Chasing Little Red Riding Hood

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Chasing Little Red Riding Hood

The Adventures of Rosa

By Diego Royo © 2019

Every day he jogged up the mountain a little more, pushing his forty-two year old body harder.

Tres Pistola Trail went for miles up a rocky canyon from his home in Carnue. His back yard and salt water swimming pool basically gave him private access to a whole National Forest. The trail went eventually, after twelve miles, to the South Sandia Peak.

And every day he pushed further up the mountain, trying to get back into shape. He had been a fat slob for too long.

Then one day, the most exciting and unexpected things happened. He was passed by a naked athletic woman.

Long, strong legs. Firm, round ass that was perfect. Minimal body fat that resulted in her anus and shaved pussy being clearly visible. Small, firm, bouncy tits with wide areolas and large dark nipples.

She was a mix of Hispanic, Native, and Anglo features, beautiful black hair, and the cutest, most innocent face a girl could have.

And she had just passed him, looking back at him with a smile. Her red sneakers and red backpack and nothing else.

“Looking good, old man. Push harder!” she shouted back at him.

Old man? That was a direct assault on his pride and male insecurities! But he was too stunned seeing her ass to protest. He sped up and tried to keep up with her, but she quickly outpaced him and left him winded.

“What the fuck? Damn!”

He went jogging and hiking, alternating between both, every day after that, hoping to catch a glimpse of her again. The mysterious Naked Jogger was on his mind and in his fantasies, and more than once he had rubbed one out to the fantasy of him catching her, and having his way with her. Not rape, really. Just willful submission after he demonstrated his manliness.


He almost gave up, but went out in the afternoon anyway. And to his delight, caught her coming down the trail into the canyon on the edge of their neighborhood.

Tits bouncing, sweat gleaming off her perfect figure, listening to music as she moved. Nothing but sneakers and her backpack again, both red.

“Little Red Riding Hood,” he muttered, wanting to be her wolf.

She saw him and didn’t stop, only smiled a little.

“Good afternoon, grandpa. Keep up the good work!” she said as she sprinted by.

“Hey! Who are you?” he called after her.

Seeing that perfect ass jiggling, he gave chase. Why not? He wanted to get her number, ask her out to dinner, anything to keep this amazing person in his life. Who jogs naked except something kinky and exciting?

She looked back and saw him gaining on her. They were going down hill after all, back towards Carnue. She smiled and picked up her pace.

“I just want to ask you out to dinner! Hey!”

She stopped and waited for him, hands on hips, standing tall and proud. Fuck, she shaved her pussy and there was her smooth vulva with her clitoris sticking out a little.

Panting, winded, out of breath, exhausted, he staggered up to her and smiled. “Hey, I live here in Carnue. Are you a neighbor?”

“I might be. But I don’t need any stalkers. I like my privacy, old man.”

“I’m only forty-two.”

“More than twice my age. Look, I don’t mind you looking. Almost no one uses this trail or continues up to the mountain, so I have it to myself most of the time. Don’t spoil it.”

“Well that’s good to know,” he said, still panting. “It would be a lot cooler if I could jog naked, too. Maybe I’ll try it.”

“Suit yourself.”

“I just wanted to ask you to dinner.”

She cocked her head and smiled. “Maybe if you can catch me and pin me down, I’ll concede to a date. But you still have a beer belly and you clearly can’t breathe.”

She spun around, showing off her gorgeous ass, and took off running again. There were other hikers ahead, so she stopped and put on a red hoodie that barely covered her thighs from her backpack. Ah, so she always carried clothes, that was good.

The idea of jogging and hiking naked in the woods, beyond the public places, appealed to him. He decided to do the same thing she did every morning at dawn. Sneakers, shorts in his pack with lots of water, and took off naked himself.

It felt great. The coolness between his legs and balls helped invigorate and motivate him even more. He noticed considerably more endurance. It was exciting, the threat of getting caught drove him harder.

He found her routine and started matching it. She always started at day break, so she must live nearby. There were so many hidden paths and boulders in the way, who knew what house was hers. That didn’t matter anyway.

Every day he pushed himself higher up the canyon and into the mountain. Getting behind Red, he got to admire her form and ass as he tried to keep pace with her. But she always smiled and sped up, losing him eventually. But it was getting harder for her to lose him.

