Chasing Fate


Last summer on a business trip to Chicago, I had a life altering event which has sent my life in a whole new direction. Until then, I was happily married man with a very attractive wife and had what I assumed what was an active and healthy sex life. We’ve talked about having children, but given that both of our jobs require us to travel quite a bit, we decided to put it off until our jobs require less time away from home.

Both my wife and I are in our early thirties and we still have our life in front of us to build a family. Ann is a beautiful blonde with a dynamite body. We met in college and she has always been up for sex. I really cannot think of a time when she turned down my advances. On the contrary, in many cases it was she who began our love play. I guess that’s one reason that I might glance at other women, but never gave serious thought about cheating on my wife.

Then last summer a man seduced me on a business trip and tapped a hidden desire I never knew existed. I don’t believe I ever thought much about seeing a naked guy in the shower at the local gym or even watching a porn movie with my wife or a couple of buddies. Then in one afternoon, my world was turned upside down when a total stranger made me his “bitch”. I sucked my first cock and let him fuck my ass. Since that initial encounter with another man, I have not been able to get the picture out of my mind. There I was, kneeling before a man I had never met before, as I ran my tongue over his balls and sucked on his cock.

I found that when Ann and I made love, as I closed my eyes I pictured it was his dick going into my ass instead of my cock into her pussy. I would watch Ann licking on my dick and envision I was going down on that cock. Don’t get me wrong. Sex with my wife was still great but I couldn’t get the scenes out of my mind which played over and over.

On the occasions Ann was out of the house traveling or shopping, I would jump on our computer and surf the Internet for gay sites. The more video I watched, the more my desire for gay sex continued to build. I was always careful to erase the history on our browser so Ann did not see what her husband was viewing. On the couple of occasions we had watched porn movies together in the past, she had always cited her dislike for girl on girl scenes. If she thought me watching lesbian videos were disgusting, I could not fathom what she would think of her husband’s new found desire for gay sex.

One evening I found an adult personals site and created a screen name for myself. After a couple of weeks I became brave enough to contact someone who lived in my city. His name was David and he had several photos posted. He didn’t post any nude photos, but from those he featured on the site, he was well built. David had sandy blonde hair, a good tan, and appeared to be in his mid to late twenties.

I left a message for him on the website message board to contact me if interested using the screen name I had created. In a couple of days he returned my email and we started emailing each other frequently sharing a little bit about ourselves. I was careful not to reveal too much about myself but I did share my first gay experience and told him I was a married man but anxious to experience another encounter with a man.

David encouraged us to get together but each time I found an excuse why we couldn’t. I suppose something in the back of mind kept saying this was a bad idea while something else kept tugging at me…pushing me to set a date for the two us to meet.

Then one evening during supper, Ann stated she wanted to visit her mom and dad for the weekend. She asked if I had any plans and I told her that I had a ton of things to do at the office and around the house but encouraged her to go ahead and visit. That evening, while my wife was in the den watching a show, I emailed David and told him my weekend was free. The next morning before I headed off to the office I checked my email and David had already read my message and emailed me back.

He provided the name and address of a bar in town which was gay friendly. While I had never heard of the bar, I was familiar with that area and told him I would be there Friday after work.

I left the office early on Friday to get a jump on the traffic. I had knots in my stomach as I drove to our rendezvous. Should I be doing this? Would it be as exciting as the first time? Entering the bar, it did not look any different than any other bar I had been to. There was quite a crowd already and I did notice some were paired off with people of the same sex but nothing quite like I had imagined. I guess I had let my imagination run wild with what people would be wearing and doing but it was pretty much like any other bar. I ordered a beer and sat at a table watching the door. I was on my third beer when David walked in the bar. He looked every bit like the pictures he posted on his site. He scanned the room before our eyes locked and I motioned him over. He smiled and walked confidently over gaziantep escort to the table. David looked at my beer and stated he hoped he hadn’t kept me waiting.

I ordered David a beer as he settled in taking a long sip from the frosty mug. We began chatting about little things in our day and I felt so comfortable around my new friend. After several beers, he began sharing how he too had been married and once considered himself to be a die-hard heterosexual. David revealed that a guy who went to work at his company began to make subtle advances. At first taken back by such overtures, he soon became curious and eventually found himself giving in. After several months, he and his wife separated and he and his coworker got an apartment together.

