Caught In Mom’s Panties Ch. 01

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Part 1 – Billy

I’m not what you would call you’re average teenager. I’m more of the boy that people tend to forget about. My name is Billy. I’ve just recently turned 18 years old. I have a slender build – standing 5′ 8″ and weighing 145 pounds. I’m not overly athletic but I’m no couch potato either. Football hasn’t much interested me, although I’m sure if I had gone out for the team, I would have ‘road the bench’ as the term goes. I was more of a swimmer, but that too proved to be a sport that I wasn’t going to make a career out of. I’m a B student in my senior year in high school – so brains aren’t what separate me from my fellow classmate. Nope, I’m just a guy that if you meet me would probably just as soon forget me. I’ve got friends, don’t get me wrong. We are, collectively, a group that is nearly invisible. My girlfriends have consisted of 3 girls. We’ve kissed mostly. Over the summer Angela let me feel her breast over her shirt while we made out in my backyard.

I live with my mother in a small two bedroom house in a little town in Southern California. Jenny, short for Jennifer, was born in Minnesota where she lived most of her early years in a typical Mid-Western town. Just before graduating she had a fling with a musician which resulted in me. Johnny, the guitar player in a no-named punk band, split before I was ever born.

Now, at the age of 36, my mother works for a small company in town as the secretary. Despite having me, she has a great body that she shows off regularly in her sexy business clothes. She is tall and slender with long legs that are usually tan all year round. Her breasts aren’t very large but fit well on her frame. And as a matter of fact – she wears a 34 B bra and size 4 or medium panties. I know this because I fit perfectly into her lingerie.

I still remember the first time that I decided to go explore in her room. It was a half day at school so I was home around 1 pm. I picked up the mail from our mailbox and walked in the door. In the mix of bills and letters was the Victoria Secrets catalog which is frequently delivered to the house. Come to find out – it’s practically the only store my mother buys her lingerie from.

I set the mail aside and snatched up the catalog that featured a young beautiful blonde model setting seductively on a couch wearing a lacey black bra and matching panties. I excitedly thumbed thru the pages quickly to get to my favorite section – the ones that show sexy half naked women in matching bra, panties and stockings. These couple of pages always peaked my interest and made my teenage penis grow to a full erect state.

I paused on one of the pages noticing a model that closely resembled my mother – had she been many years younger. Never the less – this got my mind spinning. Among the many thoughts in my head was one in particular that changed my life forever. I wondered if my mother had ever bought anything sexy like this. Had she, when in her youth, worn such sexy undergarments? Did she own any now? Does she wear stockings under her work clothes? The questions kept coming and there was only one way to find out.

I lay the catalog on the dining room table and walk quickly towards my mother’s room. Her room is just to the left when you enter the hallway. At the other end of the hallway is my room and in the middle is a small bathroom that we share. Once in my mother’s room I turned on the light. My heat raced a million miles an hour. I’ve been in her room many times before, but this time was different. I was there to invading her privacy – overcome with lust.

I crossed her room, past her bed to her dresser. I figured one of these drawers held the secrets to my questions. The dresser was long with two rows of drawers and stacked three high – equaling six draws in total. My hand felt numb as it reached for the first draw. As I pulled it out I saw rolled up socks and what appeared to be workout clothes. I closed that one and opened the one below it. It didn’t’ take long to realize that drawer was not what I was looking for. I quickened my pace. I desperately need to find her lingerie. Finally my searching paid off. It was the top draw on the right. As I pulled it open my eyes widened and my mouth dropped open. It was a rainbow of colors and more garments than I could take in at first glance. The drawer was more exciting than I ever expected.

I ran my fingers over the different types of materials. There were dozens of assorted panties in different colors, fabric and shapes. Some were low cut, high cut, boy cuts, while some where full bottoms and others were g-strings. Most were a cotton fabric but some were silky. Moving to the bras I pulled the first one out that I could find. It wasn’t anything special. Nothing that would have been featured on the cover of Victoria Secrets, but it was, however, the bra that had cupping my mom’s breasts. A shiver ran thru me as I fumbled to the back to view the tag. There by the clasp was the tag that displayed 34 B. I let out an audible moan. poker oyna I brought the cups of the bra to my face and rubbed it against my lips. I could smell her perfume as I inhaled.

