Caught by Arielle


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Zach was wrestling with the front door lock of his new friend’s apartment anxiously trying to open it. Finally inside of the student like flat, he took off his heavy wet leather jacket and shoes off and headed for the bedroom. Although it was just ten o’clock, his friend was already asleep and naked under the covers.

The crackling of the Oakwood floor woke him up and a groggy Erick offered a simple, “hey” to his buddy.

“Hello handsome,” Zach replied while undressing.

Now naked, Zach stood next to the bed in the dark. Admiring his friend’s shadow in the dark, Erick reached out to feel his legs and crotch.

“Hum,” he said Feeling Zach’s fully erected penis he added, “it looks like you missed me, hop in!”

With Erick still lying on his stomach, Zach removed the bed sheet and replaced them with his naked medium built body, carefully placing his cock in between Erick’s butt cheeks keeping his buddy warm.

“I love coming here and finding you naked in bed like this,” Zach whispered in Erick’s ear.

“And I love having your weight covering me.”

“May I slip into you so that we can be one again?” Zach asked Erick if he was in the mood to be impaled by him.

“I was hoping you would,” Erick answered and raising his bum mimicking hip thrusts.

Zach reached for the lubricant in the night table drawer and brought it to Erick’s anal opening. He opened the bottle that had a sport bottle push up type of knob and carefully inserted the tip in Eric’s wrinkled circle. He squeezed it letting a first load of the clear silicon liquid, then took the tip out to re-inflate the bottle again, before placing it in Eric’s asshole and squeezing it again letting more fluid in.

“There you go, nice and slippery insides,” Zach said rubbing some lube on his bare hardened flesh.

Zach then pointed his throbbing dick in the direction of Erick’s anal cavern. Like he always does, he slowly proceeded to “ring the doorbell” of his friend’s tight sphincter by just pushing his cockhead in. He stayed there a few seconds enjoying the tightness around his manhood while letting Erick’s arse get used to his girth. He continued further inside Erick’s bottom and, once fully in, he resumed his position fully lying on Erick like he did a moment ago.

“I love feeling your entire dick inside me,” Erick said softly while spreading his butt cheeks to let his friend a little more inside him.

“You have a great and tight ass that I love to fuck Erick.”

Zach lingered in there a few more minutes knowing Erick’s insides needed more time to adjust to the foreign body. After a little while Zach leaned closer to Erick’s ear and whispered to him, “I am know going to slowly pump your ass,” and kissed his neck.

That said, Zach raised his cock out Erick ass until his cockhead reached the tight anal ring and ploughed back inside him again which had Erick moaning softly.

“I love to hear you moan every time my dick massages your prostate,” Zach said.

“I can’t help it Zach, I love it when you rub my insides with your wonderful erection,” Erick replied.

Zach knew he had temporary control if his lover’s body, he was going to make it pleasurable for both of them.

Still lying on Erick’s back and using only his hips to stir Erick’s insides Zach said, “I saw the pictures of you and Arielle on the digital picture frame.”

“Oh, yeah?” Erick replied inquisitively.

“Yes, Erick, I did,” replied Zach in between his slow thrusts.

“You two seem so happy in those pictures, and Arielle is gorgeous.”

Erick secretly loved to hear his name out of Zach’s lips. He was however, strangely but similarly excited in hearing his girlfriend’s name. ‘Why is that?’ he thought. Could it be that those where the only two he had been intimate with in a long time? Or was it the perceived taboo of thinking of her while being fucked by a man that fed his lustful thoughts for both of them? Zach continued his foray into Erick’s tight ass until Erick signalled him he wanted to turn around. Luckily for Zach, who did not have the physical strength to forcefully turn around his tall, strong and younger lover, it was also his wish to take Erick in a missionary position like he frequently did to his female lovers.

Erick making eye contact with Zach, reach up to grab his face and stared at his blue green eyes and said, “I want your thick hard cock to slide into me Zach.”

Zach did not have to be begged, he positioned himself if front of Erick with his throbbing dick teasing Erick’s nut sac, and he held Eric’s knees space between his hands thumbs and index fingers pushing his knees closer to his chest exposing his now gaping hole kocaeli escort bayan stretched from the previous ramming exercise it got. Instinctively, Erick further opened his ass hole by expanding it with the help of his hands pushing on each side of his butt cheeks.

