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You got volunteered for the school carnival. You freaking hate this.

Here you are working in a ticket booth. Really just a plywood shack shaped like an outhouse. There’s a door in the back which latches from the inside and a window in the front for selling ride tickets. The window is small and just about chest level to discourage customers from grabbing tickets when you are not looking.

Since you didn’t leave the house this morning expecting to be pulled into this, you are not dressed for a carnival. We had originally planned on a sexy date, so you’re wearing a clingy top and a sheer bra. There are no pantyhose underneath your skirt, just the thongs I love so much.

As you sell tickets, you realize that the moron who built this booth set the counter height just high enough that when you lean forward to hand change and tickets to your customers, your nipples flick across the edge of the counter. Normally, you enjoy having rock hard nipples, but this environment isn’t exactly proper. There are crowds of people just outside your booth.

They can’t get a good look at your nipples straining at your blouse, but you are pretty sure they can see your blushing face.

Once I got your voice-mail about canceling, I became curious and decided to show up at the carnival. I looked all over the place before deciding to buy some tickets and play some of the games to kill time.

There you are! Selling tickets to me, you almost don’t recognize me because you are so focused on your task and so pissed off güvenilir bahis about missing your date.

You motion for me to go around to the back and you let me in. Taking a seat Just to your left I try not to interfere with your work. You are quite busy since there aren’t enough ticket booths tonight.

It isn’t long before the devil in me takes over and I slide my right palm up the inside of your left leg. Starting at your ankle, I slide smoothly upward until my hand is grasping the inside of your thigh just beyond the reach of your pantie covered mound.

You grip the counter between transactions to steady yourself and hiss at me. “You are such a fucking bastard.” Another customer is in the window now, as I allow my fingertips to brush back and forth against your sex through your panties.

After several minutes of this, I slide both hands up the outside of your hips and pull your thong down to the floor. Getting on my knees behind you, I lift your right foot and place it in the chair to your right before returning to my own chair to your left.

Now I have good access to your entire crotch and I can smell the flavor of your arousal on the evening air. I slide my fingertips back and forth through your sopping lips while staying just beyond the drooling mouth of your cavern.

My fingernails scratch playfully at your perineum and all over the globes of your delightful bottom before delving into your crack. I gently draw my fingernails across the sensitive skin just outside the wrinkled perimeter türkçe bahis of your winking bottom.

At this point I am facing you as you continue to count change and issue tickets for the rides. You are beyond being friendly and polite. You are having trouble enough just counting change without trying to form words with your mouth.

Continuing my assault on your backside, I slide my left hand up inside the front of your skirt until I am literally petting your pubic patch. My palm hovering just at the tips of your hairs so you can feel my presence, but yearn for the heat of my palm.

I get just a bit closer on each stroke until you feel my flat palm pressing firmly against you. Unfortunately, I am just above your clit, and you start trying to maneuver your hips to make contact.

As you continue to mechanically perform your ticket selling task, my left hand leaves you. You want to tell me not to stop, but the fucking customers will simply not stop asking for more tickets.

There is a constant stream of people and you cannot imagine how they can be unaware of the sexual energy threatening to burst this little plywood shack at the seams.

Now a lady walks up to the booth with a fist full of money. My right hand is still toying with your entire backside. Kneading your buns and dragging my nails across the skin when you feel my left return to your vulva.

But wait, that isn’t my hand after all. What is it? Something firm but soft. Something blunt and… FUCK! Now it is vibrating. güvenilir bahis siteleri Not a steady vibration, but jumping into different strengths and speeds every second or so.

The bitch at your window can’t make up her mind about how many tickets to buy. She keeps asking stupid questions and you want to just say, “Look lady, read the sign. All the prices are right there.”

Of course you cannot say any such thing. If you do, she is going to be suspicious enough to wonder what the aroma is that is now so pervasive around you that it overwhelms the smells of the carnival foods being prepared around the grounds.

As the limber jelly vibrator slips into your hot wet sheath, you realize it doesn’t matter what this lady thinks. It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks because the cum you are about to enjoy will probably split the earth in half.

You smile at the lady and start moving around so your nipples flick back and forth on the edge of the counter.

You are silently inviting her to notice what you are doing, but she is lost in the world of a penny pinching mother who is trying to get the most bang for the buck.

Speaking of bang, there it goes. You collapse against the counter and just hang there gasping for breath as I slide the toy out of you.

“Are you OK in there?” The woman has a look of concern. You see she is finally offering you the money and realize she has made her decision.

You somehow make change and give her the correct number of tickets while you watch me out of the corner of your eyes.

I am sitting calmly on your left licking your juices off the vibrating dong. When it is clean, I bend down and retrieve your thong from the floor and walk out of the booth without a word or a backward glance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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