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It was the first day of college. All the newcomers were crowding the campus, hugging and greeting each other after a long summer vacation. I had to fit in with the people there. My name’s Chris, I turned 18 back in June. The reason why I stated this is because when parents see you’ve reached that certain age; they think you’re going to go wild. Being a college freshman myself, I had to learn the ropes around campus. Making new friends, memorizing the campus area, etc.

I was always that shy person who would have a hard time speaking with new people, specifically when it comes to talking to girls. I would always stutter and shiver, and simply avoid total eye contact which believe me was a pain in the ass. I’ve always wanted to be in a relationship. You know, find the most perfect girl, ask her out, hang out with her, that sort of thing. But seeing as to my current situation, it felt like achieving the impossible. I decided to man up in the following days. I had to start fresh and forget about my past intentions.

As I made my way to my first session, I kept my body straight, and held my head high. As I waited for the instructor to arrive, I stumbled across the most amazing view. As she walked towards me, my heart started to beat so hard as if it wanted to break free. It was my long time crush, Carol. She had been with me since 8th grade. I’ve had this secret crush on her ever since. I never knew much about her since I was too shy to even talk to her, but I had to get to know her better.

“Is this Biology class?” She shyly asked.

“Umm…yeah. I believe so.” I said, stuttering, and trying to get a hold of myself.

“Thank you.” She said with a smile on her face. I’m Carol by the way, and you are?”

“Chris.” I finally said.

She later sat next to me, which completely blew my mind. A girl sitting next to me? Oh God!

Carol had a pretty good figure for an 18-year old. She had straight blonde and almond hair, green eyes, flat stomach, normal sized breasts, and a slightly big butt which was the best feature about her. We talked about our past events and what we did during summer. She later asked me what major am I going to enroll in.

“Advertising, and yourself?” I said.

“Computer Graphics. I felt it was more me, you know?” She said.

“Oh, ok.” I said.

As the instructor finally arrived, we made our way to the classroom. I asked her if she wanted to sit next to me. Gladly, she accepted. As I sat there, all bored and sleepy, I started to doodle in the classroom table. All that Carol did was stare as I sketched my work on canvas.

“Oh wow. You’re good.” She whispered to me.

“Thank you.” I whispered back.

As the session ended, Carol and I walked outside the campus area. I asked her if she was doing anything later. She told me that her parents were out for the rest of the week and she had to get back and take care of the house.

“Maybe I should join you. I can help.” I offered.

“Really, that would totally be great.” She then said. “You can even stay for the day, if you are able to.”

“I’d love to.” I later said, looking at her shyness.

Anxious as she was, Carol gave me her phone number just in case I get lost. And before I left, she gave me a soft hug, and a sweet kiss on the cheek.

“Looking forward to seeing you. Don’t be late!” She said.

“I won’t!” I said.

Back home, I started packing my stuff in a backpack. I put in a pair of sleeping shorts, socks, and a toothbrush. On the other side of the bag, I put in my laptop and charger. As I made my way to Carol’s house, I felt confident yet desperate at the same time. What if everything goes wrong? Let’s not hope so. As I carried my bag to the front door, I knocked and waited for her to open.

“Who is it?” She asked from behind the door.

“It’s Chris.” I answered. “from college…”

As she opened the door, I noticed that she was still wearing the same outfit she had on when she was in campus. The only thing that looked different was that this time, she had no bra on. Her breasts began to sway from inside her shirt giving me an insane hard on. I almost felt myself drool and dribble, like a dog waiting for its master to serve it food. As she let me in, she closed the door and turned around to face me.

“I hope you don’t mind, I never had the time to change into something else.” She shyly said.

Re-positioning my eyesight to hers, I later said: “Oh, not at all. Etiler escort I don’t mind.”

“Take of your shoes here. I’ll show around the house, and I’ll then lead you to the guest room where you will be staying.” She said.

The house looked wonderful. Pretty luxurious I might add. As I walked behind her during the tour, I couldn’t move my eyes from her butt. I looked so big and so gorgeous. I really felt the need to rub one out, but I decided to wait it out as she took me to the guest room. It was really simple compared to the other rooms. It had its own bathroom complete with a shower, and the bed looked comfy.

“Get yourself comfortable and your stuff unpacked while I go take a shower and change to something else.” She said.

She later gave me a wave and walked out the door, closing it behind her. As I sat there, all that I could think of is the way Carol would look like when she goes in to take a shower. The way she takes off her clothes, revealing her sweet and sexual parts. Stepping in to shower, water dripping over her breasts and ass. Spreading shampoo over her hair and body. All these thoughts made my dick spike and stand. It almost felt like it tore its way out of my boxers and jeans. I could feel some pre-cum inside there too, but that did not bother me. As I changed to my shorts, I made my way to the living room and sat on the couch. I waited for Carol to finish so that we can spend the day together. As I waited, I could hear her come closer. Looking back to see her. I was amazed. She had a black shirt on and gray shorts. Again, no bra was to be seen by looks of her free swaying breasts. I wondered if she had any panties on too.

“You look amazing.” I said.