I hadn’t realized it but I had my eyes closed as I soaked in the feeling. When I opened my eyes I saw in the dressers mirror a reflection of just how perverted I had become. I pulled off my t-shirt quickly and pressed her bra to my tiny chest. I put my arms thru the straps and pulled them up onto my shoulders. I reached back and fumbled with the clasp. I wondered for a brief moment if this is how my mother got changed every morning. It took a few tries but I was finally able to fasten the bra. I put my arms down to my side and started into the mirror. My cock was harder than it had ever been. My heart was beating fast and my breathing felt shallow. I slid off my pants and underwear and again admired myself. My penis was standing straight up – pressed tight against my flat stomach. The large veins bulged from around my swollen member and the mushroom tip was glowing red. My balls were pulled up tight and tingled slightly. I reached down and found a pair of silky bright pink panties. With my hands shaking I stepped one foot at a time into them and pulled them up slowly. The feeling of these silk panties sent tingles up my body and pounded in my head. I felt my face was flushed and my hair tingled. As the panties reached my balls I could feel my orgasm building. The silkiness slid over my balls and started stretching over my rod. I looked into the mirror just as the panties slid over my tight butt and engulfed three quarters of my cock.

This new feeling was heaven. I’d never felt so horny, so sexy or so perverted in all my life. Looking directly at my panty covered cock – it began to throb. The head was swelling and getting more purple. I felt that I could have an orgasm at any moment, and I hadn’t even touched my cock.

I raised my hands to my bra cover breasts and massaged the material. Looking into the mirror I was now pretending to be a woman. I wiggled my hips from side to side as I admired the show in the mirror. I lowered my hands down the front of my rib cage, around my hips and back to my panty covered ass. Sticking my ass out and bending slightly – I caressed my ass as my throbbing cock poked at my belly. I puckered my lips and blew a kiss at myself then let out a loud moan. The friction of my cock pressing into my stomach and the new sensation of being in my mother’s bra and panties were quickly sending me over the edge.

I humped my hips a few times then cried out as my cock began to pulse and pump my sperm out. The first shot flew out of my cock with such force that it hit me under my chin. The second stream flew out just as I pumped my hips forward and that glob landed on top of the dresser. I leaned forward even more – not wanting to cum in my mother’s panties. I cupped my hand beneath the tip of my cock and it billowed out more and more of my white creamy seed. I was now panting – looking down at my hand full of cum. Still high from my orgasm I lifted my hand to my mouth. I had cum many times before but never had I wanted to taste my own cum. But under these circumstances it seemed like the perfect way to end this sexual episode. I was, after all, dressed like a woman and women like eating cum, right? Did my mother like the taste of cum? As the salty sticky substance made its way to my mouth – I once again glanced into the mirror. I was wearing my mother’s bra and panties and was now eating my own cum! Needless to say – I was hooked.

It was electrifying to be in my mother’s lingerie. Not only to masturbate in, but to walk around the house in. I kept finding new ways to explore my perversion. I started by walking around the house in just her underwear. It was thrilling to be outside of her bedroom and roaming the house. It was a rush to know that if anyone peered in the window they would catch me. A few times I even went out into the backyard. Those few times I had dressed in my mother’s sexiest black laced bra, matching thong panties, sheer stockings and black high heel pumps. The rush of exposing my perversion to the outside world was so overwhelming that I would cum within minutes of stepping outside.

Recently I was teasing myself by completely dressing in my mother’s clothes and doing my after school chores. I had found this pretty sundress in her closet that fit perfectly. I’d walk out of her bedroom completely dressed and swinging my hips from side to side. My throbbing panty clad cock would shift back and forth as I walked into the kitchen to unload the dishwasher. I would over accentuate every move I did; like bending over to get a plate from the lower rack. I’d spread my legs and stick my ass high in the air. I’d wiggle my ass – feeling the material of the sundress on my ass checks shift from side to side. I’d try and tease myself as long as I could by doing my chores slowly. But usually the rush would overwhelm me after I’d finished with the kitchen. canlı poker oyna I’d feel my balls tighten and my shaft start to throb. I’d rush to the sofa and throw the sundress up over my hips and spread my legs as wide as possible. It would only take a few strokes and I’d blast my load into the palm of my hand. Dressed like a woman – I never let an ounce of my cum go to waste. I would roll my sticky seed around in my mouth as I came down from my high.