David saw the look in my eyes as he shared his story. He reached over and put his hand on top of mine on the table. “Don’t worry Larry,” “Mark knows I’m here. He actually encouraged me to contact you.” My mind was racing at the thought of two guys. I had prepared myself for meeting David but it never occurred to me that it might be a threesome. Yet, I felt the warmth from David’s hand and the electricity it seemed to generate through my body.

“Look, let’s go back to my place and have a drink. Mark’s interested in meeting you too. If you feel uncomfortable, you can leave and we’ll both understand,” said David. That didn’t sound unreasonable. If I got into something that was over my head, I would just get the hell out. “Okay, let’s do it,” I replied.

We drove over to David’s apartment which was not far from the bar. A good thing with all the beers I had already consumed. We pulled up in front of his apartment and David exited his car smiling at me. “Thanks for coming. Our apartment is on the second floor.” We walked up a couple of flights as I felt David’s hand rub across my back every time we turned a corner. He pushed open his door and entered holding the door open for me.

“Mark, we’re here,” he said as we both walked in. I looked around the den which was well furnished with a nice plasma TV over the fireplace mantle. A stereo was playing in the background as I took in the surroundings. Mark entered the room from the hallway and I’m sure he saw the surprise on my face. Mark was clad only in a pair of gym shorts but the real shock was Mark was black. He had to be 6’3 as he filled the hall door. “I take it you’re Larry,” Mark said as he extended his hand to me. I found it hard to talk as I finally managed to meekly reply, “Yes…and you’re Mark?”

“From your expression I suppose Dave didn’t tell you I’m black,” Mark said as he walked over to the couch and sat down. “Is that a problem for you?” “No,” I replied, “I guess I just wasn’t thinking…” Mark cut off my rambling reply as he told David to get us all something to drink.

“I’m sorry, you were saying…,” Mark said looking back at me. “Nothing really, it’s nice to meet you.” David handed us our beers as I watched Mark gulp down most of the bottle before setting it on the table. Mark glanced over at David and said, “Dave, why don’t you get comfortable while Larry and I get to know each other better.” David left the room as Larry began asking me about what I did for a living. I was hesitant to reveal much about my personal life but I guess the beer was beginning to loosen my tongue and Mark was so matter of fact about it all. I could certainly see how David’s will had melted with this guy. His gaze seemed to penetrate right through me.

I heard David in the kitchen and Mark turned in that direction and said, “Dave, bring us a couple more beers when you come.” I was blown away when David turned the corner from the kitchen. He held two beers in one hand and one in the other. But what blew me away was he was buck assed naked. I gazed at his tanned chest and there in each nipple was a small gold ring hanging from the hard little tips. His stomach was completely flat, with chiseled abs that would make anyone in the gym envious. My eyes were also glued to his crotch where his cock swung back and forth as he walked into the room. Then it dawned on me that he was completely shaved. There was not a hair on his crotch as he handed Mark his beer, then mine, and sat down on the floor at Mark’s feet.

Mark reached out and rubbed his big hand through David’s hair. “I think Larry’s a bit overwhelmed,” said Mark. My gaze was fixed on the little gold rings dangling from David’s nipples. Mark must have noticed as he bent down and pulled on David’s left nipple, rubbing it between his fingers and thumb as David closed his eyes letting his head roll back on Mark’s leg.

“I see you’re fascinated with David’s nipples.” “Actually David had his nipples pierced when he committed himself to me and moved in. “I’ve just never seen a guy with nipple rings,” I said. “And it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a guy who shaves his crotch.” Mark smiled as he pulled on David’s nipple. “I like to keep him that way.”

Even with the buzz I had going from the beer, his reply shot through me… “I keep him that way!” It was the way you talk about property. Now things were perfectly clear, David was submissive to Mark. It all made sense now. I had read stories in magazines about dominant and submissive relationships; I had just not encountered one, at least not like that. My mind raced as I thought about what I had told David about my encounter in Chicago. How I let a stranger seduce me in a sauna, take me back to my hotel room, where I sucked his cock and let him fuck my ass. He had called me his bitch and I admitted… I was his bitch.”