If he started before she did, he would do his best to not get caught by her. She accepted the challenge and eventually güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri caught up to him, and then passed him.

“Getting better, old man! Nice balls! Maybe if you catch me someday I’ll let you drain them into me.”

Indeed, his balls flopped about, and his penis did the same. He knew he was well endowed and had hoped that would entice her. Once she passed him after he had put all of his effort into staying ahead of her, he was done. Winded beyond winded, and had to hike back down in defeat.

They played this game for some time. Weeks going by. Lots of pains and aches he had never had before. He had to buy better shoes.

Then the chase was on early in the morning. He faked being tired and going slow, and then nearly caught up to her. His body was lean and tight, and he had an erection as he ran. Good blood flow, good stamina, he felt amazing.

She smiled and got away, but had to run like hell to keep ahead of him.

“Looking good, old man,” she called back. “If you catch me, you can fuck me. Forget the dinner.”

He only smiled. “Even better,” he replied.

But he didn’t let up. He knew the trail well now. Where to sprint and where not to. He found her catching her breath, bent over, the treasure between her legs beckoning as his reward, sweat dripping from her clit.

Her eyes went wide. “Still at it?” Then she started up again. He kept going, his heart pounding.

Up and up they went. Two naked joggers with the trail to themselves. Now hiking more so than running. The forest thick, the view of the city far below, the birds chirping indignantly at their passing.

She stopped to lay down and sun on a rock. He did the same down trail where he could admire her. The cool crisp air of the higher altitude against his skin. Plenty of water still in his pack.

She watched him across the space between them, a cliffside trail. He was erect at being watched, his hard, thick penis a thing of admiration. He had no trouble getting women because of it. But he only wanted the girl half his age now, his prey.

She got up and started running again. He bided his time and lay back, hands behind his head, confident of his predatory power now.

The hunt continued all morning. He had gone to the top now several times, but it had taken building up his endurance and pushing himself. Now it seemed easy.

Every so often he caught a glimpse of her up ahead. Rain came and he was invigorated by the cold and wet and fog. The weather could change from summer desert to fall in an hour.

On other days he had followed her, hoping to catch her, she had eluded him. He then would see that she was going down-trail. She must have hid and waited for him to pass. So he knew that she could hide and wait for him to pass anytime. Too many places to hide in the forest.

But this time she didn’t. He kept a steady pace while she stayed ahead of him, naked body bouncing and inviting and begging to be fucked. The sun returned but thunder threatened more rain later. The air smelled divine.

There was a separate canyon and a small stream at the bottom. It indicated two thirds of the way to the top. The last part would be intense. He found Red at the bottom sitting in the stream, throwing water on herself. He jogged up to her and stopped, and then began throwing water on his salty body as well.

“Hi,” she said, assessing him. “I guess you caught me.”

“You stopped to rest, that doesn’t count.”

She was breathing hard as he was. But he wasn’t finished. But maybe she was.

Standing up wet and sexy as hell, her backpack and sneakers off for the moment, she walked over to him and fell to her knees, and took his semi-erect cock into one hand. He couldn’t believe it. This shit didn’t happen in real life.

“I think you earned it, big man. I’m impressed you kept at it for months now. You got into shape just to keep up with me.”

She licked his salty balls, suckling on them, moaning with delight. Her face was so beautiful, and her willingness to be intimate the greatest honor a man could receive, second only to a devoted wife having his children.

Then she licked up and down his now very erect shaft, pulling his foreskin back to show his pink, engorged mushroom. He moaned as she sucked on the tip, and then expertly deep-throated him.

“Hey, you’re going to make me come. I don’t even know your name.”

With hand and mouth, she worked his cock like she was desperately hungry. All eight inches of thick meat down her throat, and she licked his balls while gagging on it. Then she let it slide out as she recovered.

“I don’t know your name, either. But I’m hungry for your cum.”

With both hands she worked his cock and made him cum into her open mouth. He shuddered and moaned as he watched his sperm erupt onto her tongue. Then she swished it around with her tongue and swallowed.

“Strong, healthy man. Yummy. Shall we go back down?”

“You’re done running?” Then he turned her around and slapped her bare ass. She gasped. “Don’t quit güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri on me now. I want to chase you down and fuck you like a wolf. Fair and square. Maybe I’ll fuck you in the ass when I catch you.”

