Cheat Days Ch. 05



I rolled over, feeling a wet mess between my legs as my well-fucked pussy dripped from the attentions my neighbour Eve had been giving to it.

“Sit up,” Eve told me.

I sat up on the bed, feeling light-headed and tingly. I felt her hands on me, as she tugged my babydoll off. I cooperated as much as I could in my sex stupor, but she did most of the work. I felt the air of the room on my bare skin and it felt nice. A moment later I felt her lips kissing my neck and then my shoulders and that was nicer. Her hands reached around from behind and clasped my breasts, massaging them as she nibbled.

“OHhhh,” I moaned, arching for her.

“You are just luscious,” she rasped against my ear between little bites and sucks. “Your skin is so soft.”

“Mmmmm,” I acknowledged, lost in sensation.

She guided me to lie back down, on my front. I felt her lay atop me so her bare breasts were on my back, so I’m guessing she took off her corset at some point. Her hard nipples and toned body pinning me to the bed felt so sexy. Eve continued to kiss and lick along my shoulders and neck and ears. I grasped the bed sheets and whimpered.

Eve kissed her way down my spine, caressing my skin and making me shiver. She gave a sexy love-bite in the small of my back that made me gasp and wriggle. Then her hands were on my buttocks, kneading them firmly, as her lips bit and kissed along my round cheeks.

“You have such a juicy ass,” she told me in between suckling bites of my skin. I moaned and shuddered with the attention.

Nuzzling into the bed, tugging the sheets, I felt delirious with sensation. No one had ever paid so much attention to so many parts of my body, or to me in general. I felt tingly all over, experiencing things I’d never imagined. Parts of me that had never been touched, let alone adored. It felt so good.

I was dreamy with pleasure, half-comatose with it, so it took me a moment to register what Eve was doing. Her hands had been kneading and appreciating my round bottom, squeezing and groping the full cheeks. She started pushing them together and then pushing them apart with the heels of her palms. I just savoured the massage. But then she surprised me. The next time she pushed my cheeks up and open, I felt her warm, wet tongue drag a line down the groove between the cheeks, licking my ass. I shivered and arched my head back.


I was too dizzy to know what else to say, and then I felt her deft tongue teasing my crinkled anus. No one had ever done that before! Her wet, agile tongue was flicking and circling the tight, puckered bud, making me wriggle and shiver. I gasped and whimpered, trying to figure out how to think, what to say, what to do.

Sparks ran up my spine and made me tremble. Part of my brain tried to assert itself, reminding me that this was a dirty thing to do, bums were unclean, private, personal. Nobody ever put their tongue back there, because it was a filthy thing to do! But Eve was doing it, and the soft appreciative noises she was making, it sounded like she enjoyed doing it. And, even worse, I was liking it too – I liked her tongue in my ass!

I blushed and buried my face in the bed, squirming as she licked and prodded my naughtiest hole with her tongue. I felt heat all over, and was embarrassed and aroused all at the same time. Her hands kneaded my cheeks firmly throughout, pushing and pulling me wherever she wanted me to be for her squirming tongue to have better access. That confident control was half of why it was so sexy despite being such a taboo in my mind.

Every time I thought about maybe protesting or complaining or telling her to stop, it seemed like her tongue curved or prodded or touched some new part of me, sending a spark right to my brain and making me a horny mess. I loved it. I hated it. Oh, wait, now I loved it again. I was shaking with the delicious torment.

“Ahhh!” I managed to groan, looking over my shoulder at her.

Eve’s eyes locked with mine, and I swear she grinned as she licked my ass. I blushed and felt a shudder, and then I was arching my back and screaming. Somehow this depraved treatment was making me orgasm!

I would have thought eventually a person stopped being aroused, I’d had so many orgasms since she’d come over that morning, but the more she did the wetter I seemed to get. I couldn’t get enough. My body shook and shivered, as my mind went white.

When I could think again, she was laying against my back. I could feel the wonderful pressure of her pert breasts against my skin, her nose nuzzling my cheek.

“You okay?” she said softly.

“Mmmhmmm,” I murmured.


Eve shifted her hips and I felt the head of her big toy up against my slit from behind. I groaned as she pushed, the tip opening my wet lips again. The angle was different – I’d always done missionary. This time I was lying on my front, with my leg pushed up a bit to give her access. Her girl-cock slid up into my pussy slowly but firmly, bursa otele gelen escort touching the walls of my wet canal differently.

