Carmen, Calvin again pt 4

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We sat there for a few more minutes collecting ourselves when I finally got off the floor and went in to fix some drinks. Joe got up and went over to Marci and I saw him kiss her,
“You were great honey” he said to her and helped her out of the lounge chair and led her over to the sofa. 
I recalled my first meeting with Calvin and the brief talk we had about Joe and mine life style and he had asked if we could teach his wife some aspects of it and I agreed. He wanted to keep Marci in the dark about it, but did tell her she would be having sex with another couple, thus this session. Joe Sat Marci down and sat on one side of her while Calvin had her other side.
“Well honey” Calvin said to Marci,
“Have you been enjoying all of this so far?” he asked her. Looking a bit more relaxed about it,
“It’s been quite an adventure” she replied. Joe looked at her and I heard him tell her,
“There’s a whole lot more you can do” he told her and I watched as he placed his hand on her cheek and turning her head towards him, leaned forward and started to kiss her again. While Joe kissed Marci, Calvin slowly moved his hand down to her legs, was able to spread them apart and was soon caressing and then finger fucking her cunt as she began to moan with pleasure. Joe kissed her around her neck and ears while he now moved his hand down to her tits and was caressing them as he continued to kiss her. 
I watched with delight as both men worked Marci over, driving her into another frenzy of lust as they took turns kissing and caressing her until she was so wound up that finally Calvin moved off a bit, laid back on the sofa while Joe helped Marci up and when Calvin was stretched out on the sofa, his cock pointed straight up, Joe helped Marci climb onto Calvin, settle down on his cock and let him start fucking her. Joe moistened his fingers and gently caressed Marci’s bunt hole, used a little spit on it and climbing up behind Marci, took his cock and gently and slowly started to shove it in her ass. I could hear Marci cry out in pain, apparently never having had a cock in her ass before, as Joe slid his cock deeper into her ass. Soon both men were fucking Marci hard and fast as she cried out not only in pain, but in sheer lust at the fucking she was getting. I watched as she would go down and kiss Calvin at times and he would reach up and play with her tits. After a few minutes I decided to join the fun and pulled out a strap on dildo from the side table, put it on and moved over next to Marci’s side. When she lifted up after kissing Calvin, I grabbed a hold of her hair and turning her head towards me,
“Suck my cock you fuckin’ whore” I demanded. 
Marci was a bit taken back as she looked at me and then at the dildo pointed at her. Slapping her face hard,
“Suck it you fuckin’ bitch” I demanded again and shoved it right up to her face. I watched as she opened her mouth and took the dildo in and began to try and suck on it while the guys continued to fuck her. Soon she had enough of a rhythm going and still holding her hair, I now began to face fuck her hard and fast too. This went on for a few more minutes as Joe slapped at Marci’s ass, Calvin slapped at her tits and I slapped at her face all the while we fucked her three holes. Finally I decided it was time to change.
“Joe” I said,
“Switch with Calvin” I told him and watched as Joe pulled out of Marci’s ass. I pulled out of her mouth and Calvin pushed up back a bit as he pulled out of her cunt. A quick moving of bodies and soon Joe was laying flat on his back, I was positioned behind Marci’s ass and Calvin had taken up his place next to her side. 
“Fuck the whore” I then said when we were all ready and into each hole went the guys cocks and my dildo. Joe took over kissing and slapping Marci’s tits while he fucked her cunt, I took over slapping her ass while fucking her bunt hole and Calvin mouth fucked her hard as he slapped at her face. She was turning red at all three areas when the guys finally let loose a stream of cum into her cunt and mouth. We all then backed off again and Marci fell down onto the sofa, painfully sore, but looking well satisfied. 
I had agreed with Calvin to teach Marci one final lesson about devious sex and after a few minutes of catching our breathes, I looked over at Calvin and made a motion with my wrist. He nodded an agreement. Moving up to Marci, 
“Well whore” I began
“Have you had enough for one day?” I asked her. She looked at me, then at Calvin, then back at me,
“More than enough” she replied.
“No whore” I said,
“No you haven’t” and with that I reached over and grabbing her hair again, pulled her off the sofa and with the men following me, led Marci down to our basement and into the center of the room. Straightening her up I slapped her face hard,
“You got one more lesson whore” I told her as Joe moved over and taking hold of her arms, pulled them up over her head and while he held her there, I reached up and placed her hands into two braces hanging from the ceiling. I could see Marci was now looking scared as I finished securing her in place. Looking into her eyes,
“Your hubby wanted see you get this” I told her as Joe came over and handed me a single strap whip. I gently rubbed the whip across her cheeks as she started to protest,
“NO PLEASE” she cried out loud as she felt the leather on her cheeks. Looking over at Calvin,
“PLEASE” she cried again. Calvin moved up to her, caressed her cheeks,
“It’ll be okay honey” he said to her,
“I just want you to see what it’s like” he added.
“NO PLEASE DON’T” she cried again as tears now flowed down her cheeks. 
Stepping back, I positioned myself off to one side while Calvin and Joe moved off to another. The first lash went across her back as she screamed out in pain. A second, third, fourth lash followed as she withered in pain trying to avoid the whip. Joe now moved over and took a multi-lash whip off the wall and moving up to her front and to one side, sent a lash across her tits as she screamed louder in pain. Two more followed until Calvin moved up to her,
“Darling” he said to her as he caressed her cheeks,
“Try and relax” he said
“It will hurt less as you get used to it” he added. Marci sobbed a few minutes more before she started to settle down. 
“There, there” Calvin told her as he continued to caress her. 
“Only a couple more and it’ll all be over” he told her as she looked at him through tear stained eyes. He stepped back and I nodded to Joe; across her tits went several more lashes as she cried out more. Finally I figures she had endured enough,
“Okay Joe’ I said,
“That’s enough” Calvin went over and let her down and took her in his arms as Joe and I came over,
“You’ll learn to enjoy it” I said softly to her
“It just takes a little time to get used to it” I added.
We all went back upstairs and Cavin and I softly rubbed a soothing lotion over Marci’s back and tits until she settled down and soon relaxed. Looking at her,
“Your hubby wanted to show you our lifestyle” I said to her
“With the hope you’ll learn to enjoy it as we do”. 
Marci looked at Calvin, then at me and that was all she could do. 
We all said our good-byes at the door, me kissing Calvin and Marci, Joe kissing them both too and the day ended.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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