Casey’s Return

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I paced around my apartment nervously, awaiting a notification on my phone. Part of me wanted no reply to come, part of me wanted it more than anything. What was I doing?! I’d already sucked Casey’s cock – my first ever – just a few hours ago! How could I invite him over again?! Why?! Why were the naughty thoughts invading my mind again?! I knew why. Because I was “one of Casey’s cocksuckers”…

He’d done it. Casey got me. He dealt with years of verbal abuse from my friends and I, and after it was all said and done, got total revenge on me. The gay fat guy turned me out. He made me just another of his cocksuckers. I still don’t get it. But I’m starting to not care…

I knew it the moment that hard cock of his erupted in my mouth, that I could never come back from this. I could try and deny it all day every day, but I sucked his cock and liked it.

He was in control now. Even if I wanted to stop, he wouldn’t let me. He’d use that horribly embarrassing video of me swallowing his load, or our sexts, to keep me on my knees. The thing was, I didn’t want to stop.

I’m not attracted to him at all. Casey is fat, like out of shape fat, hairy, and he’s a man!! I don’t like men. Don’t wanna date a man or kiss a man. Don’t wanna be Casey’s friend. But oh, how I want to worship that cock of his…

My heart starts to beat really fast as the PING of a notification comes through on my phone. I run over to it and read Casey’s reply: “What took you so long? 😉 Be over soon.”

I’m getting that excited feeling again, knowing he’s coming over to make me submit to him again. I feel wrong still, but love it anyway.

I think how much I wanna suck on that cock of his, how hairy and big his belly is and how my forehead bounces off of it when I suck him. And then the REALLY bad thoughts start again…

No, no. I can’t go that far. No fucking. I mean that’s crossing a line, right? I think it is. I mean, I’m clean and healthy, and as long as he is, it shouldn’t matter then, right? NO!! It matters! Shut up and stop considering letting this fat guy fuck you!!

The thought of it feels so wrong, so unthinkable. But that’s what makes me think about it more. My legs were getting wobbly…

A few minutes pass, and Casey arrives. I’m nervous and excited. Horny and hesitant. But I know what will happen…

I open the door and there stands Casey, jeans already bulged in anticipation of feeding me. My eyes beeline to his bulge and he says “Hey. Eyes are up here…” laughing as he directs my eyes up to his with his finger.

“Uh…hey” I say nervously. “Come in”

He walks past me and I close the door. Seeing him as just a person makes me feel uncomfortable and hesitant. I feel guilty as I tell him “Uh, look, Casey…um I’m not gay, uh you know and, I uh just need you to know that this is just…”

“I know I know” he interrupts. “I’ve heard it a dozen times before. ‘Just experimenting’, ‘i like girls’, ‘our little secret’. Like I said, you’re probably just a cocksucker. Like a straight cocksucker. But it doesn’t matter. The outside world doesn’t say ‘Wait wait! He still likes girls, he’s not gay!’ Once you suck cock, you’re a cocksucker forever. So tell yourself whatever you have to in order to accept what you are, just as long as you admit you want this”

I nod my head innocently, allowing him to take control immediately.

“Say it” he tells me.

“I want this” I say.

“What do you want?” he asks, now with that snooty grin of his that I hate. I can see his bulge growing in his pants. He loved this. So did I.

Feeling uncomfortable still, but getting more into it now, I submit: “I want your cock” gaziantep escort I tell him.

He kicks his shoes off to the side, then looks back to me, saying “Well, you’re not making me feel much like you want it. I think you should be awful nice to it, considering your situation. Isn’t it funny knowing everything you’ve built for a reputation here could be destroyed by a dick? HA! Now, get to doing what you wanna do, cocksucker…” His words confident and dominating, I submit into my role as Casey’s cocksucker once again…

I drop to my knees as he again lifts his belly so I can undo his pants. I caress his bulge as I reach the button, popping it open and unzipping his pants slowly. I love everything that is happening, that I find myself falling deep into the femme bottom role again. Pulling his pants down, his underwear come with them a bit, and his hard cock springs out at me for the second time in one night. Seeing it sends me over the edge. I look up into his eyes, and bite my lower lip, grinning at him. He smiles back at me and I love it. “Make out with my cock” he commands down to me.

I eagerly listen, moving in and taking it in one hand, leaning in and kissing the bottom of the shaft, then up the shaft gradually, kissing more, tilting my head and wrapping my lips around it, licking it, getting it wet, kissing it, moaning on it. I get to the head, where I kiss it gently, then wrap my lips around it and tongue all over it.