“What a sight,” Zach thought to himself. For reasons other than just a quickie, it had been a very long while since he had been with a same sex partner, yet alone a much younger and sexier one. Experienced by previous encounters, Zach knew he had to add some lube on his dick which he did delaying the sensation of fullness his partner was longing to have.

Growing anxious Erick seductively said, “Don’t keep me waiting too long Zacharias, I need to feel you inside me.”

Without any more holdup, Zach pointed his slippery dick on his lover’s rear button and, this time, very easily slid his cock-head inside Erick’s buttocks all the way in until his pubic hair was stuck to Erick’s butt cheeks. Feeling the all too familiar rub Erick let out a muffled grunt.

“Yah, that’s it Zach, pin my ass with your cock.” His vocal encouragement had Zach simpering at Erick.

Erick used his long arms to caress Zach’s chest and play pinch his erected nipples which drove him wild.

In the room the bed was perpendicular to the door frame. Enthralled in their pleasure, they did not hear the front door closing when Arielle stepped in. Erick was not expecting her until the next day but she changed her plans and wanted to surprise him early.

The fracas of her dropping her purse and the various Knick knacks she was holding snapped them both back out of their erotic frolic. She was standing there looking at Erick and this stranger who obviously had his masculine engine ridding her boyfriend.

Erick and Arielle stared at each other with wide protuberant eyes; both in disbelief and drained from their ability to talk.

Zach, the senior member of the trio, was studying the dynamics between the two of them. Erick’s expression was shock while Arielle’s face was reminiscing of a wounded animal. She stood there akimbo and started pacing along the bed as if she was processing the whole situation at great speed removing her damp trench coat to cool herself off.

Zach knew that she felt ambivalent. Had she been disgusted, he theorized, she would have quickly stormed out. She stayed standing there for a few seconds, then dropped the content of the stuff she was holding as if to say, ‘Hey, I am here!’ and started her fast pacing.

‘But why did she remove her overcoat?’ Zach was asking himself. ‘Was her body trying to tell her something her mind had yet fully processed?’ He further hopefully thought.

One way or another, this situation would forever change the dynamics of their couple.

Zach felt horrible for coming in between them and knew of Erick’s secret wish that Arielle would be cool with it and even learn to love that side of him and, why not, even participate as the third musketeer of the trio.

‘Are they strong enough to sustain this shock?’ Zach continued thinking.

Although it felt like an eternity, in reality, the whole episode happened at warp speed. Zach tried to salvage the situation and help his young lover out of his particular couple problem.

“You must be Arielle,” Zach said filling the sombre void that engulfed the previously moans.

He added, “I must say, Erick’s description of you does not do justice to your beauty. You are absolutely gorgeous.”

Zach’s attempt at smoothing out the situation was not a stretch; Arielle was an absolute knock out. She was dressed with a black mini skirt and high heels that showed off her slender legs, a white camisole that covered her perky breasts with nippy areolas; that last element was the proof he needed to judge her state of arousal.

“Yes honey, you look delicious,” Erick added.

“Eh…thank-you,” she said in a trembling voice.

“I know this is a lot to process,” Zach said.

“Ya think!” Arielle quipped back raising her upper lip and left brow.

Zach decided to help her along with her reasoning by telling her in a soft tone, “Arielle, what are you thinking right now?”

She kept on pacing while she answered, “I don’t know, I am confused, I don’t know what to think.”

“Remember to breathe Arielle, it’s important for your brain,” Zach added thinking a little humour can often help diffuse a situation.

After hearing that comment from Zach, she realized that her pacing was taxing her metabolism and she was working up a sweat. She stopped dead in her tracks and took a deep breath.

She let out a big exhale and addressing herself to Erick she said, “I know you always enjoyed me playing with your bum during our romps, but I did not know you enjoyed hard cock in your butt!”

Erick replied, “You know I like to have your finger in me massaging my prostate and we even talked about a strap-on for you and you seemed to have enjoyed that thought immensely.”

“Yes… I did, but kocaeli sınırsız escort there is a difference between this guy’s dick up your ass and a fake dick strapped onto me giving you pleasure,” she answered.

“If I may,” Zach interrupting the conversation, “is your only issue the fact that someone other than you is giving Erick pleasure?”