Part 2 – Her Discovery

My son was messing around in my underwear drawer but I didn’t’ know why. What was he doing with my underwear and lingerie? I did know one thing – my underwear drawer was being invaded almost on a daily bases.

The discovery came one morning when I went to get dressed and realized that the panties I had put on the top of the pile were not where I had put them the day before. They were a pair of ruby colored Victoria Secrets’ Hipster panties that I had recently purchased. I remember specifically having them on top of the pile but now they were on the other side of the drawer and a little bunched up. I found it peculiar but dismissed it – thinking that maybe old age was catching up to me.

This went on for the rest of the week. Little things seem to be out of order. I wasn’t missing anything but the drawer just seemed to have been messed with. Obviously it was my son – since he was the only other person in the house. But why was he in this particular drawer? None of my other drawers had been gone thru. What was he doing with them?

Being computer savvy I went to Google and started searching around. I found tons of topics about boys with fetishes for panties. I even found exotic stories about boys masturbating to their mother’s panties. As logical as this sounded – I was reluctant at first to think that my son was masturbating using my undergarments.

I couldn’t quite come to terms with the fact that Billy was fascinated with my lingerie drawer. Was he turned on by the fact that they were my underwear or just that he had no other options? Maybe he just liked the feeling of them on his privates. An image flashed thru my mind of him standing in a pair of my panties. I imagined the front of the panties stretched out with the fullness of his erection. I started picturing him sliding one of my bras around his chest or even pulling a nightie over his head. My head filed with snap-shots of him dressed in my lingerie – from my corsets to stocking there had to have been 30 different scenarios.

One morning I had gotten out of the shower. After drying myself off I put on a white lacey bra and sexy purple thong panties with the word “PINK” in the middle of the front area. I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered if Billy had ever tried these on. Had my son ever jacked off in these panties? I tried to imagine if he were standing here now in my underwear – what would he be doing? Would his erect penis fit inside the panties or would he be too big? I closed my eyes and envisioned him standing in my place. I could see his hands running over his swollen penis. His other hand was roaming across the bra – feeling the lace between his fingers. In my mind the images began to get more graphic. He slid down the front of the panties and his large cock sprang free. He wrapped his hand around the shaft and began stroking himself. He was humping his hips back and forth as he moaned into the mirror. His hand was flying over his stick now. His balls were still tightly enclosed in the purple panties but I could see them start to contract. He grabbed hard at his breast with one hand and let out a loud moan. Cum started flying out of the tip of his penis.

The vision in the mirror started changing and I realized that I was the one that was masturbating and had just had an orgasm. As my breathing slowed I could see clearly now that I had pulled down the front on my panties and my hand was buried between my legs. It was my other hand too that was grasping tightly to my chest. In a slight panic – I wonder if I had moaned out loud as I came.

Somewhat embarrassed that I had just had an orgasm thinking of my son masturbating – I quickly dressed and went about my morning routine. I’d hopped that would be the last time that I would ever do that. But it wasn’t. There would be many of days to come when I would rub myself to orgasm thinking of Billy wearing and masturbating in my undergarments. I even masturbated one time while buying lingerie at Victoria Secrets.

That particular Saturday afternoon I strolled thru the mall shopping. There was a nagging feeling pushing me towards Victoria Secrets. I justified needing new panties as a reason to stop by and see what new styles they had. Once in the store all I could do was wonder what Billy would like. Every time I picked up a pair of underwear – I imagined how he would look in them. I made a bunch of selections and headed to the changing room. Once in there my hand trembled as I removed my jeans. I quickly removed my panties, noting that they were internet casino a little wet.

