Caribbean Cruise Day 01


We arrived in San Juan to take our 3rd Caribbean cruise. After an overnight flight to Newark, we flew another 4 hours to San Juan. Once we arrived, we headed directly to the ship as we were most anxious to board the ship. After taking a short snooze, it was time to look around the ship for a while before the mandatory lifeboat drill. Once the drill was over, we headed to the top deck for the departure from San Juan.

It was a nice moderate day, so it was most enjoyable to be in the sun on the top deck for the departure. There was a band playing adding to the festivities of the departure. We went to the bar and ordered a couple of beers and then went over to find a place along the railing as the ship was starting to pull away from the dock.

That first evening we went to the buffet on the upper deck for dinner. After dinner, we got a glass of wine and then walked around the ship checking out the different entertainment bars. We found one with some good soft jazz that we stayed for a while but then headed to bed as the lack of sleep on the flight the night before was catching up to us.

The next morning the port-of-call was St. Martin/San Maarten. We had been there on both of our prior Caribbean cruises. Both of those times we had rented a 4-wheel drive vehicle and toured the island before ending up at Orient Beach the well-known clothing-optional beach. This time we decided that we were just going to go to Orient Beach for the day.

We went and got a couple of beach towels from up on the pool deck and then went down to the departure deck to go ashore. Passing the gate that served as customs we found a line for taxis that while a little longer seemed to be moving well. After standing in line for a few minutes a couple about our age got in line behind us.

The lady asked us “The towels give it away that you are going to the beach. Which beach are you heading to?”

“We’re heading to Orient Beach. Been there on both of our prior Caribbean cruises. The previous times here we rented a vehicle to tour the island as well as going to the beach. This time we just want to spend as much time at the beach as possible”

“That’s where we’re heading as well. We too have been here before and enjoyed the day at the beach. Would you like to share a taxi with us?”

I took look at my wife Kathy if she was okay with that, and she silent nod let me know that was fine with her.

I replied to them “Sure that would be great. Just so we’re not riding with strangers, I’m Steve and my wife is Kathy.”

The other lady replied, “Nice to meet you. I’m Julie and my husband is Dave. We’re from the Seattle area.”

“We’re from the general area as we live in the Portland area. Did you two fly in just in time for the cruise as we did? We took an overnight flight from Portland to Newark and then another four hours to San Juan.”

“We came in yesterday so that we adjusted to the time zone a little bit before the cruise left.”

Julie and Dave looked to be about our age and in pretty good shape as well. That made us glad that we had been exercising regularly ourselves. I must admit that I looked a little closer at Julie and not only did she have smaller breasts but that she had an all-natural look as well.

It came up that we were at the front of the line for the next taxi. One pulled up and as we walked to the doors, Dave said that he would take the front seat. I withheld comment as I sure didn’t mind being in the back seat with the two ladies.

The drive to the beach didn’t take too long. As we got out, I said that I would pay for the taxi in this direction. Dave added that he would pay for the return.

The driver asked “if he could arrange to pick us up”.

We said “that would be great”.

We walked down to the beach, and it was already unspoken that we were hanging out together and went to look for 4 chaise lounges together. Turns out that there were four together near one of the restaurants. An attendant came up to us and let us know the cost was $10 each including umbrellas and use of the restroom at the restaurant. If we ate lunch at the restaurant, we would receive a $5 credit for each of us. We agreed and paid the attendant.

The beach was quite full, and we recognized many of the same towels that we had indicating they too had come from the cruise ship. While the beach is designated “Clothing Optional,” probably 3/4 of the people were fully nude.

As we started to set our things down, I looked over at Julie and saw as she reached down and pulled the sundress she was wearing over her head and off. As she did, she was gloriously nude underneath.

I looked toward her and as I started pulling my shorts off said, “Looks like you sure planned on not taking much time to fit in at the beach.”