“Well, if I want to be honest with myself, it’s a big part of it,” Arielle answering jealously.

Trying to be funny, Zach continued, “Arielle, the last time I checked, I did not have pussy. Or breasts for that matter.” He chortled inviting her to laugh.

“That’s obvious,” she replied, this time the range of her voice was more soothing, even a little intrigued at the imagery the words offered.

“Clearly, you see that Erick’s erection did not subside, if anything, he is the hardest he has ever been. I am willing to bet it’s because you are here.” Zach said adding a few words to flatter her, “and I can see why, any man would love to have your long legs wrapped around him or your thighs on each side of his ears.”

Perhaps instinctively, Arielle brought her bottom lip inside her mouth and slowly biting on it as it came out wet from in between her teeth licked by her tongue. This time, Zach was sure that she was constructing a mental image of the scenario he had just described. Was she longing to be screwed? Or to sit on Erick’s face? Perhaps that, behind her well-crafted business like allure, a fun slut was hiding.

Erick was growing more nervous by the second at listening to the dialogue between both of his lovers, who, for the first time, were talking to each other.

He realized that Arielle or simply Arie, like he liked to call her, was at a disadvantage. He had spoken to Zach at length about her. That lioness was often a fixture of their naughty pillow talk. Erick covered with Zach what she liked and did not like in bed and what she did to Erick that would drive him wild. So much had been exchanged between them that Zach felt like he knew her.

Together, they had virtually fucked Arielle or her alter slutty self, Ariella, in all of her openings, each getting particularly horny from their joint fantasy of the double penetration. Erick always said that, because of their sporadic butt fuck, she had a very tight ass. The thought of having one dick up her ass and one dick in her pussy simultaneously fucking her was so exciting to them that they had discussed it at length. How wet would her pussy would be, how tight her ass would feel, and of course could they feel each other’s dick thru the thin layer of skin separating both orifices. That was enough to harden their dicks all the time.

Could she actually handle 2 dicks inside her pussy at the same time? “Lord knows,” according to Erick, “if she is wet enough, probably!” Imagining the feeling of their dicks rubbing each other using Arielle’s cum lube was also a very intense imagery that they often shared with each other.

“Zach, imagine if we could have a trio relationship?” Erick once told his fuck buddy. “Imagine her fucking both of us every night with different strap-ons.”

“We should start her a collection,” Zach semi jokingly answered Erick.

Those visions always sent Erick and Zach into a fucking frenzy. They would literally screw each other until they were just lumps of sweaty flesh almost completely drained of their life energy. Erick also mentioned many times that she was an extremely fluid girl with heavy cum showers that he loved to gobble up. Although this situation was, to say the least, awkward, Erick’s cock was rock hard and he was clenching his sphincter feeling Zach’s bucket deep in his dirt.

As Erick was about to open his mouth, Arielle put two of her fingers on his lips shushing him and said, “One does not speak with his mouth full.”

To the surprise of both Erick And Zach, Arielle hiked up her miniskirt exposing her lustrous mound and with her left knee climbed the side of Erick placed both of hands on Erick’s powerful chest and did the same with her right knee, she then sat on Erick’s face rewarding him with her sweet concoction that Erick was all too please to lap up. Arielle was moaning the second Erick’s tongue landed on her vagina. She was rocking herself in his face buttering him up with a thick layer of her goo. The moaning gave way to some panting coming from her. Zach, admiring the sexual display in from him had stopped fucking his friend but was still hard inside Erick.

Sensing she was being watched Arielle opened her eyes and told Zach, “I’m Arielle.”

Zach smiled back, but was not sure how to greet her. They were both busy pleasuring themselves on the common lover they were sharing. He clumsily extended his right hand mimicking a hand shake.

Arielle, still feeling the joys of Erick’s tongue lapping at her cunt gave him a stare and with a playful yet serious tone said, “Oh, I think we are way past handshakes!”

Enamoured by that response Zach and Arielle izmit anal yapan escort both leaned in and kissed deeply their tongues dancing in each other’s mouth exploring the new territory. With a swift pull in two different directions, Arielle unbuttoned all of the 5snaps that held her skirt together and dropped it on the floor.

Her milky white smooth skin was exposed for the first time to Zach’s eyes. He couldn’t help himself in front of this beautiful young women with her charms fully exposed to him. He started caressing her with his palms, feeling all of her curves.

