Chris ,Jenn (Gym Story)

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Jenn sat in the gym all soaking wet after a work out. This was the year she vowed to get in shape and as she slipped the shirt over her head and looked in the mirror, she liked what she saw.

The 2 months working with her personal trainer Chris had done wonders for her self-esteem as well as made her body look nice in all the right places. She looked at her body sideways in the mirror as she slipped off her sweatpants and got in the shower.

Letting the warm water run down her body she was really in an excited mood, but at the same time sad as her personal trainer Chris was moving away in a week to a new job and it kinda bummed her out cause her and Chris had grown pretty tight over the last few weeks.

Chris was 220 pounds full of muscle, but that wasn’t attracted Jenn to him. It was just something about him that she liked, but she never ever had any thoughts of sleeping with him. Jenn quickly blew dry her hair and headed out the door when she went into the weight room for a second. there she almost died.

Chris was in the middle of a workout and he had on a pair of tight white spandex biker shorts and there wasn’t much hiding. He was doing deadlifts and when he bent over his nice round ass was in full view.

Jenn hadn’t really paid much attention to Chris when she was working out, but wow was he one hunk of meat. Jenn eyed him up and down looking at his thick chest, broad round shoulders, and muscular arms. His big ultra thick thighs were bursting to get out of those shorts as Jenn watched him squat.

Jenn quickly left the room as thoughts went through her head. Now she was attracted to Chris and the next day while she was with him she kept looking at him in a different way.

She wanted him bad. She wanted to nail him before he left. She wanted to grab onto those firm butt cheeks and rub her hands all over his body.

But Jenn was too shy to just go up and tell her feelings to him. She left the weight room and got on a stair stepper and began to walk. She then put on her headphones and was about to start walking when Chris walked by and told her she had a great workout as he went to the back.

She then overheard 2 ladies talking. “Yeah that Chris guy he is leaving here next week to go to California and you know what I heard he has a weakness for feet, Lori who works here told me as she caught him staring at her feet and he told her he has a foot fetish” the lady said to her friend.

Jenn took in the info and put her headphones on. Chris is into feet huh Jenn thought to herself as she began to think real hard.

The Next Day

Today was the last day for Jenn and Chris to train Jenn. Jenn slipped on a pair of black spandex pants as she was getting the chills for what she was about to do tonight. She Ümraniye Escort went through her weight workout rather fast and began to do lunges hoping Chris would notice her ass in the spandex.

It was nice and round and she knew he just had to notice. Then she went on the stairmaster and did 30 hard minutes really soaking her body. She had made special arrangements with the manager to keep the gym open so only she would have a key and Chris had no clue.

It was around 10pm and the gym was ready to close when Jenn took her soaked body into the aerobics room and slipped off her sneaks and socks. She began to walk around the floor as she stretched out her legs, hoping Chris would come in and notice.

She lifted a leg high up in the air as she was unaware that Chris was watching and he was lusting after her feet. He was watching the pretty unpolished toes move back and forth and how he would have crawled on his hands and knees to get at those feet.

Finally he decided to walk in.

“Hi Jenn it is getting late what are you doing” Chris asked as he sat down beside Jenn “Oh I was just stretching and doing some yoga. Your boss said it was ok and even gave me the key to lock up” Jenn said as she thrust a foot forward and saw Chris getting in a quick peek at her feet as she got up and began to walk around a bit then began to doing some karate kicks and stuff.

“Oh shit I forgot a tape, let me go out to my car I will be right back ok Chris” Jenn quickly went out to the car across the parking lot and got a tape and quickly scooted back in the gym, this time locking the front door as she went back in the room.

Jenn then got on the floor and sat in an Indian posture. She looked down and saw that her feet were black. “Shit” she muttered under her breath at the fact that her feet were dirty on the bottoms as she knew that would more than likely turn Chris off.

She tried to hide her feet as Chris and her made small talk. She wanted to go to the ladies room and wash off her feet in the worst way. Finally she decided that was what she was going to do.

As she got up she heard Chris gasp. “What is wrong Chris” Jenn asked as she saw Chris’s hard on. “Well Jenn I hate to say this, but since I am leaving I might as well confess, see I have a bit of a foot fetish and well dirty feet really turn me on and well I would love to clean your feet right now” Chris put his head down as he finished.

“Oh really” Jenn said as she got up and pushed Chris to the ground. she moved her foot and put it on his chest. Chris stuck out his tongue and Jenn really wanted to see if he would lick her feet.

“Well go ahead my feet are yours” Jenn purred as she watched Chris take her foot in his arms like a baby and he began to kiss İstanbul Escort her feet and toes very lightly. Jenn could feel his long tongue as it slide across her soles and in between her toes as she was tingling all over.

