Caroline’s Mom Ch. 02

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Rachel and I walked naked to my room. My arm around her waist, my cum dripping down her thigh as it oozed out of her freshly fucked ass hole. She leaned over, and kissed me as we rushed past the cheering onlookers. I quickly opened the door to my frat house room and she dove for the bed. I threw our clothes on the chair next to my desk and joined her on the bed. We could hear the moans and groans through the wall, as Caroline and Jeff made love.

“Your daughter is really a hot one.” I said.

“Not as hot as her mother, as you are about to find out. I hope you have plenty of energy left, because you just unleashed a very horny woman.”

With those words she began to kiss and lick my neck. I reached for her, and Rachel pushed my hands away.

“Have you ever had a trip around the world?”

I shook my head no.

“Then let me pleasure you, relax and enjoy.”

Her tongue went to my ear, she licked inside and around it, then nibbled on my earlobe. Rachel’s lips then went down to my jaw just under my ear. Her lips parted and nibbled there, as her tongue caressed it. Her mouth traveled to the side of my neck where it opened. Her tongue caressed the side of my neck and her teeth began to gently chew it. She sucked hard so that she would leave a hickey on my neck.

“I want this one big so Caroline will see.”

“What’s with you and your daughter?”

“She called me a prudish icy bitch and I intend for her to know I’m not.”

“So this is just to prove something to her?”

“No, I’ve wanted you since you were 15 and would have done something about before this if I had any guts. I was just afraid you wouldn’t want me. And that the neighbors might find out. Now be quiet and let me pleasure you.”

Her lips moved to my shoulder, then she moved up and kissed me deeply. Rachel kissed down my chest and licked and sucked both my nipples. Down lower she went. Her tongue explored my navel and then my pubic hair. My stiff penis brushed her face and she kissed it. Rachel whispered.

“Not yet. Roll over.”

I rolled over, and felt her weight on me. Her breasts on my back, her nipples stabbing me. Her hips on my buttocks, her pubic hair caressing me. But most of all I felt her lips and tongue on my neck as she began to bathe me with her tongue. Rachel whispered to me that she was going to lick every square inch of my body. As she did her body moved down, and I could feel her breath on my sensitive wet skin. My shoulders and upper back were next, then down my spine to the crack of my ass. Her mot wet mouth caressed both buttocks, and her hands spread my cheeks. Rachel’s tongue licked between poker oyna them as I groaned in pleasure. Encouraged by my groans, her tongue licked around the rosebud, and I groaned even louder. That slippery wet tongue invaded my ass hole and I screamed in ecstasy. My cock throbbed and I was on the verge of orgasm. Rachel backed off, and waited for me to calm down. Then once again her tongue invaded my ass hole, until I began to twitch in pre orgasmic bliss. Rachel rolled me onto my back and engulfed my cock in her mouth. One long smooth suck and I was totally buried in her throat. Her hands cupped my balls and she sucked hard.

“Oh shit, her it comes.”


My hips bucked, and her lips bobbed up and down on my cock, as she drank my load. Her head stayed down there, as she cleaned anything that might have escaped her lips.

“Did you like that?” She asked.

“How could I not? Can I return the favor?”

Rachel face lit up with a smile and she kissed me deeply.

“Of course.”



“If I became a student here?”

“Well I was thinking of next semester, would you want to do this regularly?”

“I can still pass for 25, but I need a regular lover, and I have always wanted you. I don’t want to date college boys.”

” I could pledge a sorority and spend the nights either in your room or my room.”

“Rachel, I would love that. But what about Caroline?”

“I’ll talk to her, but right now, I need for you to give me a tongue bath, and then for you to fuck me hard and often.” I started by kissing her lips passionately and slowly worked down to her neck. I fully intended for her to need a pound of makeup to cover the hickey that I intended to give her. As my lips moved down, she protested. I began to suck and chew on her neck. Rachel just moaned and enjoyed the sensation. After a while, when I was sure I had marked her, my lips moved further down. I turned her over and nibbled at the nape of her neck. I kissed and licked her shoulders. I licked down her spine and into the crevice between her as cheeks. I spread them and licked around that little brown ring until she began to moan. Then I speared it with my tongue and penetrated her. She screamed and arched her back in a small orgasm. Rolling her over onto her back, I again kissed her lips passionately and moves slowly down to her breasts. Kissing licking and biting her nipples until she grabbed my hair and pulled me down to her pussy.

“Eat me now.”

“Lick me, Oh yes like that.”

“Don’t stop Alan, suck me.”

I licked her and sucked her for all canlı poker oyna I was worth. I pursed my lips and began to nurse on her clit, as if it were a nipple. My tongue began to caress the tips of her clit and my teeth nibbles.

