Cheating Sister In-law Ch. 02

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A.N. Thank you to those who posted kind words on the first chapter of this story and even to those who didn’t.



It had been over three hours since I had returned home after being caught coming out a stranger’s apartment by my brother in-law. Honestly, I had been caught doing a lot more than just leaving. Thanks to a few tears and a plausible explanation of it being a one time thing, my brother in-law had sent me home with the promise of his silence.

He had also sent me with a violent warning and instructions to go home and be a good wife. I knew he was terribly angry at catching his brothers wife screwing around.

I could still feel his anger.

I had gone along and done what he told me to do. I stopped by the grocery store and picked up everything needed to cook Jonathan’s favorite meal, chicken parmesan. I alternated between cooking and pacing around the kitchen floor. I was worried sick that Drake would change his mind and decide to tell his brother about what I had done. I couldn’t stop replaying the whole scenario in my head. I couldn’t stop picturing my brother in-law’s angry eyes boring into my own.

I had never known Drake to be so scary or threatening. The forceful way he held me and the harsh way he spoke were seared into my brain. I gently ran my fingers through my hair. I could feel the sore spots from where he had pulled so hard it had made me cry. It wasn’t like him at all. Drake had always been a mild type of man. Even when he was angry, he always kept his cool for the most part.

I had known him since before my husband and I were married. We were even good acquaintances, having a shared mutual circle of friends. We had always gotten along. I even had a small crush on him way back when. When his brother and I married we drifted apart, but that was just the way of life.

He had recently lived here in our house for six months after an ugly break up with his long time girlfriend. He wanted to save up a little money and my husband didn’t hesitate to let his favorite brother move in for a few months, even if it meant he came with his cat. Jonathan was allergic to cats. For his brother though, a prescription for allergy medicine was no big deal. I didn’t mind Drake and Kitty coming to stay either. I had always enjoyed his company. He was kind, good natured, and funny, and he most definitely had attractive qualities that made him very easy to look at.

What woman would be stupid enough to complain about living with a sexy man who could make her laugh?

When he left his girlfriend he went through what I assumed to be a bit of a dry spell with women. Every now and again I would catch him looking at me. I must say I didn’t mind at all. It was nice to have at least one man in the house who looked at me with desire.

I may have liked it a little too much to be honest.

I would shamelessly prance around the house in skimpy little outfits. Tiny jean shorts that let my ass cheeks show, low cut tanks that let my cleavage spill out, or just simply wandering around in an oversized t-shirt with nothing but lacy panties underneath, allowing my shapely legs to be put on display. I would find any reason at all to bend over in front of him, and try to catch him looking. It was all harmless really. Drake never tried anything and I had never mentioned him staring. All I wanted was to be reminded that I could make a man’s head turn in my direction on a whim.

I looked at the large clock that hung in our kitchen. Jonathan was due home in about in hour. I quickly chopped and threw together a salad and put the rest of dinner in the oven to keep warm. I needed to freshen up I didn’t want to continue to smell like sweat, sex and shame, not that Jon would notice any of that anyway.

After grabbing a long night shirt and a big fluffy towel, I made my way to the master bathroom. Before I climbed into the shower, I stopped in front of the huge lighted full length mirror. I watched myself as I undressed. Pulling my pants down over my shapely rear, I turned to look at it. All my years working out had kept it nice and bouncy. I smiled as I ran my hand over it thinking about how pleased that Mason fellow looked when he had seen it in it’s full glory. Then I thought about all the times I had caught Drake looking at it.

I could feel the wetness grow between my lower lips.

I turned to the front to look at my pussy. It truly was an obscene thing. Like everything else on my frame it stood out. It made sure any man who saw me naked was aware that I built for quenching whatever lustful desires they had. It was pink and indecently puffy. When I went to work I always made sure to wear a long tank to cover up my perpetual camel toe.

I slid a finger down my slit, feeling the wetness start to pool at my entrance. Looking at myself, I knew my body was made to be loved and used by men.

I wanted to be used and loved by men or at least, a man.

I had spent years fantasizing that my husband would wake up with an uncontrollable Kars Escort desire for me…it hadn’t happened yet.

