CFNM College Ch. 02

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Principal Melissa took James and Sarah back to her office, where a petite teacher stood waiting. She smiled lustfully at seeing James naked, and reflexively, James moved to cover his penis.

“How is he?” She asked Principal Melissa.

The principal chuckled. “He enjoyed it very much. And I believe Sarah deserves a lot of credit for stimulating him very wonderfully.”

Principal Melissa turned to James and noticed him covering his penis. “James!” She exclaimed, “You don’t need to hide anything. This is your form teacher, Miss Elizabeth. She will show you to your room and you can meet your classmates.”

Miss Elizabeth grinned at him. “Still shy, I see. No worries, that will change soon enough. Did you like having Sarah stroking you?”

Her blatant language made James uncomfortable, but he decided to put up a determined front. “Yes, it felt very good. It’s even more amazing since Miss Courtney said this was her first time.” He smiled at Sarah.

Miss Elizabeth came closer. “That’s good to know.” She stopped right in front of him and quirked an eyebrow. “Now, I’d like to inspect your penis for myself.”

Despite his misgivings, James took his hands apart. Miss Elizabeth promptly hefted his shaft in her hand.

“It’s pretty long, for a flaccid penis,” she observed clinically, then turned to Sarah with a wide grin. “It must have been really huge awhile ago.”

Sarah blushed and nodded her assent. “Very.”

“Well, I’m sure the class will absolutely love him…and his dick.” Miss Elizabeth said. “Now, Sarah, let’s show James to his room.”

They helped James put his clothes back on, then brought him to an adjacent building which housed the freshman dormitories. Upon entering the room marked “Freshman A”, James was surprised to see two pretty girls already seated on one of the two king-sized beds in the room.

“Girls, this is James, your new roommate.” Miss Elizabeth said, her eyes sparkling, knowing that James had probably not expected to have girls as roommates. “James, meet Charlotte Kartal Escort and Diane, who along with Sarah, are going to be your roommates. Now, I’ll just leave you here to get to know each other.” She closed the door behind her.

“Hi James, I’m Diane,” said the shorter of the two girls, “your things are already in the closet here,” she gestured to a large wooden closet, one of four identical ones in the room. She turned to Sarah, “So how did the medical exam go?”

“Explosively!” Sarah answered, and all three girls laughed in glee.

James’ face turned red for a second, and Charlotte teased him further, “Still embarrassed about it, I see! Don’t worry though, you’ll get used to it. So anyway, you already know that you’re required to follow any instructions from us girls, right?”

James nodded in silence.

“Then our first order to you is that you must remain naked while staying in this room! Take your clothes off now!” Charlotte crowed.

“What? Again?” James protested, though his body was already liking the idea of being naked around these three pretty girls.

Sarah quickly pushed him down onto the bed, and Diane and Charlotte wasted no time in removing his clothes. After all, he didn’t genuinely struggle to stop them.

As he lay before them naked, all three of them cuddled close to him, touching him and stimulating him despite the fact that he had just cum a few minutes ago!

“So, James,” Sarah spoke, “you get to sleep in the same bed as one of us every night. We were thinking of alternating among the three of us. Does that sound good to you?”

“Definitely!” James answered happily, and the girls giggled in reply.

James looked at Charlotte, who despite small breasts was actually very cute, then at Diane, who had huge boobs that he wished he could touch. In comparison, Sarah’s breasts were somewhere in the middle.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?), Diane caught him staring. “Looking at something?” she asked with a knowing smirk.

“Uh…no…” Pendik Escort James hurriedly looked away, trying to deny it, but Sarah and Charlotte had caught on.

“You like Diane’s breasts, don’t you?” Charlotte grinned at him. “Admit it, I know boys like big boobs.”

“What? I wasn’t…” James tried to protest.

“No sense denying it, James,” Sarah sing-songed, “your dick is telling us we’re right!”

True enough, his penis had slightly risen again.

“Well,” Diane demurred, “too bad you don’t like them…I would have let you touch them.” She leered.

James suddenly got the urge to admit he liked them, and as he debated with himself, the girls could clearly see his hesitation.

“Just admit it already,” Sarah said laughingly, “you’ll have much more fun that way.”

“OK! OK!” James gave in. “I do like your breasts, Diane.”

The girls cheered.

“See, that wasn’t so difficult, was it?” Charlotte said. “You’ll see that if you just give in to your desires and let us take care of you, you’ll enjoy your stay here at Bellvere much, much more.”

“Now, for your reward,” Diane said, leaning in with a huge grin on her face.

James couldn’t take his eyes off her breasts as she took his hands and guided them right to where he was staring. In wonder, he began to slowly fondle Diane’s breasts.

As if in response, Sarah and Charlotte started massaging his rapidly-rising penis once again.

“Do you like them?” Diane asked, almost rhetorically.

“Very much,” James answered, “and I’m glad I’m going to be living here with the three of you.”

“Would you like to touch Sarah’s and Charlotte’s breasts too?” Diane asked with a seductive smile.

“Yes!” James replied instantly, just as Charlotte mock-protested.

“Hey, I never gave that offer!”

“Come on,” Diane pressed, “if he gets to touch my breasts, you should let him touch yours too. Especially since you two are the ones playing with his dick.”

“Well, I’m sure he likes yours much Göztepe Escort better,” Charlotte demurred. “He’s probably happy playing with your huge boobs. Mine aren’t anywhere near yours.” That last sentence was tinged with wistfulness.

“I’d like to touch yours, too,” James interjected. “Even if your breasts are smaller, they look just right for you.”

Charlotte leaned forward with a smile. “Oh, you charmer,” she muttered, “fine, you can touch me.”

James eagerly moved one of his hands to Charlotte’s breasts. While not as ample as Diane’s, they still felt amazing to him.

After a few more minutes of fondling and stroking, Charlotte reminded James, “Wouldn’t you want to touch Sarah too?”

James looked expectantly at his old friend, who smiled back and silently leaned her body closer.

“You kind of have your hands full right now,” Sarah said with a grin. “So I’ll just…”

Without finishing the sentence, Sarah pressed her breasts against James’ body, allowing him to feel the contours of her breasts. She wriggled against him periodically, adjusting her position so that he would be constantly aware of the closeness.

“Would you three take your clothes off?” James asked, breathing heavily in the continual stimulation.

“No can do, James,” Sarah answered. “We make the rules here, and since this school teaches us girls to take control, we’re taught that we should keep our clothes on while you’re naked. But if you’re a good boy to us…who knows?” She grinned up at him. “Maybe one of these days you’ll get a pleasant surprise.”

James’ previous ideas of hot girls had, more often than not, consisted of them being naked. Having them remain clothed was a foreign concept to him. But as the girls alternated pumping his penis with their amazingly smooth hands, and as he alternately groped their wonderfully shaped breasts, he realized just how pleasurable it was. The girls personally witnessed it as James began moaning in pleasure and came for the second time that morning, to their cheers.

As they cuddled him in his post-orgasmic ecstasy, James reflected on how, in one morning, he had just been received handjobs from some very pretty girls, and had gotten to touch several pairs of great breasts. Indeed, it was looking to be a great start to the year.

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