“Yes! Like that, don’t stop im gonna . . . OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

“Here it comes NOW OH God OOOOOOOOO I’mCCCCCuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmiinng” she screamed.

As we lay back catching our breath, her hand began to caress my cock. She whispered, telling me that she didn’t intend for me to get any sleep that night. I put my hand on her head, and guided her down to my cock. She quickly engulfed my manhood and got me hard in no time. Rachel rubbed her tits across my cock and licked the head as it came out from between them.

“Not this time Rachel, I wanna cum in your pussy.”

“Then I have to put my diaphragm in.”

“I’ll go on the pill as soon as I see my gynecologist, but Im not ready to risk giving Caroline a brother or a sister.”

She got off the bed and went into the bathroom, and I thought that she would not have stopped me during the game of chicken. In a few minutes she was back on her hands and knees. I knelt behind her, and entered her very wet pussy in one stroke. I wrapped my hands in her long hair, and used them like reigns to ride her to orgasm. As we both came, I pulled her tight to me using her hair leaving everything in her. We then collapsed, me on top of her, my cock still in her pussy, until it slipped out. She handed me the KY and said.

“One more hole to fill before you get some rest tonight.”

Her head went between my legs and she began to lick and suck me but got nowhere. She then covered us up and lay next to me as we fell asleep.

It was still dark in the room when I awoke. Rachel’s lips were sliding up and down my cock. I was hard and ready. Her hand reached for the KY on the night stand. Rachel slathered my cock with the lubricant and took her mouth off of my cock.

” Ready for my ass?”

She squatted over me and forced her ass hole down over my cock. Slowly I entered that tight dark hole. Her groans and moans told me she was enjoying it. She whispered about how I filled her and how big it felt. She told me she was gonna have the biggest orgasm ever and that she would wake the whole fraternity when she screamed. I handed her my shorts to chew on. She whispered that she wanted everyone to know she was coming, and what a good lover I was. As she pounded her ask down on my cock, it started to happen,

“Here it comes now, oh Alan it’s so good.”

“Uh Uh OOOOHH Fuck my ass.”

“Harder that’s it Fuck me”


“Yes internet casino that’s it, right there.”

“I’m almost there, Alan cum in my ass.”

” Now. Cum in me.”

“Fill my ass with your cum. I Wanna feel it dripping out all day.”

“I’m Cumming!”

“Oh shit, Yeah.” She screamed.

Louder and louder.

” Fuck my ass.”


“Let me clean your cock with my mouth” Loud enough for all to hear.

Then she whispered. “That’s for my daughter who calls me an Ice bitch prude” “this is for you”

And she slowly began to lick my brown stained cock clean. Then we went to sleep until morning.

I awoke with Rachel next to me. The sun was streaming in through the window and the smell of sex permeated the room. I got up and went to the bathroom. As I was peeing, she came in and wrapped her arms around my waist. She pressed her tits against my back and kissed my neck. I finished and she sat on the toilet and began to pee. Pulling me close, she sucked my cock into her mouth and groaned. My hands went to her head and pulled her down onto my cock. It took me almost no time to put a load in her mouth. Her mouth slid off of my cock, she looked up to me and opened her mouth. The inside was all coated with my cum. Then she swallowed and smiled at me.

“Would you like to take a shower with me” Rachel asked.

“Then we can have breakfast.”

“I’d like to sleep here the rest of the week. Not in Caroline’s room. In your bed.”

“Would you like that?”

“You know I would, Rachel.”

“But you might wear me out.”

“An old lady, like me wear you out?” She laughed.

We stepped into the shower, I washed her back and she washed mine. Then I washed her ass, she asked me to be gentle, telling me that it was sore. Then I turned and washed her breasts. I got to see those beauties in daylight for the first time. They were marked by several hickeys. Then I bathed her pleasure palace slowly caressing those smooth nether lips until her clitoris began to harden.

Rachel began to wash me. First my buttocks, then my legs. As she wash my legs I could feel her breath on my buttocks. Then her face went into the crevice for a quick lick at my ass hole. Rachel then turned me around and began to wash my cock and balls. Getting me hard again. After rinsing gave it a quick suck and said.

“After breakfast”

We dressed, and knocked on Jeff’s door to see if he and Caroline were ready for breakfast. We all went out for breakfast and the women went to the ladies room together. They came back smiling and joking. Caroline said to Jeff.

“You wouldn’t believe how many hickeys he left on her tits.”

Rachel blushed and smiled. Then she said.

“But then his back has marks all over it from my fingernails”

To be continued…

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