Casey’s Stories Ch. 01

Big Tits

The characters and the general idea for the story were created by Mave Cosmic.


Sometimes the best thing you can offer the beloved one as a present is yourself. But if you choose to do so, make sure to use an attractive packaging. For Mave’s birthday Casey had it all planned; she could of course just buy him another pair of socks, but she preferred to offer chance to create wonderful memories.

Casey was not only exceptionally smart, she was also incredibly sexy; being in her early thirties she looked ten years younger. The woman was slightly taller than average and had a slender body, but with all the curves at the right places. She stayed in perfect physical shape and maintained an athletic but feminine body, her skin was healthy and had a beautiful even tan. She had long wavy strawberry blonde hair that usually just fell loosely on her toned shoulders.

Rockbar was the right place to go for a romantic dinner for practical and sentimental reasons. Casey and Mave had spent many wonderful moments together there and knew the staff well. Also the place had a pretty… elastic approach to their customers’ attiries – light summer dresses were as welcome as glamorous gowns at any time of day. Rockbar did not mind when women flashed more skin than was customary elsewhere. That policy fit perfectly with the item that Casey planned to wear.

The dress was a black mini with long sleeves and even longer loose cuffs. What made the dress completely inappropriate for most places was the fact that it was transparent. The entire item was made of sheer fabric which exposed Casey’s smooth skin. To give an illusion of decency the dress had intricate floral patterns over breasts and in the skirt part. It was necessary since Casey was not wearing any lingerie, even a tiny g-string would simply not fit with that dress. But her “strategic” spots were covered enough, so she could attend a place like Rockbar and of course attract everyone’s attention. Her outfit was completed by a pair of strappy sandals on twelve centimetre high stiletto heels. Casey’s hair was falling loosely on her shoulders as was her custom. Most importantly both the dress and the heels were a present which Casey had once received from Mave.

The celebrant was looking equally glamorous but more conservative, the man opted for something less flashy. He might have been the star of the evening in their duo, but he never attempted to struggle for public attention against Casey. He wore a classic elegant black tuxedo with a white shirt underneath and a black bow tie. Some could say that he even looked a bit overdressed next to his girlfriend, but the pair did not mind the contrast. He was a moderately tall man with broad shoulders and an athletic built. He had a strong jaw and clear-cut facial features, but also a bit of boyish charm to him.

The lovers arrived at Rockbar in a car with a chauffeur which Casey had rented for this very occasion. The car was a red vintage convertible which fit the seaside scenery in all eras and gave the feeling of ease and luxury at the same time. The chauffeur whose name was Clarence was dressed in an elegant suit from the same era as the car.

The bar itself was a remarkable place as well. It was located right by the seaside next to a huge rock from which the location took its name. The waves crashed onto the rock and the foundations of the building creating constant swoosh in the background. Fortunately the waters in the bay were usually calm; during the days in the year when they revealed their more violent nature the external tables were unavailable. Luckily this was not one of those days, the weather was balmy and a gentle breeze was blowing. The bar was full of people and all of them, men and women alike, turned their heads to admire the nearly nude Casey. Neither of them scorned, quite the opposite, since the general attitude of the seaside dwellers towards clothing was rather liberal.

The lovers first ordered an aperitif, then the dinner itself. That part of the evening went relatively ordinary, the couple ate, drunk and talked. Their table was located near the glass wall, so the view was beautiful. (There was no roof but some protection against the splashing waves was necessary, otherwise everyone would eventually get wet). At some point they stood up and got even nearer the wall to fully enjoy the view. As they stood there, Casey leaning against her lover, Mave’s hands got a bit adventurous and one of his palms roamed onto the girl’s buttock. One thing lead to another and soon they were kissing sensually and shamelessly making out, to the entertainment of the other guests. Casey lifted her leg and wrapped it around Mave’s thighs, he placed his strong hand on her thigh and groped it. The pair continued to kiss until they both ran out of breath, then they returned to their table among the cheers of the guests. The lovers asked for the bill and left.