“I didn’t plan on needing to wear anything more.” She replied

While everyone will say that the nude beach is not anything sexual, there sure is quite a bit of looking going on. I will admit that I was looking at Julie and admiring her 34b breasts escort izmir and her fully shaved pussy. Very similar to what Dave will be seen as soon as Kathy pulls her clothes off. I did like seeing that Julie was looking lower than my eyes as she was talking to me. When Dave dropped his shorts, Karen was getting a good look at him as well. He looked somewhat well endowed. I was thinking that both ladies and both men were all very similar physically.

As we laid there, the conversation was flowing very easily. We found out that they too have been married almost as long as we have been. He owns a contracting business installing and maintaining home alarm systems and Julie is the manager for a food distribution company. We let them know that Kathy is a teacher and that I am a hotel manager.

We asked them how long they have been going to nude beaches and the like. They said that it has been almost as long as they have been married. They heard about a nudist resort near Seattle and after debating it a long time they gave it a try. After then, they became members at the resort and went on as many weekends as they could. ‘We have since been to nude beaches in Florida, Jamaica, and Hawaii. We will go somewhat out of our way to go to a nude beach.’ Now that their kids have left home, they occasionally have friends that they met at the nudist resort over for nude parties at their home with the pool or hot tub as the focus. We have also been to Hedonism II in Jamaica where they enjoyed being nude at all times except when in the restaurant.

‘Our experiences have some similarities’. Our first time was Little Makena nude beach in Maui. We lived in Maui at the time and while in a bookstore on the mainland, Steve found a book about nude beaches. In looking through it, we found that we had a nude beach on Maui and gave it a try.

After the first time there, we were going almost once a week. After moving to the mainland, we used to go to San Onofre nude beach in Orange County and then to a few different nudist resorts. We have also been to Hedo II and Grand Lido Braco.

It was beginning to get warm even under the umbrella, so I told Kathy that I was going to go get in the sea to cool off. She said that she was going to join me. Dave said that they will wait until we come back so that someone is watching our belongings. We told them that we have a locking bag that we can lock to the chaise lounge chair to keep anything safe. Someone would need to take the lounge chair too if they were to take our things. We secured our belongings as well as Dave and Julie’s and the two of us couples headed down to the water nude and hand-in-hand.

The water felt so good after getting warm on the beach. We went in until the water was covering most of our bodies, but not too far as to cover the ladies’ breasts. That is always a nice erotic sight to see breasts “floating” on the water.

The four of us had been in the water for quite some time and I was ready to get out.

“Think I’m ready to get out. Feels like I am shriveling up.”

Julie replied, “Don’t want that to happen.”

Soon the four of us were back on the chairs. I pointed out two couples not too far away from us. From seeing them talking with each other it also appeared that they knew each other previously. When they got to their chairs, the men took off all their clothes right away while one of the ladies remained in a somewhat modest bikini and the other in a one-piece suit. A few times the men had towels in their laps, and we couldn’t help but think that they had gotten erections. The ladies then got up and the one took off her top and the other dropped her top. As soon as they did, the ladies ran into the water. When they came back to their chairs, the tops came back on. Finally, later, the two men got up and the ladies stood with them. The ladies then not only took off their tops again but this time the bottoms as well.

The four of them walked nude into the sea. When they came back to the chairs, they all remained fully nude. We could only imagine these are two couples who knew one another before coming on the cruise and the ladies were reluctant for the other man to see them nude. More than half of the people on the beach had towels that came from one of the two cruise ships in port. How many of those people had been to nude beaches before and how many were first-timers? There were a few couples in our vicinity with towels from our ship.

Julie said to one of the couples with towels from our ship, “Know where you came from with that towel.”

The woman of the couple responded, “Kind of gives us away doesn’t it.”

Before laying back on the lounge, we took a long walk down the beach as far as we could go nude. It has always been a turn-on for us to walk nude on the beach just like you would walk anywhere else with clothes on. When we got back, Julie and Dave went for a walk themselves. We both liked looking at them walking back picturing us walking nude on the beach.

