Chase Goes to College Ch. 01

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Chase opened the door slowly, trying not to disturb anyone sleeping in the quiet house. He was tired, and it was late. He just wanted to get something to drink, take a hot shower, and get some sleep. It had been a long day – night, he corrected himself and he had classes at the local college in the morning. He had closed the restaurant that night as he often did. It didn’t pay well, but it gave him money for school and a little spending money.

He slipped off his shoes and walked quietly to the kitchen, leaving the lights off. He loosened his standard-issue manager’s tie and unbuttoned the collared shirt. He couldn’t wait to get into the shower and get the smell of the restaurant off his skin.

Carefully, he removed a drinking glass from the cupboard. He opened the fridge and light spilled into the darkened room. He poured a tall glass of juice. As he closed the door, he turned was surprised to see Gina standing there. He thought everyone was asleep.

Gina was his eighteen-year-old new step sister. She came to live with Chase when her mother and his father recently married. He was happy for his dad. It had been a long time since his folks had split up and his dad’s new wife seemed to boost his spirits. Chase couldn’t quite think of her as his step mom yet. After all, he was full grown and attending college.

“Hi, Chase!” she said brightly.

Chase groaned inwardly. He really wasn’t in the mood to talk. “Hey, Gina.” he responded softly.

“How was work?” she asked, looking up at him intently. Her eyes were like saucers in the dim room. It made her look startled.

She was wearing what seemed to be the only things in her closet – long t-shirts. While Chase could appreciate that was in style right then; it just seemed she had gone overboard. The thin material was pulled tight over her breasts, revealing even in the unlit room that she wasn’t wearing a bra – not that she ever did at home.

It seemed to him that with breasts that size, that some kind of support would be necessary to avoid back pain and severe sagging. Well, she was young and the flesh on her chest sat high and firm. Maybe she didn’t need it.

Her thin legs supported the t-shirt covered torso with just a hint of color at the transition from flesh to cloth. He couldn’t see well enough in the dark, but he was certain that the panties she was wearing were pink. She wore a variety of styles and leg cuts, but he could only remember seeing her wearing pink underwear.

Chase brought the glass of juice to his lips, drinking slowly. He hoped she would just lose interest and go away. He liked his step sister and all, he just didn’t want to stay up any longer than politeness required. “Okay, I guess.” he replied noncommittally.

“Do you want to watch a movie or something?” she asked hopefully, searching his face for signs of interest in the darkened room. She pushed a lock of shoulder-length sun-streaked brunette hair behind one ear.

Chase reached out his hand and placed it heavily on her shoulder. “I’m wiped out. I’m just gonna take a shower and crash.” he said with fatigue in voice.

“Ok.” she said warmly, “I’ll keep you company.”

Her response puzzled him, ‘Keep me company – in the shower?’ he thought to himself. She turned and went quickly upstairs. Chase trudged up slowly. ‘How am I going to get rid of her?’ he wondered.

Chase walked into the bathroom to find Gina perched on the toilet, her legs pressed to her chest and her arms loosely wrapped around her knees. Chase couldn’t help but glance down where her legs met the seat cover, hoping to see the color of her panties. He was not surprised. ‘Yup. Pink.’ he observed.

Chase turned and closed the door. “You’ll have to keep it down. Our parents are just across the hall.” he said quietly.

“Don’t worry about that!” she scoffed, “They’re having sex again.” She made a funny expression with her face. He wasn’t sure if it was disgust or jealousy. Obviously the two are very distinct and different emotions, but the way she said it left him wondering.

He peeled off his shirt. It was a relief to have it off. He wondered at what point she would bolt for the door, so he took off his pants and socks too.

“So, what did you do at work tonight?” she asked with interest.

Chase shoved a toothbrush in his mouth and started brushing. “Same stuff, different day.” he muttered between strokes.

He knew she wanted him to ask her what she did, but he really didn’t want to talk. That didn’t stop her, “We went shopping. Mom says your house looks like a hospital, no pictures, no rugs, no decorations of any kind, really – sterile.” she offered.

Chase rinsed his mouth and spit into the sink. “I like it.” he replied defensively.