The first pair of panties was a light pink nylon/spandex with a full back. They’re hip huggers with a sheer mesh on the top. The second that I slipped them on – I know that Billy would love them. I imagined that his hard cock would be visible in the see thru mesh. I ran my hands over the front and around to my tight butt cheeks. Yep, these were great!

The second pair was lime green satin low cut. The color was amazing. I spun around looking at my ass in the mirror. I was getting extremely horny. I turned again to face the mirror and I pictured Billy’s bulge. I lowered my hand and slide it inside. My fingers quickly found my swollen clit. I watched my reflection as I started masturbating. Two fingers easily made their way up inside of me. I was soaking wet and getting close to climax.

Wanting the moment to last longer – I pulled of those panties, removed my shirt and unhooked my bra. I stood momentarily naked trying to somehow come to grips with what I was doing. If only I wasn’t so consumed with Billy and his panty fetish – I could have gotten dressed and left the store. But I couldn’t – I wanted to keep trying on sexy lingerie and I desperately needed to cum.

From the hanger I grabbed the black lace and mesh teddy that I had previously picked out. The chest area was low cut and lacey. The middle section was also lacey and the sides were a sheer mesh. The panties were a low cut thong that was laced in the front and a sheer mesh back, but I didn’t bother putting them on. There were straps for stocking which I just let dangle on my legs. The low cut front made my breast squeeze together and provided me ample cleavage. This was without a doubt a must buy.

I was glad to have not put on the panties – it gave me free access to my pussy which was in desperate need of some attention. I put one leg on the seated bench beside me and one leg on the ground. Spread wide now I pumped two fingers in and out of my soaking wet pussy. My other hand rubbed at my clit further enhancing my burning rage. It wouldn’t be long now before my insides would contract and my body would lash out in orgasmic bliss. A long moan escaped my lips as my hips humped back and forth. The orgasm started at my toes and rushed thru my legs up my thighs and popped my fingers out. My heart raced and my head throbbed. I tried to suppress moans but the orgasm was just too intense. Legs buckled now and I found it difficult to stand. Supporting myself by resting my hands on my knees – I bent over huffing and puffing trying to regain my composure.

After finally getting myself together – I dressed as quickly as I could and scooped up my lingerie. I exited the dress room and swiftly made my way to the checkout counter. Luckily for me there wasn’t a long line. I lay the items down on the counter and a cute little blonde girl looks up at me with a smile.

“Did you get everything you came for,” she asked?

I told myself that she couldn’t have known that I had just masturbated in the changing room and that she was just making small talk. “Yes, thank you,” I said looking away as to avoid her eyes.

I could almost hear the smirk in her voice as she softly replied, “I bet you did.”

Part 3 – Billy Caught in the Kitchen

Last Saturday morning I woke to find that my mother wasn’t home. I walked thru the house in my a-shirt (wife-beater) and white brief underwear. The house was completely still. I was overwhelmed with the urge to grabbing a pair of my mom’s panties and quickly masturbate my growing hard-on away. Logically I shouldn’t tempt fate. My mother could be home at any minute. But my other brain started to justify my urges. Before I knew it – I was already going thru her lingerie draw search for a particular lime green satin low cut panties that I adored.

I slipped my underwear off and slid hers up my thighs and over my raging hard-on. That feeling of her panties never gets old and I’m always shocked at the tingling sensation when they come to rest over my private area. I should have just taken this brief moment to pull down the panties and beat off, but instead I stood looking at myself in the mirror. I looked so sexy. My a-shirt was tight to my body and stopped just above the panties. I imaged that if I had my mother’s pert breasts that my nipples would have been poking thru the thin white material. I took both hands and ran them over my chest then down towards my panties. But when I got to my stomach it growled. I hadn’t eaten breakfast and even in my arousal state I was getting hungry. I looked eye to eye with myself in the mirror and debated wither or not to postpone masturbating and tease myself by going and eat breakfast in my mother’s panties. It didn’t take long before I had convinced my naughty self that my mother would be gone long enough for me to have a bowl of cereal.

I rushed out of her bedroom and into the kitchen. Although sexually charged I didn’t over accentuate my movements. I was already getting close to blowing my load. I figured that I could rub myself under the table while eating and have a great orgasm all before my mom got home. But fate had other intentions.

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