“My my my, you like it don’t you?” He asks.

I come off of it, eyes closed in ecstasy, rubbing it on my face, saying “Mmmmm I love it…”

“Oh yeah?! Hmmm, maybe you’re not so much of a ‘straight’ cocksucker after all! You seem to really be enjoying it!” He says, shaking his hips a bit, making it slap me in the face.

Hearing him say that scared me, but also excited me. I was tired of playing the denial game. While I didn’t necessarily want anybody else to know I was a cocksucker, I wanted Casey to know I was all his. I think he already knows…

I look him in the eyes, giggle a bit, and say “Maybe you’re right…” then bob down onto his hard cock, catching it mid swing, and start going to town on it.

He must’ve really liked hearing that, because he immediately grabbed my head and began pumping into my mouth in sync with my bobbing. We were both going fast now, like two animals fucking naturally. I pulled on his ass with one hand and caressed his belly with the other as he started grunting “Ohhh yeahhh”…

He pulls out, leaving me panting and drooling on my knees. “Gotta slow down” he says. We stay where we are for a moment, me staring at his pulsating cock. Finally, he looks down at me and says “Well, if you’re not straight, I wonder where else you may secretly want my cock…”

Getting nervous, I reply “Uh, you mean like…(lowering voice) like fucking me?” He nods at me while smiling. I start to get a little overwhelmed and nervous at the thought, but aroused nonetheless.

I’m sure that, at no other point in my life, would I ever be interested in letting some chubby hairy guy fuck me. But right now, in the heat of the moment, with me on my knees, sucking Casey’s delicious cock, he knew that I WOULD want it…

But I was chickening out. I knew I wasn’t ready, but wanted it so badly. I told him “Uh, um, yeah maybe sometime but I don’t know about tonight”. I was hoping he’d just drop it, but of course…

“Good! I’m glad you’re on board!” He says confidently, completely overruling my doubt. Then he tells me “Don’t worry, I promise you’ll like it…” and winks down at me. Feeling awkward, I attempt to change the subject quickly.

“Uh, Casey? You said…” and he interrupts with “Come on, babe. Suck while you talk. Multi-task” Making me feel inferior.

“Oh sorry” I say, and start bobbing down on his cock again. I bob a few times, then pull off, saying “Uh you said I was just ONE of your cocksuckers?” Then bob back down onto his cock for a few slobbers. Then back off again. I ask “Uh, who else is there?” Then back onto his cock loyally I go…

He laughs as I suck him: “Ha! There are a decent amount. I seem to be lucky with my sex life. Most are scattered around a bit, but there are a few in town. You don’t know but a couple of them…” As he pumps into my mouth a few times.

I pull off. “Grplhhh…I know a couple?!” I ask. Then back onto that dick, feeling its’s soft yet hard erectness, seesawing in and out of my mouth, belly hair tickling my nose…

He replies “Oh yes! Your old pal, Steve? He’s a regular old cum dumpster for me…”

I can’t believe what I’m hearing!! Steve used to make fun of Casey for being fat and gay just as much as I did, even more so!! How the fuck did Casey turn Steve out?!?! My eyes widened as I looked into his, still sucking away on that beautiful cock. He just nodded at me…

“And the only other one you would know is Brett. Remember him?” He asked me…

That was it. I couldn’t believe it anymore. Brett never played hockey with us, but I knew him well. He was even better looking than me and more successful with girls. What put it over the edge was the fact that I knew Brett had joined the Marines and seen combat, and had a fiancee overseas. He was like the perfect hero!!

“No fucking way!!” I yell at him. “Brett would never…”

“Oh he did” Casey tells me. He goes on: “Brett is a lot of fun, because he’s so paranoid about being caught with my cock in his mouth that he puts on such a big facade for everybody when he’s home. He plays the big tough Marine hero with a hot girl hidden away, but I wonder what she and his fellow Marines would think if they saw how he begs me to fuck his mouth…”

My mind was blown. Unlike Casey’s cock at the moment. But for some reason, hearing that guys like Steve and Brett were turned out by Casey made me feel better about what I was doing. Like I had good company now, even though we could never tell one another what we’d done. I looked up at Casey, his hard cock still pulsing with each breath of his, and saw him in a new light. I didn’t see this fat gay loser that I once knew. I saw a winner, a guy that got his revenge on all of us and had us under his control. I saw this dominating, sexy man. Wait, did I just say ‘sexy’?! What the fuck?!

