changing a conservative wife – a fiction

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My wife Neha was very conservative in nature. She always preferred to wear Saree or salwar suit. I insisted several times to wear Top with jeans or some other modern dresses, but she always refused to. It took me two years to convince to wear occasionally top with skirt or jeans. But whenever she used to wear modern clothes I can see that, she is not very comfortable. Her uneasiness can easily be readable on her face. But my wife when ever wears such dresses she really looks gorgeous. With her perfect 36 28 34 figure and white texture, she looks like a sex goddess. So it was my heartily desire to see her often in sexy dresses.

It was our second anniversary, when I made a holiday plan in a foreign beach resort. I had shown her the beautiful scenery of the beach to my wife. My wife was over joyed to see the pictures of the resort. Then I convinced her to wear bikini and mini skirt with sexy top. I convinced her saying that, there will be no one knowing her and others will also be wearing similar dresses. It took some time to convince her. But at last she agreed. Then we started shopping accordingly. I was eagerly waiting for the day. Because one thing which I had not shared with my wife was that it was a clothing optional resort. And maximum couple stay there completely nude.
At last that day came. It was her first foreign vacation. So she was also very excited.

When we reached the resort, she was pleased to see the beauty of the nature. It was a very beautifully maintained beach resort. While going through the reception to our room my wife saw some occasional topless girls in the pool side. She did not commented much. She just came near me and said in a low voice how shameless these girls are.I said this are normal things here. She just gave me a smile hearing this.Then we reached our room. It was a well decorated room. It was evening time.

So we took our dinner and took rest that night.

The next day early in the morning I went for a walk and saw the different facilities available in the resort. Actually I was making plan for the day. Then I came across the body massage area. There was a hall with several tables and some massage rooms. There were both boy and girl masseurs. One girl was laying naked facing down. And a girl masseur was giving her full body massage.The back of the girl was shining and making my cock harder and harder.

Then I talked with one of the most good looking masseur boy. His name was Andi. I asked him about the facilities. Then I asked him whether girls only give massage to girls. He said that it is the choice of the customer. Then he said that if I wish then I can have massage in the open or massage room or in beach. Then he added that the girls will really make my trip memorable if I choose a massage room facility. Then he asked me about my partner. Whether I am with my wife or girlfriend. I said that I am with my wife.After talking for a while with Andi, he became quite friendly with me.

Then I told him that my wife is very shy and I am not sure whether she will be comfortable in the beach. Then he said that he may help me to make my wife make comfortable to any level I wish. I was surprised and asked him whether it is possible. He said yes. I said if it is possible then I would prefer to the limit she would not object. But I was not sure that my shy wife would open up so easily. He asked me to believe him. But he said that he will be having additional charge for this. I said if you can then I will. Then he introduced me his friend Ami. She was a girl working in the same resort. He said that Ami and himself will make my wife feel as comfortable as possible.I was really happy and waiting for the day to progress.

Then I came back to room . Neha my wife was still sleeping. I woke her. Then we became fresh. Then we got ready to go out. I asked my wife to were mini skirt and a tube top. She resisted a bit but then agreed. Then we took our breakfast and went to the beach with a bag having towel and other necessary things.

While we were approaching the beach we came across a fully nude couple. It was a small shock for my wife. As we came closer to the beach we saw more and more nude couples with occasional girls having bikini. My wife was absolutely speechless to see this. Then we went to the main beach. We took out towel and sat. One side the beautiful crystal clear water with beautiful scenery was there and on the other side the beach was full of nude couples. My wife was completely in a shock. It took her time to regain her senses and believe what she was watching.

She was trying not to face any nude couple. She then asked me ;does all the beaches of this nation are like this. Does all the beaches are full of such shameless people. I told her that this resort is the most beautiful beach resort of this nation. So people try to go closer to nature by spending time as they were born. This is absolutely legal in this nation. And this resort is couples only. So you will not find anyone, who will do any behave with you. Also they have coast guards who generally keep eye on any wrong activity.

Neha- But don’t they feel ashamed.

Me- When all the people are nude then whom to shame.