“OH!” I shuddered, feeling her weight pin me to the bed as the shaft filled me.

I grunted as Eve thrust into me, feeling her lean up a bit to get more leverage. Her toned arms were straight, with her hands on either side of my head on the bed. She used her hips and ass to pump her cock into me, hard, so her pelvis slapped my round bottom. I cried out each time she went in, all the way to the root, and I whimpered whenever she lifted back up. I felt every inch each and every time, and it was relentless erotic.

“FUCK!” I cried out as she pinned me to the bed again and again.

My body shook with each thrust. I could feel her against me, muscles flexing with such control, pounding her dildo into my pussy again and again. I had the surreal sensation of my physical body giving in to the fucking, while my brain thought to itself how much I admired her strong body. Eve was at once athletic and feminine, toned without being bulky. She put that strength to good use, fucking me senseless.

I dug my nails into the sheets and shuddered and melted as she pounded away.

“I love watching your round ass bounce,” she purred into my ear at one point, leaning down against me again. Her hard nipples rubbed my back.

She sat back up, and pulled my hips up. I was wobbly but didn’t resist. The change in position meant her shaft rubbed me in yet newer, exciting ways, as her hips slapped my ass harder. I felt an actual bounce in my round cheeks, as she fucked me from behind. It was less forceful, in a way, because I wasn’t pinned and didn’t have that deliriously depraved sense of being helpless, but it was just as sexy, because it was new and different.

“Ride that cock,” Eve purred, and she slapped my ass. SMACK!

I cried out, and instead of complaining, started to rock my hips, moving my body to try to match her rhythm. Okay, so now it was forceful again! She was asserting control in a different way, but still very much in charge. I humped back against her, feeling the toy deep in my pussy. Fuck, I’d never been so full.

She slapped my butt again, sending a jolt of pleasure and pain into me. I whimpered and rode her harder.

“Look at that juicy ass bounce,” she cooed, bringing both hands down on my rump in a hard spank.

I gasped and whimpered, my face burning. She was fucking me doggy-style and spanking me! I’d never envisioned either scenario. The embarrassment of it was so alarming, in that it was also arousing. I was being fucked like a dog – I was her bitch! What the fuck?

I put my face down on the bed, feeling so humiliated, but continued to rock my ass back to pump my cunt along her girl-cock obediently. Eagerly. Enthusiastically. Eve thrust into me, rocking my body. I moaned for her, and felt her reacting. The toy was still lodged in her pussy, too, so every hard thrust must have been stimulating her pussy.

That excited me. I had an idea.

I pumped my hips back, slamming my ass into her hips, riding her hard, trying to build a pace. She moaned, and held my hips as we fucked. I looked over my shoulder and saw pleasure on her face, and knew she was enjoying this as much as I was.

However, in this position I couldn’t control the pace enough. I was too wobbly and dizzy, and over-sexed. She had more leverage, not to mention more experience. If I was going to get her to orgasm, I’d need to change things up.

I licked my dry lips, having been so busy panting and moaning I hadn’t had water in a long time.

“P-p-pull out,” I managed to groan. “Just for a sec.”

Eve raised an eyebrow but indulged me. I felt her tug, and the long shaft left my stretched hole. I shivered at the sensation of her withdrawal again, feeling that weird sexy ache. I turned around and kissed her, wrapping my hand around the shaft and stroking it as our tongues danced. Eve moaned into my mouth, cupping my face and kissing me back with just as much enthusiasm.

I pushed forward, leaning over and against her, which made her fall back gradually until she was lying down and I was on top, kissing her hungrily. I kept my hand on her toy cock and guided the head to my slit. I sat up so she could see what I was doing.

“Oohh, good girl,” Eve purred as I took the shaft into my pussy, sitting atop her.

I sank down slowly, squirming, closing my eyes and gasping at the way this felt. I had never been on top with my husband. It was a very different angle, sinking down on a cock, feeling it go deep up inside me. I had to open my eyes when I hit bottom, to take a look. I couldn’t believe I’d taken the whole thing! It was so erotic seeing my lips splay open around the thick shaft. I groaned with lust. Eve did too, and grabbed hold of my ass.