“Hey, chill. I could outrun you any day old man. I took pity. You did well. And I don’t do anal. You’re way too big for that.”

He found himself getting angry. But calmed himself. Time to turn the tables.

“I don’t believe you. You gave me head start to hide the fact that I’m a better athlete.” He then pulled from his backpack a small tube of KY. “I’ve been chasing you ass because that’s what I want to drill hard and fill up.”

She took a step back, looking a little pissed. “You are not a better athlete. I’ll take that bet. And when I’m at the top and you’re not?”

“What do you want?”

“I get to use my strap-on to your ass. And you have to eat me out whenever I want. And do yard work naked as well as wash my car. For one month, if you’re so fucking confident.”

“That to one ass-fucking? Then I want the same for a month.”

“No, you get pleasure from my ass. I only get to use a dildo. One week to my month.”

“Done. I’ll even give you a one minute head start since we’re refreshed. As soon as you got your sneakers back on.”

They shook on it, and then she got her shoes and pack back on and took off. “See you later, old man.”

One minute later he got going. Nice and steady, no rush, no hurry. Not until the end.

For an hour no she saw no sign of him. She ran her little ass off, not daring to let that old man beat her. Not just for her ass’s sake, but her pride. That arrogant shit! She had even swallowed his cum, and he dared to push it. Rosa thought for sure he’d die of a heart attack.

So she would put him in his place and get her pussy licked for a month. She had no time in her career for relationships anyway. This flirting had been fun. And she loved jogging nude alone, and had been pissed this new neighbor was intruding. But she couldn’t have the canyon and mountain to herself forever.

The trees became further apart, and soon she was more exposed at about ten thousand feet. It was colder. She also had to watch for other hikers who came from other trails. Her heart thudded. She was almost there. Of course she had climbed rocks off trail to save a mile. Her muscles burned from the climb, but she wanted to make sure to win now.

The trees were gone. The top was only a few hundred feet now. She checked to make sure he wasn’t gaining on her, then took her pack off and got out water to drink. She looked out over the city. Such a beautiful sight.

Glancing down the trail often, no sign of him. “Fucking old man. No ass for you!”

Fog rolled in and the sun vanished behind dark clouds. A real storm was coming now.

She sat on a rock, liking the feeling of it’s warmth against her pussy while it grew cold around her. Niples hardened.

And then the unthinkable.

“Out of gas, Little Red Riding Hood?” He said as he ran past her, swerving in from some other trail she had not been watching. The fog!

“Motherfucker!” She shouted, then choked on water as she stood up.

No time even for the pack! With only sneakers she ran after him. He was fucking booking it now! She watched his wonderfully firm ass jiggle as he sprinted to the top with everything he had. She had to run with everything she had, too!

But she gained on him. Slowly, but she gained on him. Not having the pack helped. He saw this and shed his own pack. Shit! Fuck, how had he gotten this fit? She had to really run her ass off now.

Just when she was about to pass him, he turned and grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up, then brought her down on the grass. Before she could even react he was eating her out and fingering her pussy.

“What the fuck?”

Her back arched and she grabbed his wet, sweaty curly black hair. “Oh yeah,” she breathed, realizing she needed sex more than she had thought.

He was breathing hard, fingering her pussy as he gulped down air. Then he would eat her out some more, tongue digging into her opening, sucking and licking her clit.

Fuck, this old man had skill.

It began pouring rain, hard and icy at such altitudes, and an intense orgasm made her scream out. She lay there, dazed, her sweat and cum between her legs being washed away by a hard rain.

But he was gone. She heard running fading fast and got to her feet and started running. Naked, unencumbered by her pack, angry and determined, she ran hard.

“Cheater! Pinche cabron!”

Red was almost upon him. The last of his strength spent. Only the chill of the rain and fog kept him going.

Then he thought of that perfect ass. Anus visible all the time as she jogged, dark and inviting and tight.

He ran harder! So close to the top. The sky cleared and he saw it. A half circle of rocks, white and gray granite.

“Bastard!” She shouted. “Cheater!”

He ran harder. She caught up anyway being lighter and faster. güvenilir bahis şirketleri They were evenly matched for a moment.

She tripped him and he went down hard and rolled, but rolled right back to his feet and kept going.

She lost her shoe tripping him and threw off her other shoe to keep going in low-cut socks.

