Caught By My Step-Daughter Ch. 04


“There are times when your Mom likes to surprise suck me. Like in the car when we’re driving, or at the movies, she once even sucked me in a restaurant.” I said.

“I’m glad you liked it Dad.” Emily said, “I did, and I’ve been looking forward to it and it was just as good as they said, as Amy and the others said it would be.”

“You’ve talked to them about this?” I asked.

“Oh yes.” she said, “we talk about boys all the time and their cocks, and some of the girls, like Amy, like I told you, have sucked boys. Some have made them cum and some like it and some say it’s yucky, but mostly they say it’s good and I think so too.”

Emily sat there on the bed as we chatted, naked, on her knees, between my legs with what I was sure was a little cum still on her face just on the side of her chin. Our conversation drifted to more normal things; when was her Mom coming home and when was her brother due back? At that very moment we heard the front door open and an “I’m home” bellowed, followed by “is there any dinner left, I’m starving”.

Her mom came home the next day and family life returned to normal. Well, the new normal, because there was no way that now it could be ‘normal’. We’d gone from teasing innocently to teasing on purpose, from ‘accidental’ flashing to manufacturing situations to flash, to candid conversations about sex to where we were now; that this little girl has sucked my cock more than once, has made me cum, has felt my fingers in her pussy. This is not normal but it is great and we now need to either stop or learn how to handle a growing and increasingly complex situation, with so much risk attached.

The next few weeks were a strange balance of teasing and restraint. I so wanted to have my cock in that girls mouth again but the opportunity didn’t arise, at least not without too much risk attached. So we settled for the teasing or, more accurately, I enjoyed the continued purposeful, deliberate efforts of Emily to flash her titties.

Her repertoire increased and she began to test out some new ‘innocent’ ways of pushing the teasing and contact boundary. These included grabbing my cock in the most public of family situations like when we were watching TV, she and I on the sofa and, when Mom wasn’t looking, she leaned over to give me a hug and her hand slipped down and squeezed my cock.

Then there was the time when we were at a local restaurant, she and her Mom sitting one side of the booth and me the other. In the middle of eating I felt her foot abruptly between my legs – I jumped in surprise but then, realizing what she was doing, sat back and enjoyed as she teased my cock with her toes, rubbed her feet up my thighs and as far up my shorts as she could. I was so hard by the time we got up to leave that it was obvious to anyone who might have looked that my cock was straining and, I was pretty sure my wife saw that arousal.

And, as it turned out, I was right. As Emily got in the back I opened the car door for my wife; she gave me a kiss and said ‘thanks’ and, as she got in, she grabbed my cock and whispered:

“I want that when we get home.”

I couldn’t wait. Although it did feel strange that my cock and my libido were ‘up’ because of my step daughter and my wife was going to get it; I wasn’t sure who I really wanted and hadn’t yet let my imagination run to the next level…both of them.

Shortly after we arrived home my wife said with a knowing look:

“I’m off to bed, you coming?”

“Be right behind you.” I said as she went upstairs.

Downstairs with Emily I could hear the shower and knew that she’d be quick and in bed in 5 minutes. Emily took full advantage of this little window and asked:

“Dad, did you like me playing with you with my feet?”

“I did.” I said. “And you Mom liked the outcome; she saw my hard cock when we were leaving.”

“Does that mean she wants to suck you tonight Daddy?” Emily asked and then said:

“I’d like to suck you too Daddy, right now.” She touched my cock through my shorts and said:

“Dad, get it out quickly so I can suck you.”

I did, with her eager help and was standing there in the kitchen with my cock and balls out and she got on her knees and feverously starting sucking me. I could have shot a load in seconds but had to hold back and had to make this just the quickest of quickies.

“Emily.” I said. “Your Mom is waiting for me, we’ll have to finish this another day.”

“OK Dad.” She replied.

As I left I remained Emily to turn off the lights when she came up to bed.

“See you in the morning, love you, g’night.” I said as I went upstairs.

My wife was in bed waiting and I quickly joined her and felt her naked warmth. She was lying on her side with her large boobs uncovered and, I suspected from the movement, was playing with her pussy or her asshole. I moved my hand down her body, squeezed her sexy butt and slid my fingers into her wet pussy.