I slowly took my top off and slid myself out of my bra. I held my shoulders back and looked at my chest. They weren’t as perky as the rest of me. Instead they fell in soft rounded globes of creamy flesh that swayed and jiggled at every little movement I made. I reached up to cup them, running my fingers over the pink nipples that stood to attention at the slightest sensation.

This wonderfully lewd body of mine was something I was secretly proud of.

I wasn’t really turned on by any other female form, but I was slightly vain, and I was definitely turned on by myself. After giving my figure another once over, my eyes fell on the part of me that I wasn’t completely thrilled with, my face.

It wasn’t ugly, but it had always seemed, to me, to be disjointed from my body. My body was womanly, and sexy. My face on the other hand had always seemed childish. Chubby cheeks that were always rosy, and covered with faint freckles. There was my rounded chin with a dimple on the left side when I smiled. My small lips the that formed a perfectly pointed cupid’s bow and came up slightly at the corners. My nose was a rounded at the tip. Even my eyes were wide and round with slightly hooded lids that made me look like I was always a little sleepy. It wasn’t a face that men looked at and saw as stunning or sexy. It was just “kind of cute”.

I had always found a way to use it to my advantage though. Growing up my teachers always gave me more attention and treated me with a bit more gentleness than the other children. If an assignment was late, “It was okay, just turn it in the next day.” The parents of friends and boyfriends were always trusting. “Oh you’re going out with Shannon, well have fun, don’t worry about curfew.” The women I trained never found me threatening, and always treated me like a sweet kid.

The truth was those assignments were late because I’d rather be playing outside or hanging out with friends. When my boyfriends and friends and I were hanging out past curfew, I was convincing older college guys to buy us liquor. We would go back and split the bill on some cheap motel room, and party our asses off until dawn. My clients thought I was just a sweet faced instructor, but they didn’t know just how much I enjoyed their husbands attention or how I would flirt shamelessly behind their backs.

I was a bad girl. My sweet face was a lie.

Even my husband who I had been married to for over a decade, couldn’t see past my appearance to realize that there was something wrong. Hell, Drake had even caught me in the act and decided to believe me that it was just a one time mistake on my part.

Or at least he had said he believed me.

The way he pulled my hair and gave me a warning had me wondering if he did completely fall for it or not.

I ran my fingers through my hair and felt for the sore spots. Moaning a bit when I felt them. It hurt, but at the same time looking in the mirror I could see that my body was enjoying relieving that heated moment.

My nipples had become big hard points and my breast were beginning to swell, becoming fuller with arousal. Small goosebumps covered my arms and shoulders and I knew I was radiating warmth from below. I was starting to feel even dirtier, I needed that shower quickly.

Pulling myself away from the mirror, I went to turn the water on to get warm. I started to ponder just how much I would like it with a really dominant partner.

I had always enjoyed a bit of roughness in bed. A little spanking, some biting, the dirty names, oh yes those were always a turn on. As I stepped in and let the hot water run over my curves, I reached for the floral scented body wash and started to lather myself up.

What would it be like to go a further?

I had always gotten hot when I read bdsm themed romance novels. Those books were fun and sexy, but the characters we all too unreal. There were no broody handsome billionaires waiting to ravage me, and I certainly was not a timid twenty something virgin who needing to be taught about the pleasures of my body. It was all just make believe, something naughty to help make me cum.

I grabbed for my shampoo and applied it to my hair and once again felt the those scrumptious points of pain Drake left on me. I could no longer help myself and I let my fantasy take me.

I let the warm water trickle over my swollen tits as I imagined myself on all fours as a collar was placed around my neck. Strong hands caressed my bare ass. A dark voice was telling me to crawl towards him like a bitch in heat. My breast swaying back and forth while I went towards my master, panting, salivating, waiting to be rewarded by getting a taste of his strong manly cock.

“Good girl.”

Drakes words from earlier slammed into my brain.