When he got to her upper thighs he slides his hands under her shirt and felt her perky nipples. Zach assisted Arielle in removing her last garment. Now fully naked, Arielle stared back at Zach without any shame.

Zach said, “You really are a marvel of a woman Arielle. Erick is a lucky and privileged man for loving you.”

Pleased with that comment Arielle smiled at him slightly blushing.

“Do you always show up at his door steps without underwear and a bra?” Zach asked curiously.

“Well, I was dying to have Erick’s dick deep in my pussy; I removed them in the cab ride over. I figured I would save some time,” Arielle told Zach. At that point Zach and Arielle were holding on to each only using their necks as support. Zach was savouring Arielle, he had forgotten the feeling of a young women in her 20s. How smooth and taut her skin felt. Physically, she was a beautiful woman.

A naughty but all to kinky idea popped into his mind. “Arielle,” Zach asked, “why don’t you slide your pussy over here and sit on Erick’s Dick.”

“Reverse cowgirl position?” she asked him

“Yup,” Zach smiled back, knowing this would put Arielle’s face inches away from him.

Arielle inched herself closer to Erick’s dick, when she got to his cock she got up on her knees and eased his dick inside her. She supported her weight with her hands on each side of Erick’s torso and Erick had his flat hands pressed on her back. That was smart because by the time she finished engulfing his dick, Zach was already on his knees sucking on Erick’s balls and Arielle’s pussy.

Enjoying this new sensation, Arielle’s ran her fingers thru Zach’s hair and encouraged him to lick her clit, every once in a while she would release the hold she had on Erick’s pole for Zach to suck the entire length of Erick’s member. She encouraged Zach with naughty phrases like, “That’s it, lick that dick, take it all in your mouth.”

Zach was happy to oblige. This little game went on for a while as the lovers where closing in on orgasmic release. The pressure was mounting for Erick and Zach felt his buddy’s dick get harder in his mouth, wanting to please Arielle, he placed Erick’s dick back inside Arielle’s pussy who started fucking him with a frenzy; both where close to coming!

Zach zeroed in on Arielle’s clit and just dropped his tongue on it. The simple feeling of her rubbing her clit on Zach’s tongue every time she lowered herself on Erick was heaven. Erick, with 2 powerful thrusts, let out an animalistic grunt and came deep inside Arielle’s cunt coating her insides with his cum. The overflow was being lapped up by Zach who was still kneeling in between them.

All 3 of them collapsed on the bed with Arielle in the middle of both of them. Like immature school boys Erick and Zach cracked up laughing. Erick was still laughing with Arielle in the middle of both of them panting from the ginormous orgasm she just felt.

“That was fucking awesome,” Arielle said in between two pants.

Almost in unison Zach and Erick popped up on their elbow on each side of Arielle who felt 4 eyes on her.

“Why are you guys staring at me?” she said

Both of them started another round of laughter. Erick trying to put a few coherent words together, “Babe, he-he-he, babe, you have no idea.”

“You are right I don’t!” Arielle answered amused by her boyfriend.

“He-he, you have no idea how many times, Zach and I fucked each other and imagined you fucking with us.”

“This was absolutely transcendental, my best threesome ever!” he added.

“Your only threesome ever,” Zach corrected Erick

“Yeah, yeah, do you have to be soooo precise all the time Z?”

Zach and Erick just laughed it out.

All three of them where lying down staring at the ceiling while regaining some composure.

“Guys,” Arielle asked in a somewhat more serious tone, “what is it that has you two loving anal sex? Isn’t a wet pussy slippery and better?”

Both guys looked at each other and again started laughing out loud!

“Hey, don’t make fun of me,” Arielle quipped.

“We are not making fun of you Arielle,” Zach replied and added “This is a safe place, feel free to open up and ask any question; and I understand why you are asking this question.”

“It’s really because you don’t have a dick,” Erick replied.

Perplexed, Arielle answered, “What?”

“Well, what Erick means to say is that the feeling of a pussy and an arse is different on a dick.”

“Interesting, how so?”

Zach took Arielle right hand and raised her index finger.

“Pretend this is your dick,” Zach said to Arielle

Amused, she said, “Ok, this is my dick, can I use my longer middle finger instead?”

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