Caught in the Act, Part VI: A Date with Amy? No, Audrey


Jack wondered what Amy had in store for him. She was planning their date, just as she had planned their previous encounter at her house with five other women, bondage, and public humiliation. Well, she was definitely a take-charge sort of woman, in keeping with her persona as a dominatrix. He decided to just ride the wave. He decided to call.“Hi, Amy. I was wondering what you might be planning for our date Friday? Or do you want to keep it a secret?“No secret, Jack,” she cooed, in a smoky voice. “I’m taking you to dinner at that new restaurant downtown. We’re going to have a proper date. You can pick me up at 6:30. Of course, you’d better not be late.” Her voice turned steely. Jack knew to always obey.“That sounds really nice. I can’t wait to see you.”“Of course you can’t, Jack. Everyone falls under my spell.”He was pretty sure that was true, based on what he’d seen. And he was under her spell too. Jack thought about her as he lay on his bed. It was hard to forget her piercing eyes, her shock of long red hair, the way she had of taking control. Jack liked that. He needed that sometimes.He began to touch his nipples, absentmindedly at first, then more deliberately. He reached for the pack of cigarettes on his nightstand, and shook out two. Placing them on his nipples, he slowly moved them up and down, back and forth. As he thought about Amy, he began to get hard. He pulled down his shorts and stroked his cock, his head filled with dreamy fantasies.“Jack, honey, you’d got a visitor… oh!”He looked at Aunt Peggy in the doorway. It wasn’t a problem for her to catch him masturbating. The problem was the girl standing behind her. Audrey. Audrey? Audrey!“Oh!” He quickly pulled up his shorts, but not much could hide his erection. He tossed the cigarettes off the side of the bed, brushed himself off, and tried his best to gain Girne Escort his composure.“Audrey! It’s great to see you!” He got up and came over to her.She smirked. “Nice to see you too Jack. I see you’re up to your old tricks.”“Umm, what brings you here?”“I was passing through town on my way to Blechsville for a job interview, and thought I’d stop to say hello. I didn’t realize you were so… busy.” She walked around Aunt Peggy, and came over to kiss him. She smelled sweet, a combination of perfume and cigarette smoke.“Well, I…” Aunt Peggy interrupted. “I should get back upstairs. I’ll get some iced tea ready for both of you.” She disappeared up the stairs.“You don’t have to play shy with me. I’ve watched you jerk off before.”“You have? I didn’t know.”“Back at college, I used to peek through a crack in your door. You were very busy back then.”“I would have been busier if you’d come in and joined me.”“I was going out with Darryl and the time. And Cindy.”“Oh. I didn’t know about Cindy.”“That was a secret. I guess we kept it successfully. Or maybe your head was in the clouds.”“That’s most likely true.” He smiled. “Want to get some iced tea?”They went upstairs, and sat at the kitchen counter. “So, what’s your itinerary?”“I have a job interview at 1 pm, with this entrepreneur who’s recruiting salespeople. He makes a line of erotic products. It’s a Tupperware kind of deal. I hold parties, try to sell stuff, and get a percentage. I certainly know enough about sex toys, so the learning curve shouldn’t be too steep. “ She laughed. Aunt Peggy listened in.“How many people are they looking for?”“I’m not sure. Do you need a job? Won’t it take away from your precious masturbation time?”Aunt Peggy guffawed from around the corner. “Okay, you can stop listening now, Aunt Peggy.”She peeked around Magosa Escort the edge of the refrigerator. “Sorry, but that was funny.”“You and your aunt seem to have an interesting relationship.”“We’re very close.” Jack was being vague. “When you’re done with the interview, maybe you’ll have time to stop back here before going home. I’d like to talk with you some more.”“Are you sure all you want to do is talk?”“Well, talking is one of the things. We’ll feed you dinner too, right Aunt Peggy?”“Of course. We never let anyone leave here hungry.” She smiled.After Audrey left, Jack found Aunt Peggy again. “You’ve been a very bad girl.”Aunt Peggy pouted. “Are you going to spank me, Jack? Please spank me. I’d love to have your hands smacking my ass. And tell me more about what a bad girl I am.”Jack went to the library after lunch. He needed to get some fresh air after his bout with Peggy. When he got there, it was closed. Middle of the day? A sign on the door said, ‘Closed until further notice.’ An older man was standing there, also looking puzzled. “What’s going on?”“No idea. Maybe a problem with the water, or the furnace?” Ah well. He’d stop back some other time. He wasn’t really looking forward to seeing anyone in there, but he was just a patron now, so it didn’t matter. He bought some cigarettes, and headed home. When he got there, Audrey’s car was in the driveway.“Hi, folks. I’m back.” Audrey and Aunt Peggy were in the living room, having coffee and smoking. “Hey, Jack, Audrey came back, and she’s got a surprise.”Audrey grinned. “I got the job! Mr. Willicker gave it to me in only ten minutes. He also handed me a sample pack to get started, and a booklet on how to run parties.” She waved the booklet.Jack took a look. The ForeverErotic Line of Pleasure Products. Looked like fun.“I need Kıbrıs Escort to practice. Would you and Peggy like to be my test case?”Jack sat on the couch while Audrey got herself organized. She looked really good, all dressed for success in a smart top and skirt. Her lovely brown hair cascaded over the collar, and the top accentuated her breasts. Aunt Peggy looked too, and glanced at Jack.“Pay attention, Jack. You might see something to buy me for my birthday.” She winked.Audrey began her prepared speech. “Good afternoon! I’m Audrey Melton, and I’m your hostess for a wonderful trip to Pleasureland. I have a delightful set of pleasure products to show you, that you’re sure to enjoy, or share with those you love.”She had a good speaking style. Very professional, but friendly. Audrey opened a case, and pulled out several items. “Here we have the top of the line items. A really pretty vibrator, a dildo, and panties. They all come in several sizes, so you can find the ones that are just right for you.”She handed Aunt Peggy a blue dildo. Peggy examined it, and nodded approvingly. “Jack, would you like to take a look?” Jack took it, and looked closely. There were a few raised spots, which he guessed was for added pleasure.“This compliments your eyes, Aunt Peggy.” She batted her eyelashes, and laughed, taking a drag on her cigarette.Audrey giggled. “Don’t make me laugh, you two. I have to be professional here.” They straightened up and paid attention.“Now, we have a selection of nipple clamps that just might be perfect.” She looked at Jack. “Especially for you.” She handed him a pair of large clamps, which he tested on his finger.“Wow, these are nice. A firm grip without being too tight.” Aunt Peggy looked on. “Can we try these, or do you have to keep them for your talk?” “No, please. Try them out. That’s what they’re for. If I can get some feedback on them, I can report it back to Mr. Willicker. He wanted me to send him any comments I get.”“Jack, take off your shirt,” Aunt Peggy told him. “I want to see those clamps on you.”Jack stripped while Audrey looked on. Peggy carefully put a clamp on each of his nipples. 

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