Chad and Blaine Ch. 03


Blaine hurt. Not just the muscles haven’t been used in a while hurt but the all over pain. He vaguely remembered his dad and the hits, then somehow he had struggled his way to Chad’s, he blushed whilst remembering the foot-job.

“Hey, are you awake, baby, I brought you breakfast.” Chad’s voice whispered through his mind.

“Hmm, I hurt Chad.”

“I know sweetheart, eat something then we can get painkillers into you.” Chad helped Blaine sit up and settled next to him with the tray. Blaine licked his lips and eyed the tray, there was bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, sausages, beans and then on the side was orange juice.

“Can I?” Blaine murmured reaching for the tray.

Chad let Blaine take the tray and sat back to watch him eat, he had to admit to himself watching Blaine eat was sexy, very sexy. Blaine pushed the tray away with a groan and a laugh.

“That was lovely, thank you.”

“Don’t thank me, thank Mum, she cooked it all.” Chad said with a grin. His eyes were transfixed to Blaine’s lips and the crumbs of toast there. Chad leant forward slowly, enough time for Blaine to pull away but he didn’t and Chad’s tongue swept over his upper lip catching the crumbs.

“You know Chad there is such a thing as a napkin for that.” a high female voice said from the doorway. Chad looked up and launched himself into the petite redheads arms.

“Katie, how have you been?”

“Well, Chad I can say I have been a lot better than your friend over there, he looks like a truck ran over him, and then reversed over him.”

“Oh yeah, this is my boyfriend Blaine and Blaine this is my Aunt Katie.”

“Nice to meet you Blaine.” Katie said sitting next to him of the sofa.

“Likewise.” Blaine whispered.

Chad pulled Blaine up gently off the sofa and then sat on the sofa pulling him on his lap. Blaine landed with a squeak and an evil look to Chad. Tina came in with a glass of water and two little pills then handed them to Blaine. Blaine swallowed them and smiled up at Tina.

“The guest room is already set up for your stay Katie, and Blaine you can sleep in Chad’s room until she has gone.” Tina said while walking out the door. Katie made sure that Tina was gone before the questions came.

“So, have you done the deed?” Katie rubbed her hands together with a giggle. Chad looked down at Blaine’s sleeping form with a sigh.


“How long have you been together?”

“Our first date was only last night, but I have been after him for nearly two months.”

“Oh my god, Chad, since when do you wait, or for that matter chase after them?”

“He’s different.” Chad whispered burying his nose into Blaine’s hair and inhaled deeply, the sent of lemons and a unique sent filled his nose.

“You love him!” Katie almost shouted.

“Shut up.” Chad hissed.

“Okay, keep your knickers on. How far have you gone?”

Chad shrugged and his his face in Blaine’s hair.

“We’ve kissed, and another little thing.”

“What’s this little thing then?” Katie asked crossing her legs on the sofa.

“Your a fag hag you know that and at only 26.”

“Duh, why else would I have two bi boyfriends, just so I can watch them get it on.”

“You love Nick and Kyle though?”

“Of course I do, that’s why I’m here, your Mum and Dad already know, I’m pregnant.” Katie was wiggling around in her seat.

“That’s great Katie.”

“Yeah, yeah enough about me, I want to know this thing you two did and now, chop chop Chad I’m not getting any younger.”

“A foot-job.” Chad mumbled.

“Huh, didn’t catch that try again.”

“A foot-job.” Chad said it loud enough for her to hear.

“No way, you gave him a foot-job?”

“Other way Sakarya Escort around.”

“Hmm, he does have sexy feet.”

“Do you have a foot fetish or something.”

“No, I am just observant.”

“Not going to say anything about that, I’m going to put him in my bed for a little while.”

“Okay I’ll just watch TV me and baby Chad.”


“It’s a boy Chad I’m naming him after you.”

“Oh my god, Katie that is so awesome, I would hug you but I have my arms full of yummy man.”

“I wouldn’t let this one go Chad, he’s a keeper.”

“I wasn’t planning on letting him go.”

Chad carried Blaine to his bedroom and laid him down on the bed, stripping of Blaine’s clothes he couldn’t hold back the gasp, criss crossed across his chest were scars. They looked to be from a whip. He shouldn’t have done what he was about to do but he couldn’t help himself.

“Katie come in here!”

Katie came rushing in took one look at Blaine cursed frightfully.

“What is it?”

“He was at the hands of the worse Dom we know.”


“His name is Dean McBride, you can tell by the way the whip marks are shaped into a D and an M.”

Blaine screamed and curled up in himself his eyes wide open a terrified look in them.

“Blaine baby, what’s wrong?”