All of a sudden, I wanted to feel important to him. I wanted to be better than Steve and Brett. I wanted to be Casey’s number one cocksucker!!

We both smiled, and I leaned in and hungrily gobbled up his hard meat, moaning and caressing his legs and belly.

Just then, my phone started ringing on the dining room table. Of all the fucking times!! I kept bobbing away on Casey’s hard cock but he pulled out and backed up, looking down at me.

“Answer it” he says. “It’s okay” he tells me. I get up, run over and answer. It’s Steve…of all people…

“Hey man” he says. “Come on out with us, we’re gonna see if we can pick up a few skanks tonight…”

I stutter. “Uh, Steve, I don’t know…” Casey snaps his finger and motions with it for me to return to him. I walk over as I tell Steve: “I’m kinda tired, Steve. I think I’m gonna just stay inside tonight”. Casey points down, and puts a hand on my shoulder as I look at him wide-eyed. He wants me to suck his cock while on the phone with Steve?! I was nervous, but obedient. I dropped down and started stroking Casey’s cock while Steve went on…

“Come on man! Don’t be a fag! Let’s go out!” he says.

“Steve, I…grplhhhh…” as Casey shoves his cock into my mouth, mid sentence. Something about the irony of hearing Steve call me a fag while I knew his secret, coupled with the fact that I WAS on my knees sucking cock, made me feel great. I just let Casey fuck my mouth for a moment or two…

“Huh? What was that?” Steve said. “You still there?” he asked.

I just mumbled “Mmm Hmmmm…” as I sucked on Casey’s dick. I stopped caring if Steve knew at this point. Casey just egged it all on. “That’s right, milk that cock…” he said, loudly. I obeyed.

“What the fuck?!” Steve said. “What did you just say?!” he asked.

Casey, becoming impatient with my lack of attention to his cock, begins to reach down to take the phone. All I get out is “Steve, I won’t tell if you don…” as Casey takes the phone from me, with much ease. Honestly, I pretty much just wanted him to have it so I can swallow his load. I take hold of his cock with one hand, jerking it as I bob down onto it, knowing he’s close now…

“Steve, he’s busy. And you’re being rude” Casey says. I can vaguely hear their conversation from down below.

“Uh, Casey?” Steve asked. Casey replies “He’s got his mouth full right now so he can’t talk. I think you know exactly what that’s like, don’t you?”

I hear a few moments of silence on the other end, then Steve saying “Uh, wow. I never would of thought you could get HIM?”

“Ha!” laughs Casey. “Don’t you worry about that right now, Steve. I trust you both will keep each other’s secrets…” as I furiously pump and bob on his wet hard cock, closer and closer to that load…

I can feel Casey’s legs shaking and his cock pulsing. He’s close. He tells Steve “We gotta go now. I’m feeding him. You’ll get your dose later…” and Casey just drops my phone next to us, without hanging up. I don’t even think about it. I just bob away…

Casey begins to buck forward and grunt as I moan loudly on his dick, his belly flapping into my face as he begins to explode in my mouth, filling it with his hot tasty cum. I swallow once or twice as he humps my mouth. Then he pulls out and we look at each other. I just say “Mmmmm BABY!!” as I rub the bulge in my pants. I hear “Baby?!” come from the phone. Steve is still listening…

I reach for the phone and hang up on Steve. The damage there is done. And I don’t care. I’m now an official willing cocksucker and I like it.

I gently reach in and stroke Casey’s cock and kiss the head, moaning in a slutty way. Mmmm, Gay Casey. Fat Casey. He’s now Sexy Casey. There was nothing sexy about him, but that made me want him more for some reason. I don’t want him to leave…

From my knees, as he pulls his pants back up, I beg him “Please stay. I want more of your cum. Pleeeeease?” I say whiningly.

“That’s a common affect I have” He says, “but you know you’re nothing special to me…yet.” The ‘yet’ got me excited. “I dropped my load so there’s no reason to see you anymore tonight” he continues. He makes me feel like a cockslut as I sit there rubbing my bulge, his cum filling my belly. He heads for the door, then turns around and says “Oh, and by the way, you’re on the reunion committee with me now. It’s coming up and I have some plans for you at the reunion…” then smiles at me.

Being his, I just obey. “Okay.” I say. “Whatever you want”.

“Careful” he says. “I may take you up on that…” then turns and leaves.

I feel degraded, humiliated, again. Steve knows I’m a cocksucker, but at least I know he is too. But now I have to come to grips with the fact that I want Casey. Badly. Very badly. Oh, what will that reunion bring?

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