Chris , Monica

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Monica was on a mission. She hadn’t been laid in over 6 months and see needed to have some hot, sweaty, nasty, kinky sex and she needed it now. She slipped on a pair of very small cut off jeans, white 5 inch strap on pumps and a shirt and grabbed her keys and headed out the door.

Monica had painted her toenails a wicked black as they matched her long black fingernails. She got in her car and sped down the highway toward some NJ apartments. She arrived at her designation in about 30 minutes then pulled into a parking lot and began to walk around not sure exactly what to do.

She then went back into her car, grabbed her purse and got her cell phone out. She began to walk as she dialed a number up and waited. I man named Chris answered the other line.

“Hi Chris this is your old girlfriend Monica I was just around the corner so I figured I might give you a call. I was walking all around this parking lot and my feet are killing me. I need a massage” Monica purred into the phone.

“I am right around the corner from you. Why don’t you stop on by?” and with that she hung up the phone.

Chris ran out of his apartment complex and began to search for Monica. It didn’t take long to find her.

“Oh that was quick. See I got a new job and I am the boss of this new warehouse that is gonna open in 3 days. And guess who has the keys?” Monica said as she pulled out a set of keys and she walked toward the door.

“Shall we go in” Monica said as she went to the door and opened it with Chris right behind her.

Chris just took her in for a moment. She was just standing there in a small cut off jeans Daisy Duke outfit, white heels, a small tank top and an ankle bracelet.

“Chris like my high heels?” She asked as she went over and locked the door.

“I bet you would like to see me slip off these heels huh? Maybe walk all around this warehouse. It hasn’t been cleaned in months. God knows what is on the floor. God if I could only un strap these pumps and let me feet be free from these heels. Then I could walk all around this nasty floor for you.” Monica teased as she stomped her feet on the floor.

“I think we are gonna see how far we can take this. I know you loved my feet when we went out, but I think it is time to see how far we can push your foot fetish” Monica said as she moved toward Chris.

“On your knees motherfucker. You want to suck on my feet? Well your going to earn that right” Monica snarled as Chris laid on the floor. “Now stick your tongue out. I want you to clean my high heels with your tongue.”

Monica extended a leg and let the heel slide between his lips.

“Take it and slide it between your lips. Clean off the filth and grime on the bottoms. Imagine how close you are to my feet and all that sweat that has built up with these straps being on my feet.” she growled

Chris took the heel in his mouth and twirled the heel around and began to suck it up and down.

“That’s it sweetie. Lick up the dirt. Give my heel a blow job with your mouth” saying this as she smiled.

“Now don’t forget the rest of the heel. I don’t want any dirt left on my heels. Make them shine.”

Chris began that task of sucking off all the dirt. He licked all over the heels, his tongue going over the tips and the entire bottoms of both heels as Monica just watched him work over her heels.

Monica then inspected the work. “My my you did a hell of a job on my shoes” güvenilir bahis she said as she leaned over and hopped up on a nearby desk. She leaned over and un hooked a strap and let the heel dangle.

She then with one kick let the heel fly and it fell with a thud some 30 feet away. She bent over and un hooked the other heel and also kicked that away.

“Today I am gonna make your wishes come true as well as some of mine” she said as she hopped off the desk.

Monica then got up and began to walk all around the floor for about 5 minutes getting her beautiful bare black polished toes filthy black. As Chris watched on Monica slider her tanned soles all across the warehouse floor.

Then she lifted a foot up to inspect her work. The bottoms of her once tanned feet were now black as day. “Oh look at that. My feet got dirty from walking all over this dirty floor. “Monica purred as she rubbed a finger across her now dirty soles. “Are they dirty enough for you? I bet it might take hours to clean these as they look quite dirty. I bet you would love to just crawl over and begin to clean them. That might happened, but first we have some surprise for you today.”

Monica walked over and bolted shut the door and then she motioned with a finger for Chris to follow her. Monica walked to a back room which had a bed, a dresser drawer and other things.

“This is like a little back room I go to sometimes to take a nap” she said as she waited for Chris to come in and then she locked the door.

She instructed Chris to get on his knees as she opened the dresser drawer and slowly reached her hand in and ever so slowly pulled out a long, thick pink dildo.

Chris’s eyes widened as he saw it emerge from the drawer.

“Um. I wonder where this will be going today? I know I have used it on myself maybe times when I was horny I wonder if we can use it for other things huh Chris” She said as she closed the drawer and with toy in hand approached Chris.

“Open up your mouth and suck on it.” She said as Chris tired to move away. Monica grabbed him by the hair and tilted his head toward the tip of her cock. “Open up and suck on it before we slide in that pretty ass of yours” she demanded as Chris gave in and opened his mouth slowly.

Monica took the toy in two hands and slide it past Chris’s lips as she had a smile on her face as she bent down and inserted the toy between his lips.

“Take all of it.” She said as she watched the tip disappear. She took the 8 inch toy and twirled it around as she began to push more and more in his mouth. At one point she jammed it in quick causing Chris to gag a bit.

“Oh poor boy you can’t take my cock. Open up wider and get that gag reflex” she said as Chris opened wider and took all 8 inches in his mouth as Monica slide it in and out as Chris gave her toy a wonderful blow job. “You suck cock well Chris” she said as she had Chris tilt his head and she slide it all the way down his throat as she looked at the toy she slide a wad of spit that landed on the toy which Chris licked off.

“Suck it really good so it slides in really easy. Bet that ass is tight. Well, today we will find out just how tight it is now won’t we” as Chris groaned.

Monica slide the dildo slowly one last time out of Chris’s mouth and then had him get up on the bed and she had him lay down. Monica got up really quickly and went over got some strawberry baby oil. She poured some on Chris’s lower türkçe bahis back and top of his butt as she rubbed it in. Her fingers slowly rubbed his nice round butt as they slowly made their way to his puckered asshole.