“What Sefaköy Escort was with that big boner in the restaurant?” She asked. “Were you jerking under the table?”

“No.” I said. “To be honest it was your sexy boobs and cleavage that got me going.” And then, without thinking I added, “And Emily’s too, you both have such sexy titties, like mother, like daughter.”

“Now you keep away from my daughter.” She joked. If only you knew, I thought.

We quickly got into it. Kissing and touching, stroking and wrapping around each other. I licked her pussy and her asshole and made her cum and then, as we typically do, she turned her attention to sucking my cock ripping back the covers and kneeling in front of me, licking my balls, licking my ass and bringing me to that ‘oh so hard’ state that she likes before rolling over and saying:

“I want you inside me, now.”

We fucked and we fucked, this way and that and then, when I rolled her over to take her from behind, up on her knees I caught sight of it. I caught sight of Emily peeking through the half open door; ‘Wow’ I thought, she’s been watching all of this. I knew she could see me and I was sure that she knew I could see her, but her Mom’s face was out of sight deep in the pillows. She opened the door just a little more so I could see her face and she looked at me. That knowing grin and, as best as I could tell, her hand down the front of her pants. She watched as I fucked her Mom, she heard her Mom wincing and moaning, she heard me say;

“Babe, I going to cum, I’m going to shoot all over your butt.”

“Go ahead, babe.” She replied. “I want to feel you cum dripping down my ass.

And I did. I pulled out, grabbing my cock and jerking it those last few seconds to control a nice orgasm and jets of cum spraying all over her butt.

“OOOOh.” I groaned, and I looked Emily straight in the eyes while cumming all over her Mom.

Emily snuck away as I rubbed my cum all over Mom’s ass so she missed watching her Mom roll over and take my deflating cock in her mouth, sucking up the last drops. We kissed and I tasted my cum then slumped into a cozy, warm sleep.

The next day I couldn’t wait for Emily to come home from school. I anticipated what might happen but was a little disappointed when she did; she popped her head my office and said:

“Hi Dad, I’m going to my room, I’ve got lots of homework.”

“OK babe.” I replied and continued on with my work.

After an hour or so I went upstairs to get something and passing Emily’s room was about to say “How’s it going?” when I peeked through the half open door and saw a sight to behold. Emily was kneeling on the floor and lying face down with her upper body on the bed, reading, her butt in the air facing me.

She was a naked except for a large tee-shirt and had her hand between her legs fingering her pussy. She penetrated herself with two fingers and then pulled out and started rubbing her clit with fast aggressive strokes.

I opened the door a little more and gave away my presence; she turned her head slowly and looked at me then turned and sat on the bed, legs apart and continued. The other hand lifted her shirt exposing one breast which she then massaged before rubbing and pulling at her nipple.

“Dad.” She said. “I watched you and Mom for a while last night. I saw her suck you and I saw you lick her pussy. I want you to lick mine too. Now.”

I walked over to her and without a word knelt down, she lay back on the bed as my hands rested on her thighs and I, very gently, and very slowly, leaned my head in closer to her lovely pussy. The first touch was the tip of my tongue making a long slow stroke, parting her lips and tasting her, penetrating her oh so very slightly and then slowly circling her clit. I repeated this again with just a little more pressure as she shuddered and let out just the slightest whimper.

It didn’t take long before she was on the edge of cumming, with just my tongue doing all the work, and when she did she gripped my head with her legs and held me tight to her as the last few strokes on her clit took her over the edge. For those few seconds of her orgasm I slowed down and increased the pressure of my tongue and then stopped just when I sensed she wanted me to. I stayed there, her grip gradually lessening and felt her relax.

I so wanted to get my hard cock out and fuck her right then. Perhaps she did too, but that was pushing things. OK, we’d done a lot of ‘wrong’ things, but actually fucking my step daughter!

The thought was quickly replaced with a mild panic; we both heard the car door shut and knew that Mom was home and that she’d be walking in the front door in a few seconds.

“Can I get some help with the groceries please.” she yelled.

“No need to shout.” I said, appearing from my office. “I’m right here.”

“Where’s Emily?” she asked

“Oh, she’s been Sefaköy Escort Bayan upstairs doing homework since she got home.” I said as we walked out to unload the car.

