Captain Pizza: The Two Women

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The following story is a work of fiction, based loosely (VERY loosely) on reality. All characters depictions and events described are bullshit pulled from thin air and my own ass. Take it as nothing more than a hokey adult narrative. Future chapters will likely be the same character in different situations.

Since my divorce I’ve had a whole new outlook on being single. Where once dating and relationships may have been important in my new life all I really cared about was sex and for lack of a less vulgar term pussy. I had been going to school full time and delivering pizza in my suburban community prior to the divorce. Apparently our conflicting schedules had been more than the marriage could bear and we found ourselves too stressed to save the marriage. We agreed to go our separate ways. I’m only 26 so I’m certainly not going to resign to being a boring grown up yet. I decided to back down on schooling and work more. The great thing about delivering pizza is most of your money is tax-free. On the books I barely took home $200 a week, in actually I netted close to six most weeks, more than enough for a single guy with a cheap mortgage. We had sold the house we bought together and with my half of the profit I bought a run-down fixer upper on the outskirts of town. (Fortunately I worked as a carpenter for a while and am pretty handy…wink wink).

Anyway enough about that lets get on with this torrid little tale. My name’s Greg, I’m just under six feet tall, I hit the gym a few times a week so I’m pretty doggone fit, and I keep myself up. I’m not much of a dresser and sure as hell not a playa, but I get my fair share just by being honest and witty. (No really, confidence goes a long way) I keep my noggin buzzed down to the skin and wear a half dozen gold rings in my left ear. I’ve also got a once a year tattoo habit…the older I live the more colorful I get.

Since the divorce I’ve been in full on lech mode, stealing peaks at every bit of cleavage, and piece of ass in tight clothing I can see. Delivering pizza in the summer down here sure gives me plenty of that. I’ve got my regular customers, the housewives, the young girls, and the single waitresses who get up and order breakfast around two pm. You name it I check em’ out. There are a few suburbanite neighborhoods around here where it seems like every yard has a pool in it, and I love going there, because if it’s hot, and it usually is there are bikinis to be seen. I always wonder when a woman or girl answers the door in a bikini do they know they’re putting on a show. (I think they must right?) Anyway I flirt and smile, and usually score a decent tip for my jokingly gallant demure attitude. (Me and my adjectives J)

One night, not too long ago I delivered to a nice house in a decent neighborhood. It’s usually the baby-sitter, she’s a little young, but will probably be good looking in a couple years. Tonight though there were a few cars in the driveway, if I recalled the lady of the house was hot. I got to the door and a smokin’ blonde answered the door; the lady of the house was in. Late thirties, dressed in a tight tank top, her hair and make-up were meticulously in place. I reached into the bag and pulled out two meals. Was the other for a husband perhaps? Then around the corner came a woman who had to be her sister or perhaps a close friend. She was a redhead, a few light freckles across her cheeks. She was equally attractive, maybe a little bigger. (In all the right places of course) The first bent to place the food on a table behind her and as she did I caught a side view of her breast in the tiny tank top, as well as the top of her panties peaking from her shorts. I love summertime I though to myself.

“Do you work every weekend?” The second woman asked in a smoky low voice.

“Friday and Saturday!” I said happily.

“You must not get any time to go out?” The first one said turning back towards me to pay.

“I’m not really a partier, if I’m going to go out weekend or weeknight doesn’t really bother me.” I said.

“Are you single?” The second lady asked.

“Actually recently divorced.” I said holding up my hand to display the stark white band where my ring had been. They laughed.

“Divorced so young?” The first one asked, she held the money back not offering it out as if trying to prolong the conversation, my sex radar began to go off. Let me mention now that sexually I’m very open minded, ready to do whatever turns people on, because almost everything turns me on.

“I was going to school and we were both working, it just put too much of a strain on us, we kind of grew apart.” I said shrugging.

“I noticed you taking quite an eyeful of my friend here, do you like what you see?” The second one asked.

“MMM.” I nodded a little sheepishly. “Sorry, since the divorce its like my eyes have a mind of their own.” I said probably blushing a little.

“Don’t be sorry.” The first woman who I had been caught checking out said. “It’s not often that I get checked out by your age group, and I have to admit I like it a little.”

“I’m bahçeşehir escort sure you get checked out more often than you think, you’re both very lovely women.” I said giving a little curtsy of a bow and smiling. I was throwing myself at their designer pump covered feet. They glowed happily.