“Thanks, Chris.” She said, blushing in return. “So, what do you feel like doing?”

“Dunno.” I replied. “We could watch a movie or something on my laptop.”

“Oh, that sound great.” She anxiously said. “What movies do you have?”

Starting up my laptop, we started looking at the list of movies that I had downloaded online. Scrolling around, I told her to point out the movie she would like to watch. She later pointed out at a movie that I had soon to be watching alone.

“Oooh, we could watch this.” She said, pointing her finger on the screen.

“Are you sure?” I awkwardly asked.

“Uh huh. It sounds wonderful.” She said.

“Okay then.” I later said.

“I’m feeling hungry, want some pizza?” She asked.

“Why not? I’ll give them a call.” I said.

After I order the pizza, Carol handed me a cable that allowed me to hook up my laptop to the living room T.V. screen to enlarge the resolution. Amusing, yes, but it wasn’t the greatest idea. The pizza arrived, and being the gentleman that I am, I decided to pay for it rather than Carol. We later grabbed a few sodas along with our plates, and made our way to the living room to start watching the movie. As we finished eating, Carol paused the movie so that she can carry the plates to the kitchen and to put away the rest of the pizza. Without hesitation, I offered to do it instead.

“Aw, how sweet of you.” She said, giving me a kiss on the cheek in return.

I then put the plates in the kitchen sink, washed my hands, and put the rest of the pizza in the fridge. I later returned to find Carol sitting in a different position. She sat closer to where I sat. As I took my position again, she scooted and got closer next to me. Close enough that I could feel her right breast touch my left shoulder. My dick started to get hard again. It started to appear through my shorts so I tried to cover it up. Carol was into the movie. She didn’t even look away. She then repositioned herself again and scooted away from me, calming myself. I took a deep breath and continued watching the movie. This is where it started to get interesting. A love scene appeared were the hero picks up this girl and throws her to his bed, kissing every part of her body. They later take each other’s clothes off and proceed to have sex. Again, I started to get hard. But I wasn’t the only one who got excited. Feeling horny, Carol started slowly rubbing her clit from the outside. I pretended not to look, but God damn, it got me really excited. The scene then ended, and Carol began to catch her breath as she continued to watch the movie. As for me, I was still hard as a rock. As the movie came to an end, I looked across Carol to find out that she fell asleep. Rather than leave her there, I Beşiktaş escort decided to carry her to her room. As I lay her on her bed, she opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Good night, Chris.” She said in a tired voice.

“Good night. Seeya tomorrow.” I said before leaving her room.

Going back to guest room, I sat on the bed and stared on the ceiling only thinking about Carol. In my perverted head, I saw her walk and sit next to me, wearing nothing but a pink bra and panties. She then proceeds to take them off as she got closer to me. She then takes my penis in her soft hands, and begins to stroke it. Later, she puts it in her mouth and starts to lick the head leaving me in deep pleasure. I took my dick out and started to masturbate. As I was on the verge of blowing up, I heard a soft knock on my door.

“Chris, are you awake?” Carol asked.

“Yeah.” I said. “Come in, Carol.”

“Hey, I can’t sleep. Is it ok if I join you?” She shyly asked.

“Sure, sure. It’s your house so help yourself.” I said.

She then took the other side of the bed as I gave her a part of my blanket. She later got closer enough to feel like we’re spooning. I tried so hard not to get a boner, but I failed miserably. As my dick began to grow, Carol began to wiggle that big butt of hers which made my dick grow harder. Wiggling it again, my dick sat in between her butt cheeks. Was she aware of what is happening? She then began to slide up and down, giving me a great sensation. I could hear her moan in her sleep as she kept sliding her butt against my cock. Her moans grew louder and I was close to cumming. She then began to slide faster against my cock as I came all over my boxers. It felt all sticky inside, but hell, it felt so good. I think I even stained her shorts, but that didn’t really matter. Her moaning then stopped, and I was fast asleep that day.

I woke up the next day to find out that she was not in bed. As I got up, my boxer felt so sticky and crusty that I had to change them. I took out a fresh pair of clothes out of my bag, took a quick shower, and went outside. Going outside, Carol was sitting in the kitchen, sipping on her cup of coffee.

“Morning sleepy head.” Carol said.

“Morning.” I said in return. “Did you sleep well last night?”

“Yeah.” She replied. “I would say the same to you as well.”

I wondered what she meant by that. I decided to make myself a cup of coffee. Leaving the coffee machine to brew, I took a seat next to Carol, who was browsing the web on her phone. As the machine rang, I got up, took my cup, and made my way back to take a seat. We both started looking at each other as we drank out cups of coffee. I decided to break that awkward silence by opening up with a random conversation.

“This coffee tastes great. Belgian?” I asked.

“African.” She said. “Dad got it from his last trip to Africa.”

“Awesome. I hear it’s nice over there.” I said.

“You have no idea.” She said.

“What do mean?” I awkwardly asked.

“Well, I don’t know if you’ve heard about this, but people say that African males have—” She stuttered.

“Have what?” I stopped her.

“Long…dicks.” She later continued.