The next weekend started early when Emily came home on Friday with Amy. They said hello and announced that Amy way staying over Friday night and would I run her home later to pick up some things. Friday night came and went with no excitements and Saturday started, at least for my wife and her son, on a busy note. The boy had a competition to go to and my wife was having a shopping day with friends so they were both up and out by 9.

Once they left I actually got back into bed. I could relax, with my coffee and radio and the newspaper for an hour or so. And I could also think about the two girls sleeping in Emily’s room. As I came back upstairs I peeked in and they were both asleep in Emily’s double bed. It was obviously warm because the comforter was push away and their short shorts allowed a little piece of sexy butt to show. Amy was wearing a very lose tank-top and one of her titties was out in the open, I’d never has the chance to take in the beauty of her titties in such a leisurely way before.

Not wishing to disturb them I went to my room with my coffee and paper. Perhaps an hour passed before I heard them stirring, I heard them talking and then go downstairs. My mind was racing remembering Emily’s comments about Amy wanting to see my cock and wondering whether they’d make a move. I’d decided that I wasn’t; it was enough that I was doing those things with Emily, but one of her friends, that was too risky.

A short while later they came back upstairs and Emily came in my room and said:

“Dad.” in that ‘I want something Daddy please’ tone of voice. “Dad, can we talk to you please.”

“Sure.” I said. And in they both came in.

Emily jumped up on the bed and kneeled next to me while Amy stood.

“Dad, would you take us to the mall today?” She asked, which was a euphemism for “Dad will you give us some money and take us to the mall”.

“Mmmm? I don’t know.” I replied, isn’t there something else you want to do.

“Oh please.” they said in unison. Then Emily beckoned Amy to sit on the bed while she straddled over me to kneel on my other side.

“OK. I’ll take you, what do you want to get?” I replied.

“Thank you, Thank you!” was their reply and Emily leaned all over me in a big huggy way.

“Thank you.” said Amy and she copied Emily, giving me a big body hug too. As she did I could feel her breast pressing on the back of my hand and then as she lifted off her lose tank top just hung there and both of those beautiful titties were in full view, in all their detail just inches from my face.

They went on to explain their plan, they wanted to go to this store and that, they hoped to meet so and so and get a frozen yoghurt and, quite honestly, I heard little of the details.

What they didn’t explain was their plan for right now but I think they had one. Amy adjusted her tank but not to recover her modesty, quite the opposite, she pulled it down so that her boobs were clearly visible through the gaping arm hole and one was essentially uncovered as the fabric drifted over. On my left was Emily, wearing one of those very very lose tee shirts with a neck line as big as her shoulders that I think is supposed to be worn over another shirt, but not in this case. She was kneeling forward so that this gaping hole allowed me to see the splendor of her titties, hanging there and jiggling with every movement.

I couldn’t help but be aroused, I wanted so much to touch those boobs and suck them and I knew if it was just Emily I could, but Amy too? The tension was escalated and relieved at the same time when Emily said:

“Dad, thank you for taking us shopping.” And she lay across me giving me another big body hug. But this time she placed her hand on my cock and gently squeezed it feeling its growing hardness. She lay there for a second or two and as she slowly lifted herself up my hand slipped from her back, around her side and gently across her boob.

I don’t think Amy saw me touch Emily but I’m pretty sure that she saw Emily touch my cock; after all it was right in front of her. Then Amy did the same thing; she said “Thank you” again and leaned over giving me the same big lying on me body hug and, to my surprise, she did the same thing to me, albeit more gingerly; she touched my cock and felt its hardness though the covers pausing for a second or two to take in what she was feeling. But as she sat up she didn’t remove her hand.

“I told you it was big.” Emily said to Amy.

“Can we see it Dad? She said. “Will you show your cock to Amy?”

I didn’t answer, I didn’t need to, Emily moved so that she could pull the covers down, Amy got up from the bed and helped. They slowly pulled until my nakedness was completely exposed and they could see Escort Sefaköy the full extent of my hard cock and pulsing balls.