I was losing myself. The shower head was no longer pointed at my breast, but traveling down my stomach, further Kars Escort Bayan and further until I could feel the stream of warm water start to spread my puffy pink pussy lips apart. Shoving my hand harder against the handle, I found just right angle where the hot pulsating liquid licked at my clit. Rocking my hips forwards I tried to to deepen the sensual contact. I gyrated the handle and my hips while one of my hands pinched and pulled at my nipples.

I imagined hands tugging at my hair, making me scream and then those same hands wrapped around my throat. My poor dripping pussy was being pounded and stretched beyond it’s limits. The voice whispering dirty names into my ear.

“…Cheating whore…”

I was getting so close to cumming harder than I had ever made myself cum before. I just needed a little more.

I laid my wet body down on the shower tiles and spread my legs wide open. I lifted my hips into the air as I continued my assault on my delicious bundle of nerves with the shower head. My other hand now had three fingers buried deep inside my cunt as I furiously finger fucked myself to the point of sheer bliss. My mind flashed the image of Drake’s stern face looking down at me while I defiled myself, and I was sent over the edge.


My pussy convulsed and spasmed. It felt as though all the breath had been orgasmed out of me. My limbs went limp. My hand let go of the shower head, and it wiggled around on the shower floor.

If anybody were to walk in, it might have looked liked I had suffered an unfortunate slippery accident. The only indication that I was fine was the satisfied dreamy look that felt present on my face. Of course somebody might have mistaken that for a concussion. I rolled my head gently side to side enjoying the loose way my muscles always felt after a little bit of self love. I would have laid there longer if it weren’t for the hot water starting to run out and the tiles were beginning to feel cold against my back.

I begrudgingly lifted myself up and turned off all the cold water. I was hoping to have enough warm water to finish the job I had started before I had made myself even more filthy.

No such luck.

But perhaps a cold shower was what I needed after all.


What was I going to do?

It was almost eight o’clock in the evening and I paced around my apartment with my cell phone gripped tightly in my fist. On my living room table, laid out meticulously in order by date, were printed out pictures and messages.



As I walked away from Shannon that afternoon, I was convinced there was more going on than her pathetic excuses were telling me. I was also incredibly aroused by the way she looked after I had, handled her so roughly.

I wondered what she would look like on her knees, while I pulled her face down on my dick, by her hair. I bet she’d love every moment of it.

What the fuck was wrong with me?

I needed to compartmentalize.

Getting answers and information on Shannon was more important, than dwelling on some fleeting sick fantasy about her. I had to cool down and figure out what I was going to do.

I had of course planned to go to Mason for answers right away. Instead I headed to my own apartment first. I wanted to think about how to approach the subject and how to get him talking. It’s not like I could walk over to his place and start beating down his front door, and demanding answers as to why he was sticking his dick in my sister in-law.

Of course, he didn’t know she was my sister in-law. He might not even know she was married. He may have not even cared if he did know. If Mason really was a client, he’d probably just be fucking ecstatic to get his private yoga lesson and some hot pussy for one convenient price. He probably never considered her marital status as any of his business.

I started to wonder if it was truly any of my business. I don’t know what possessed me to be so goddamn angry about seeing Shannon mess around with a man who wasn’t Jonathan. For fucks sake, I had never been that great at monogamy in any of my relationships. I couldn’t really blame her either, Jon obviously didn’t give her enough dickings to keep her satisfied.

Fucking herself all the time with lifeless plastics had to be frustrating. A woman as sexually vivacious her, should be getting fucked silly every night.

I could almost empathize, having only known my own hand for the past few months.


But what she was did was wrong, and she had cheated on my little brother! That’s what made me angry, wasn’t it?

It had nothing to do with all the times I imagined lending a helping hand in my brother’s place. Definitely nothing to do with being a little jealous that some stranger had gotten to taste the pussy that had been teasing me for the past six months.

She was my brother’s “innocent” little wife. Of course seeing her and some douchebag was going Escort Kars to be upsetting.

Nothing to do with all the times I watched her hot tits bounce freely under a thin t-shirt or traced the outline of her pussy with my eyes, through those fucking yoga pants.

