Chloe Discovers SPH Ch. 07


Chloe had already thought carefully about how she would approach the matter. She didn’t want to tell Greg herself that he has a small, inadequate penis. He should determine this for himself. Once in bed, she kissed Greg and then looked him in the eyes.

“You know, I knew right away that you were a sub. But don’t worry, that’s not bad at all, I like it.” She wanted to get these two messages across very directly.

Greg was briefly shocked by her directness, but it was also clear to him that she had noticed this in the meantime.

“How and when did you notice?” he asked still.

“Come on, you love to lick me, you love to follow orders, you just love to please me! ‘Submissive’ is written on your forehead. You know what the other guys usually want? Most guys are not submissive at all, many alpha males approach me, they just want to get into my panties and fuck me with their cocks to get off, that’s it. They would never care about my fun. So, I like your attitude, really.” Chloe made sure to refer to others’ ‘cocks’.

Greg realized the wording but who was he to argue about this now. “You’re right, you probably have a good eye for it.”

“What about your ex-girlfriends, didn’t they notice?”

“No, none of them ever brought it up. Maybe they just didn’t want to.” Greg could only explain it that way, as he hadn’t changed any of his behaviour.

“Hard to believe actually and such a shame too, there’s quite a lot of your submissive talent that hasn’t been used.”

Chloe now grinned seductively again.

“Then show me how you had sex with your ex-girlfriends. I want to see that, what position did you usually do, all boring missionary?”

“Yes exactly.”

“Let me see then,” Chloe took off the panties and top she had been wearing still.

Greg grabbed a condom from the nightstand, nervously fiddled to get it on and positioned himself over Chloe. His little man had already gotten hard again, and he directed it to Chloe’s pussy. Fortunately, Chloe was still wet from their conversation. He grabbed a pillow and slid it under Chloe’s butt. It was always easier to penetrate that way. At that moment he wondered if all men did it that way or just him because of his lack of length.

Chloe was wet as always and now that she was paying attention to it, it really wasn’t a very intense feeling when he entered her effortlessly. She did feel him thrusting in and out as he now took a slow rhythm, but the feeling was faint. He penetrated her like this for several minutes.

“Ok, so this is how you used to do it? This is how you got them off?” Chloe grinned at him with a mixture of pity and sarcasm.

“Yeah,” Greg was embarrassed that his effort seemed to have little effect on Chloe. He didn’t feel strongly about it himself, either. The friction was minimal.

“Did Anadolu Yakası Escort they come in the process,” Chloe asked innocently again.

“Yes, I think so,” Greg blushed a dark shade of red because he knew that it wasn’t true. But he didn’t want to tell Chloe that, in fact, all his relationships had ultimately boiled down to exclusively oral pleasure for his partners.

“I see,” Chloe said with a knowing smile.

“Faster, babe, do it faster. Yeah. That’s good. Keep doing that. And deeper, please, just go on, hit me harder.” Chloe felt that she definitely could get aroused by him, but he had to try harder. She needed it hard and fast. The ‘deeper’ had been a slip of the tongue. You couldn’t ask for anything impossible.

When Greg thrusted hard against her clitoris in quick succession, even the little additional impulse of his small cock inside her was enough to slowly rise her excitement. She was getting into the mood and could feel her pussy reacting.

Suddenly she felt Greg slow down. “No, don’t stop, please. What’s wrong?”

“It’s very tiring to fuck so fast for a long time,” Greg apologized.

“Hm, none of my exes ever said that.” Chloe was a bit sorry for this sentence, but she intended to bring her exes into the game anyway and this was a good moment. Greg might even be right. Chloe’s exes had big cocks that stretched her pussy all by themselves. With them, she didn’t need as much extra stimulation from a higher frequency.

“Then you don’t actually like being on top during sex, do you? You can be completely honest with me.” After her harsh comment, Chloe now tried to stroke Greg’s soul again.

The subject was extremely uncomfortable for Greg, but he admitted “yes, that’s true, I actually like it better when the woman is on top.”

“Why don’t you say so earlier, no problem, baby” Chloe smiled sweetly at him. She let his little one slip out of her, shifted to the side, letting Greg turn around and swing herself on top of him. Chloe liked being on top, she didn’t mind it at all.

She loved to present her body and she knew what a delicate sight it was for Greg from below when she sat upright. Her flat stomach, her small but firm breasts with pert nipples, her slender neck with delicate collarbones and shoulders, and her perfect face.

She reached through her legs and grabbed his tiny guy and directed him to her pussy. It was definitely easier done with a big cock. But she managed to find her sweet entrance even with his short stiffy. Slowly she took him inside her and started to move rhythmically up and down. It was different from the dicks she had ridden before, less freedom of movement. She was limited to small, short moves of a few inches. Several times, Greg’s little man slipped out and Chloe had to readjust. Still, Kurtköy Escort she enjoyed the situation, she liked riding him. She sat fully upright and played with her nipples as she rode him hands-free, slowly increasing her speed, harder and faster.