“Well now you certainly know the right buttons to push. You’re a well built young man yourself.” The second woman said coming to stand beside her friend. “How late do you deliver until?”

“We stop taking calls at eleven, but it’s not unusual for me to still be driving at quarter or even half past.” I said.

“Really?” The first said sounding impressed. “What time do you usually get out of the restaurant?”

“On a good night eleven thirty, normally twelve though.” I said. “It depends how much cleaning there is to do.”

“So if we called at eleven on the button you wouldn’t be delivering the food on your way home?” The red head asked.

“Probably not.” I said.

“Too bad.” The blonde said. “I think if you were on your way home, we would invite you in for a nightcap.” My mind raced and I went for it. Meanwhile my crotch had begun to fill with blood and grew larger seeking more room in my denim shorts.

“Wow, that sounds like an offer I couldn’t possibly refuse.” I said. “On weeknights I usually take food on the way home, but the weekends are usually too busy.”

“What if you ordered something to go and just brought it to us.” The blond said. “Our phone number is right here on the slip, you could call when you’re leaving the restaurant and we can be waiting for you. It’s just us in this house all weekend, I’m divorced too and the kids are visiting their father.”

“Sure!” I said. “Sounds like fun, what would you like?” The red head smiled and her eyes trailed downwards to my crotch, which by now was fully hard and fortunately grew sideways against my abdomen rather than tenting my shorts embarrassingly, still the shape must have been pretty clear to the redhead.

“Just a large fry and an order of onion rings. Something to pick on.” The blonde said. “What do you drink?” She asked. “Are you a beer man, or can we interest you in some wine or mixed drinks.” My turn to smile.

“Surprise me.” I said. This time the blonde smiled and the redhead looked over at her. For an instant there was a knowing glance between them, then they both looked at me.

“We will, of course if you drink, you’ll have to stay over, so just be prepared not to leave we’re gonna’ be up late.” The redhead whispered, and finally the blonde held out her money.

“Keep the change and I’ll see you later.” The blonde said. She had given me twenty dollars for a thirteen-dollar order. “Take this so you can call us when you’re leaving.” She handed me back her receipt, with her phone number on the bottom.

The remainder of the night was thankfully busy enough to go by quickly and finally at eleven fifteen I got back to the restaurant with my last delivery. I helped close up and shut down the restaurant in record time and packing up the fries and rings I headed to my car almost Starsky and Hutch style. (Running and sliding over the hood) Fortunately at the last minute I realized that I drive a late model Mazda and would’ve dented my hood. Once in the car I pressed send on my cell phone. The phone number had been cued up for over an hour.

“Hello.” A sultry voice rifled with anticipation.

“Hi it’s me, I’m on my way.” I said.

“MMM we’re waiting for you.” She replied. “What’s your name anyway?” She asked.

“Greg.” I answered. “Yourself?”

“Heather, and my red headed friend is Dianne.” Heather said. “So tell me, how brave are you feeling tonight?”

“What do you have in mind?” I asked.

“A proposition.” Heather breathed into the phone. “We’ll answer the door naked if you do a little something for us.”

“Name it.” I said my cock straining my pants and draining all rational blood from my intellect.

“Come to my door with no pants on, at all.” Heather said. “I want that virile young piece of meat flopping in the breeze and my late night snack in your hand, and you knocking with your other hand.” She paused letting the silent crackle of the cell phone connection add emphasis. “What do you say?”

“No problem.” I replied. Any doubt as to whether or not I was getting laid tonight vanished. There would be no game of cat and mouse, no flirtatious small talk, no innuendo. These were horny women who knew what they wanted and were apparently prepared to extract it from me without the normal bullshit.

“I’ll shut the light off so my neighbors don’t see your cute little ass walking up my driveway.” Heather said.

I really tried not to speed, and still found myself rolling into the driveway only a few minutes after leaving the restaurant. It was the moment of truth. With my dome light switched off, I undid my belt and pulled my shorts and boxers off together, my erection had been coming and going all night with each thought of the two women istanbul escort waiting inside the house, it now stood strong and proud with a tiny daub of precome glistening at the tip.