“She didn’t mean anything bad.” she rushed to respond, “It just needed some nice touches, mom said.” she finished apologetically. Chase merely grunted in response. He really wasn’t upset, he just wasn’t sure he wanted things to change. He izmir escort and his dad had been there a couple of years since his folks split up and he had grown used to having a place with just the two of them.

Chase opened the shower door and turned on the hot water. He closed the door and walked toward the toilet. Gina looked up expectantly but didn’t move. “I need to pee.” he said simply. She quickly got down off the toilet but didn’t move away. Chase pulled out his semi-erect penis – he was after all, standing in his boxers in front of an attractive young woman. Her eyes grew big and she stared intently as Chase emptied his bladder

“Can I touch it?” she asked timidly.

“Sure.” he sneered, “You can touch it all you want when you’re washing it.” Chase expected a punch in the arm and some kind of insult as she stormed out but instead she rapidly stripped off the T-shirt and pink bikini panties and hopped into the shower avoiding the direct stream of hot water. Chase was surprised. His little ploy had backfired. Instead of leaving him in peace, she was standing the shower building a rich lather in her hands.

He peeled off the boxers and opened the shower door. Her eyes focused sharply on his hardening penis. She watched hungrily as it grew before her eyes. Chase stepped into the hot water stream. “You can start with my back.” he directed.

Expecting her to complain, he was surprised when her hands found his shoulders and started working the strong muscles. “Ooh,” she cooed, “Your muscles are all tied in knots.” Chase tried to relax. “That’s better.” she encouraged.

She slowly worked her way down his back. Chase quietly moaned his appreciation. This was definitely better than her storming out. She reached the small of back and hesitated. “My ass, too.” he commanded. The smile on her face grew wider, her fingers struggled to work into the firm muscles in his powerful ass.

Chase spread his legs. “Make sure I’m clean.” She gingerly ran her finger down the divide between his cheeks. Chase reached around and pulled one cheek away from the other. “You’re not done yet.” She tenderly worked down until she reached the anus. She applied fresh soap and thoroughly cleaned the sensitive area. Chase smiled to himself. He had expected her to refuse, but so far, she hadn’t. He had been only interested in getting rid of her, so he could get some sleep. Now he was wanting something more.

He turned around facing her. She looked up longingly into his face. He brought his face down close to hers, close enough to kiss her slightly parted lips. She closed her eyes expectantly. He whispered into her ear, “Now you can do my chest.” If she was disappointed, she didn’t show it.

“Well, don’t keep me waiting.” he prodded.

She reached soapy hands up and massaged his powerful pectorals. ‘God, I wish those arms were around me.’ she thought distractedly as she worked her way lower. He had told her she could touch his junk she kept reminding herself, now staring at her longed-for prize. Soon she was hovering just above the promised land, uncertain if she would be allowed to enter or forced to wander in the desert.

“What are you waiting for?” he asked, “The hot water is going to run out soon.” She looked up into his face, trying to discern if he was serious. Did he just wink at her?

‘Here it is, the moment of truth.’ she thought to herself as she reached down and grasped his long member. She was amazed by the feelings she felt. It was like electricity holding this Greek God’s most precious gift in her hands, she felt surges of desire rushing to her own precious gift. The longing and hunger between her legs was the most powerful thing she had ever felt. She wasn’t a virgin, but this was the most intense sexual desire she had ever felt.

Slowly she started stroking the length of the shaft, amazed by the length and girth. He was taller than any guy she had ever dated, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise that he would be bigger than any of them. Chase moaned his approval softly. Encouraged and emboldened by his response, she picked up the pace – still moving slowly but increasing speed.

“My balls, too.” he breathed heavily. Gina reached underneath the stiff rod pointed straight at her to find the heavy ball sack. She gently massaged the eggs in the scrotum. Chase moaned his satisfaction.

Gina felt the thickness of the pole in her hand swell, she marveled at the feeling that she was handling an independent living being.

“Gina! I’m almost there!” he hissed. She increased the pace of stroking the shaft while cupping the balls and softly tugging on the bag. Chase was breathing rapidly, his orgasm building deep in him. Her arm was working like a pump, fatigue causing it to burn but she didn’t want to stop.

