few seconds recommenced her in and out strokes. All this time she kept saying, ‘Oh this really feels good. It has been so long. I have never felt so much pleasure before’. Her speed was becoming faster and faster till she with a loud cry, ‘Oh Sahebji I am COOOMMMIIINNNnnng’ collapsed on me.

‘I can’t do any more Sahebji now you fuck me and hard’. Without taking my cock out of her cunt I turned her over and started to fuck her. ‘Yes that is the way I like it. Harder darling harder’ she shouted. I fucked as hard as I could.

‘My god it is lovely. I have never been fucked like this before. Go on. Please don’t stop. I am about to come again. Yes more, more OHhh Y..hes Y..hes Y.. hes,. That is the way I AM COMMMIIINNNGGGggg.’ with a loud scream she came. At the same time I shot my-cum into her and fell on her breasts. We lay kissing each other for several minutes.

When I released her I saw Sonia lying next to us busy with the vibrator in her choot. She also came with a loud ‘OHHhhhh’.

Mona got up and embraced Sonia and said, ‘Thank you little sister I needed that. Such a large cock has never fuck me before. It was simply great. Come, your turn now’. Sonia said ‘No didi you go ahead. It is your night. I have survived a night without fucking before’ and looked at me.

Mona gave her a hug and came back to bed. She took my cock in her hand and said, ‘I bet his cum is also out of this world and took my cock in her mouth and started to give me a blow job. She was an expert. In no time she had me erect and in few minutes I was ready to come. I looked at Sonia. She was watching Mona with surprise on her face. I warned Mona, ‘Mona I am about to come’ but she kept sucking. With a loud ‘AAAHhhhh’ I shot my seed into her mouth. Without spilling a single drop she swallowed it all and smacked her lips and said, ‘Wow this is the thickest and creamiest spunk I have ever tasted’.

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