“Nice ass you got Chris. I bet the girls at the gym love when you wear those spandex shorts” she giggled as she spread his cheeks wide with 2 fingers and got the oil and let it drip right between his cheeks as it dripped right onto his puckered hole.

She leaned over and began to kiss his ass ever so slightly wanting to relax him and not hurt him. She took in some of the oil in her mouth and let it drip onto his ass as she let her tongue glide all over his round butt cheeks. Spreading his ass cheeks she began to rim is butt with her tongue as she got some oil on the tip of her tongue and began to push her tongue against his stubborn hole.

After a few flicks back and forth his hole began to relax and she felt the tip enter his hole and then she began to fuck the hole with her tongue. In and out she moved her tongue like a piston as she wanted that ass open wide for her toy.

“Mmmmmm feels so good doesn’t it” Monica said as she removed her tongue and replaced it with a finger. She rubbed his hole with her finger and she spread the juice around the puckered hole as she took her long black fingernail and pressed it against his hole. The finger wouldn’t go in at first, but after a few tugs and light pushes the finger began to disappear into its new home.

Monica watched as her black mail polished finger disappeared inside Chris’s asshole. She slide an inch out then right back in. God this was really turning her on more than she ever thought. She only wanted to see how far Chris would let her go to get to her feet and she had no idea this was going to be such a turn on as pussy juice dripped onto the floor.

Taking her finger out she reached over and grabbed the toy and turned it on. Not a sound could be heard except the buzz of the toy as Monica rubbed the tip around Chris’s balls and just under his asshole. Chris was rock hard as she gave his cock a few tugs before she moved the toy toward his asshole.

get down on her knees she wanted to be in perfect position to watch her toy go in. This was really fascinating to her as she never thought a guy would let her use her toy on him. Moving the buzzing tip right around the hole she could feel Chris squirm.

“Just think of the reward after we are done. Just close your eyes and enjoy it. Think of the bottoms of my feet and you get to clean them with that wonderful tongue of yours in a little while. Imagine me sliding my dirty toes right in that mouth of yours” Monica purred as she took 2 fingers and spread Chris’s cheeks and move the toy into position.

Moving the tip right against his hole she gathered up some oil and tried to push the tip in. Very slowly and easy she tried to guide the tip in to no avail. Moving the toy away for a second she picked up some oil and dripped it between the cheeks.

“God Chris your got a great ass you know that” Monica said as she sprayed it with a few kisses as she re positioned the toy and pressed it against her stomach as she spread his cheeks wide and tried to push it in.

“Looks so good against your ass..turns me on so much” she cried as she rocked back and froth wanting that toy in his ass in the worst way. She let loose a nice wad of salvia as it feel right onto the toy and she pressed güvenilir bahis siteleri some more and rubbed the tip all around his hole getting it loose.

She grabbed the toy with one hand and got a nice solid grip on it and with 2 fingers spread his cheeks again and then ever so gently and slowly his ass opened a bit and the tip went in.

“There ya go…oh yeah take my cock” Monica cried as she watched on in amazement as the tip went in.

Chris could feel his ass open and could feel the toy go in. He had to admit this was turning him on quite a bit cause it felt good and also cause it was turning Monica on. Her screams and moans as she played with his ass had him on fire as well.

Monica spread his legs wide as she rocked back and forth and with each rock into him she could see his ass opening more and more. Soon the tip was going in with no problem and she was just dying to see how much of this toy his ass could take.

Moving his back up she arched it as she took the toy and plunged it in about 3 inches deep. Chris’s asshole spread wide as it accepted Monica’s gift.

“Oh my god this is turning me on to no end” Monica said as she pushed the toy in and out as she pushed in about half the toy was buried in his ass. It was going in easy each time she thrust.

“Chris want more baby. Tell me you want more” she squealed

“Yes ram me deep” he screamed

Monica then pushed the toy in farther and father as his ass opened even more and soon 8 inches of pink plastic was buried in his ass.

“In and out in and out…take my cock” she pleaded as she was fucking him fast and hard. Jamming it right in there she had an orgasm right then and there as the pink toy was buried her whole body shook and she almost lost control as she was quivering from such an intense orgasm.

She then without warning left Chris there for a second and went over and slipped back her high heels on and put the straps back in place as Chris looked on in agony.

“Here one last look before they go away forever” Monica teased as she rubbed her dirty sole before slipping the heel into place.

“Well, I got what I wanted and I can’t let you have my feet cause I have a boyfriend and I never let anybody touch me but him, but I can’t let you go home with a hard on” she said.

Looking over the situation she then got an idea.

She pushed Chris’s massive tree trunk legs over his head and then told him to jerk off with he toy buried in deep. She went over and got behind Chris as he began to jerk his cock slow then fast.

“Use both hands” she pleaded in his ear as he took 2 hands and began to stroke really fast.

Monica watched as his hands became pistons as up and down they went and she could see Chris moving and grunting and then she looked down and saw his balls blow up and she knew he was ready to shoot a load.

“Think of my dirty feet” she said as she quickly she pushed his head up and as he screamed as the first blast exited the cock hole sending the toy that was in his ass flying into the air and hitting the ground.

Monica moved his head and mouth so that the first huge blast of cum flew right into his open mouth. Wave after wave of cum flew from his cock and into his waiting mouth.

“Keep the cum in there don’t swallow it yet.” She said as she watched the cum fly into his now filled mouth.

Monica leaned over and sucked up the last drops off his stomach and cockhead and then slide the cum into his already filled mouth.

“Gulp it down” she said as she watched Chris with 2 gulps swallow all of his cum.

“Mmmmmm now that was hot” Monica said as she gave him a peck on the cheek.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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