A little afternoon we were all feeling izmir escort bayan a little hungry. We went up to the restaurant that we got the chaise lounges we rented to use our $5 per person credit that they gave us. We took the bag with our belongings and towels to sit on. It was great that the four of us were sitting at the table all nude. Orders were to be placed at the counter so before ordering food, Dave and I went up and ordered beers for us. We brought the beers back to Julie and Kathy and sat back down as we looked over the limited but good-looking menu. Everyone chooses seafood items that were locally caught to enjoy something we don’t necessarily get at home. The conversation continued at lunch with lots of laughter and more getting to know one another.

After lunch, we went back to the lounges and at one point each of us took a post-lunch siesta. Waking up it was quite warm and all four of us went back into the sea to cool off. This time we were standing closer together. While in the Caribbean the waves are not too big, a larger one came in knocked Julie over onto me knocking both of us down. In the tumbling around underwater, my hand ended up on her breast.

“Suppose you did that on purpose,” Julie laughed.

“I would have I could have,” I replied.

At that point, both Dave and Kathy figured out what had happened and soon all four of us were laughing about it. I moved closer to Kathy and put my arm around her to make sure she was ok with what happened. She snuggled into me, so I figured that all is fine. Seeing the two of us closer like that, Dave and Julie did the same and we watched as they turned and kissed one another.

Kathy commented, “This has been quite an enjoyable day at the beach and especially with making new friends!”

Dave replied, “We couldn’t agree more!”

Then while we were connected with our arms around our spouses, the four of us moved closer together. When we did, I put my other arm around Julie and saw that Dave was doing the same with Kathy. We all came together in a group hug (something similar happened many years ago, but that is another story). The in an unspoked way, Kathy and I kissed while we could see that Dave and Julie were kissing as well. Then we each turned our heads and Dave kissed Kathy and I kissed Julie. It seemed quite natural to do. We probably held those kisses for a while longer than we should on a public beach.

We looked at the time and realized that we need to get going to meet our taxi ride back to the ship. I felt that my cock had become a little fuller but not enough that I should not go walking back on the nude beach. I took a glimpse at Dave and saw that he was in the same condition as we walked out of the water.

Walking back to the lounge chairs we gathered up our belongings and started walking down the beach without getting dressed just yet. The first stop was the beach shower to rinse the saltwater off. Each couple took their turns together sharing the shower. I enjoyed watching Julie under the shower with the water running down her naked body. While we would have liked to stay it was time to get dressed and go catch the taxi.

Our taxi was waiting, and I said I would get in front since Dave took that spot on the way down there. He stopped me and said that since he gets a little car sick, and it would bet better if he rode up front again. Who am I to disagree with being able to sit in the back between the two ladies? The ride back was just as quick, but I moved as close to Julie as I could in the back seat.

We departed the taxi at the dock and browsed the vendors that were set up there. One was selling rum including one called “Big Black Dick.” We have a bottle of that from a previous trip.

As we were boarding the ship, we commented on what a nice day we had at the beach making new friends.

Julie said, “We were upgraded to a large suite as this is our 20th time sailing on this cruise line. Why don’t you come by, and we’ll have our departure party as we depart the port?”

“That would be great. Much better than with the crowds on the top deck. We’ll go pick up some beers and come by your suite.” I replied.

“Wonderful. It’s cabin 1425. See you soon.” Replied Dave.

We went to our cabin to drop our things and change into shorts and aloha shirts. A quick stop by the bar to pick up some beers and then off to Dave and Julie’s cabin as the ship would be departing soon.

Their door had a doorbell as this was a suite. The door opened and there stood a completely naked Julie. As we came in, she let us know, “We forgot to say about the No Clothes policy in our room.”

With a chuckle, Kathy said, “We are more than glad to comply with that.”

We took off the few clothes we had on and walked out to the balcony where we found an equally naked Dave standing there. Kathy handed him a beer while I handed one to Julie.

We toasted, “To making new friends or should I say to make nude friends?”