We continued chatting for another half an hour. Gradually Neha was trying to adjust with the environment. Now she was trying to enjoy the beautiful beach ignoring the people nearby. After some time a couple say almost four to give feet away. The girl was to hot. They were doing folding and caressing in regular interval. This time my wife was not feeling ashamed but was giving smile.

This gave me enough courage to ask Neha to be topless if she does not mind. But she refused. I did not forced her.

After a while I saw Ami. She was few meters away with Andi. So as per the plan I made an excuse and told Neha that I will be back within few minute as I need to we inquiry regarding the beach speed boat ride. Till now she was quite comfortable there. So she said OK.

As soon as I went, Ami came near Neha.

Ami- Hi I am Ami. Are you from India?

Neha- Yes

Ami- Actually I am getting married within a month. I have heard a lot about India. So we were planning to go there for honeymoon.

Neha- OK. So you are here with your boyfriend?

Ami- Yes . He is sitting there. Actually we thought you may not answer if we came to you as nude. So only I came.

Neha- Don’t worry . Tell me where you want to go. Then I will assist you accordingly.

Ami- Would you mind if I call my boyfriend here?

Neha- Not an issue.

Then Ami called Andi.Andi and Ani sat near my wife and started discussing. My wife was also getting bored alone. So she did not mind to make friendship with Ani.

I returned after about fifteen minutes. I found my wife chatting with Ami. Ami and Andi both were completely nude. But my wife was absolutely comfortable with them. Soon I joined them. When I saw Andi closely, I was shocked to see that his sleeping cock was as big as my erect cock. Soon Ani called Neha to go to the sea water. Neha agreed. Then they went to the water with a ball and started playing there. After a while they called us to join them.

So we also joined them. Ami and myself were on one team and Neha was with Andi. We started playing and occasionally Andi was touching the open parts of Neha. Sometimes he used to touch his organs with Neha.But Neha was not thinking that these are intentional. Once Andi jumped in air end eventually fall on Neha. The tube top of Neha was pulled down. And for the first time we saw her nude boobs. Neha adjusted her top quickly. After a while Neha was about to jump and Andi pulled her top a bit. But as she was jumping up the top went to her waist level exposing her boobs.

I thought she would get angry, but she smiled and pulled her top up. We continued playing for more than half an hour. During this several times she was touched at different parts and few times her nipples slipped out of her top. She was gradually getting bolder and bolder.Then Ami came near Neha and pulled her top down. She tried to hide her boobs but Ami stopped her and told her don’t be so shy. Look all the people are nude here and no one knows you. But Neha was still resisting. But it was a mild protest. Ami could read her face and pulled her top completely from her body. Initially she tried to hide her boobs with her hand but soon she exposed them. Now her boobs were jumping with proud.

Then after a while Andi came and pulled my pant. My wife was laughing. Watching this Ami this time went to my wife and told Look, we all are nude except you. Its not fare. This time Neha said a big No and tried to escape, but Ami pulled her skirt with panty quite easily. Now all of us were nude in water. Initially my wife was a little bit shy but soon she was comfortable as she was in water till her upper belly. Another young couple nearby also joined us. Now my wife was more frequently brushed by two men. In one of the game my wife made two nice jump shot to win points and that match. She was so happy after winning that she hugged the other team mates Andi and the other boy as a winning celebration.

Although it was for few seconds but I could not believe that my shy wife is hugging two nude men. We continued playing for more than an hour. Whenever my wife hits the ball I always tried to miss the ball. And every time my wife celebrated the winning point either by jumping or hugging team mates or by other ways. I was each time enjoying her being touched or hugged during celebration. When we came out of the water they were the winning team Andi went inside the water and lifted her in her shoulder to the beach. My wife was enjoying. In the beach initially my wife tried to hide her pussy with her hand. But later she released. Spent some time on beach. Now my wife was completely nude in the beach confidently showing her body.

Then we went back to our hotel room. My wife just put on a long top partly covering her ass. I was stunned with the change in my wife.While returning I asked her why she never even wear tight T shirt in India and how she got enough courage to be nude here. She replied that in India she never liked people trying to see assests of girls with hungry eyes.She was also afraid of the raising crime rates as she stays alone during day time at home.