I looked into her eyes and saw the desire there. I moaned and started to bounce, riding her girl-cock. My round escort bayan ass went up and down, slowly at first, bouncing in her lap. Eve groaned, shuddering, and I knew my plan was working. My weight on top was driving the other end of the toy into her pussy.

“Fuck girl, that’s it…” she groaned, her head lolling back. I picked up the pace, riding her faster.

Inspired, I grabbed her pert tits, squeezing them as I wriggled my hips to fuck her cock. Up and down, up and down, bouncing on the thick shaft. My pussy was dripping wet, making the toy glisten with my arousal. There was a wet smacking sound on the bottom of every thrust. I could smell my juices, and maybe hers too. Our aroma filled my senses. Fuck. I’d never noticed that before in my life. It was so dirty hot!

For the first time, Eve wasn’t in control. All day she’d been composed, cool, assertive. Now, with me on top, her head was rolling from side to side, her stylish hair was getting messed up, and she was making needy sounds, soft whimpers. Her hands clutched my round ass, pulling me against her with every thrust, but it was like holding on with desperation. I was getting to her.

Her delicious skin was all flushed, and her nipples swollen. I grabbed those, tugging, as I drove my hips against her pelvis, swivelling the toy inside me and inside her. I gasped. My pussy had never had such a workout, and I was soaked, but I was going to be sore tomorrow!

Eve started to shiver and wriggle as I tugged and twisted her nipples. Up to now she’d been trying to thrust her hips in tandem with me, matching my rhythm, but now her movements were more jerky and random. She was trying to push up against me, but it seemed more instinctive and reactionary. She was getting close. I intensified my thrusts, riding her cock, slamming down into her.

“Cum for me, Eve, cum for Mal,” I cooed, kneading her breasts as I fucked her cock for all I was worth.


Eve arched against me, and only my additional weight kept her strong body from knocking me off her lap. She screamed, her whole toned body going tense, and I stopped thrusting as she shook and quaked and shivered. I had made her orgasm! Me, the Mallory who had only had sex with one man until today, and vanilla, dull sex at that.

I had to smile at that. I never imagined I was capable of any of this. Beneath me Eve was oblivious, eyes closed, shivering with aftershocks, her skin all flushed and a little sweaty. I waited while she recovered. Eventually she looked up at me through half-closed eyes.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Perfect. You’re a natural,” she said softly.

We set an alarm for early in the morning and got under the covers. Both of us were feeling the exertion of our exploits. It seemed that I fell asleep almost as soon as the lights were out and my head was on the pillow.

What a day.


I awoke to the beeping alarm, bleary and confused. I sat up, still half-asleep, and felt lost. My surroundings were unfamiliar. This wasn’t my bedroom. I felt a moment of panic.

Eve clicked on the lamp on her night-table, and I realized where I was. I felt silly. She slid out of bed and headed towards the en suite bathroom. A moment later I heard the distinctive sound of a shower.

“Up you get, sleepyhead,” she called out to me.

I made my way to the bathroom on wobbly legs and got into the water with her. The warmth soothed my tired muscles. Eve smiled and started to soap me up, just like the last time, working a lather in my hair, massaging my scalp, and then washing the rest of my body. She was far more composed than I was, though perhaps that was because she was in better shape and had probably more experience with all-night fuck-athons than I did.

We washed quietly, and then dried off. I went to the guest room and changed into my running clothes. Eve watched in the doorway. She was keeping my lingerie with hers, where they wouldn’t be noticed. At my house they’d be very unusual.

“I’ll have your dress dry-cleaned. I’ll drop by later,” Eve said. She kissed my cheek.

I blushed and then jogged home. My insides felt all funny. First of all, because my muscles hurt, inside and out. My pussy and my legs had been working pretty hard the day before. But emotionally, I was a mess. The kiss on the cheek had been something any girlfriend would do for another, and not “girlfriend” like “passionate affair.” I didn’t know if I should read anything into that. The “drop by later” had been casual too, not the parting of romantic lovers. I didn’t know what I meant to Eve.

I was really unsure what she meant to me, either. We’d had incredible sex. A lot of it. But I didn’t know her hardly at all, and she wasn’t asking me to leave my husband. I didn’t know if I wanted to or not, not after the events of a single day. We had the kids, and a life, and one day of amazing, explosive, erotic sex was just one day…

But an incredible day!