Did Mark intend to use me like he apparently uses David? Even as loaded I was on the beers, I was not about to leave my wife and get caught up in that type of relationship. “Larry?” I was pulled out of my thoughts with Mark looking dead into my eyes. “What were you thinking about? Were you thinking of what it would be like to suck on my cock? You ever had a black dick before Larry? Ever had a black dick fill your mouth? My heart was beating fast as Mark looked down at David and said, “Dave, why don’t you show Larry what he wants to see. David gently kissed Mark’s knee as he turned around and began pulling at the top of Mark’s shorts. Mark’s eyes never left mine as he took a gulp from his beer and rubbed his other hand across the back of David’s head.

When David had freed Mark of the shorts and slipped them off his legs he moved to one side so that Mark’s crotch came into view. His cock was enormous. I can’t recall seeing one as large and it wasn’t even fully erect. David reached down with his lips and lifted the head of Mark’s cock, taking it into his mouth. He moved up and down on it as his lips slid over the head and down the shaft. David took his right hand and began pumping the black cock which disappeared in his mouth.

I stared at David as he knelt before Mark on his knees working his head up and down on the shaft. Mark continued to toy with David’s nipple, pulling on the little gold ring, while never breaking his gaze on me. I could feel my dick getting harder and harder in my pants as I watched my new friend submitting to his lover. I watched David’s dick began to swell. I was still taken back by his shaved crotch. The absence of hair seemed to make his cock and balls stand out at it began to sway back and forth and he worked on Mark’s cock.

Mark broke the silence, filled only by the stereo which played faintly in the background and David’s slurping sounds as he licked and swallowed his prize. “Larry, why don’t you take those clothes off and show me what you’ve got under there.”

My eyes never left the scene before me as I felt myself pulling my shirt over my head. I slipped off my shoes and socks and stood as I unbuckled my belt. I undid my trousers and pushed them down my legs. I stepped free of the pants that were bundled around my ankles standing before Mark in my boxers. He just stared at me as he said, “Those too.”

I pulled my boxers off and stood there waiting for Mark’s next command. That’s what it was – a command. He was in control the moment he had shook my hand when we met. “Turn around Larry, I want to get a look at that ass of yours,” Mark said appraisingly. I faced the other direction. “Good, now bend over and spread your cheeks.” I didn’t think twice as I bent over and pulled my ass apart with both hands. I heard Mark chuckle as he said, “That’s good, really good. Now why don’t you crawl over here and join Dave sucking my dick.”

I turned around and slid down to my hands and knees and crawled over to the couch. David moved to one side as he pulled the black dick from his mouth and held it out for me. It was slick with David’s saliva. “Go ahead,” said David. “You’ll love it.” I hesitated for only a second as I bent over and kissed the head of his dick. Mark wrapped a hand around the back of my head and pushed his dick into my mouth. I moved my head up and down on the huge pole as Mark fucked my face. I felt David get up and I took my place where he had knelt. Mark reached down, and as he had with David, twisted my right nipple between his thumb and finger.

“You like that black cock don’t you Larry?,” Mark sneered. I didn’t reply as he again questioned, “You like my black cock in your mouth don’t you boy?” This time he twisted harder on my nipple as I nodded up and down, my mouth filled with his cock. “Tell me then, tell me what you like.” “I like your cock in my mouth,” I replied removing his dick now dripping with my saliva. Mark took his dick in his hand and rubbed it across my face, pressing it against my lips, continuing to taunt me, telling me how I was now hooked on his black dick.

He told me to turn around on all fours. I looked back as I saw him pull out some lube from the end table beside the couch. I had fantasized about taking a dick in my ass for months but a terror ran through me as I thought about how big he was. “Mark, you’re way too big for me…” Mark cut me off in mid sentence. “Don’t worry white boy, I’ll go slow on your little cherry ass. I know you had a dick there before but you ain’t never had a dick like this.” I felt his thumb pushing into my ass, spreading lube, as he opened me up for the invasion of his giant pole. His thumb felt good as he pushed and twisted it in my ass. I pushed back as he grabbed a cheek in his hand. Then I felt the head of his dick at my asshole and he pushed slowly until the head popped in. My asshole clinching tightly around the crown of his dick.