Stepping out on the balcony, their suite was on the izmir escortlar same side of the ship as ours and was facing another ship that was in port that day. As we stood at the railing, anyone on the other ship looking our way would see the four of us and that we are nude. It didn’t bother us as we would not know anyone on that ship. Looking at balconies on that ship, we could see about 10 balconies with nude people on them. On a couple of them were four people and one must have about eight people. We waived and others on the ship waving as well. We would like to think they were waving at us. Our ship left first and as it was starting to move, we saw two more couples on one balcony get nude on their balcony, we would like to think they got the idea from us. Sure, we probably ended up in some people’s vacation pictures.

Their balcony was huge. It had room for 2 chaise lounges, a table with four chairs, and even a hot tub! Hope we get something like this when we take our 20th cruise.

After the ship left port there was not too much more to see as the island became more distant. We had brought our Bluetooth speaker to connect to our phone and play satellite radio that I was getting through the ship’s Wi-Fi. We set the station to a soft jazz station that we like to listen to often,

Julie commented, “Thanks for bringing that. That music helps set a very nice mood.”

We were all standing at railing with our arms around our respective spouses. I turned to Kathy and kissed her and soon we were moving to the music. Soon Julie and Dave were doing the same. Though the balcony was quite spacious we kept bumping into one another. That was not completely accidental.

It wasn’t long before they were dancing next to us with Dave next to Kathy and Julie next to me. They both reached out their arms to reach around each of us and pull us closer to them. As they did, both turned to us and kissed us. I let go of Kathy as Dave let go of Julie. We then turned to our new partners and started dancing.

Dave chucked, “It seemed so quite natural.”

“Agreed,” I replied.

As I was holding Julie slow dancing while both of us are naked, I noted how many similarities between her and Kathy. Both about the same height, same in-share body, and small breasts, though Julie’s were slightly larger.

While it started innocent dancing (though it is not too innocent with dancing naked with someone other than spouse) it started becoming trying to touch as many body parts to one another as possible. I started to let my hands wander farther to see how much Julie was comfortable with. First, I reached down and had my hands on her butt and she started mirroring and doing the same to me. Guess that was my answer to what she would be comfortable with. I used all the self-control I could find but as usually my cock had a mind of its own and kept getting a little harder as we danced.

After a little bit of grabbing each other’s butt, I just had to get my hands on her breasts though I was also enjoying feeling them on my chest. Once again, she kept up the mirroring and ran her hands on my chest as it was both of us making sure the other was comfortable with what we were doing. By this point, we were not doing too much dancing and it would be considered more groping of each other to the music.

I looked over at Kathy and Dave and could see his cock was starting to rise as they were feeling each other up as well. Though it didn’t look like he needed any help. Kathy reached down and started to caress his cock. As his cock got bigger, it appeared that he was also 10″ long and somewhat thick. Watching that along with Julie’s hands-on me my cock was now at full attention. That made it difficult to dance but we had other things in mind by then anyway. When Julie reached for my cock, I reached for her pussy and found her to be as wet as any woman I have ever been with.

Julie said softly in my ear, “Let’s move over to the lounge. It will be more comfortable there.”

Along with everything else in the suite even the lounge chairs were large. These were wide enough for two people to lay side-by-side. We laid down and our hands returned to caressing each other all over. Julie’s skin felt oh so nice and soft to touch.

We looked over and saw the Dave and Kathy had done the same. Dave lifted his head, looked our way, and asked, “We want to make sure that everyone is comfortable with this.”

Julie and I answered almost simultaneously with, “Oh yes.”

Kathy responded with, “Does this answer your question?” With that, she pulled him down to her and started kissing him again.

After a little more of our hands roaming all over and kissing almost constantly, I lifted a little and moved down the lounge chair. As I did, I motioned for Julie to roll over on her back. With that, she knew what was coming next and opened her legs for easy access. I got between her legs and licked my way down her body starting at her breasts. When I was that far up, the head of my cock would brush against her pussy lips. When Julie would feel my cock at the entrance to her pussy, she would move her hips in such a way that could pull my cock into her. While I was pretty sure we would end up there, I had something else in mind at the moment.

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