I picked up the bag of food off the passenger seat swung my door open and walked across the dark driveway to the front steps. The inside door was open a quarter inch and a tiny slit of soft light illuminated the edges behind the screen. I knocked on the doorjamb, and went to open the screen only to find it locked. My heart froze for a moment. The inside door opened and from behind the screen Heather, the blond looked at me smiling. She was fully clothed in the same outfit she had been earlier. Although now there was no bra beneath the tank top and her nipples jutted noticeably out.

“Well.” She said looking me up and down in the dim light from the hall. My erection lifted my shirt making it visible, although my t-shirt hung to just below my butt. “Turn around for me, let me inspect the goods.” I turned slowly around for her, when I faced away from her she asked me to lift my shirt. “UUH!” She said. “Dianne I told you he had a great ass. Come look at this. Keep showing that ass Greg, it’s amazing.” I heard someone else approaching and looked back over my shoulder to see Dianne enter the hall from the back of the house somewhere, she was completely naked!

Her breasts were fuller than they appeared before, and her pubic hair was thick and dark red just like her hair. Her nipples were light pink and pretty big, but perfectly round. She had put her hair in a ponytail.

“Should we let him in?” Dianne asked. I started to turn towards them.

“Hey!” Heather said stopping me in mid turn. “I’m not done checking out your ass yet.” She turned to the lovely naked Dianne. “I don’t know.” She said. “I’m having fun with him just like this.” Heather reached up and wrapped her hands around one of Dianne’s breasts, rolling the nipple in her fingers. Dianne moaned softly.

“Greg.” Heather said looking directly at me. “Why don’t you leave the food on the porch railing and go to the car and leave your shirt. Don’t take off your shoes though, it’s so cute to see your bare ass with those hiking sneakers on, and the scrunched up gym socks are great.” Heather continued to rub Dianne’s breasts now moving to the other one, while I set the food on the rail. As I reached the car they opened the door and took the food locking it again before I walked naked back up to it. Now they could see my tattoos, as well as everything else.

My tattoos include a serpent on my back sneaking up the middle to the nape of my neck, a tribal on both biceps, a toucan behind one shoulder and a Celtic design behind the other. I’ve also got a tribal silhouette of a yin-yang at the base of my back right below the serpent’s tail. I’ve been doing the annual tattoo thing for six years now.

“Look at all the tattoos.” Heather said. “Very sexy.” I stood before them with my hands at my sides. “Turn let’s see the one’s on your back better. The view from the car wasn’t that great.” I turned for them standing out here naked had me hard as a rock. “So tell me how bad do you want to get in here?” Heather asked as I came around to face them again. “Looks pretty hard to me.” Heather said eyeing my crotch. She slid her index finger down Dianne’s abdomen and across Dianne’s crotch. Dianne shivered.

“I want to get in there so bad.” I said.

“What will you do for us when you get in here.” Heather asked.

“Anything you want.” I said. “No pain though.”

“With all those tattoos, you’re saying no pain.” Heather cooed. “Well I wouldn’t hurt you anyway, but let’s see if you’re ready to obey.” She paused. “Pinch a nipple lightly.” I complied.

“Stroke yourself just a little.” Heather said. I did as I was told.

“HMMM. Lift your balls way up and stroke the skin behind them.” Heather said. With one hand I tugged myself lightly up with the other I began to massage between my legs. “You’re so muscular.” Heather said. “One more request and I open the door.” I looked at her waiting her request.

“Turn around and show me your ass, but spread the cheeks and stick it out, I want to see your asshole.” Heather now had one hand between Dianne’s legs and was gently spreading the woman’s lips to rub the inside of her slit. I turned away from the two women, facing her front yard naked. The glow of a distant streetlight the only light I could see as I stuck my rear end out and with a hand on each cheek pulled my ass apart for her.

“Very good.” Heather said. “You listen well. Stay just like that for a moment. Don’t move.” The screen door opened slightly and I felt a hand pinch my butt cheek, then her hand slid towards the middle. A finger trailed across my rectum ever so lightly. “C’mon in.” Heather said letting go of my ass. I let go as well and turned to walk through the open door.

My cock was as hard as it had ever been, It barely bounced as I walked into Heather’s front hall. The two women were all over me they ran their hands over my chest, escort bahçeşehir my ass, Dianne began to suck on one of my nipples, as Heather softly grabbed a hold of my penis. I reached out for Dianne’s breasts.