“He’s here.” Blaine whispered.

“Who’s here babe?”

“Dean.” Blaine pointed to Katie.

“What is he going on about?”


“Katie if you don’t start talking soon I am going to kill you!”

Katie sighed. “Nick is a McBride, not just any, Dean’s twin.”

“How did Blaine know about Nick?”

Katie turned her wrist over to show a delicate silver bracelet, two charms were hanging of it, one had a picture of Kyle and the other of Nick.

Chad sat next to Blaine and wrapped him in his arms. Blaine hugged back and kissed his chest, then his neck then his cheek. Finally Blaine slammed his mouth down onto Chad’s and kissed him brutally. Katie slid out the door quietly while the boys sorted things out.

Chad pulled away and Blaine followed him. Chad pushed against Blaine’s chest gently and he eventually release Chad. There were tears in those beautiful green eyes and it made Chad want to cry along with him.

“Let me make you feel good, Blaine, I can make you feel so good.”

Blaine nodded and wiped his eyes, Chad pushed him down softly and pulled Blaine’s boxers down. Even though Blaine’s cock was soft Chad knew right away he had a new favourite toy. Nearly the same thickness as Chad’s wrist and six inches soft it was a master piece. Chad licked Blaine’s cock, Blaine squeaked then tried to move away. By now Blaine’s cock was filling rapidly. When it was fully grown Blaine’s cock was around eight inches long, underneath was a big set of balls, slightly furred.

“Your cock is beautiful baby.”

Blaine whimpered and thrust his hips up, his hand reaching down to wrap around his cock, Chad batted his hand away and started sucking on Blaine’s balls. Blaine slid his fingers through Chad’s hair and moaned. Chad chuckled and slid his tongue over the vein at the side, sucking the head inside his mouth Chad swirled his tongue around.

“C…Chad…stop!” Blaine groaned.

Chad pulled away with a frown, “What’s wrong, baby?”

“It feels too good…”

“It’s supposed to.”

Chad swallowed Blaine’s cock again and moaned when pre-come spilled over his tongue. Chad stuck one finger in his mouth and dribbled saliva over it, sliding it out and over Blaine’s hole, Blaine shuddered and pushed into Chad’s mouth. He slowly worked his finger inside Blaine’s ass, searching for his prostate. Bingo! Blaine screamed and shot stream after Adapazarı Escort stream of creamy white come into his mouth, Chad pulled away slightly when the door opened causing come to spray on his face.

“Sorry guys I thought Blaine was hurt or something.” Katie whispered.

Chad turned without thinking, and glared at Katie, Katie just giggled.

“You seem to have something on your face, Chad.”

“If you don’t get out Katie, I’m going to get Nick to come and get you and you know what he does when you’ve been bad.” Katie blushed and giggled.

“I was just telling you lunch is ready.” with that she disappeared.

“Oh my god.” Blaine’s whisper caused Chad to turn towards him.

“Don’t worry, babe, she won’t tell anyone.”

Blaine sat up and ran his fingers through the come on Chad’s face, with a wicked grin Blaine leant over and licked the come away. Chad’s cock what had softened slightly came roaring back to life. With vengeance. Chad grabbed Blaine and kissed him hard teeth clashing together.

“I know it’s early babe, but I have to tell you, I’ve been holding it in since you got hurt but I just wanted to tell you that I love you.” Chad whispered against his lips. Moments passed and Chad started to get worried.

“Say something, Blaine.”

“I……I need a shower.” Blaine scurried off the bed and into the bathroom before Chad could stop him.

“Dammit!” Chad shouted.


When Blaine came out of the shower the bedroom was empty, he sat on the edge of the bed with the towel wrapped around his waist and remembered the day Dean said he loved him.

Dean kissed Blaine lightly on the lips with a murmured “I love you.”

Blaine smiled and kissed back, the kiss grew in passion and Dean pushed Blaine onto the bed and stripped his clothes off.

“Dean, slow down, I don’t want to do this yet.”

“Oh, come on babe you know you want it, your gagging for it.” Dean said roughly.

“Stop it, Dean.” Blaine shouted and slapped him around the face.

“You don’t hit me!” Dean shouted then punched Blaine so hard in the face that he saw stars.

“I think you should go.” Blaine whispered.

Dean went but came back the next day begging to be forgiven, he brought Blaine roses and chocolates, Blaine gave him another chance.

They had gone out on another date and Dean tried getting him naked again. Blaine struggled and struggled, tears streaming from his eyes. Dean grinned evilly and grabbed the rope tied around his headboard.

“Dean, don’t do this, you said you loved me!”

“I only said that to get your fag ass inside my bed, I’m going to beat the gay out of you.”

