Charlie , Co. Ch. 02


Jimmy didn’t see her again until about a month later. Charlie walked into his office wearing that short black skirt, but this time with a matching black blouse and black jacket. She looked very proper, except for the mischievous smile on her lips, and the glint in her eyes.

“Have you been to a funeral?” Jimmy said.

He put down his pen and sat back in his leather arm chair. Charlie walked across his office on her high heels, and stood in front of his desk.

“It might as well have been a funeral. I need to hire a lawyer. Frank is filing for divorce. He is accusing me of sleeping around,” she said, and rolled her eyes. “I don’t know where he gets that idea. I haven’t slept with anyone since you. The others, well … they just don’t do it for me any more.”

Jimmy chuckled. “Yeah. I’m sorry about that. I should have warned you.”

She looked at him funny.

“Warned me about what?” she said.

“Other women I’ve been with, well, they tell me they can’t go back to average guys. They tell me I’ve ruined them for other guys,” he said.

“You got that right. If a guy’s not as big as you, I’m just afraid he’s not gonna do it for me,” Charlie said.

Jimmy sat forward and put his hands on the desk with his fingers laced together.

“And now Frank wants a divorce?” he said.

She rolled her eyes and let out a sigh.

“Yes. He wants a divorce. Go figure. But I don’t have the money for a retainer,” she said.

She had one hand on her hip, with her hip thrust out. Jimmy stared at the curve of her hip, and nodded his head. That wasn’t going to be a problem.

But Charlie had another idea. She unzipped the short, black skirt, and let it fall to her feet. Beneath it, she wore nothing at all. Jimmy’s eyebrows went up.

“All I have to offer is my pussy. I hope you’ll accept it,” she said.

She sat on the front edge of his desk, leaned over it toward him, and lifted her leg. Jimmy reached across the desk to touch her pussy, and pushed his middle finger into her wet opening. Charlie moaned. Her sparkling brown eyes looked deep into his eyes.

“You’d better bring that over here so I can get a better look,” he said.

“If you say so,” Charlie said.

She hopped off the desk and walked around to his side. He moved aside the blotter, his book of statutes, the stapler and the Rolodex, and pushed his chair back. She sat on the edge of his desk and put her feet on either side of his chair.

Jimmy looked at her pussy. It was beautiful, with just a few wisps of brown hairs around her glistening, pink lips. He looked up to her face.

“I’ll dismiss my normal retainer in exchange Travesti for your offer. I’ll begin the oral deposition now,” he said.

He bent down and kissed her mound. Charlie giggled. He let the tip of his tongue brush through the fine, wispy hairs, and she sighed.

“Oh yes, baby,” she said.

She laid back on his desk with her knees up. Jimmy rolled the chair closer, and continued the examination with his tongue. He ran the tip up and down between the folds of her soft pussy lips, and pushed it into her sweet opening, as deep as it would go.

Someone knocked on the door, and the door opened. Charlie turned to look. Jimmy lifted his head from between her legs. It was Marla, his secretary, standing in the doorway, one hand on the door knob, and a blue folder in her other hand. She stared at them.

“I have District Attorney Tanner on line three. He wants to know if you’d like to join him for lunch before your golf game,” Marla said.

Jimmy licked his lips and cleared his throat.

“Please tell D.A. Tanner that I’ll be eating out today,” he said.

Marla nodded and closed the door. She had a faint smile on her lips.

Charlie was looking at him with a confused face.

“She took that well,” she said.

“Yeah. She’s like that.”

Charlie’s confused face turned to a big grin.

“You’re fucking her, aren’t you?” she said.

Jimmy chuckled.

“She gets a pretty good year end bonus. About once a week,” he said.

“I wouldn’t mind getting that kind of bonus in my rear end,” Charlie said.

Jimmy stood up and started to unbuckle his belt. She was watching his hands. He dropped his slacks to the floor. His cock was hard and pushed out the front of his boxers. Her eyes brightened and she smiled. He pushed the boxers down.

“Ooo. I’ve missed you,” she said.

She reached for his cock and the shaft glided into her fingers. Jimmy stood still. His eyes closed. Her hand felt good.

She pulled her black blouse up over her tits and laid back on the desk.

“Come on in, baby. Make yourself at home,” she said.

Jimmy put one hand on her knee, and held his cock with his other and. He lined up the head with her tiny, pink opening. He touched it to her pussy, and she moaned.

Her eyes were on his, and her mouth hung open. He pushed forward with his hips. The head of his cock split her pussy lips. Charlie flinched and groaned. Her knees tightened around his waist.

“Oh God. I forgot how big you are,” she said.

He worked the head of his cock back and forth in her pussy.

“We’re just gonna take it nice and slow,” he said.