She wanted him to cum. She wanted to be the one to make him cum. She had Chase’s cock and balls in her hands and she wanted his cum. She craved for it to be inside her, but she alsancak escort was willing to take it this way. She thrilled at the power she held in her hands. Chase had been aloof and kind of stuck up, but now she was in control of him. ‘Now who’s in charge?!’ she thought as a smirk twisted her face.

Chase tried not to think about what was happening, what would happen. What would happen if her mom found out? What was Gina going to want from him after this? Did this mean they were in a relationship? How do you tell your folks that your new girlfriend is your step sister? He pushed the thoughts aside, wanting the release he felt building in him.

It had been too long since someone else did the driving. He was too busy with school and having to work evenings and weekends to have much of a relationship. Yeah, he could make it come much faster, but this was always way more satisfying. Chase lowered his arms down from the top of the shower where he was supporting himself and put them on her shoulders. His knees were shaking. He knew it was close. “Gina…” he tried to warn her, but the eruption began anyway.

The head of his member discharged like a weapon, firing shots of semen at the source of the pleasure. His knees went weak and he struggled to keep standing. Gina continued to pump furiously as volley after volley arched and landed on her skin. She continued stroking him even after he stopped cumming. “Ok, ok.” he said, gently stopping her hands. He pulled her into him, holding her for support.

After taking a few moments to recover, Chase released the deliverer of his latest orgasm. He still didn’t have a plan, but he whispered to her, “Your turn.” When she stood frozen in place, he gently rotated her away from him by her shoulders until she was facing the wall.

Placing his lips next to her ear, he breathily directed, “Try to keep your hair dry.” She quickly moved to wrap her hair into a coil and hold it on top of her head.

He worked a rich lather into his powerful hands. Starting with her shoulders, he efficiently massaged the shoulders, arms, and back. Gina softly cooed with each rub, squeeze, and caress.

While Gina had hesitated to go below his waist, he wasted no time in going south. He spread the flat cheeks apart and rubbed powerful soapy fingers through the divide. When he found the pucker in the crevasse, the unfocused sawing motion turned into a highly focused probing motion. His strong index finger found the border of the ring and rubbed in a circle, bidding the flesh to open. Gina braced herself with both hands on the wet shower stall, her legs quivering.

“Ooh.” teased Chase, “Somebody loves her ass touched.” Gina’s moaning did nothing to counter the assertion but rather reinforced the observation. Unhurriedly, he replaced his finger with his larger thumb. He rubbed the closed pore like he was planning on going inside, gently pushing at the back door.

Just when it looked like she might accept the rear entry, he continued soaping and massaging his way down her skinny legs. Gina groaned in disappointment.

Soon he was eye level with her one brown eye. Chase imagined what exploring her fully would be like, taking all three of her openings and filling them with his cum.

While still crouching, he directed her to turn around. “Okay. Back’s done. Let’s do your front.” Gina rotated carefully until she was facing him, holding her hair away from the spray of hot water.

Chase started with her feet and worked his powerful, soapy hands up her thin legs. Gina reveled in the treatment.

As he neared the junction of legs to hips, she reflexively spread her legs to allow access to her pleasure center. His hands worked methodically towards her groin but then continued working upwards, soaping and massaging the smooth skin. Gina groaned with disappointment as her need went unsatisfied.

Chase ignored the young woman’s displeasure and continued the trajectory toward her head. His strong hands efficiently lathered the smooth flesh of her young stomach. Her eyes shone with desire but his were only focused on the task at hand.

Scrupulously avoiding the pert half domes perched high on her chest, he slipped smoothly around chest, sides, then onto her shoulders. “Rinse.” he stated simply.

Gina could barely contain her disappointment, but she held it in. She chided herself for getting her hopes up. What did she expect? she asked herself in frustration. He got what he wanted.

Turning in to the warm spray, she was surprised when his hands began to smooth away the lather. Once her front was cleared of soap, he directed her to turn around.

Gina carefully rotated her back to the spray, careful to keep her hair as dry as she could. His strong hands completed the task as quickly as they had her front.

“Let’s dry off and go to bed.” he said. Chase turned around and rinsed off as Gina exited the shower.

Her mind was racing, did buca escort he mean go to bed together or was he just dismissing her now that he had gotten what he wanted.