So she always tried to wear those type of dress in which people generally do not try to explore her assets. Then I asked her how she dared to stay nude on beach. Hearing this she laughed and told me that actually when she was wearing dress on the beach, all nude people nearby were looking her as if she was from a different planet. But when she became nude none tried to look her differently.

But the main reason was the feeling of safety and security all around and mentality of the people. Here none try to assault females sexually. And the most important thing was all were having their partners with them. She also thanked Ami for helping her and showing her the way to open up.Else she never had the courage for the first time removing the dress in public even after knowing that its safe. Then we reached our room.We took bath together. Put on some clothes , took our dinner and went to bed.

When we woke up it was evening. My wife was complaining about body pain. I was also having pain because of to much sports activity in beach for hours. I asked her, whether she would prefer for a body massage. My wife reluctantly agreed and we went to the massage area. In the evening there were very few girl masseurs and all were busy.

Then I asked her to get massaged by male massage. My wife said she would prefer to wait for few time. After half an hour also there were no girl masseur free. Then we saw Andi coming out of a masseur room with a nude girl completely dipped in oil. He had just massaged that girl. My wife was pleased to see her. He greeted us and told us that he works in the resort as a masseur. I behaved as if it is a surprise for me also. Then I asked my wife why don’t she get massaged by Andi. After all she had spent a few hours with him in the beach and was quite comfortable with him. My wife thought for a while and agreed.

Then we went inside the room. But I wished to leave my wife with Andi for some time. So I said that I am going to some other room to get massaged as my body was also paining. Andi told me that he will help me getting a good masseur. When we came out of the room I expressed my desire to see my wife getting massaged secretly. So he took me to the side massage room from where I could peep and see my wife being touched and massaged. He asked another masseur boy not to allow anyone inside the two rooms.

I took my position quickly as I didn’t wanted to miss any moment. Soon Andi entered inside the room and asked my wife to change to towel and lay down on the massage table. My wife obeyed like a good girl. She removed all her dresses and wrapped towels and went on the table. Till now thinking about what may happen my cock became tight. I lowered my pant to free my cock. First my wife was facing down. Andi started applying oil on her legs. His hands were touching her legs. Then he started to apply on her upper potion of her legs. I could see her relaxed face. He continued massing for about ten minutes. He was gradually going up till her ass chicks.Then he asked my wife to free the towel. As soon as she freed it. He removed her upper towel to make her topless. Now he massaged her back and hands. Occasionally he was touching her boobs from the sides.

Each time he deliberately touched the sides of the boob I could see my wife biting her lips. Then he asked her to turn. As my wife turned her boobs came to the view . Andi placed a small towel to cover her boobs. Then he started massaging the lower neck. His hand was very close to her boobs. He then applied oil on her naval and started massaging her belly till her boobs. Then he went downwards. He was moving closer and closer to her cunt. Then he left the cunt area and started massaging the legs. This continued for half an hour. My wife was completely relaxed. I was too happy to see the professionalism of Andi. He did not at all tried to take any advantage.

But my evil desires were asking for more. I thought it was over. But Andi asked Neha, would you mind for a special massage. Neha asked what type of massage it would be. Andi told that it would be full body massage. My wife was thinking for a while. Because this may lead to allow Andi to touch her private parts.

Then Andi told that she could ask to stop at any time she would. Hearing this Neha agreed. Then Andi removed her protective towel over the boob and my wife was laying nude on the table with her boobs proudly feeling the air. Now Andi pour some oil directly on her boobs and started massaging her boobs. He was now freely grabbing her boobs and massaging. Now the tip of the cock was wet. I started stroking gently. His hands are now playing with her nipples. My wife was now getting more excited . She had closed her eyes and started breathing heavily. Now Andi came to the side of the table and asked my wife to spread her legs. She did that . He gently removed the lower towel and her completely wet cunt came into view. Her cunt was dipping. He applied some oil and started massaging her cunt area. This was breaking my wife’s tolerance. She had started moaning now.