“Keep your hands to yourself until I tell you to.” Heather said sharply and gently squeezed my cock. I dropped my outstretched hands. The sensations were overwhelming as two sets of experienced hands roamed my body greedily. Dianne’s hot mouth and soft warm tongue trailed across my chest and over my abdomen. I tightened my stomach muscles as she did, my breath hitching with anticipation as her mouth sank lower. She stopped at my belly button and gently worked her tongue in slow circles on it. Meanwhile Heather had my testicles in one hand and was gently rolling them around, while her other hand squeezed my ass cheeks.

Dianne reached down between her legs and then as she slid her tongue back up my body to my neck she reached a glistening finger up to my lips.

“Taste?” She asked. I opened my mouth and sucked on the finger tasting the musky sweetness of her pussy. She pressed her full breasts against my body, as Heather released me and began to undress. Dianne began walking me backwards into the adjoining living room until my knees hit the arm of the couch, Dianne pushed me over it and I fell. Now I was lying with my knees draped over the arm of the couch and Dianne sank to her knees and began to lick the shaft of my cock.

Heather came into the room, her trim body now fully exposed. Her breasts seemed almost too big for how small she was, but they were still not quite as large as Dianne’s. Heather walked to the couch and swung a leg over me. She had one thin, but full stripe of golden blonde pubic hair. Now straddling me she slid her pussy to my face.

“Eat me.” She whispered as her pussy made contact with my face. I slid my tongue up and down her as her lips parted and accepted me. She was soaking wet and from the first time my tongue slid inside her she began to run down my chin. She had an almost spicy flavor, much sweeter than Dianne’s. I ate hungrily and brought my hands up to grab her ass.

“Just your mouth.” She said grinding against my jaw. I put my hands back by my side as she began to grind against me. Meanwhile the combination of sensations was overwhelming me, I had never been with two women, and could feel my orgasm building.

“He’s gonna’ cum soon.” Dianne whispered taking my cock out of her mouth to do so.

“Good, we’ll get the first one out of the way.” Heather said. Dianne went back to work feverishly on me, and seconds later I buried my face in Heather’s pussy as the orgasm hit me. My body tensed and then began to spasm. Dianne didn’t take her mouth off me until I was completely soft, but she didn’t swallow either, I could feel the cum in her mouth swirling around my softening dick. I went back to work on Heather and before Dianne released me, she was coming and violently fucked my face as she did. From forehead to chin I was drenched. Then Heather turned to Dianne, who had just let me slide out of her mouth and they kissed.

I looked up at the sight of two gorgeous women above me, naked and kissing. Dianne moved around to stand beside the couch as Heather slid down my body taking care to keep her wet pussy in contact with me at all times. Finally she was at my crotch and with her face to mine she kissed me. Her mouth tasted like flesh, my flesh of course, and I could taste myself and her mixing as she drove her tongue deep into my mouth, she and Dianne had apparently shared more than a kiss. Then she too climbed off of me and stood beside Dianne.

“Get up.” Heather said. I did standing closely between them spent and limp.

“Follow us.” Dianne said and they headed back into the hall and up the stairs. I walked behind them feeling awkward in just my shoes. They led me to what was clearly the master bedroom.

“Take those shoes off and lie on my bed flat on your back.” Heather said. I pulled my shoes off and climbed into the bed the sheets were summery and smooth. Heather went into the adjoining bathroom, and in the silence Dianne and I could both hear her peeing. It seems strange to mention, but lying there on the bed naked with Dianne looking down at me it seemed such a prevalent sound. A moment later I heard the toilet paper rattling and then Heather was strutting back into the room. She sat on the bed and began to play with my limp penis.

“Why don’t you go down on Dianne for a while now.” Heather said and Dianne approached the bed and climbed on. Dianne faced Heather, settling her pussy on my lips and my nose against her asshole. I began to lick her vagina which was already open and easily as wet as Heather’s had been. I could feel Heather playing with me, every so often she would lean in and lick or kiss it. Slowly blood began to return, but it was slow getting back up to full hardness.

“You’re getting there.” Heather said. “Maybe this will help.” She reached down and lifted my cock and balls, I felt her hand going between my legs her long slender middle finger sliding between my ass cheeks and pressing against my rectum. My cock continued to stiffen, and definitely quicker. Her pressure got more insistent as her finger slid into me not even to the first knuckle she stopped as my cock was now rock hard.

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