He leaned Antalya Travesti over her, grabbed her boobs with both hands, and pushed forward with his hips again. A few inches of his cock sunk into her pussy. She groaned, and her back arched off the desk.

“I thought you were gonna go slow,” she said.

“I’m a lawyer. What can I say?”

She giggled. “I never got fucked by a lawyer.”

“There’s more than one way for a lawyer to fuck you,” he said.

He leaned into her again, holding onto her breasts. His cock pushed into her warm, wet slit.

“Oh fuck,” she said, and groaned into his ear.

She was tight, as tight as that first time a month ago in his old bed. Her resistance, though, gave away a little more easily, and most of his cock slipped into her channel.

Her legs wrapped around him and her heels dug into his back.

“I can’t believe you did that to me. You’re so mean,” she said.

“I know. What can I tell you. It’s what I do,” he said.

She smiled and put her arms around his neck and kissed him.

“I love it when you’re mean to me,” she said.

He started slowly, moving his ass up and down. Her pussy held him tight and wouldn’t let his cock slide in and out. Her whole body moved with each stroke of his hips.

He stood upright. Only half of his long, thick cock was inside her. She had her legs around his waist, and he was holding her hips. He started pumping a little faster and a little harder. He pressed his cock deeper. It didn’t take long to sink the whole thing inside her.

“Oh God, yes. Give it to me harder,” she said in a low, breathless voice.

She was panting and moaning, and squealed every time his cock hit bottom. He bent his head down and gnawed on her nipples. The whole desk rocked with every hard thrust of his hips. He looked over to the door. Marla was just outside the office. Could she hear any of this?

Charlie’s fingernails dug into his shoulders, and he winced.

“Oh God. I’m cumming. I’m cumming,” she said.

Her voice was a weak, gasping moan. Her fingernails dug in a little deeper, and he winced again. Was she trying to draw blood?

His own back arched. His orgasm was coming hard. He pulled her back toward him and jammed his hips forward. Her pussy closed tighter around his cock. Her eyes popped open.

His cock spasmed. His cum flowed through his cock like it was a firehose. The office was silent for a second, then he groaned from deep in his gut.

His head came up. His hips eased back, then slammed into her again, to send his next load of cum deep inside her.

Charlie stroked his cheek. She Bursa Travesti had a big smile on her face.

“You’re cumming. I can feel it. I love the feel of your cum in me, baby. I love it when you make me cum,” she said.

His cock was still throbbing and depositing his seed in her womb. She pulled his head down and kissed him. He opened his mouth to let her tongue in, and she was moaning.

He stood up straight. Their hot, sweaty skin peeled apart like they had been glued together. He was breathing hard, and moved his hips back and forth. His cum leaked from her pussy lips. Now he had enough lubrication to slide his cock in and out.

The intercom on his phone beeped.

“Jimmy?” Marla said through the tiny speaker.

He looked at Charlie, then at the phone.

“Yeah?” he said.

“I have your father on line one,” Marla said.

The intercom clicked, and his phone started ringing. The light for line one flashed.

Charlie sat up.

“I’d better get going. I have to give Frank the bad news,” she said.

She reached down to touch his cock, where it was sliding in and out of her pussy. She scooped up some of his cum and licked it off of her finger.

“What bad news?” Jimmy said.

He stepped back. His cock withdrew from her pussy and fell out. She grunted. His cum dripped from the tip, and a gush of it spilled from her pussy all over the polished top of his desk. She dropped her feet to the floor and he helped her stand up. She was a little wobbly.

“That I’ve hired his partner’s son to be my lawyer. He hates you,” she said.

She pulled her snug blouse down over her breasts, and walked around his desk to pick up her skirt.

Jimmy pulled up his boxers and his slacks.

“Why is that?” he said.

She looked at him. The corners of her mouth were turned up in just the slightest grin.

“Because you can’t be bought.”

She pulled her skirt up over her legs and zipped it up.

Jimmy came out from behind the desk. He slipped his hand around her waist and kissed her.

“I can be bought. He doesn’t have a hot pussy to pay my fee,” he said.

Charlie laughed.

“This was the first installment for your fee. I hope you make many deposits like that,” she said.

She opened the door. He put his hand on her ass. She paused and looked back at him.

“Should I schedule another meeting?” she said.

“Yes. Tomorrow. Same time. Let Marla know,” he said.

She walked out and he closed the door. He went back to his leather chair. His desk was a mess. All the stuff was shoved aside, and his cum was puddled right in the middle where he worked, and on the expensive carpet under the desk.

The phone was still ringing. He picked it up.

“Yeah? Hi, Dad. Everything’s great. Yeah. I just heard about Frank and Charlie. Yeah. I know. Can’t say I ever saw that one coming,” he said.


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