Then it hit me. He wasn’t wearing a condom. “Wait… I want you to fuck me but put on a condom.” Mark pushed forward as he laughed, “Boy I don’t wear no condoms. Believe me, before we’re done, you’ll be begging me to bury my come up your ass. You won’t be able to get enough of my juice,” he replied as he pushed further and further in my ass. “Please Mark…..,” I begged. “You’re a polite mother fucker aren’t cha’. Just shut up and fuck.”

I thought he was going to split me in two. I begged him to take it out but Mark just laughed, pulling slowly out and then pushing back in. He held firmly on my ass and laid across my back when I tried to squirm away. Eventually I knew there was no way I could squeeze out of this man’s grasp as he lay across my back and pushed further into my ass.

I felt him reach around and grab my dick. I was surprised that it was limp with everything that as going on. I did have some cum that seemed to leak from the head of my dick. He wiped it up with his fingers and reached up and stuck his fingers in my mouth. I opened my mouth and tasted my own cum. “Tell me how much you like my black dick in your ass.” I knew what I had to say and actually as the pain was beginning to give way I found myself meeting his thrust. I could feel his pubic hair as it rubbed up against my cheeks…the warmth of his dick in my hole. “I love your black dick in my ass. Fuck me with you big black dick. Yes, I love your cock,” I cried out. “You want my cum in your white boy ass?” Mark asked. “Yes, please fill me with your cum. I want to feel your hot cum,” I shouted back. Mark grunted and he pushed harder, pushing his hands into the middle of my back. Then I felt his warm liquid as he slammed into my ass over and over until he pulled his dick free with a loud pop, sliding his dick across the crack of my ass. He squirted one more time across my cheek as he rubbed his black hose across my butt, drawing little circles on my cheeks.

“Turn around,” he commanded. I did and stared at the black cock that bobbled between his legs. “That was good boy….did you get it all David?, he asked, looking over to the kitchen. I looked over and there was David with a camcorder in his hands. My heart felt like it sunk into my stomach. I started to leap up when Mark caught my shoulder and pulled me roughly back to the floor. “Whoa boy. Don’t worry. That’s just our fun tape. It’s not going anywhere. That is if you’re a good boy.” What the hell do you mean good boy?” I replied. “No one need ever see that except us. And one day you’ll ask to see it over and over,” Mark replied.

What did he mean one day? I had not meant this to be anything other than a one time thing. Clearly Mark had other plans. “Look Mark, I’m a married man…and maybe this was a bad idea.” “Bad idea or not,” said Mark, “You need to start listening instead of giving me lip. Now are you gonna’ listen or do we need to mail a copy of that to your little wife? Let her know how much you like dick. I’ll bet she’ll really like seeing something like that.”

What had I gotten myself into? “Now, what’s it gonna’ be Larry?, asked Mark” I knew he was much too big for me to overpower. I felt a cold rush over me as I dropped my head and said I’d listen. “Very good,” he replied. “Now, David and I are just looking for a little fun and you’ve already proven you’re a lot of fun. I know you’re married and that’s okay. But when I call you and tell you to come over, you get you ass over here. Do you understand?” I was blown away. I couldn’t believe what he was asking. “Do you understand?, he asked again. “I understand,” I heard myself meekly reply.

“Good, bring that over here Dave.” David walked over and handed Mark the video camera. “Now to show me you fully understand, Dave here needs a blowjob.” Dave walked over to where I was still sitting on the floor, his dick slightly erect. I looked over at Mark on the couch who stared at me with growing impatience. I reached up and took David’s dick and brought it to my mouth. I licked the shaft and brought it back between my lips as David grasped my head with both hands. I stroked his dick with one hand as I wrapped my other around his ass.

“That’s it,” directed Mark from the couch. “Now suck on his balls.” I took David’s balls in my mouth, as I continued to stroke his dick with my hand. It was much smaller than Mark’s and fit easily in my hand as I rubbed its head.

“I think he gonna’ cum. You going to cum Dave?” asked Mark. David nodded as his grip on my head tightened. “Suck his cock Larry. Let him cum down your throat and don’t let me find any wasted sperm or you’ll do it again.”

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