Now he asked her to turn. While she turned, he quickly removed his dress and was completely nude. Now he poured some oil on the ass crack. Oil was flowing till her cunt. Then he took some oil in his palm and applied on her perfect round ass. He massaged them for few minutes. Then he asked her to lift her ass. She did so and her ass hole was now clearly visible. He again took some oil in his palm and poured on her ass hole and gently started massaging. Then he gently put one finger in her ass hole. My wife wife was now making more louder moaning sound.

He now started stroking his finger in her ass. With every stroke her moaning sound was increasing. Now he gently put another finger and continued. The slight pain was now visible on her face. After few minutes he put another finger. This was painful for her ass . Because I had never fucked her ass. He gently applied some more oil and continued. After few minutes he brought the fingers out. The redness around her ass was clearly visible. My wife was still in that position showing her ass hole.

Then he again asked her to turn . My wife turned with her closed eyes. He now climbed on the table . He was now almost in 69 position with his cock hanging just over her face and started massaging her pussy lips. This was now too much for her . She was now moaning with her mouth open . He gently started touching his cock to her mouth. My wife opened her eyes and saw the eight inch cock touching her lips. As if he was making request to suck it. Now he tried to move his cock further down for sucking.

But to his surprise my wife closed her lips. Now she grabbed his cock in one hand and asked Andi to stop. She said Andi its better we stop here.

These words broke the momentum. He stopped and turned. He was now sitting on her thighs. His cock was very close to the pussy. Now Andi thought for a moment and said OK mam as you wish. My wife was taking a long breath and regaining her senses with her eyes closed. Now Andi quickly poured some oil on his cock. Then Andi asked my wife for a hug and kiss as a goodbye. My wife smiled. She was still laying on the table. Andi came over her and hugged her. His cock was perfectly on my wife’s cunt. But Andi had lifted his ass so that the cock was in air. Then Andi started kissing my wife . My wife was just giving a formal kiss with her lips closed. But Andi tried to suck her upper lips. My wife also opened her mouth and he started kissing wildly. Now he brought his left hand around hee head and grabbed her head. With locked lips he moved the other hand and started playing with her nipple.

My wife also showed not much protest to this. Now he gently moved his ass down and deliberately adjusted the cock just over her cunt. He was still playing with her nipple. Suddenly he squeezed her nipple with force. My wife did not expected this. She was in intolerable pain and tried to show protest by pushing him. But as he had hugged her tightly and was over her body she could only shake her ass and legs up and down . This effort made the well adjusted cock to move partially into her cunt. He now gently moved his ass down. With my wife shaking in pain , it made his cock a easy passage for the well lubricated cock in her wet lubricated cunt.

Now he gradually left her nipple with lips locked and cock in cunt. After few seconds he squeezed her other nipple and again my wife expressed pain by shaking her body. But it was only giving the cock a reciprocation. He continued this pinching for few more time .Later he stopped pinching the nipples.But he had still locked her mouth and cock was resting in the cunt. They were in that position for a minute and he was caressing my wife’s boobs .

My wife did not show much protest as she was just recovering from the pain in the nipples. Then he unlocked the lips. Now the cock was still inside the cunt and he started sucking the nipples. Now my wife had closed her eyes as if she is enjoying. But soon she regained and controlled herself . Now My wife told Andi with a gentle tone- Look Andi you have a very good physic and a huge cock to attract and satisfy any girl. But I don’t want to have sex with you. We are good friend Andi. So I am not making any noise. But Andi please stop it now else I will make noise and call people.

Now Andi paused and slowly pulled his cock partially out. But not completely. Andi again asked her are you sure you don’t want this. Saying this he gently pushed the cock again complete inside. The feeling of the monster cock while going inside the cunt could easily be seen on her face. My wife again told him with a seductive voice, come on Andi . Now remove the cock and let me go please.

Andi paused for a moment and then removed him cock slowly and came on the floor and my wife also . He begged sorry to my wife. My wife smiled and said its ok. It was just a flow of the momentum . But you are a really good man. Else you could’ve easily rapped me even with my protest.