I mudanya escort sighed and fought back tears, jogging around the block and then back up the street to my house. I let myself in and kicked off my shoes before running upstairs. I hid myself under the blankets of my bed, and cried until I fell back asleep. I hadn’t had nearly enough, waking up this early, and the night had been exhausting, as exciting as it was. Thinking, worrying, planning the future, that could all wait. For now, I was overwhelmed and overtired. I slept.


I awoke past mid-morning, closer on to lunchtime. If anything, I felt worse after. My mouth was too dry, my ears felt stuffy, and I was hungry, thirsty and sore. I took another shower to wake myself up a bit, and then got dressed in shorts and a t-shirt before going down to the kitchen for coffee and a sandwich.

My mother had texted about the twins so I responded, and then sat back and thought about the day before. I went over it in my mind and tried to make sense of it all.

Eve and I had met at the pool party two days ago, and she had seemed friendly. Her feeding me that apple slice had turned flirtatious, though I hadn’t really meant for that to happen. Clearly she had picked up on it. She had shown up at my door the next morning while our husbands golfed, and it wasn’t long before I was sucking her finger and then her pussy. My face went red just thinking about it, I hadn’t thought at all, I just got down there and got to it. She knew what she wanted, and what I wanted, and it seemed so natural.

Right here in this kitchen.

I looked around and got aroused, being in the same context, remembering what had happened. Okay, I thought to myself, maybe I should go to a different room, sit, calm down. Not hang out where the association was still fresh. I wandered out of the kitchen, and then realized my plan wasn’t that great. The front hall was where Eve had kissed me against the door and licked me, and then we’d gone upstairs to my bedroom. Crap.

I turned and went to the living room, staring into space while I sat on the couch. What was I going to do? Eve wasn’t even here and she was arousing me, taking up space in my house and in my head. I barely knew her, how was that possible?

WIthout knowing her well personally, I’d been aroused by her almost immediately. She had such confidence, she was so sure of herself. I wasn’t like that. I was a wallflower. The fact that I had somehow attracted her attention was incredibly flattering. I wondered what it was about me that had caused that for her? It was like a prom queen hanging out with a nerd, it didn’t make a lot of sense. She was so elegant, and beautiful.

I sighed. Thinking about that wasn’t going to help. What did I want? I loved my family. It was a soft, maternal thing, natural and ordinary. I wasn’t going to tear my kids’ lives apart. I didn’t want to hurt my husband, he was the person who cared the most about me. The problem was his care was gentle and considerate. Eve had shown me I wanted sex, and not gentle sex. I wanted passion and apparently a little roughness. I blushed again, thinking about the way she had taken me in the car, the mall, and then the restaurant. She had pushed my boundaries.

Last night had been even more than that. She had spanked me and fucked my pussy so thoroughly that I was probably going to feel it for days. I was sore all over. I’d never been taken like that. Ever. I wanted it again, I had to admit that. I was wet just thinking about it. Okay, so now the living room wasn’t safe. I sighed.

I got up and stretched and went for a walk around the block, trying not to think, not to feel. I just thought to enjoy the sunshine and get out of my head. My husband was in for another round of golf today, and wouldn’t be back until around dinner. The kids were at my parents’ place until next week. I had time to myself.

The thing was, I didn’t know what to do with time to myself. I was usually busy with the twins, taking care of other people. Even now, with time on my hands, I was thinking more about my family and Eve than myself. I sighed. What was I going to do?

If yesterday was any indication, whatever Eve wanted to. I was waiting until she made another move. I had to admit that to myself. I couldn’t imagine the situation I was in, so I didn’t know what to do about it or what I even wanted. But I did know that I liked responding to her.

If she wanted me, I would respond to that. That was a fact. Which meant that I was open to cheating on my husband. Who was I, all of a sudden?


I ran a bath when I got back from my walk. I was hoping that the hot water would ease my stiff muscles and give me some relief. I soaked in it and closed my eyes, trying to relax. I tried not to think.

Trying to blank my mind and just be turned out to be a mistake. I became incredibly aware of my body. The sore spots hurt, sure, but the warm water was like a thousand tongues on my body, and the soreness reminded me of how I got sore, which led to arousal – I’d been fucked and spanked and licked and fingered to bliss over and over again the day before. My sore pussy was now also a wet pussy. My nipples stiffened, stimulated by the warm water and cooler air. I couldn’t get comfortable. I was too horny.

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