Chloris Pt. 03

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Introduction: Sister Suzie didn’t sew shirts for sailors, she showed me sorts of sexy satisfaction. These were reported in Chloris (Part 1). Chloris (Part 2) continues my early sexual experience and chronicles the involvement of Iris, the mother of us girls, Suzie and Norma. Now Part 3 continues our three-way family enjoyment.


Suzie’s sadness after the defection of her boy-friend passed off the more readily, I’m sure, for the intense, exhilarating sex she shared with our mother Iris, and me. For a few months we explored each other’s orgasmic capabilities with fervour, glowing with health and vitality, if sometimes a little weary. Except when there were periods in progress we were active every available night, with those not menstruating abstaining till the trio was ready again. Actually we tended to overlap, so that the time lost was seldom more than ten days from the first onset to the last cessation.

Sex, even with men, is largely lingual and digital. Since the majority of women come from the clitoris, or Chloris as we called her, men, too, must learn the skills of fingers and tongues, whether or not their partners also enjoy penetration of cunt or bum. If they want to satisfy their women and show their love. I have had some wonderful men, who showed their appreciation of me as a woman with a fine delicacy of touch. One of them said his caring attention was a form of goddess-worship. Another said that my orgasms, which invariably set off his own, inside me or outside, were the most spiritual experiences of his life.

Before my explorations of sex with men, and transsexuals, however, I learned the uses of hand and mouth with Suzie and Iris, especially the tongue, which is, I realised, a thoroughly sexual organ, capable in its flexibility of so much.

For instance, not long after we girls had first come with, for Kars Escort and from our dear mother, she taught us the joys of cunnilingus in its proper sense, vaginal-tonguing. For often it is used to mean clitoralicking, to coin a compound, rather than lingual penetration. There is analingus, too, to coin another one, though I have never been a devotee of that, even with transsexuals.

The first cunnilingual session followed quite soon after our first three-way orgasmathon, at Iris’s instigation. She lay Suzie on her back and instructed me to straddle her, with her bosom under my bottom. That was delightful in itself, but she then had Suze stroke my bum with one hand and Chloris with the other. Of course, I was soon good and slippery, and I then moved up Suzie’s chest to bring my pussy in range of her mouth. Then, as I pressed my labia against her lips, her tongue plunged into my vagina, and began flick in and out, often gliding up my vulva, too, to lick Chloris.

Iris pointed out that there was a limit to how long it was possible to tongue-delve the cunt, so it was wise to save that manoeuvre till the orgasm was imminent, when the scrumptious sensation of tongue as far inside as possible would help bring on the come.

Suzie followed the advice perfectly, every now and then slipping her tongue inside and otherwise working Chloris with fingers and licks, till I felt the orgasm gathering under her hands, in Chloris and my bottom. Then I arched my back, forcing my labia against her lips, and Iris said, ‘She’s coming, she’s coming. Now, darling,’ and Suzie swelled her tongue to its most rigid, pushed it in and withdrew it a little and pushed in again five or six times.

My whole consciousness focused into my vagina, which seemed even to grip and suck that sweet tongue, and I came in what felt like a new way. Suzie clasped Kars Escort Bayan my bum cheeks and a surge of happy tenderness welled up and tears came to my eyes. Then I scooted my bottom down her body and sought her lips with mine. For the first time, then, I tasted my own vagina in another woman’s mouth, and there was a wonderful intimacy about it. I longed to taste Suzie’s and Iris’s cunts and share it with them.

Indeed, as I thought of this, Iris drew my face away from Suzie’s and clamped her lips over hers. They kissed passionately for a while, and Iris said, ‘I love tasting a woman through kissing another. But it’s a pretty rare treat.’

Then Iris lay down and Suzie straddled her and they followed the same sequence, with the difference that Suze came almost at once, being already so sexed up from bringing me off that a few tongue-probes and tweaks of Chloris were enough. We sucked each other’s tongues to relish the juices, and then there was the question of which of us would cunnilingualise Iris.

Of course, it had to be both of us. We had managed to Chlorilingualise her, yes, but was it possible to get both mouths close enough to her cunt to allow both tongues to enter?

Try it yourself with your own trio, and you will find it is not quite possible, for if the two tongue-divers jam their faces together and approach the target as closely as they can, their tongues cannot, unless unusually long, get far inside. The only way is to take turns, one withdraws and lets the other probe, and then the prober back away and allows the second in.

So, that is what we did. Suzie pillowed her head on Iris’s left thigh, moved it into position, extended her tongue and slid it into the waiting vagina. I moved my own head down the right thigh to give her room and listened with joy to the music of slurping tongue, Iris’s Escort Kars moaning and Suzie’s chesty humming. It occurred to me that I did not have to be only a spectator. I reached over with my left arm and slid my fingers into Suzie’s crack. She hummed louder to show her pleasure, as I ran the digits down, burrowed between her sweet cheeks and worked them into her pussy. She loosened her legs to allow better access and I settled into a nirvana of finger-fucking.

There is a limit, as remarked above, to how long one can keep the tongue active without extreme fatigue and I could tell Suzie was getting there. Withdrawing my fingers, I delved further down that scrumptious groove and found Chloris. One touch and my hand was gripped in the bottom-vice as Suzie came with a gasp, which drew her tongue out of Iris-cunt. And without words she pulled back, I pushed forward, and my tongue plunged in. The blend of Iris juice and Suzie saliva was yummy and I extruded my tongue to the limit and flexed it within the vagina as hard and fast as I could.

Clearly I had taken over at the right moment, for when I took the tongue out and lapped at the vulva, licking Chloris, Iris said, ‘Shall I come, darlings? Oh yes, I have to. Here it comes!’ And she writhed beneath us, shrieking and shouting.

We rested a while, till Iris said, ‘I think there’s one of us yet to come. What shall we do, Norma-love? Tell us your desire.’

‘I want you to put a finger each in my cunt and take it in turns to lick Chloris,’ I said. ‘That way you can cup a cheek each, too.’

I lay on my back, sister and mother either side. Each slid a hand under a buttock and thrust a finger up into me. Then Suzie bent to lick Chloris a little while and I felt the orgasm beginning to build. I said, ‘That’s lovely, it’s starting under your hands. Squeeze bum now. Oh yes, its spreading. Chloris is on fire.’

Iris edged Suzie’s face aside and it was her tongue that finished me. ‘Coming!’ I yelled. ‘Push in. More fingers!’ So that I came with four in me, my cunt in maxi-spasm around them as they wriggled against my walls and each other.

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