The chauffeur had been waiting the entire time and was ready right away to take them home. The road that lead to Casey’s house was narrow and winding, but offered beautiful sights of the seaside. The lovers were not enjoying them though, since they were too preoccupied with themselves. As soon as they sat down on the back seat they resumed to make out. Mave put one of his hands between Casey’s legs, the girl parted them slightly to welcome the palm thus further exposing her crotch. The chauffeur was a professional, but it did not mean that he could not enjoy a spectacle when presented with one. He drove slowly and carefully, looking as much on the road ahead as on the backseat action.

Mave moved his palm to Casey’s crotch and began to finger her gently, she soon returned the favor by stroking his already half erect penis through his trousers. They continued to kiss the entire time and did not stop any of the activities until they reached the point of their destination. The chauffeur opened the door for the pair and they got out. Casey did not bother to fix her dress, since she was well aware that Clarence had already seen everything. She “tipped” him with a kiss on both cheeks and then the lovers went into her house.

Mave was already so worked up that he wanted to head directly to the bedroom, but Casey halted him; she had few more attractions planned for the evening. The man remained in the saloon while his lover entered the bedroom alone. She came out few minutes later dressed in sexy lingerie; it consisted of a black lacy bra, a matching pair of panties and a pair of sheer black hold-up stockings with wide patterned lacy hold-ups. Casey had changed her shoes as well, the new pair were even taller with killer fifteen centimeter high stiletto heels that forced the woman to basically walk on the tiptoes; she moved in them like a pro. Just like the dress and heels earlier all the items had also been at some point presented by Mave.

The man had already taken off his jacken and the waistcoat. Casey put on a sensual music and walked slowly towards Mave rocking her hips seductively. As she neared her lover he tried to stand up, but she gently pushed him back down with her foot. She wiggled her finger playfully and began to dance; her moves were slow and sensual fitting perfectly with the rhythm of the music. Casey gyrated her slender toned body and at the same time enjoyed the view of the lust building up in Mave’s eyes. The girl had taken few erotic dance lessons in her life and even tried pole dancing (those were all really effective exercises), so she knew how to use her body to arouse men. But Casey wanted to tease Mave even more, so she eventually got onto the couch and straddled her lover. She continued to wiggle her body over him, but never allowed him to touch her. Though she could sense that his erection was soon going to rip a hole in his trousers. Casey decided that teasing time was over, she got off of Mave’s lap and knelt down between her lover’s legs, there was a thick soft carpet on the floor which was placed there for this particular reason.

The girl slowly unzipped his trousers and carefully took out his penis. She knew well how big it was, but was always amazed by its size and beauty. Mave’s member was slightly longer than average but significantly thicker, it was perfectly straight and ideally proportionate. Right there and then it was not only fully erect, but also already dripping precum. Casey gently licked one of the drops and the penis eagerly twitched in response. She licked it again, this time starting at the base and slowly proceeding towards the tip; at that caress even Mave himself responded with a soft moan.

Casey continued to go slowly, she fondled the testicles with her one palm while stroking the shaft with the other; at the same time she softly kissed the pulsating head of the penis, it was so responsive to her caress. Eventually the girl proceeded to the next stage and took the head into her mouth, but did not take the penis any deeper right away. Instead she licked the head while it was inside of her mouth, as her palms continued their earlier activities. Finally she took the penis deeper and began to actually suck it, this time Mave moaned even louder.

Casey continued to slowly suck her lover’s member for a longer while, he remained mostly passive, only moaning or breathlessly saying things like “oh yes, baby”, “that’s it, darling” or “feels sooo goood”. The girl recognized Mave’s reactions perfectly and knew that while he was seriously aroused, he was still far from climaxing; in order to change that she proceeded to deepthroating. Because of its girth Mave’s member was a tough one to take into one’s throat, but Casey had a lot of practice with it and knew how to handle the size. She also knew well how much her lover enjoyed deepthroating, so she put her best effort to make it the most pleasurable for him. The woman slowly moved her head forward, opened her throat and relaxed her muscles; she had learnt to fight the gag reflex a long time ago, but it always took some effort to do the job RIGHT.