Emily crossed her arms and pulled her shirt over her head revealing those wonderful breasts, she looked at Amy as if to say “now it’s you turn like we agreed” and Amy did the same thing and did so with enthusiasm, no sexy slowness, she pretty much ripped her tank-top off. Her breasts were smaller than Emily’s, not bouncy, but beautiful non-the-less. They looked firmer and more pointed with large areola and that wonderful olive complexion that gave the look of a girl who tanned topless. I reached up to touch but first looked at her face for approval and, having got it, slowly took one of her titties in my hand feeling its firmness and softness at the same time.

Emily reached down for my cock and gently took it in her hand, lifting it so that it pointed straight up and then sliding her hand right down to its base. They looked at each other and then back at my cock, it seemed as though another pre-planned thing was about to happen.

“Go on then.” Said Emily. “Do it.”

Amy looked at me, looked at Emily again and the slowly bent down and, without touching it with her hands, she opened her mouth wide and took my cock inside. Once it was as far in as she could easily manage she closed around it and gently pulled her head back so that just the very tip of my head was held in her pouting lips, then, with an expertise belied by her tender age she drew me back in slowly and much deeper, I could feel the back of her throat, pausing for a second before slowly building up a rhythm. All the while Emily kept her thumb and forefinger firmly planted round the base as if she was ‘offering’ a gift to her friend.

Amy eased off the rhythm, slowed to a stop and I, thinking that she was passing the ‘baton’ reached up to Emily’s boob thinking I’d encourage her to take over. I was wrong, Amy’s move was to prepare for a slow sensual engulfment of my whole cock – she could deep throat! She sucked me in to the back of her throat, I could feel the pressure around the end of my cock and then she gently pushed down slowly taking in the last 3 or 4 inches until her nose was buried in my groin. She just held me there and with some control of her throat pulsed a pressure around my cock for the few seconds she could hold her breath.

She released me, not in a quick panic for breath, but in a slow sexy way, inch by inch until my cock fell from her mouth and the strings of saliva stretched then broke. Emily took over, her style so different, but no less enjoyable she playfully bobbed up and down on me. While she was doing this Amy craftily reached over and touched Emily’s breast, gently caressing it and without causing Emily to react. At first I thought ‘maybe she thinks it’s me’ but she moved closer to Amy, giving her more room to move and I realized that she knew; I guessed they’d done that before.

Emily released me and sat upright, she replaced her mouth with her hand and looked at Amy who now leaned over me and took one of Emily’s nipples in her mouth. The sight of them touching in this way, Emily’s head rolled back, her eyes closed and the feeling of her hand wrapped around my cock was more than I could handle…I so wanted to shoot my load right then.

“Dad.” Emily sighed. “We want to see you cum, like you did on Mum, we want to watch you jerk yourself.”

Amy nodded and added: “We do.”

“And where do you want me to cum?” I asked.

“Well.” Said Emily. “Where would you like to cum?”

“I want to cum on your faces.” I replied. “I want you to both kneel on the floor and suck me some more, and then when I cum I’ll shoot over your faces and in your mouths.”

“Just like in the porno’s.” Amy said.

“Just like in the porno’s.” I repeated, wondering how much of that stuff they’d been exposed to and how much of this they’d got from that fantasy land.

They shuffled off the bed and kneeled, obediently on the floor. Emily sucked me first while Amy’s hand cupped my balls and then they switched, Amy taking my cock in her hand and, just like Emily had done wrapped her fingers around the base, before she took me in her mouth. She sucked and sucked, aggressively and noisily while Emily watched and cupped her breasts as if to provide a cum target.

Just like my step daughter Amy knew when I was about to cum. She released my cock from her mouth but not her hand which gripped tighter and started to jerk me rapidly. As the first jet of cum was released she opened her mouth to catch, as the second came she pointed me to Emily’s face and then for the third she put my cock back in her mouth and drew me in as I pulsed decreasing amounts of cum into her.

She swallowed and then let go of my cock. I stood there, shaking a little at the knees in a combination of orgasmic release and the inevitable realization of the next crazy level this had reached. I looked at the girls who were looking at each other, smiling, almost giggling, with what appeared to be a sense of satisfaction on their faces.

Amy reached over and rubbed the cum that had missed Emily’s mouth into her boobs and chest and then kissed her, just a peck, but on the lips.

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