No! It was my job as an older brother to protect Jon’s interests and feelings. The thought of her going home, and smiling at him with those wide innocent looking eyes, and lying about her day! That’s was what got my blood boiling.

It was time to take action.

I made myself calm down as I walked out the door. It wasn’t going to do me any good going over there looking like I wanted to punch this guys fucking face in. Taking deep breaths I made my way to his apartment door.

I knocked on the door.

No answer.

This time I knocked louder and giving him a shout.

“Hey Mason ya in there? It’s Drake.”

I could hear some shuffling from inside. The sound of objects thudding and bumping could also be heard. His muffled voice coughing, answered back.

“Yeah, dude just hang tight , lemme get some pants on.”

As I waited I heard more shuffling about, punctuated with a few expletives. When he made himself presentable he finally opened the door.

“Hey man.” he said looking around me with a few paranoid glances, making sure it was just me at the door.

I could plainly see that his eyes were tinted red, and could smell a strong skunky odor had followed behind him.

The guy was clearly on his way to binging on three bowls of cereal and taking a five hour nap. I inwardly rolled my eyes.

“Really Shannon, this fuckwad got you wet?”

After making sure it was just me at the door, he changed his demeanor. A goofy friendly look spread easily across his face.

“So bruh, what brings you to my casa on this glorious day.” He reached out for a quick shake and shoulder bump, in traditional “bro” style.

“Oh, just dropping by seeing if you had the time to help me out with some of that furniture I was telling you about.”

Which had been the truth about an hour ago.

I could tell he had gotten a little too high to remember the conversation from just the other day.

“You know you said you had some tools and might be able to help me?” I was trying to jog his memory.

His eyes looked up as if to search his brain then his face finally lit up. “Oh yeah dude.” He laughed. “You gotta forgive me man, I don’t have the world’s greatest memory.”

“Yeah copious amounts of THC, and fucking married whores can cause temporary amnesia.”

“Hey no problem, if your too busy right now I could…”

“Nah, nah, nah, dude.” He waved away my concern. “Just playing the playstation, you know…” He looked around quickly and leaned in a little closer. “Smokin’ a little of that good shit.” He shrugged nonchalantly. “Not too busy to help out a neighbor.”

“Okay, sweet, you wanna grab your stuff and come over in a few?” If I could get my new entertainment center put together and learn more about Shannon, it would be one fucking prosperous afternoon.

“Yeah sure, hey you wanna come on in and partake a little, before we start? He stepped back and gestured inside his place

I shook my head. I wasn’t into pot, or much of anything else for that matter. “No thanks man. I would, but my job does randoms, you know how it is.”

It wasn’t the truth, but when people didn’t think you were cool they tended to clam up.

I needed Mason to feel like he could talk about anything and everything with me.

He nodded in understanding “Hey dude, I get it, everybody needs to make bank, right?” He turned his head and looked backwards at what I assumed to be the time. “Tell you what, I’ll be over at your place in about fifteen, with my tools, and afterwards you come back over here and check out this new game I picked up.”

He must have remembered that I mentioned I was a gaming enthusiast.

“Yeah, that sounds cool, thanks.” I looked at my watch. “I’ll see you in a few.”

“Alright man.” With that he gave me a thumbs up and shut the door.

As I walked to back to my place I had to admit to myself that Mason was a pretty decent guy.

It was a real shame I didn’t fucking like him.

A few minutes later back at my place, Mason proved that stoner time was just a myth and was on time, with his tool set in tow. I broke out the the cardboard box that contained my new entertainment center and went fishing for the instructions. After a few minutes of trying our hand at deciphering some sort sort of English/Swedish hybrid gibberish, we decided to just rely on the diagram.

We were nearly an hour and a half into it and it was looking like it was going to be done with just a few more screws. I was sitting on the floor reviewing the instructions one last time. I had been waiting for some organic segway into inquiring after Shannon, but Mason was laser focused and did little more than ask to be handed a wrench or screwdriver.

I needed to initiate.

“Dude, I gotta tell ya how much I appreciate you coming over here and helping me with this shit.”

He chuckled a little. “No problem, anytime.” He continued rotating an allen wrench, securing one of the shelves.

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