He passed her and with everything he had, sprinted hard, flying over the smooth worn rocks and up to the goal.

And won moments before she did. With a groan she stopped, slowly fell to her knees, and fell flat on a boulder.

He hooted and hollered as he collapsed.

He beat her. Despite being tripped, he still beat her. She couldn’t believe it. At once she regretted being petty. She had kind of wanted to get laid all along.

She had wanted him to grab her when she passed many times to just kiss her. She had been fantasizing about it for months.

But yet ass? Shit, that was different. The thought of that giant cock forcing its way into her tiny pooper both scared her and excited her.

She lay on the stone and got on all fours.

“Catch your breath and let’s get it over with. My ass is literally yours.”

She kind of hoped he’d be a gentleman and not collect his debt. And she kind of hoped he was an alpha man and took it when freely offered.

But he went back to his pack, and she followed. She got her lost sneakers along the way and carried them. They both got water and drank deeply.

He looked at her, his cock harder than ever. It had been a couple hours since drained into her belly, he felt recharged. He brought out the KY, dumped some in his hand, and rubbed it all over his cock.

She sighed and got on all fours in the soft grass that the bare mountain offered. The fog rolled in, and then it began to rain steadily. She was shivering as he got behind her and stuck his lubed thumb up her anus, massaging it, opening it.

“Oh shit,” she hissed.

“For months I’ve watched this ass get away, jiggling, taunting me,” he breathed as he pushed his tip against her anus.

So tight, it did not yield. He pressed harder, watching rain drops glisten on the lubricant around her ass and his cock.

Then anus stretched, and Red grunted and hissed, resting her head on the ground with ass in the air for him to use. He pushed in more, and the amazing feel of hot tightness gave promise to more pleasure.

He did not want to hurt her, but he didn’t want to grow soft and be forced back out, either.

“It will be better if I push all the way in. Then we’ll relax until you get used to it.

“Ok,” she replied meekly.

He thrust into her, shaft sliding into open anus that tried to close against him, tight and smooth. It felt amazing, his balls tightening, cock hardening, until he was balls against her clit.

She screamed out, bucking. “Fuck! Too big!”

He stopped and moved slowly and gently. “Easy, just relax, let your rectum adjust.”

She groaned and shook, toes curling, rain soaking them both. Then the rain stopped as abruptly as it had come, and a sunray burst through the clouds to illuminate green grass and wet granite.

He grabbed her waist to keep her firmly locked, and slowly pumped back and forth.

“I wish you knew how this felt for me.”

“I wish you could feel what I do, too!” She groaned. “Too much! So intense.”

There she was on her knees, ass in air, resting her head on her arms and taking it like a champ.

It was so intense feeling her anus finally get forced open, and so much cock slip deep into her rectum. The big thrust hurt! Her legs shook, and she was cold now from the rain.

What had she gotten herself into? On top of a bald mountain in clear sight where other hikers might arrive anytime from easier trails than they had taken.

She felt his balls touch her clitoris, which sparked a twinkle of pleasure, igniting more pleasure. It actually started feeling good, which helped her relax. Won’t shit right for days, though!

Familiar with pain, having broken her leg and suffered migraines, she put it in perspective and took it bravely. In and out his cock went, and she felt every inch of veiny hardness. In, and out, like her breathing.

The sun actually came out. A ray that pierced the fog, then it’s glorious heat struck her cold, wet back.

He started going faster, and the muscles deep inside relaxed enough to not hurt. He pumped her ass deeply, digging in, balls now slapping her pussy.

“Oh god, oh shit, you’re so big,” she muttered through gritted teeth. “Fuck, ugh, uh huh, oh god…”

She was loosing it as he grabbed her waist and fucked her ass good and hard, grunting as he did so. They were totally exposed now, the storm passing quickly.

The cool air and hot sun, the amazing view in all directions at the summit. And she, Little Red Riding Hood he had called yet, caught by the old, hurry wolf fucking the shit out of her.

“I’m actually going to fucking come, oh my god!”

And she did. The most intense orgasm she could remember of her twenty-four years of life. And he could feel him coming inside her ass next, which made her come again, and again, a kind of rolling orgasm mixed with pain.

He grunted and gasped as he fell onto her, flattening her down on the grass to her belly. She spread her legs and let him keep pumping her ass.

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