Then they hugged for the final time and my wife came out and went to our room.

Later I joined her. She told me how wonderful massage she had. She also told how Andi proposed her for sex and gave her few strokes. She hided not a single thing. This gave me the satisfaction that she was not at all thinking to cheat me.

The next few days were the most memorable days of my life.My shy wife was not at all wearing anything. Not even in the hotel area. We went on beach speed boats ride, beach ball, swimming pool games and all other activities and facilities organized by the resort people. Everywhere we stayed nude.

Eventually we had participated in few games organized by the resort people for which they had distributed gifts on stage. My wife was not even hesitated to go to stage and receive the award in nude.

Then the last day of out vacation came. We had packed everything. My wife had wore a small skirt and a tight top without bra or panty inside. Anyone can see her ass and pussy if she bends. She asked me will it be ok for the flight. I said yes no problem.

Just then Andi knocked the door. He had came to say goodbye. I asked my wife to thank him ,left them to talk and went to the reception for checkout. When I came back they were still talking. My wife told me in low voice that Andi wants to feel her for the last time. I asked so what is the problem. Neha replied – you know that I don’t like to have such activities. I asked Neha to let him enjoy for few minutes.

After all they have made our holiday memorable. Neha was not willing but when I requested several times she agreed. But asked me to stay near.Andi was just overjoyed. He hugged her lifted her and took to the bed. Within few seconds he made my wife nude and started sucking her cunt while caressing her boobs. I told Andi that Neha was nude and he was having clothes, this is not fare. Andi and Neha both laughed.

Andi started removing his T shirt while Neha pulled his pant. Soon both were nude and Andi again started licking her cunt and touching her boobs. I asked Neha If she can give her some return gift. Neha smiled and started stroking his cock. Soon they were in 69 position . This time Neha put his cock in her mouth and gave him a blowjob. Now both were in high mood for sex. Then Andi requested Neha to allow him for sex for few minutes.

Neha again said No , but this was very soft. I said – allow him for few minutes. We will be leaving soon. And you will not meet his again. Seeing green signal from my side Andi quickly changed his position and started penetrating his cock in the wet cunt. I could see my wife feeling the cock slowly going inside with her closed eyes and party opened mouth. He paused for a second with his cock fully inside and then started fucking her.

He gradually increased his speed and was fucking like a machine. My wife tried not to make noise. But she could not. He fucked her for non stop ten to fifteen minutes . My cock was hard inside the pant. My wife could understand my situation. He asked me to come closer and brought my cock out. She then started sucking was cock as deep as she could. She had never sucked my cock like this earlier.

Then Andi asked her to turn and come to doggy pose. So first I layed on bed facing up, Neha came over me in doggy pose sucking my cock and Andi fucked her from back.

After a while my wife closed her eyes. She started moaning louder. First I couldn’t understand but later realized that Andi was fingering her ass hole. Neha was having triple fuck. After a while Andi stopped for a while brought his cock out and applied some oil in her ass hole and inserted a small toy in her ass and continued fucking her pussy.

I told her that I will cum soon. She did not tried to bring my cock out and I loaded all my cum in her mouth. This is the first time ever she had taken my cum in her mouth. But she surprised me more when she drank all the sperm. Then she licked my cock till the last drop.

Soon Andi said he will cum soon . My wife asked him not to cum in pussy and pulled her body and took his cock in her hand and started stroking. Soon he loaded his sperm in her boobs. . She also cleaned his cock by licking and sucking.Although she did not allowed him to cum in her cunt or mouth but licked the last drops while cleaning his cock. I was really amazed by the transformation in my wife. It was just like a dream for me.

My wife was about to go to bathroom. But Andi suggested to go the pool near our room. We all went to the swimming pool . Luckily no one was on the way or could have easily seen my wife drenched in sperm. We all enjoyed few minutes. Then we came back to room. She dressed up quickly and we went to the airport.

This holiday completely transformed my wife from a shy wife to a understanding liberal partner. She had never shown interest in any affair or wrong relationship later. But now never hesitated to experiment different things in our life to keep the spark in our life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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