“Hmmmm,” she moaned “I love it.”

After several minutes Chloe leaned forward. She came to rest on Greg’s chest, his penis still inside her. Although she enjoyed the fucking, she still had one more thing on her list for Greg tonight.

“So, do you like it when I’m on top and fucking you?” she asked shamelessly. She continued to move her pelvis up and down, jerking his teenage size pecker.

“Yes, I love it.”

“But the feeling in your penis should be the same when you’re on top, why do you like it better when I’m on top?” urged Chloe further.

Greg was lost in his increasing pleasure and desire. Besides, he didn’t want to hide his submissiveness anymore, nor could he.

“I just like it when the woman is in control. When you’re on top, you are fucking me, not me fucking you. You get to set the rhythm and the speed. That excites me a lot.”

Chloe grinned to herself “I love that you say that. That’s why you like handjobs so much, right? That’s when I get to decide if and when you cum.”

“Yeah, that’s right. And also…” Greg faltered.

“And also…what?” asked Chloe.

“Uh, nothing,” Greg tried to back out.

“Come on, tell me,” Chloe insisted, now stroking with her right hand along his body finding his nipple and scratching it lightly. She couldn’t let him of the hook now.

“There is, there is just more feeling during a handjob then during fucking,” he finally said.

Chloe chuckled. Well, last time Greg did cum with a handjob that barely touched him at all, but that was a special occasion of his mental arousal and humiliation. She knew what he meant. During most handjobs the dick get grabbed firmly and Greg was thinking about those just now. There was indeed no way that his thin penis would ever be grabbed in the same way by a pussy. She really liked where this conversation was going.

“I see, so when u say, ‘more feeling,’ this means, ‘more friction’ for you in a handjob than during sex, right?”

“Yes,” Greg didn’t like where this was leading. So, he tried to answer only shortly to stop the conversation. But Chloe had already tasted blood, she would not let go of her prey now. She played with his left nipple and continued fucking him slowly. She looked deep into his eyes.

“I hope this isn’t because I’m too loose?! You know, my last two Korean boyfriends had really big cocks, like 7 or 8 inches. And they fucked me all the time. They couldn’t get enough of my pussy and always came inside me,” Chloe set the next stinger.

Greg was in emotional chaos. Different Pendik Escort emotions mingled in his brain. Firstly, he was in constant arousal from Chloe’s rhythmic fucking. Then he was terribly embarrassed that both of Chloe´s ex-boyfriends had big dicks. So, Chloe knew about sizes. And she had spoken of their ‘cocks,’ while she seemed to have reserved the word ‘penis’ for him. That they were two Koreans (which was a lie, Chloe’s boyfriends were all white, but she was sure this little deviation from the truth, would make Greg even more insecure) only made things more humiliating. Wasn’t he, the big Caucasian supposed to have a bigger one than any of her Asian exes? But he could also not possibly blame the problem on Chloe’s pussy.

“No, I don’t think so, pussies are very flexible and adaptable I heard. I’m sure you’re not loose.” He reassured her, unable to find any solid ground under his feet. He served Chloe the perfect excuse for the only logical follow-up inquiry.

“Hmmm, then why do you think that we don’t have much touch and… ” Chloe prepared the final blow and fucked Greg in the rhythm of her words “FRIC…TION…WHEN…WE…FUCK?”

She felt his cock inside her more evidently now than before. Probably the little one was pulsing like crazy, as hard as it could be. Greg was breathing heavily as well. Chloe increased her speed, she hammered his pubic bone hard against her clit, she wanted to make this little guy cum, and herself, too. She felt her arousal rising.

“I don’t know,” Greg made one last attempt to end the interrogation.

He felt his dick twitch inside Chloe. Her pussy had to be so aroused, too, that he suddenly felt her more clearly, actually gripping and squeezing his dick for the first time. In shorter and shorter intervals. He was joining her body’s rhythm.

“You don’t know…really?” Chloe kissed his neck. “Come on, Greg, be my good teenage boy, and tell me.” Chloe moaned in his ear.

Greg was completely incapable of any resistance now. He was just too aroused, by her body, her questions, and his embarrassment.

“Because….because….I have a small cock,” he blurted out, utterly embarrassed.

“You mean, a small PENIS, right? Dick and cock are for the big guys, u know?” Chloe corrected him. “Say it again, loud and clear” and she increased her speed fucking Greg.

Both breathing heavily, Chloe moaned loudly, and she felt her pussy juices flow out of her vagina past Greg’s penis onto his groin. The loud sound of their wet bodies slapping and bumping against each other filled the room.

“Because I have a small penis.”

Chloe rammed her lower body violently against Greg a few more times, squeezing his little one inside her and her pussy milking it hard until they both screamed out their climax together. Their bodies tightly embraced, twitching. Greg, flooded with embarassment, had the most violent orgasm he could remember, spurt after spurt shooting out of his tiny penis. Chloe’s pussy juices gushed out of her spasming pussy without stop until she finally collapsed on top of him.

“Yes, you do!”

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