God it felt so good and she had never had it done before and god did it feel good. Chris let his tongue go in between each toe as he sucked off the dirt and sweat from in-between the toes and swallowed it right down.

Jenn watched on as Chris moved under the toes and went back and forth over her soft soles, licking and sucking without a care in the world. God his tongue was doing wonders and hitting spots on her she didn’t know existed as he lifted a foot up as he sucked on her arches and then down to the bottoms.

He didn’t miss a beat as he then went back up the sides and then began to suck hard on her big toe. Then he moved to the next toe and then the next and then all 5 toes were in his mouth as she then began to fuck his mouth with her foot. In and out she jammed her toes as she was getting wet.

She removed her foot and got up and slipped off her soaked spandex, soaked with her sweat and pussy juice. She took the spandex and rang them out and the liquid spilled out on the floor. Chris then much to Jenn’s amazement crawled over and sucked up all the juice in his mouth and swallowed it like a fine wine.

Jenn couldn’t believe that as she spread her legs wide and pointed at her pussy. Chris then began to stroke his cock and then he took his hard cock and slid it right in her pussy. Her pussy was so wet it went in with one thrust.

Jenn’s hands explored Chris’s body as she wanted to feel every part of him. Her long fingernails slide up and down his back as he fucked her. In and out the 8 inch cock slide out of her pussy and back in it.

Jenn then put her feet in his face and told him to smell them as he fucked her. His thrust his cock into her as they fucked. Like a well oiled machine he pumped into her.

“Chris when you cum I want it” Jenn demanded and Chris just shook his head yes. Chris then slowed down the pace and then Jenn got off of him and then had him get on his knees.

She went under him and began to lick his ass. Making her tongue stiff, she began to give Chris a rim job. She then went around back of him and looked at that gorgeous ass as she slide a tongue in and began to lick his ass and balls.

She then moved down and began to suck his cock, paying special attention to the tip and she deep throated him all 8 inches as she then began to fuck his cock with her mouth. With her free hands she rubbed his asshole and his balls.

She wanted his cum, she wanted it down her throat bad.

She pumped Chris a few more times, and she could feel him getting Anadolu Yakası Escort ready to cum. She took a finger and slide it into his ass as he groaned and the first blast of sticky cum blasted her mouth like an atom bomb. Cum splashed all in her mouth as wave after wave of white cum filled her mouth as she gulped down the cum as she continued to pump Chris.

Spew after spew of hot cum spilled out of Chris’s cock and into Jenn’s mouth as she licked the last few drops out of his cock and then got up.

“Mmm love your cum Chris” Jenn said as she licked her lips. She then walked over and bent over.

“Lick my ass Chris, suck it” Jenn purred as she rubbed her ass. Chris went over and began to lick her ass as Jenn began to play with her wet pussy. Chris watched as his tongue licked around her hole as her fingers went in and began to play with her clit as he fucked her ass with his tongue and mouth.

In and out his tip of his tongue went in as it slide in and out like a small cock. Jenn began to finger herself faster, so Chris began to fuck her ass more faster. Finally he moved off her ass right before she came and be began to lick her pussy after about 5 licks Jenn screamed and let loose with an intense orgasm that shook her whole body and sent Chris flying off of her.

Jenn looked over and saw Chris hard again. “Oh we can’t send you home like that” Jenn purred as she took her 2 feet and put them between his cock and began to fuck him with her feet.

“I want to see cum on my feet Chris, lots of it too” Jenn purred as she began to increase the tempo of her feet. She watched as Chris tilted his head back and moan with each thrust up and down. Jenn leaned over and began to run his balls as she could feel them getting ready to burst.

Suddenly a loud moan was followed by a gusher of cum that splashed over both of Jenn’s feet. Jenn slowed down the jerking as the cum oozed out of his cock onto her feet and toes.

“Oh yeah look at that” Jenn exclaimed as her feet were covered in cum. Jenn then was about to get up when Chris leaned over and began to lick the cum off of her feet!

“Ohhhhhhh yesssss, lick up that cum, oh that is so hot Chris” Jenn moaned as she almost came again watching Chris lick her toes. It was so kinky and so hot watching him suck up his cum. His tongue moved like a vacuum as it sucked off the cum and he gulped it down as Jenn watched on.

Watching Chris lick up his cum was turning her on to no end. He moved around the sides and the soles as he licked off the dirt and the cum.

Jenn even scooped up a bit on her finger and had Chris come right to her eyes and lick it off as she watched his mouth go over the finger and lick his mess off. Chris finished slurping on her feet and licked off all the dirt and all the cum off her feet as Jenn watched on in amazement. Chris gave Jenn his new phone number and she promised to visit some time.

Any ladies want a pic of me just ask (non nude) and ladies I’d drink my cum up for you anytime and I hope you all enjoyed this story.

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