Casey carefully swallowed the entire penis until her nose was resting on Mave’s underbelly, of course he had always kept that region smoothly shaven and thoroughly clean. The girl remained motionless with the penis deep in her throat for several seconds, then withdrew her head until the head of the member was resting between her lips. She took few deep breaths while teasingly licking the tip, then she took it whole once again into her throat. Casey repeated the pattern few times and from the rising volume of Mave’s breathing and his moans getting more frequent and louder she could judge that she was doing a perfect job. The woman eventually picked up the tempo and abandoned any pauses, she proceeded to a regular deepthroating and there could be only one ending to that. Mave had gotten even louder and his praises of Casey’s skill became less audible, but she had not been listening to his words anyway. She was fully focused on the wonderful penis in her mouth and providing it with as much pleasure as possible.

Merely two more minutes of vigorous deepthroating were necessary to bring Mave over the edge, he issued a low long loud moan and began to shoot his load. Casey withdrew the penis from her throat until only the head remained inside of her mouth, she continued to lick it while at the same time fondling the testicles and jerking off the shaft. The girl knew how voluminous her lover’s loads could be especially after such a steamy foreplay, but she still planned to swallow every drop. As the streak of semen hit her tongue she withdrew it, but continued to jerk the shaft. Mave groaned loudly until he filled Casey mouth with his seed. Once he was done she swallowed the entire load, then licked the penis clean, it was still gently twitching as she did so. When she was done she licked her own lips clean as well and got up to kiss her lover. They always kissed after an orgasm, even if it was oral sex and only one of them had climaxed, neither of them minded their own taste. Casey sat on Mave’s lap and clung to him closely, their kiss was long and sensual, but not too aggressive, after all the man needed to catch his breath.

Eventually their lips parted and the lovers looked at each other with lust in their eyes. Mave still needed time to regenerate in order to be able to get hard again, but it did not mean he was feeling any less lustful. “I’m not done with you yet” whispered Casey. “I hope so, I’m just warming up.” “You look as if you’re going to boil already” teased the girl as she left his lap.

With her lingerie and heels still on Casey once again hit the floor, the music was still playing softly and she instantly caught the rhythm. She had always enjoyed dancing in all forms, the erotic dance was turning her on as much as it was arousing Mave; for that reason Casey could never be a stripped, she would simply get too horny on the stage. The girl gave her lover another sexy show as he sat there on the couch with his flaccid penis resting on his trousers. This time Mave seized the initiative and it was him who gave the signal for Casey to approach him. She feigned hesitancy but eventually slowly walked back to him rocking her hips as she moved.

The man stood up to greet his lover, he pulled her closely and kissed her passionately. This kiss was a lot more aggressive, their hands roamed over one another’s body as their tongues battled for supremacy in their mouths. When their lips finally parted both lovers were breathless, but Mave still held Casey firmly in his arms. When he regained his breath he said quietly but decisively: “You’ve been a really naughty girl…” She reacted with a seductive smile, but was surprised when the man pushed her onto the couch. She landed with her hands on the seat, her feet just above the ground and her body bent over the armrest. “…so you need to be punished” Mave finished his sentence and Casey knew what was coming.

She did not oppose in the least, but instead assumed the proper position with her buttocks stuck out. Mave’s palm landed on one of the buttocks with a smack, it was not a painful hit, but not a playful one either. A second hit on the other cheek followed right after, Casey issued a cry, not exactly a feigned one, she continued to make such noises as her lover spanked her several more times; he distributed the hits evenly between the buttocks. By the time he was done they had gotten pink, not really the painful level, just a proper warm-up for people who liked to spice up their sex life.