He shut off the water and climbed out. He found a towel and quickly dried. Gina stood expectantly next to him waiting for him to finish.

Now that he was satisfied, was he just going to leave her? He hadn’t even touched her boobs! Every guy can’t keep his hands off her tits and he hadn’t even touched them! Was he gay? Did he just use her for a release, so he could go to sleep easier than doing it himself? She trembled with agitation but held back the tears forming in her eyes.

Chase finished toweling off and turned toward her. He noticed she was just standing there trembling, her hair still damp from the shower overspray. “Are you cold?” he asked with concern, “Here, let’s finish drying you off and get you in a nice warm bed.” He pulled into his arms and reached for another towel on the vanity. He busily toweled her hair while she clung to him like a frightened child clinging to its mother. Gently he pushed her back and removed the towel between them. She looked puzzled until he pulled her back into his embrace. “Let my body warm you.” he said softly, continuing to dry her damp hair. She squeezed his powerful chest, her nose nuzzling just below his square chin. His tenderness softened her doubt. She pressed firm breasts into his chest, hoping for a response. She wondered if she should say anything.

He gently pushed her shoulders back, reluctantly she released her grip. She looked up into in his face, trying to read his expression. “I need to do your legs.” he simply explained. He dropped quietly to his knees, a towel in hand. Quickly he ran the towel over her damp skin, then his hands using the friction to heat the cool damp skin. She placed her hands on his shoulders as much as for balance as for the need to touch him, get him to tell her he didn’t just use her. As his hands moved up her thigh, she reflexively bent her knees apart creating more of a gap between them.

Chase stared ahead at the thin patch of fur just inches from his nose. He busied himself working her legs, but he was thinking about what he wanted to be doing. She had just stroked him off, would she want him to reciprocate? Why did she do it? She didn’t have to, it wasn’t like they were dating or anything. She was practically a stranger living in his house.

Well, she had touched him, so it must be okay to touch her, he rationalized. He guided his hand up her leg until it neared the curly soft patch of hair. She spread her legs wider as his hand neared her other lips. He slowed his upward progress and pushed his hand back and forth like a saw, just grazing the swollen lips. Gina moaned her approval and squatted slightly moving her wetness closer to his strong hand. Chase continued his slow hand movements at the opening. She bent her knees more, spreading them wider and coaxing his hand to her hot box. He continued rubbing back and forth, now inside the outer lips but not inside her. Gina moaned her need.

She put one hand on the back of his head, drawing him closer. “Put ’em in!” she hissed. Chase changed the angle of motion, until two spread fingers were traversing both sides of the now dripping slot. “Oh, God!” she exclaimed. “Right there!”

He inhaled her musky aroma and the soft smell of bath soap they had shared. He wanted to taste her, but she was now moving herself back and forth on his fingers. It was his hand between her lips, but she was controlling the pace and path of travel. She was ramming his hand further and further through the valleys between the inner and outer labia until his knuckles were slamming into the engorged clit with each stroke.

Her pace quickened, her need now consuming her. Any questions about motive or intention now displaced by the lust that burned all other thoughts from her sex embroiled brain. She had been so in tune with his need before, now she just wanted her own satisfaction.

She pushed his face into her bush, not expecting anything more, not really aware of everything going on around her. She was so intently focused on the sensation building inside her. She thrilled at the strength of the intensity when the first blast of orgasm shook her body. She dropped to her knees on the floor as another spasm rocked her entire frame. Chase’s hand fell away her honey source. He held her as the orgasm shook her again. He wondered for a few seconds if she was having a seizure. No woman had ever had an orgasm like that before, at least not with him.

Slowly Gina descended from the heavens. Tears flowed softly from her eyes. The experience left her drained and limp in his strong arms. After a while she found herself kneeling on the bathroom floor in his embrace. He was stroking her hair, his erection poking her where their bodies met. “That was the best ever!” she whispered, “You are a god!”

“That was unusual.” he admitted, “But that wasn’t anything I did. I’m just glad I got to see that. I mean I’ve heard stories and well…” he paused, “You know, I’ve seen it in pornos, but that was amazing!”

Chase looked her directly in the eyes. “Gina, you know we can’t tell anybody about this. If our parents found out that we were fooling around…”

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