Blaine cried out when the first sting of the whip hit his chest, he must have blacked out from the pain because when he awoke again Dean was gone, he couldn’t remember how long he was tied up when Dean came back again.

“Come on don’t cry on me you stupid fag, the neighbours will hear.” with these words Dean struck the whip over his raw chest again, Blaine screamed out.

Dean kept up this routine for almost ten days, with the occasional drink of water and scrap of apple, Blaine was starved. The last time the whipping was finished the scars branding his chest made his physically sick.

“Oh, that nasty, fag.” Dean said and untied him bending him over the bed.

“What are you doing?” Blaine was too weak to fight.

“Giving you a reminder.” and with that Blaine felt the slice of a knife in his ass cheek. The pain continued for hours after. It was almost midnight, the clock said at the side of the bed, when the door was bashed down.

There was shouting and screaming then gunshots, a police woman Serdivan Escort came in the bedroom and took one look at Blaine and her eyes filled with tears.

“Blaine, honey, we were all worried about you, you just disappeared.”

“I know, Becky, he took me.”

“Yeah, what were you doing at Scraps?, that is the worst D/S club, sweetheart.”

Becky helped Blaine sit up and rubbed his raw wrists. Blaine continued to talk his heart out. Becky took him to the hospital and then his parents took him home. He found out six weeks later that he had the word “Slut” carved into his ass cheeks. But for once in his life he felt safe.

“Blaine are you okay?” Chad’s voice jogged him out of his memories.

“I am, Chad.” He whispered quietly. Chad sat next to him on the bed and put his hand on his thigh.

“I’m sorry Blaine, I’m not going to take it back, I do love you and I hope one day you will trust me enough to tell me who Dean was and that you love me back.”

Blaine looked into Chad’s eyes and spilled his guts about Dean, about the beatings, the reason he never said I love you and the worst part his ass.

“Can I see, baby?” Chad whispered his eyes filled with tears. Blaine stood and dropped the towel then turned, he jumped when he felt fingers trace the word. Blaine shivered and sighed quietly when Chad’s hand rubbed down his crack. Blaine squeaked and jumped away when Chad’s lips traced the same place his fingers traced.

“I’m going to make you feel good again, baby, lie on your stomach for me.”

“I…I’m not…sure Chad.” Blaine said in a hushed tone.

“You can trust me, sweetheart.”

Blaine lied on his stomach with a sigh and closed his eyes and giggled when Blaine’s lips traced his ass cheeks, Chad’s tongue snaked out and licked the skin below his ass cheek, Blaine shifted away and moaned when his hard cock brushed against the fabric of the covers. Chad chuckled and grabbed his ass cheeks, pulling them apart, showing off the tiny pink rosette.

“Chad…What are you…Oh.” Blaine’s words ended up as a moan when Chad’s tongue snaked over his hole. Chad continued to swipe his tongue around and over his hole, he reached up and grabbed one of Blaine’s hand and put it where his hand was, making sure Blaine was holding his ass cheeks open, Chad started to ease his finger inside.

“Mmm, Oh my god, Chad I love the feel of your finger inside my ass.” Blaine moaned out.

Chad chuckled and pegged Blaine’s prostate and Blaine’s ass clenched down around his tongue, continuing to rub his prostate, Chad bit down on one of Blaine’s ass cheeks. Blaine’s hips started to thrust against the bedsheets with a groan of frustration.

“Chad, I need to come! Now!” Blaine exclaimed.

Chad gave one last lick to Blaine’s ass and then started rubbing furiously at his prostate.

“Chad…no…not like that…it’s too much…” Blaine was thrashing around on the bed, moaning. Chad reached down and sucked Blaine’s balls, rolling them around inside his mouth. Blaine’s cock was lying flat between his legs and Chad sucked the head and rubbed harder in his ass. Chad kept bringing Blaine to the edge then stopping.

“Chad, make me come or I’m not going to make you come for a long time!” Blaine screamed in frustration.

Chad chuckled and worked his prostate, in seconds Blaine was thrashing around as shot after shot of creamy, salty come spurted on his bed. Chad kept rubbing until Blaine rolled away with a moan.

“That was amazing Chad, Thank you.” Blaine whispered, his eyes drooping closed.

“Your welcome babe, want to watch me jack off?”

“Mmm, yeah love it when you stroke your meat to me.”

Chad chuckled and grabbed his cock stroking at it furiously. A few minutes later and a hard squeeze to the head and Chad’s come joined Blaine’s on the bed.

They were enjoying the aftershocks when Blaine’s mobile ran, he reached over blindly and opened the phone.

“Hi, fag.” Dean’s voice drifted over the line.

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