“That’s a myth, Carol. Don’t believe that stuff.” I later said.

“No seriously.” She then said. “Their things measure from 8 to 9 inches!”

Laughing sarcastically, I finally said: “It’s all false. Don’t believe that stuff.”

The conversation then stopped as we continued sipping on our cups. She later asked me.

“What about yours? How large is it?”

I almost choked after I heard her question. My face began to turn red, and my heart began to beat fast. I never expected a girl like Carol to ask me that sort of thing. I later gave up and decided to give her a full and certain answer.

“About 6 inches.”

“Wow. Um…that’s…big…” She said as she started to blush.

We later finished out coffee and put our cups in the sink. As she made her way to her room, I took a small glimpse at her gray shorts from behind. Yes, I stained her shorts with my cum last night. In the afternoon, I was in the guest room, listening to music on my laptop. Carol then walked in wearing a different outfit. She had a long dress that covered her from her shoulders to her thighs. She had no shorts on.

“Chris, can I ask you something?” Carol shyly asked.

“Anything.” I said. “What’s up?”

“Can I…” She began Taksim escort to stutter again. “Can I see…yours?”

“Yours what?” I asked in confusion.

“Your dick.” She said.

From there, my heart completely dropped dead. I thought I was dreaming. How can she ask me that sort of question? I began to stare at her as she twirled her hair trying to hide her blushing face. She looked so amazing in that dress that I couldn’t take my eyes of her. As she got closer and sat next to me on the bed, my dick began to stiffen and grow harder.

“Well, can I?” She asked.

“Um, sure.” I said, still not believing what I heard.

Taking off my shorts, my dick stood straight in my boxers, aching to be set free. As I took them off, they revealed my 6-inch wonder. Bobbling, excited to be set free. She looked at it in awe. She began to examine it, giving it strange looks as she looked at it stood up in excitement.

“I’ve never seen one this close before.” Carol said. “I never felt one either.”

“Well,” I awkwardly said, “You can touch it if you want to.”

Without hesitation, she took it in her soft hands, and began to feel my hard cock. She wasn’t stroking it; only feeling the skin as she stretched it out.

“It’s so big,” She said, “and soft.”

“It gets big when a boy gets excited.” I then said.

“So, that’s what been poking my butt last night, huh?” She said.

“Okay, you got me.” I confessed.

“So, I was the one who got you excited that night?” Carol later asked.

I nodded. There was nowhere to go. She had my cock in her hands, and I was in complete shock.

“How about we make this even?” I said.

“Wait, what?” She surprisingly asked.

“Well, I showed you my dick, why not let me see something of yours.” I later added.

She started to turn red. She knew that I was soon to ask her to do something like that. Without waiting, she took off her dress, revealing her naked body that was covered only in black panties. Her sweet and perky breasts looked amazing. Her aureoles were of perfect size which made my dick twitch as she began to twist her right nipple. She then got closer and took my dick in her hand again. She started to feel it twitch.

“So that’s what gets it exciting, huh?” she said as she began to stroke my dick.

“Yeah, I believe so.” I said.

I reached out and grabbed her right breast, twitching its nipple. Carol began to moan as she stroked my cock. She later stood up and took off her panties, revealing her big juicy butt. As she turned around, I grabbed her and took her closer to me. Our eyes met, and our lips crossed. We began kissing each other; our tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. As we broke our kiss to catch or breaths, I looked at Carol.

“Carol, I love you. I loved you ever since I laid eyes on you in 8th grade.” I said.

“I love you too.” She said, moving in for another kiss.

As we began kissing again, I reached for her big butt and started playing with it. She began stroking my cock as we continued kissing. We later positioned ourselves in a 69 position. With her on top, she took my cock in her mouth, licking the head while I licked her ass and pussy. We both started moaning as we continued pleasuring ourselves.

“Chris, I’m close.” Carol gasped.

I began licking and sucking her pussy harder. She began to moan deeply as she sucked on my dick. Soon enough, her body began to shake, and her pussy juice began to drip out. I licked it clean before re-positioning ourselves on the guestroom bed.

“Chris,” Carol said. “I want you inside of me.”

“Yes, Carol.” I said without hesitation.

Carol then positioned herself in doggy-style as I got ready to penetrate her pussy. I took it slow so that I don’t hurt her. She pushed closer to me as I entered my penis into her gates of pleasure. Soon enough, I was inside of her, and she was screaming in pleasure. As I began pleasuring her, I took hold of her breasts and began playing with them, nibbling on her neck in return. I doubled my pace it became easier to slide my dick in now. I was getting close to blowing a load.

“Carol, I’m about to—” I said before she stopped me.

“Cum inside me.” Carol said. “I want to feel your hot cum inside of me.”

Without hesitation, I continued thrusting deeper into Carol’s pussy. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I gave my last thrust, and blew shot after shot of hot cum inside her as we both screamed with pleasure. I then laid on the bed, gasping for air as she laid next to me. We both then looked at each other, and kissed. We ended up sleeping next to each other naked that night. I had sex with my long time crush, and it was the most amazing thing that I’ve ever done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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