Mave helped Casey got up from the couch and they headed towards the bedroom, on their way they kissed and undressed each other which made the journey long and hectic. When they eventually reached the bed Mave was nude and Casey was wearing nothing but the stockings. They shared another passionate kiss, this one shorter, then the man grabbed his girlfriend by her slim waist and threw her onto the bed; he instantly jumped right after her. Mave got on top of Casey and pinned her body down with his weight; they kissed again, this one was even more passionate and aggressive. From the girls mouth the man proceeded to her firm breasts, he grabbed them with both hands and began to grope them possessively. He was being a bit rough, but Casey moaned in delight nevertheless; Mave kissed and licked her breasts, sucked on the nipples and even bit them lightly. But the foreplay had been going for long enough already.

The man grabbed his girlfriend’s ankles and spread her legs wide, then dived between them. He made few control licks mostly just to get the taste, there was no need for more since Casey was already soaking wet. Mave put his lover’s legs above her head, assumed the position and shoved his thick penis into her craving vagina. He was no longer gentle, the push was swift and decisive, Casey moaned loudly in delight. The man began to move his hips back and forth and soon reached the desired pace; the pair had their common rhythm and there was no need to search and adjust.

The girl remained bend in half and exposed as her lover pounded her vigorously, their eyes were filled with lust and locked on each other. The room quickly filled with their ecstatic moans accompanied by the rhythmical slapping of their bodies. Mave was strong, athletic and had an impressive stamina, but he wanted to give his girlfriend a chance to be more active as well, not that she had been completely passive since now. Without withdrawing his penis the man paused his motions, leaned forward and kissed his lover, it was short but passionate. Then he dismounted her; no words were said, both lovers understood each other perfectly. Mave laid on his back and this time it was Casey who mounted him, she knelt on the sides of his hips and guided his penis into her womb. In this position the pace of their lovemaking was not as fast, but they made as much noise as previously. There were many pauses during which Casey leaned forward so they could kiss or that Mave would play with her breasts, he was as possessive with his groping as previously and even pinched her nipples few times.

After another several minutes they swapped the position again. Casey laid on her side with one leg remaining on the bed and the other held straight up in the air. Mave got between the invitingly spread legs and rested the stocking covered calf on his shoulder, then he shoved his penis into her waiting hungry hole. Only few more minutes later Casey issued a long loud high-pitched cry, her entire body trembled and she clenched her fists on the bed sheets. She also clenched her vaginal muscles and the additional pressure was enough to push Mave over the edge as well. He gave a long low moan as he shot his second load that evening, it was only slightly less voluminous. The man kept pounding his hips into his lover in hectic motions until their orgasms finally subsided. Then he lied down next to Casey and the pair rested cuddling, their bodies glistening with sweat; Mave’s seed slowly oozed out of the girl’s womb.

Kissing, cuddling and caressing was all the did for some a while, the passage of time did not matter, they had the whole night purely for themselves and an nearly insatiable sexual appetite. Eventually both felt rested enough to go for another round, but this time Mave had a different idea. He reached for the bedside cabinet and produced a tube of lubricant from the drawer. “It’s time for the other hole” he said with a devious smile. Casey reacted with a matching smile, she loved anal sex even more than he did and that was were the girth of Mave’s penis was even more important. The girl eagerly assumed the position on all fours, her head and arms on the sheets, her booty up in the air.

The man piped a bit of lube onto his fingers and spread it over the entrance to Casey’s anus, at some point he gently pushed his index finger into her hole which made her moan lightly. Mave withdrew it soon, added some more lube and this time pushed two fingers into the girl’s back door; they were soon joined by a third one and a bit more lubricant. Casey began to moan louder as the fingers moved in and out of her anus. “Calm down, girl. I’m just getting you nice and slippery, the main treat is still about to come.”

Mave withdrew his fingers and stood up, he applied some lubricant to his penis as well and got behind his girlfriend. He placed the once again erect member by Casey’s anus and began to carefully push it inside. It was significantly thicker than even three fingers and the girl moaned loudly in delight as her hole was being stretched. Mave proceeded slowly and stopped once his entire penis was in and his hips were resting on the girl’s buttocks. Then he withdrew equally slowly, not because Casey still needed to adjust; quite the opposite, she was craving for something harder, but Mave wanted to tease her a bit just like she did earlier with the fellatio.

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